What a special night \ Going all in

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What a special night \ Going all in
This isn’t actually my story, obviously. Ghost writing for a friend about her first such unique experience.

It was another night in another European city, or so I’ve thought. I moved here for fun. I had a lucrative job I could do from anywhere in the world, and I’ve read about this particular city in a novel I really liked. The writer drew a mental picture in my mind which was almost too nice to be realistic. And then I came here. It was all true. This was genuinely a little piece of heaven. If only a bit bored a times, I still enjoyed it here so much. And I brought my little bit of sin into it, to spice things up. I was happy it was also only 4 hours away on a plane from my relatives living in a Eastern Europe, which was a big improvement from the previous 13+ hours, flying out of the US. I actually went to visit them often whilst living in South Europe. The two flights took 1 and 2 hours respectively, plus an hour in transit. Not many planes flew to where I was now living (or then if we look at today’s perspective), except for summertime.

And here I was, sitting in the same bar I did 2-3 times a week, chatting with a couple of the other regulars. Trying to acquire a language I spoke poorly and switching to English eventually. When we communicated, I felt at times how they are the calm and I am the storm. They broke at least some of the stereotype of South-European men, reluctant to disturb the modest social fabric of the town. I’m a bit of a slut I suppose. No shame in it really. I love picking up guys, and the occasional girl. But it was a conservative crowd in a really old fashioned town, where I knew people, so I restrained myself. I usually did that at the other bar. Far enough from where I lived. It’s so hard being a floozy in a such a place.
As fortune would have it, we did get quite a few tourists at times, most of whom spoke English, and quite a few which spoke Russian in fact, which I also know. Some coming through on their way to a family resort, but there were indeed single women and men, others pretending to be single, or the best kind -Adventurous! Though this last bit is a tale for another time. The bar had good reviews on trip****sor, which drew types 2 and 3.

And then she came in. Not a local, you could tell. Most of the men noticed her. People dressed well here, but she was a different type of elegant. She was very tall, as far as I could tell, no less than 4-5 inches taller than me. And I played basketball through college. Not the smallest woman in the team too. She wore red high heels to match her red dress, a year or so behind the local fashion, but certainly impressive. Adding to her noticeable presence, she wore nice evening makeup, and an elegant small watch. Real pretty with long black hair, and big blue eyes. Pale skin, and stereotypical Slavic features. She sat at the bar at a nearby free seat.
We started chatting after she ordered. She had a vodka martini of all things. I had imported beer. The local beer was awful. Her name was Nicole. My name for the purpose of the story is Kira, if you will. And yes, I’m as secretive casino şirketleri as the guy helping me put this story on paper. 🙂
Nicole asked about me a bit, and I told her some basic facts about my move here and my job. Her voice was quite deep, pleasant, and she had something like a Serbian or Croatian accent. I actually took a course with a lecturer who had similar accent, from Split, Croatia. But her pronunciation was so much nicer, and better. Sexy even. She was here to see the sights, on her way to Western-Europe. We chatted more, getting somewhat tipsy after a couple of drinks each. I thought it funny I was the one she gave her attention to. The men at the bar who was too shy to hit on the local girls, which nowadays included me, all looked at her. One initially approached only to be turned down quickly. It seemed they were not on her mind tonight. We spoke for quite a while. She told me about her job. She ran a restaurant in Zagreb. I guessed her region of origin correctly. She wanted to take a vacation forever, and she was going west to meet up with a friend and tour The French Riviera, and other places.

Another beer for me, another cocktail for her, and we were kissing right at the bar. She took initiative, and really blew my top off with great skill for passion. Remembering I was almost a local at a conservative surrounding, we paid for the drinks and went out. The weather was superb and my flat was 3 minutes a way on foot. She was wearing high heels so it took a bit longer. We kissed and fooled around again at my doorstep, but quickly went in when I heard noise from my neighbor’s flat possibly disturbed by the noise we raised, small as it was. My neighbors were very nice, but they were nosy.
We quickly went in before anyone saw us. I lived in mid-sized one-bedroom apartment. In the flat we kicked off our shoes and sat on the living-room sofa. I turned the TV on with nice upbeat music in moderate-low volume. We kept on kissing. I got her dress off, and her bra. She had silicone (I think) implants. She was about a D cup, and they were very nice, not too hard. I licked each one at a turn, giving appropriate attention to the nipples, as I liked. She got my top and bra off as well. She knew how to handle my perky tits. I sport a C with puffy nipples and the only thing better than a guy that knows how to handle them, is a girl that does it well. And Nicole knew what she was doing. Her tongue did things to me only few others could. It was exhilarating! I kissed her neck, and touched her perfect body and silky skin. I got my jeans off and we fooled around some more.I loved kissing her soft neck, hard nipples, her earlobes. We each stayed only in somewhat matching black lace panties. We laughed about it, though she suddenly got a bit uneasy. I had noticed Nicole was moving in her seat anxiously. And soon I noticed thee one key difference which perhaps was the cause.

Nicole was first to find my vagina. Her nails were neat, not sharp or long, with great simple black polish. Simple, but of high quality. Her hand was big and thin, with very long fingers. So her casino firmalari long finger made a quick work of it and I started moaning. A second finger joined. She found the spot right away and really made me twitch and gasp. Stimulating my clit and the surrounding area. I was so wet you could probably hydrate just from eating me out, if you did. She was very aggressive for a girl, but she did the trick. Two of her fingers were now inside me, her toe on my clit. Our mouths joined together for a long strong kiss. Our tongues going wild, taking turns inside each others mouth. She finger-banged me so good I came then and there. I was so loud! Shocked in fact I did not attract my neighbors’ attention. My orgasm easily lasted half a minute.

I laid in her lap, exhausted. And then I noticed it. Her panties did not cover it now. Nicole wasn’t the most typical girl. There it was, peeking from the black lace, a sizable circumcised cock. “I wanted it to be a surprise” she said, worried how I might react. I was never with a transsexual before. I had very little reservations about sex. Had a few fetishes in fact. But this was a first. So unusual. I just froze. But I liked girls, and I liked cock. In fact this was quite a nice combination.
So I turned to my side into a comfy position, and just put it in my mouth. It still grew as the tension subsided. Thick and hard. I sucked Nicole’s candy well, but almost gaged as it grew. At full size I could fit little of it in my mouth. I was happy to see how she was enjoying it. I tried to fit more of it, and kept on sucking. I licked her big full balls too. Big, impressive and yummy.

After that I had gotten up and put a condom on her, just after removing my panties. I was on birth control, but didn’t know her history. Nicole didn’t mind. She was sitting on the sofa, and I sat on her. I couldn’t take her all in right away, It was hard to fit such a magnificent cock. At least 8 inches, which is not common at all. I actually got some lube to ease the way. And she was finally all inside me. Lubed or not, it was stretching my vaginal lips to a point of pleasure mixed with a little bit pain. But the best sex is just that. What a feeling. From second one my pussy was super-wet again. I rode her like the slutty cow-girl I was. And she fucked me so well.
Finally we moved to the bedroom and chose the missionary position. Much nicer for me. It’s not like I lay flat, but I could give more of my muscles a rest. I’m flexible, so I put my legs on Nicole’s shoulders and let her do the rest. She really screwed my brains out. My orgasms came almost consecutively, and I was starting to feel raw. I tried a trick that worked well on guys. I put a finger in her ass. See was surprised. But certainly not against it. Her ass was a big for her build, yet very shapely. I liked touching it so much. Nicole kept on fucking me ferociously. Then my second finger went into her. And sure enough, it did the trick. She finished whilst inside me, really filling up the condom. After she finished releasing, she took it out of me, that big beautiful stick of pleasure, and we took güvenilir casino some effort to clean up. Well, she did. She used wet-wipes to clean herself and me. I lay flat. Didn’t want to move at all. But what a great lay she was. I was still tingling with sensation. Satisfied to the core.
She lay beside me. Touching me softly and I her. Still tipsy, and as raw as I was, I was still horny, believe it or not. We lay like that for a short while, regaining our strength.

As I felt better, I just initiated a 69. My head found Nicole’s dick, still not 100% ready, and I started licking her balls. She moved me so my pelvis was on her chest, and started licking my pussy, sometimes switching over to my asshole. I played with her balls as they were regaining their full volume, and her dick responded. I sucked it again, fitting just some in my mouth.
Nicole wanted to fuck me in doggy style. We moved into position. She entered me slowly again but gradually increased her tempo. I moaned loudly. She was much more quiet. Again the fucking session was long. In the excitement, following another orgasm, I asked Nicole to do my ass. She liked the idea of going into a tight spot, and I thought we would both enjoy it. Initially it felt almost impossible. Nicole told me to relax, and try to do the same with my asshole. She managed to insert the tip into me, and I felt the burn. More pain than pleasure. I moaned in pain and she could hear the difference. Nicole stopped and grabbed the lube I had on my night stand. With lube on her cock, and some of it applied to my sphincter walls by her finger, we were ready to try again. She entered in one quick movement. I loved the feeling of her rocket in my ass. Starting to move. I felt some pain with each movement, but it was a lot more pleasurable than before. It wasn’t a first time for me. I loved taking dick up my ass. But none was so big to date. Nicole’s thrust speed increased. It was awesome. The awkward feeling from before was gone and genuine vibes of pleasure were flowing through my body. My pussy was getting wet. One of my hands I kept on the bed for better balance. The other I used to stimulate my clit. I came. It was my first mixed-anal orgasm in a long while. Nicole was nearly ready to cum. She stopped banging me. She threw the condom away, moved to the front of the bed and faced me. I was still on all fours. She stood on her knees and started fucking my mouth. I was now able fit a bit more of her surprise. She held my head and after a few more thrusts like that she shot sperm into my mouth. Not too much, as it was a second orgasm for her. I didn’t mind the taste. We kissed and shared it right after that. And then I fell to the bed, totally exhausted.

This time we cleaned off in the shower, and after exchanged numbers. Nicole had two full nights in town scheduled. She dressed and left. Finally I could rest and start recovering. I spent nearly an hour in a hot bath with my legs spread wide open. Honestly – size doesn’t matter. Most of the times. But I loved having my pussy and ass destroyed by a gorgeous tranny. Especially my ass. It was ages since I had an anal orgasm. And now it was restoration time. I actually had to repeat the bath in the morning. After that I was indeed better. Much. I wanted our second encounter to be as exciting. Though I was somewhat scared of a back-to-back destruction.

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