Weekend with Grandma; Part 5

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Weekend with Grandma; Part 5
It may shock some of you to know, but Grammy goes to church every Sunday. I went with her, of course. But my mind really was not on what the preacher said.

Sunday morning I Grammy woke me as she came back into her room and told me I needed to get showered. She then took and opened the towel that was wrapped around her and opened it up and started rubbing herself dry. I jumped out of bed, my hands covering my erect penis and scrambled for the bathroom. By the time I finished washing up, Grammy had gone downstairs to fix breakfast, which I eagerly wolfed down (all of the while watching her move about the kitchen smiling and humming to herself).

On the way to church she told me, “We are going to be sitting with my friend Millie. Her granddaughter Jen is spending the summer with her this year. She is a little older than you but I think you will enjoy her company. She has fiery red hair and the attitude to go with it, but her freckles are so cute and …. I just think you will have fun with her, so be on your best behavior.”

We walked into the building about 10 minutes later and I knew I would be able to pick out Jen without any problem. First, the church probably only had about 100 people and second, most of them looked much older than Grammy I sat with Grammy on the hard wooden bench and smiled as Grammy had me shake a lot of hands of people. Then the door to an area behind the platform opened up and an older woman stood there laughing in the doorway as the preacher held the door. When she finally stepped through she was followed by a beautiful girl a little older than myself who had all of the things girls in my class were still wishing they had!

She smiled at the preacher and then followed her grandmother down a side set of steps and I almost gasped as she leaned over and said, “That’s my friend Millie and Jen.” Jen was maybe an inch taller than me, she walked more than floated and had that milky white complexion that redheaded girls seemed to have and hate. But her hair was red and set her apart in any crowd as it fell in waves over her white shoulders. She was wearing a light blue summer dress with little black dots that only made her curves that much more difficult to ignore. Her breasts moved easily inside the dress and I could see no sign of a bra and her dress stopped well short of her knees showing a lot of her slim long legs! Even with about 10 seconds to stare at her before she reached our row, I was still almost incapable of even managing a hello.

She smiled at me, looked me in the eyes and then glanced down at the front of my pants with a knowing smile. “I’m glad to meet you too,” she said quietly as we all started to sit back. I looked down and realized my dick was pointing straight at her! I sat down quickly and Jen giggled as I grabbed up a bulletin and put it over my lap!

Well when the service started, we all stood up to sing and we had not even gotten through the first line of the first song when I felt something brush my shoulder. I glanced over and when I realized it was the side of Jen’s boob, I about jumped out of my skin! Neither of our grandmother’s seemed to notice but Jen smiled over at me and then turned a little and brushed my arm with her tit again, and I about died!!!

We sang 4 songs, all in a row standing up and during the whole time Jen sang the songs out and when she was not brushing her boobs up against me, her finger tips were touching my hip….or wandering over the front of my pants! I finally had to “arrange things” down there a second time and when I was done, she took hold of my hand and started brushing the back of it against her hip and the softer front of her dress!!!

Everyone around us seemed oblivious and Jen was blushing, but I think it was almost as much from trying to keep from laughing as it was out of excitement. Me, on the other hand, I knew my face was as red as a fire truck and I could feel my pre-juice running down and around my whole cock and into my underwear around my balls! If we had sung one more song I probably would have shot the whole wad!

But the torture was far from over. Sitting down, I was taller than her (she has long legs and I have a long torso) so every time I glanced over at her I could see between her tits… and there was no bra that could see under her thin fabric. The folded over strip of black fabric that loosely covered her breasts was the long thing keeping me from canlı bahis seeing what I imagined was two hard nipples poking out at me and laughing at my predicament. Then, very carefully, she started running her fingers up and down the outside of my thigh!

By the time the final song was sung and the Amen said, I had a soggy mess in my pants and I quickly ducked past Grammy to see if anything was visible and if I could clean myself up!! Fortunately the black pants I had on did not show anything and my underwear had held in the worst of my mess, so I wiped it all up as best as I could in a stall and washed my hands and headed back out. Grammy was standing there with Millie, just a couple of yards beyond the pastor and Grammy was smiling and trying to say nice things to Millie who looked like a thundercloud ready to explode and by the looks of things, Jen was about to get scorched. As I walked closer I heard Millie saying, “You embarrassed that boy on purpose and you are going to have to apologies to him when he gets out here, do you hear me? And you better mean it!”

I walked around the back of Millie and to the other side of Jen, who appeared to be about on the verge of tears. I took her hand in mine and leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and then smiled at the two older women, Mille looked like her lightning had ricocheted and hit her right between the eyes while Grammy smiled. Jen’s eyes flew open and she looked at me in surprise and then pure happiness! She gave my hand a quick squeeze and I asked to no one in particular, “So where’s lunch? I’m hungry!”

We went over to Millie’s house where I learned that Millie had been sent to live with Millie about six months earlier. Her mother and father both were in jail (it was not until weeks later that Jen confided that they were jail for dealing d**gs and taking money from guys to let them have her suck their dicks). Jen went to her room upstairs and returned a few minutes later in a t-shirt and shorts…no bra. It was very obvious. Millie rolled her eyes shook her head and seemed to not care near as much as she had at the church. Grammy walked over to her and gave her a big hug and then sent her over to me to have me help her with setting the table for lunch.

Once we were away from the other two women, Jen turned and whispered in my ear, “Thank you for what you did after church. I think Mamma was about to go cut a switch and lay into me right there in front of everyone!” She then looked me in the eye before slowly moving in to kiss me. That kiss was so much more than anything I had ever experienced before. Yeah, I had kissed Grammy the day before and she had made my head spin, but Jen… Jen set my blood on fire! I wrapped my arms around her and she wrapped her arms around my shoulder and turned her head to the side. Her lips tasted like strawberries and her tongue was the very essence of heaven itself! I pushed her back to the wall and my hands on her hips pulled her to me. I did not care if she felt my erection! I wanted her to!!!

She finally ducked her head and in a breathy manner told me to stop or she was going to have to fuck me now. I was not going to object to that! But the realization that we were just feet away from both of our grandmothers finally caught traction in my mind and I kissed her forehead and agreed. We went to the sideboard and she stooped down to get some of “the good plates” out and was eye level with my bulge. She looked up at me and then simply reached over and grabbed the front of my pants and pulled them out and then pushed my cock flat to my belly before letting go of my pants and then handing the plates up to me. I soooo wanted to throw her down and jump her body!!!

Dinner went without incident and we all pitched in and cleaned up though the older ladies kept whispering and glancing over at one or the other of us. I figured that they were just discussing how we were getting along but then Millie turned to us and said, “Alright, to the basement for an after dinner treat!” Grammy and Millie smiled but Jen’s eyes darted from Millie to me and back in near panic. Millie just smiled and added, “You know the way down, honey; you lead us downstairs.”

The basement was largely finished and yet very odd. There were no walls around the bathroom and there were some shelves and storage on one side of the room but on the other was a large couch, a queen-sized bed and a couple of clothes bahis siteleri dressers. On the wall hung a couple of different kinds of paddles and other things that looked like whips.

Millie and Grammy walked over to the couch as Jen and I stood a few feet apart from each other near the bed. I looked from face to face for a clue as to what was happening. Jen would not look at me and stared at the ground. Then Grammy stepped in front of Millie and said, “We have decided that instead of you, Jen, entertaining us as you normally do, we thought we could just watch the two of you.” Millie had stepped up behind Grammy and was doing something and then suddenly Grammy’s dress slid forward over her shoulders and down her arms! She caught it and carefully stepped out of it before turning to Millie, who raised her hair out of the way so that Grammy could unzip her dress!!!

Now whereas Grammy is not really your typical grandmother in appearance, Millie is. She has white hair in curls, white saggy skin, saggy boobs, soft body…and I found myself staring at her body and its wrinkles and becoming very aroused! She had on a pale blue satin bra, black granny panty panties and a black garter belt holding up some tan stockings. Grammy ran her hands over Millie’s soft body and lifted and squeezed her big breasts as she stared at me over Millie’s shoulder. Millie leaned back and turned her head and kissed Grammy, tongues and all, right there in front of me and I was blown away! The most shocking part of it was how much it excited me!

I jumped when Jen’s breasts brushed against my shoulder blades at about the same moment her hands slipped around my hips. I turned and looked over my shoulders at her as I felt her hands reaching down and rubbing my erection. “Mamma, I think he likes you! His cock is really hard!” I blushed and started to deny it, but then Jen grabbed my cock hard through my jeans and … there was no sense in trying to deny anything!

“Well, Bryan, if you like this part of the show how would you like to see her boobs?” Grammy asked me. I pulled my eyes off of the older woman’s rubenesque body looked at Grammy as she smiled at me She had slid to Millie’s side and Millie had a couple of fingers pressing up between Grammy’s thighs, rubbing her pussy. Then I saw the bra give way a little and Millie sighed and then giggled as she shrugged her shoulders and the straps fell down her arms. Grammy had to pull both cups out from beneath the big heavy breasts that to my surprise had large nipples that pointed out from …what used to be their fronts…now pointed about 45 degrees down.

“Maybe she will let you suck on them! She loves to have her big old titties sucked on by her lovers!” Jen whispered in my ear. I was only vaguely aware that she was undoing my belt and pants until she opened them up and they fell to the floor! I turned and looked at her and she smiled, stepped a step around me and then pulled her own shirt up and over her head. Then as I stood there gawking she undid the zipper on her shorts and wriggled them down over her hips to the floor. She had on no panties!! Her pale areolas around her hard little nipples simply faded into the creamy flesh they arose from. Yeah, Jen’s tits had puffy shelves for her nipples to proudly jut out of and point toward me. “Do you like my tits better than Mamma’s?” She asked coyly as she twisted side to side dressed only in a very skimpy pair of panties. I had completely lost the ability to speak so I simply nodded.

“Are Jen’s better than mine?” Grammy asked and I saw that Millie had turned around and reached behind her and undid her bra. It was falling freely from Grammy’s shoulders and tits and my mouth literally began watering!

“That is not hardly a fair question, dear. Your tits are like Prime Rib and Jen’s are like rib eye steak. Both are delicious in their own way and asking which is better… well that is just not fair!” Mille said. She gave Grammy’s nipples a harsh little twist and Grammy moaned as I simply stood there dumbfounded.

Jen squatted down and with a simple jerk to the bottom of my boxers, exposed my long hard thin cock as it flipped up! I started to turn and ask her what the hell, but then I realized my cock would be pointing right at her face and I was still trying to figure that out myself!!!

Grammy helped Millie up onto her bed and then Grammy helped her pull down the panties exposing a pussy with proud bahis şirketleri protruding labia lips that were darkening with just a small patch of light brown pussy hair, well-trimmed above the obviously wet pussy. Grammy and Millie kissed, long and with passionate tongues. Grammy then slowly slid between Millie’s legs. She motioned for me to come closer and I did. Jen resumed standing behind me and started undoing the buttons on my shirt and taking it off of me. I shuddered as she leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “Mamma believes that sperm, especially that of young men can keep her skin soft and sexy. So I want you to cum on her until it hurts. If you do, I think we will give you a big surprise!!!” She pressed her tits into my back and grabbed hold of my cock. Together, then, she walked me over to the side of the bed as Grammy began running her tongue up and down Millie’s pussy and sucking on her meaty pussy lips, causing them to darken even more!

“Come her honey. My little Jen already has you excited, or is it the sight of my body that has you so hard? I hope it is both and that we can all have a wonderful…oh!!! Oh fuck, yes!!! Right there!!!” She grabbed Grammy’s hair and pushed her face first into her pussy almost as if she thought she might be able to reverse birth Grammy!!!

Grammy reached up and took one of my hands and pulled it down and put it on Millie’s soaking pussy. She told me to finger her clit while Grammy started running fingers in and out of her and biting and sucking all around down there. Millie took my other hand and put it on her breasts. They were so soft and squeezable, almost like they were empty! But her nipples hardened up and fascinated me. I had to lean over the bed to reach her other breast and I did so happily.

Jen had just been behind me stroking my cock slowly, but when I leaned forward, she moved up behind me and let go of my cock. Instead, she kicked my feet apart and started grinding her pussy and boney pelvic bone into my butt cleavage!!! I started to turn and look back, but Grammy pulled me down so that I was face first into the puddle of her far breast and she told me to suck her as she reached under me and grabbed my cock and gave me a hard squeeze before picking up where Jen had left off.

To say that my mind was swimming would be an understatement! Considering my lack of experience prior to that weekend, it was no wonder I was overwhelmed at the sensations of a girl dry humping my ass, watching my Grammy go lesbian on an even older woman, all while having my cock stroked by a woman that was making me suck on her massive tits!! Oh, and each of them were saying the most filthy things to me and to each other!

I would love to brag that I lasted like 20 minutes, but it was probably closer to 5 minutes when I felt my balls rising up and I groaned. Millie and Grammy both told me to stand up and let it fly on Millie. Jen grabbed my arms and pulled them back, nearly making my elbows touch behind me as she continued to bang my asshole and tell me how much fun it would be to fuck me up. Grammy slid up and spit on my cock as Millie held it out for her and then gave the tip a quick lick! “Oh, he is very close now Millie! Make him cum in buckets!”

Millie did not have to do a damn thing. Just hearing my Grammy say that lit the fuse and I felt the flood of hot sperm racing up and out of my balls as it contracted as if in an unseen fist. Spurt after spurt shot out of me as the women all begged me to continue. Grammy ran a fingernail over my tight ball sack and nearly made me scream as Milled aimed my throbbing aching cock at her nearly powder white flesh! She was smoothing and rubbing my sperm into her soft body, making it glisten because of me and that made me try to squeeze even more jizz out and onto her.

My legs were nearly useless and I started to lose my balance. Jen held me up for a moment and then with a laugh and pushed me so that I fell onto the puddles of sperm that I had just sprayed all over her. They all burst out in laughter and Millie started wiggling around beneath me, smearing my body with the cum that was between us. She moved me up so that my face was above hers and we began to kiss like lovers.

I vaguely felt Grammy crawl off of the bed but I really did not care. Millie was kissing me with all of the experience of all of her years and to this day I don’t believe I have ever kissed a more passionate woman as we smeared cum all over us.
Yeah, being a sex toy for two older women and your own personal wet dream is pretty incredible, but how much can even a young man take?
Why don’t you read the next story and find out!!!

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