Vishal and Anupama Part 1

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Vishal and Anupama Part 1
Vishal and Anupama had been married for 18 years. They had a wonderful marriage and enjoyed being with each other. Over the years they found new ways to make their sex lives interesting, they played out fantasies and watched porn together.
It was now their 18th wedding anniversary and Vishal wanted to surprise Anupama with something different. Anupama suspected Vishal had some plan to surprise her but didn’t have a clue as to what his plan was,
Vishal booked a 5 star hotel form one night and told Anupama that they were going there for a surprise of some sort but didn’t give her any details.
The anniversary evening was upon them and they drove off to their hotel.
Vishal arranged for an elaborate evening for her and she did not have any clue as to what was to happen.
Vish took Anu to the hotel room. As she walked into the room the smell of cinnamon and jasmine filled the room. There illegal bahis siteleri was a set of lingerie on the bed, an embroidered black thong and bra along with a satin robe. A card on the robe had instruction for her to get into them and wait.
Vish made his way to the lobby of the hotel. He was to meet Raj in the bar. Raj and Vish met at the appointed time and place and shared a drink. Vish had been in touch with Raj and made sure Raj understood the plan for the evening.
Vish led Raj back to the room.
Anupama sat in the room in the dim light of the floor lamp. Her satin robe clung to her hips and the outline of her bra and thong was barely visible through the robe. She sat with her legs crossed and her creamy white thighs could be seen below her robe.
Vish led Raj into the room and both men stood there for a moment and gasped as they saw the outline of Anupama on the sofa. Their response tipobet güvenilir mi was the same too as they felt a throbbing rush into their loins.
Raj was a qualified masseuse and he had brought his massage kit with the massage oils among other things with him.
Vish knew that Anupama liked men in thongs so he had asked Raj to wear one. Both Vish and Raj set the room up for the massage and stepped into the bathroom to strip down to their thongs.
Raj wore a black satin thong and Vish stood there in his red satin thong. Both moved back into the room and each of them took one of Anupama’s hands and led her to the bed. A sheet had been laid down on the bed for her. She slid off her satin robe and lay down on the bed on her tummy. Her rounded milky white buttocks were seen around her thongs. Vish and Raj could see that both of them now had hardons. Raj got his massage oils out and handed perabet one of them to Vish. The room was dimly lit and the sound of the soft music and the sweet smell of the massage oils filled the air.
Anupama gasped as she felt four hand on her back gently massage her from the nape of her neck down her body across her buttocks and down to her soft thighs. She had her face in the pillow and could feel herself getting aroused and her pussy becoming moist.
They carried on with the erotic massage and Anupama turned over and she could se the bulges in the thongs of both men. She was now well and truly wet through. She would have liked to grab the bulges of both men but controlled her urge to do so.
Vish knew Anupama’s limits and thanked Raj for his services. Raj was a gentleman and understood that Anupama was perhaps not ready for anything more at the time. He excused himself, quickly got dressed and left.
As soon as he did Anu grabbed Vish’s bulging thong and pulled it off. She took his erect cock in her mouth and sucked it like her life depended on it. She came and felt her pussy throbbing as she sucked his hard cock. The rest of the evening …..

To be continued,,,,,,,,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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