Unexpected Visitor

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Unexpected Visitor
Daddy’s working away again, I really miss him when he’s gone. I miss his snuggly cuddles, I miss his deep sexy voice, his gruff, grizzly beard. I miss the way he can make my panties soaking wet just by looking at me… I just miss him!
I have my stuffies to keep me company and all of the wonderful, naughty toys that daddy and I play with but none of them do it quite like him. I lie awake most nights trying to play with myself and make my clit feel like it does when he caresses it or trying to finger my tight holes as he would but it just doesn’t feel the same. I can’t reach the blissful, bed shaking, breathtaking climax that I do when he touches me.
another thing I miss is his thick cock, the way it feels, twitching in my mouth or my tight cunt ! the thought of it makes me all kinds of horny.
Ugh great now I’m horny again 🙁
I wish he would just come home soon I need him, I crave him.

I guess I should go to bed, it is getting late. I sleep naked because that’s how I feel most comfortable and it means when daddy is home its easy access 😛
lying all snuggly in bed, it’s hard to get to sleep without him here but I manage eventually.
…a little while later…
what the hell kaçak bahis was that noise? the wind? the dog? … the door? hmmm never mind I know the doors are locked I’ll be fine. as I dose back off I can hear rustling and muffled footsteps but I think nothing of it.
the bedroom door opens, I don’t move a muscle the footsteps grow closer and louder.
I feel a weight on the bed beside me and feel the warmth of someone sneaking under the covers.
a large arm wraps tightly around my waist, my heart is racing. I can hear my pulse.
another arm sweeps under my pillow and gently covers my mouth. I feel his warm breath on my neck, the familiar shape of his body pressed against mine. there’s a musky smell in the air, a smell that I love and long for. and then I hear it… that chuckle with a hint of a growl
I pretend that I haven’t noticed although he probably knows by how wet I am. he can probably feel my pulse as he slips his hand between my legs and runs his fingers against my now throbbing clit.
I feel the coarse hairs of his beard brush against my neck as he leans in and begins kissing and nibbling my ear before driving his fingers knuckle deep in my dripping breeding hole.
I hold my perabet breath, trying to stifle any moans and whimpers I might make as he repeatedly pounds his fingers inside of me. surely he knows I’m awake by now but I’m not giving in.
his hand stops and pulls away from my dripping hole, I shiver slightly as I feel him trace his fingers across my hips and down my butt cheeks gently spreading them apart ready to start massaging my tight little ass hole.
he runs his finger around in circles at first and then without hesitation, he forces it into my ass. it was still wet with my own juices acting as lube to soften the blow a little.
I gasp loudly and hear him chuckle once more, keeping one hand over my mouth and the other violating my tight, tender hole. I can’t help but moan and whimper now, daddy doesn’t have small hands! he’s built like a bear so just one of his fingers could ruin my poor little hole.
suddenly he stops and I feel him getting up from the bed.
what the heck? where’s, he going ?
I listen to his footsteps eyes still closed. he walks around the bed to my side, he puts a hand under my chin and pulls my mouth open. is he going to do what I think he is ?!
I feel him lean perabet giriş over me as he slides his rock hard cock into my warm, welcoming mouth. he begins to slide it in and out getting more and more forceful with each thrust.
I can’t keep up the charade any longer, I close my lips around him and begin to suck as he pounds the back of my throat.
“I knew that would wake you up little one” he chuckles as he thrusts deeper into me, making me gag on his throbbing head.
he pulls out and looks down at my grinning face
I scramble to my knees and wrap myself around him
“I missed you daddy bear”
“I missed you to kitten. would my little kitty like some cream”
“yess please daddy !”
he pushes me onto my back, grabs my legs and forces them up by my ears before plunging his throbbing rod into my dripping wet hole.
I gasp and moan loudly as he repeatedly pounds his head into my cervix, I can feel him begin to throb inside of me. he’s getting close.
he starts to moan and growl louder and louder before finally firing a huge load that he had clearly saved just for me deep into my fertile hole. he waits still inside of me for a while whilst we both catch our breath before slowly pulling out.
I turn myself around so my mouth is beneath his still hard member and begin to lap the remnants of both of our juices from under and around his foreskin.
“are you gonna scooch over and let me back into bed then sleeping beauty? ”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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