Unexpected Sex At The Park

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Unexpected Sex At The Park
I was on Tinder looking to hook up with someone and there were a few cute guys on there and I matched with quite a few but most of them never messaged me. I tend to wait and see if the guy would message me to see if they really want to hook up or not.

One of them finally messaged me and we hit it off really good and had great conversations. We would exchange photo’s and yea he was a pretty cute guy. Not sure what race he was but definitely not a regular white guy. More like Romanian or somewhere along the European line.

He asked if we could exchange nude photos to which I agreed and went onto KIK. He had a nice looking cock and I asked how long he was but wouldn’t really say and just replied with a “I never really measured it”. I mean, what guy never measured their own cock? Haha. I found that quite funny.

I could tell he was really horny and wanted me bad because he would always try to get us to meet up but I never had the time due to school and work. I felt bad because it was never the right time. I was glad he didn’t just stopped talking to me due to those reasons. One night on a Thursday night, he asked if we could meet up. It would had been perfect to meet up at his place because I had no homework, although I did have work at 7am. It was about 10pm already. Sad thing was that he didn’t feel comfortable with his roommate there lol. I understood.

Almost midnight and I just got out of the shower. After getting dressed, I saw his text. When I read it, he said asked if we could meet up somewhere just to talk in person. Nothing else since we already set a date to be alone in his room. It was a bad timing because I really didn’t feel like getting out of be lol. After going back and forth, I finally gave in.

I told him we could meet up but I have no car (which I did but didn’t feel like driving lol). I told him we could meet up at a park not too far from where I live but far enough for me to order an Uber. I didn’t want to walk alone at night since it was almost midnight. So I was wondering what I should wearing since it’s already late and canlı bahis wanted to take off my clothes quick when I get home. Found a short dress of mine that goes above my knees a bit and tied down the chest area to hold my breasts in place (this dress isn’t meant to have a bra on) and wore my blue thong. My Uber finally arrived and I grabbed my keys and left.

Finally got to the park and asked my Uber driver if he could wait until my friend arrives which he said that’s fine. So the Tinder guy shows up and I thanked the Uber driver for waiting with me. Got out of the car and walked towards the parking lot where he was at got into his car. We sat in the car and talked but he wanted to go to another side because he didn’t want it to look suspicious so I agreed.

Got to the other side and talked for a bit. He asked if we could go for a walk so I said “sure!” As we were walking, he grabbed my hands and we were holding hands while walking. Then he held me from behind as we were walking and I could feel his cock really hard lol!!! I knew he wanted me bad but didn’t think he wanted me THAT bad haha.

We got to some bleachers and sat down. I dropped my phone and bent over to grab it. My ass just happened to be facing him too and wasn’t trying to be intentional. As I slightly bent my legs over, he saw my ass cheeks and thong. As I straighten my self, he said “hold up, do that again? Bend over again.” So I was confused and did it again. He lifted my dress and exposed my ass and thong lmao. That was pretty funny and I could tell he liked it and probably didn’t expect to see me wearing a thong.

He had his arms around me and started grabbing my big tits. I just giggled. He asked if I could sit on top of him and I did what he asked :). As I sat on him, I could feel his hard warm cock on my pussy since I wore a dress and a thong. I could tell I became wet at this point.

As I was facing him, we kissed for a bit and he softly pushed me. He untied the top of my dress and pulled out my big titties which he complimented and said they looked really nice and big and I thanked him lol. bahis siteleri He began to suck on my nipples and play with titties lol.

He asked if I wanted to suck his dick and I said sure! So he pulled it out and looked smaller than the photos but in my head, I said fuck it, I’m already here. So I started sucking on his cock, my knees on the ground as he sat on the bleachers. His cock was so warm in my mouth and I started to stroke it too and he started moaning more.

As I stopped and sat, he started to play with my pussy. He told me that it is really wet and started to finger me and it felt really good and he had long fingers too!!

After a few minutes, he told me to sit on him. As I got on top on top, he slid my thong to the side and told me to sit on his dick. It was kind of an awkward position but we kind of made it work. I began riding his cock as he’s sucking and playing with my exposed titties. Then I realized that weren’t using protection too!!! I said fuck it since I haven’t had my periods for over a year, I should be fine.

He began telling me what to do since I became his Asian Slut. He told to sit and lean back so he could fuck me. Did what an Asian Slut would do and listened. After sliding his cock in, he told me to get into doggystyle so I did. Knees on the bench and my hands was on the top bench. He slid his cock into my Asian Pussy and held my waist then began thrusting into me. Now his cock wasn’t that thick or long. Was probably 6.5” long and maybe 5” in circumference but I enjoyed the moment we had. He leaned over and asked if he could anal me. I’m not really a big fan of anal due to past experience with a thick cock but since his wasn’t that thick, I told him that he could anal me. He got really excited and put it in my asshole.

As he fucked my ass, it was tight for him. He told me he is getting close and asked where would I like him to shoot his cum. I told him to cum inside my pussy and he got even more excited. Pulled his cock out of my asshole and into my pussy. He gave me a few more pounding and exploded his cum inside my pussy.I bahis şirketleri felt his warm cum inside and his cock pulsating. I asked if he was done and he said “yes!” As he pulled it out, he got some cum and inserted it into my asshole.

He slid my thong back into place and we got up and and started walking towards his car. I felt his cum slowly running down my thigh. He dropped me off at a friends house just outside.

One thing I didn’t mention was that I have a boyfriend too ;)!!! As he dropped me off, my bf came just a min afterwards. Talk about good timing! As I got in my bf’s car, I told him I was a bad girl tonight. He was confused lmao. I told him to touch my pussy and he did. He asked why I was so wet and I told him it’s wet with something else. He got even more confused. I told him that it was cum inside my pussy. He got super excited and didn’t want to believe it. As we got back to his place, I pulled down my thong and showed him the cum. He got undressed and told me to lay on the bed since I been a slut tonight.

Laid on his bed and he spread my legs apart and started to finger me and rub my g spot. He then inserted HIS cock into my pussy. He was so horny lol and pounded me really hard and I love my bf’s cock. Felt much better than the guy I met and my bf’s Asian too! I could feel his cock more and felt like it was in my stomach as he pounded my pussy. Next thing you know, he let off his cum inside my pussy. So now, I had two guy’s cum inside my pussy on the same night. Never expected that to happen but it did! I felt really good being a good slut to both of them.

After that, we went to shower together and told him everything that happened. He was still hard and stroked his cock. He told me to squat and suck his dick so I did and he came again in my mouth.

It was a really great night. A meet up just to talk became a sex in the park. Really unexpected but I was always more of “go with the flow” mentality lol. Now we are talking about having a threesome and would love to try another white man but his dick has to be really thick and about 7-8” long. Maybe 10” lmao I’ll probably die. My bf kept on pressuring me to try a big black cock but I told him I would if it’s the last option. Lol.

Well if you got to the end of my unexpected sex story then thank you for having the time to read it. :3

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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