tricked wife, knocked up by black guys

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tricked wife, knocked up by black guys
About six years ago, my life changed radically. Before that I was a shy, plain white housewife. But then my husband spiced up our sex life.

One evening we were watching TV, when he went into our bedroom. He returned completely dressed up in a very sexy leather outfit. He stripped in front of me and I found myself getting aroused. Still having his underpants on, he started to jerk himself. I could see his cock grow bigger inside his under-pants. When his cock was at his greatest, he removed his underpants and was jerking in front of me.

I was wearing miniskirt and tiny knickers. I started playing with myself by caressing my tits. My husband found playing with my tits not good enough. He yelled at me: “You bitch, play with your clit and cunt, not with your tits!”. He had never called me bitch before, but I didn’t mind. If he got aroused by calling me names, why not? His jerking became more intense, but also his yelling became more heated. “Bitch, push your fingers in your cunt! Push them as deep as you can! I want to see your cunt getting wet!”. I obeyed without hesitating. I still don’t know why I didn’t protest. I was concentrating on pushing my fingers deep inside my cunt, when my husband threw a large, big black dildo at me. Before I could protest, he yelled at me again: “Bitch, push that big, black dildo in your cunt!” I obeyed his demand and shoved the dildo in my cunt. I did not push it very deep, as I was a little afraid of its size. My husband wanted me to push the dildo deeper inside my cunt. He yelled: “Deeper, you slut, push the dildo deeper inside your cunt! I want to see the dildo disappear in your cunt!”. His words made me want to obey and I pushed the dildo as deep as I could. I pushed the big dildo so deep that it entered my uterus. This gave me an indescribable pleasure. I felt myself very fertile. My husband was watching to see how wet and slippery my cunt was getting. My cunt was getting very wet and slippery as I was humping at the big black dildo. When my husband saw that my cunt was very wet and slippery, he wanted to fuck me. To keep it right, he wore a black condom. He wanted to fuck me while the dildo was still inside my cunt. The thought about a dildo and a cock inside my cunt drove me wild. I wanted to feel myself filled up with a cock and a dildo. My cunt was filled up completely by the big black dildo and my husband’s cock. As my husband was horny as hell, he came upon entering my wet cunt.

The next day I was as horny as hell. All day long I needed to play with the big, black dildo. I couldn’t stop pushing that big black thing inside my willing cunt. At the end of the day my cunt was very wet and slippery and my cunt lips were spread wide open. I was glad when my husband returned home. I begged him to fuck me hard and deep.

He had expected me to be as horny as hell. He was wearing a black condom again. This turned me on. I begged him to push his cock inside my cunt. When his cock entered my cunt, it looked as if a black man fucked me. The hole day that had been my fantasy: being fucked by a big black cock. I forgot all about my husband and started to yell: “Fuck me, nigger! Push your black cock inside my wet cunt! Use this white slut!”. Never before had I been yelling dirty words. My husband could not hold back when I shouted those dirty words and behaved like a slut, he shot his load in the condom.

My husband wasn’t angry with me, but we had to talk about the events of the last two days. We had to talk about my fantasies. I told him I had been dreaming about having sex with well hung black studs. I got all horny if I thought about big black cocks entering my cunt. My husband told me:

“Alright, we will find you some big black cocks, but on my conditions. First of all: You’ll never fuck them when you’re alone, I always have to look when you get stuffed with a big black cock. Secondly: as you want to be a white slut, you will always fuck unprotected! I want to see those black guys knock you up! Thirdly: you will pick them up in a bar or from the street! Fourthly: you’ll dress like a slut: either a latex miniskirt or a spandex mini-dress that’ll show your cunt when you sit down. And last to improve your smuttiness you’ll also will have to have a bald cunt!”.

For a moment, I thought about it. I agreed, even thou getting knocked up made me a bit afraid. At that moment nothing could happen yet, as I was still on the pill. But I wanted to be a slut. I couldn’t get rid of the wish of being fucked by big black cocks. I wanted to go for it! As it was late, nothing could be done that night. The next day, my husband ordered me to buy a black or red latex or spandex miniskirt. That night we would go to one of the bars in our home city. My husband knew a bar were many black horny guys would come together.

I had bought a red latex miniskirt and red stiletto-healed shoes. To improve my sluttiness I had bought some slutty make-up: glossy deep red lipstick, glossy deep kaçak bahis red rouge and dark green eye shadow. Although I do not smoke, I had taken some cigarettes along as I know many men see smoking woman as sluts. I wouldn’t wear knickers, my cunt would be completely bald.

We would go to the bar at 10 o’clock. My husband hadn’t seen me before that time. As he saw me, he immediately had a hard one. He came to me and said:

“You just look like a horny slut. You have to be careful, otherwise those black men will fuck you on the dance floor.”

I told him:

“Yes, they might, but wasn’t that the intention. I will heat them up while I am dancing and grab his big black cock out of his pants. I will jerk him off, so he’ll know what to expect a horny white slut”.

As we entered the bar a lot of men looked at slutty me. I could see that some of them were already dreaming about fucking me. I followed my husband, as he knew this place well. He introduced me to some of his black friends. After introducing me, he told them why we were there:

“My wife has become a real slut for big black cock. She wants to get a big black cock inside her cunt, who will squirt semen in her womb. She may pick up any black guy inside this bar. She will make sure his cock is big enough for her wet and slippery cunt. I won’t interfere with what she will be doing, but whom ever she picks will come with us and will fuck her in her own bed. I will probably join her and the guy she picks. Maybe she will pick two guys to fuck her, then there will be a foursome. Her cunt is unprotected, I want her to get knocked up! We will be coming here until one of you knocks her up! Maybe she wants to be fucked while she’s knocked up.”

I found the words of my husband very stimulating, but I couldn’t get knocked up. Just that morning, I had taken the pill. For the moment I was save. I didn’t worry because I had more pills. They would last several more months. Then we would stop doing this.

I danced with the first black friend of my husband. He danced quite well and he also smelled very nice. While we danced, he pushed his body close to mine. I felt his body through my latex dress. But I wanted to know if he was good fucking material. I moved my hand inside his pants and jerked him off. He got a quite big cock, but I wanted to feel a bigger cock inside my cunt.

I danced with all the friends of my husband and with any other man that wanted to dance with. Rumour had spread that any man that wanted could fuck me. But that I checked out the cocks that would go in my cunt. I had felt many cocks that night. Finally, I had made my mind up. I had found a black guy with a huge cock (9″ long). I wanted to feel his big cock fill up my cunt and shoot his cum in my cunt.

Later that evening the three of us returned to our home. The black guy and I sat in the back of the car. I had taken his cock out of his pants and was playing with it. At first, I only jerked him, but soon I sucked his big cock. My husband encouraged me:

“Suck his dick! Make it as large as you can! Jerk his cock! Fuck him! Let him push his cock in your cunt! Make him fill up your cunt! Let him squirt inside your cunt!”

I hadn’t thought about fucking him in the back of our car, but it sounded very sexy and horny. I sucked his cock one more time. I looked at his cock and then moved my cunt above his cock. Slowly I took his big cock inside my wet and slippery cunt. I felt my cunt filling up. I liked the contrast between my white cunt and that big black cock. I began to ride his big black cock. His cock penetrated me deeper and deeper. I was surprised when his cock entered my womb. I lost control and shouted:

“Push your cock deeper! Fuck this white slut! Fill me up! Use this white slut! Knock me up! Breed me! Knock this white slut up! Don’t pull out! Make me pregnant! Push your cock into my uterus! Make me pregnant! Knock me up! Fuck this white slut! Knock this bitch up! Breed this bitch!”

I rode his cock violently. I felt it penetrating me very deep. He kept pushing his cock inside my womb. Finally, he shot his cum inside my wet cunt. I was glad I still was on the pill; his load couldn’t make me pregnant. But I liked pretending he could. My husband told me I wasn’t allowed to clean my cunt. I had to keep the cum of the black man in my cunt. It should stay wet and slippery.

When we got home, my husband told me to bend over. I did as he told me. Immediately the black man fucked me again. I felt his cum still leaking from my cunt and he was trying to fill me up again! He was fucking like a wild man. His cock kept sliding in and out of my uterus. He was very impatient. Within a few seconds he had shot a second load of cum inside my cunt.

The black guy stayed for a couple of hours. In that time he fucked me seven more times. Each time he had shot big globs of semen in my uterus. After he had gone, my husband fucked me one last time. He had used one of his black condoms again. It would remind me of being a white perabet giriş slut for big black cocks.

The next day we returned to the same bar. My husband had told me that I was not allowed to pick the same man again. I had to pick another black man with a big cock.

As I didn’t want to wait long before I would get fucked, I had thought about a new way to test those dicks. I not only wanted to fuck a big black cock, but it should also squirt a large load of cum. I told my husband that I would go to the man’s toilet and that all the man should come there. They should stay in front of me. I would jerk them off and they should squirt over my nude body. I would pick the man with the biggest cock and the biggest load of cum. My husband told me:

“Alright, but you may not clean yourself. You will be covered with cum as long as the night will last”.

I didn’t object, but went straight into the man’s toilets. Within no time the first black guy came inside. He pushed his trousers down and offered me his cock. I jerked him off and within a few seconds the first glob of sperm had splashed on my body. After him many more guys entered the toilet, offered me their cocks and shot their semen over my body. After half an hour I had done all the black man in the bar. I also knew whom to choose: a guy with a cock of 8″ who had shot a cup of semen over my body.

We didn’t say any longer. We immediately went to our car. I remembered the day before. I immediately played with the cock of my black guy. Very soon I was sucking this cock as well. When it was thick and large, I shoved it inside my cunt. In the back of the car I was fucking my second big black cock in two days! My body was all slippery of the cum the man had shot on my body and I felt a well built big black cock deep inside my cunt: I was in heaven! My body was humping at that black cock in order to feel it as deep as it could go. This one also entered my womb. As his cock entered my womb, he shot a large glob of sperm inside it. I left his sperm in my cunt, as I knew my husband didn’t want me to clean my cunt.

When we entered the house, my husband didn’t have to tell me what to do. I bend forward so the big black guy could “****” me. Again, I felt his cock enter my womb. I almost jumped as I felt his cum inside my womb. After this he fucked me ten more times. Each time he shot his cum inside my womb. I was glad I was on the pill, because if I wasn’t by the black guy the day before, I now definitely would be pregnant. When the black guy left, my husband fucked me again using a black condom. I knew: it was to remember me that I was a white slut for black cock.

The next three months my husband and I visited that bar. Each night I had to pick a new big cock. In those months I must have been fucked 1000 times by 100 different big black cocks. I enjoyed all that cum that was shot inside my cunt. I sure was glad I still was on the pill otherwise I would have been knocked up!

At the beginning of the fourth month I started to feel sick. My stomach felt strange and I had to throw up regularly. I didn’t know what was wrong. I couldn’t be pregnant because I still was on the pill. One evening I told my husband about my problems. He told me not to worry, but that I would be knocked up. I told him that would be impossible because I used the pill. Then he told me:

“No, you were not using the pill. You thought I had gotten you the pill the last time I went to my friend Jerry, the pharmacist. That is not true. I had told him I wanted to see a black man knocks you up. I already had plans how to make you want to fuck black men. He told me that he could exchange the pill with something else. He told me that if I wanted quick results, I had to give you a fertility-d**g. He recommended exchanging your pill with Prozac, a very strong fertility-d**g. That’s what we did. You weren’t on the pill, but on a fertility-d**g. So, you probably will be knocked up with a black baby, as I have always used a condom will you used Prozac.”

I was appealed and pleased at the same time. I was appealed as my husband had done this to me, but I was pleased as the most sluttiest thing a white slut could do was to get knocked up by a big black cock. I was a knocked up white slut with a big appetite for big black cock. And guess what, although I was knocked up I had no intention to stop fucking those black guys.

When I was seven months pregnant and already very big, I was hornier than ever before. As a matter of fact, the more my pregnancy advanced the hornier I got. One evening I told my husband I could fuck a horse or a battalion of soldiers. I begged him to go to the bar to pick up some black man to fuck me. I wanted to get gangbanged while I was pregnant. He agreed. He told me to dress in my black spandex miniskirt and leave my cunt bald.

He proposed to fill my cunt up whit the big, black dildo that had started all of this. That sounded great. I inserted the dildo in my willing cunt. I did not perabet güvenilir mi push it very deep so one could see it sticking out of my bald cunt. The men should get horny on the spot by the sight of it all.

As I was a bitch in heat my husband allowed me to pick any men I wanted. As I had fucked almost all men in the bar, I knew which black guys I wanted to screw me. I chose four very well-hung black studs. I knew all four of them were very able fuckers with cocks longer than 9″. They would fill up all my holes. Within no time we were back in the car again. As usual I sat in the back with three of those black guys. They were trained very well; all had taken their cocks out of their pants for me to suck or fuck. As I had a very big belly by then, fucking in the car was out of the question. But I sucked all three dicks in the back of the car.

As soon as we came home, all four guys undressed. They knew I was very horny, so they tore my clothes from my body. Two black guys started to suck my nipples, while the other two caressed my big belly. I didn’t want any foreplay, I wanted to get screwed! I ordered two guys to lay down on the ground. They had to lay close to each other so I could mount their large dicks. When they laid down, I first licked those big cocks as to make them wet and I would be able to ride those two cocks at ones. My licking made those two cocks even bigger than they already were. Meanwhile my knocked-up cunt had become very wet. It would be no problem to shove them inside my cunt. I was ready to mount them!

A shiver went down my back when the cocks entered my knocked-up cunt. Although my cunt was very wet, I had to move very slowly, as the cocks were very big. I could not take them to deep right away. Within a few moments I could feel both cocks very deep inside my knocked-up cunt. After a few good and deep penetrations, I ordered the third black guy to fuck my ass. Feeling three black cocks moving inside my knocked-up body made me feel good. My husband yelled:

“Fuck that knocked up slut! Gangbang that pregnant white slut! Push your cocks as deep as you can in that knocked up slut! Use that knocked up slut! Make that knocked up slut beg for more! Shoot your semen in her knocked up cunt! Cover that knocked up cunt with sperm! Fill that knocked up white!”

I hadn’t forgotten the fourth black guy. I asked him to let me suck his cock. I took his cock very deep inside my mouth. I wanted him to shoot his semen in my mouth. I wanted to taste black cum.

These four men were very good. They fucked me for more than 20 minutes before they came. But when they came, I was completely filled with sperm. My knocked-up cunt was full, my ass was full and my mouth was full. The cum was leaking from all of my holes. Large globs of sperm were dripping on the ground. As always, I wasn’t allowed to clean up. By now I didn’t want to either. Feeling cum dripping out of my holes kept me horny and willing to fuck.

After a few minutes they guys would change places. I would feel two other big black cocks inside my knocked-up cunt. The black guy that had fucked my ass and the one I had been sucking would lay down on the ground so I could shove their cocks inside my knocked-up cunt. As the other two cocks had already shot their semen inside my knocked-up cunt, I could do without any kind of foreplay. I could ride these cocks immediately. They could also penetrate me very deep as my knocked-up cunt was very slippery and wet. I just rammed those cocks inside my knocked-up cunt.

I also didn’t need to want for the other cock to be pushed inside my ass. When I had the two cocks deep inside my knocked-up cunt, the third guy pushed his cock in my ass. He could ram his cock in very deep as my ass was also full of slippery sperm.

I immediately asked the last guy to let me suck his cock. His cock was covered with sperm and my own cunt juices. It tasted great. I knew I would taste much more that evening.

As they already had shot semen inside my knocked-up cunt, my ass and mouth, it took them longer to come. I didn’t object, I liked long and deep screwing. After forty minutes they came. All of my holes were filled with globs of sperm again. As I stood up, lots and lots of sperm was dripping from my knocked up cunt and my ass. My legs were covered with sperm. I liked it! It made me feel slutty and horny.

That night I have been fucked ten more times. Each time I had two cocks inside my knocked-up cunt. And more and more sperm was leaking out of my holes. In the end my legs were completely white from all the cum.

After that night I have done many more pregnant gangbangs. Until the end of my pregnancy I kept horny. And each night we went to the bar to pick up some big black cocks. Usually we took three- or four-men home. But on occasions we didn’t go home, but all the black guys that were present in the bar fucked me. On such a night my knocked-up cunt would be filled more than 100 times. I would lie down on a table and any one that wanted fired his sperm into my knocked-up cunt. After such a night my cunt would look like a sperm-waterfall.

Now I am pregnant for the fifth time by one of those big black guys from the bar. I like being a knocked up white slut for big black cocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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