Training of a Husband Part- 3

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Training of a Husband Part- 3

After I lost my job, she made me do all the house hold work. Gradually, she started liking me in this new role of a house wife. She also made me wear dresses such as skirts, salwar suits and nighties etc every now and then. I couldn’t resist as she was physically much stronger than me and displeasing her meant severe punishment and humiliation. Then she took me to Monika mam’s place where I was vigorously trained for three months and was transformed into a good looking girl. There, I learnt how to dress, walk, talk and behave like a good and obedient housewife.

I underwent voice change surgery, my nose & ears were pierced and I developed well-shaped boobs and grew long hair. All this transformation took place in three months. After that Sunita mam remarried me in a grand ceremony. After the wedding ceremony was over, I underwent a ritual known as ‘kohber’. I would request new readers to go through my previous stories for detailed information. They are very interesting and have been liked by many. From now onwards I would refer Sunita mam as my mistress as taking her name repeatedly is not appropriate for me.

My ‘suhaagraat’

After I successfully identified my mistress’ feet and pleased her, the Kohber was over. After a long time, I was allowed to sleep and rest till the next morning. This day was fixed to be my suhaagraat. Throughout the entire day, I was allowed light food. After waking up in the early morning at about 5:30 AM, I was made to take a good bath, dressed in a red saari and was taken to a temple nearby for worshipping Goddess Parwati where I prayed for the long life of my ‘Suhaag’ ie my mistress. After coming back from the temple, I again underwent vigorous beautification process as my mistress wanted me to look like the most beautiful girl on the planet. Haldi and ubtan was applied on my body followed by various creams to soften my skin and enhance the glow. My hair was washed with amla & shikakai. I again took bath in a water tub which was filled with rose petals. When I came out in a lovely pink chiffon saari, my body was giving lovely girlish fragrance.

Even I could sense that. Then I was again taken to Deepti mam’s beauty parlour for the final make up. As per my mistress’ desire, I was dressed in a maroon lenhga with heavy embroidery work and maroon velvet choli. The length of this lenhga was slightly shorter than that which I wore at my wedding night, reaching just about 6 inches below my knees. So, this time I had to wear purple satin leggings also to cover the lower part of my legs. Lastly, a bright red chunni was used to cover my head in the form of ghoonghat. The jewellery was as gorgeous as on the wedding night comprising of maang teeka, a necklace, mangal sutra, nath and heavy ear rings. My hands were full of golden and glass bangles along the lovely ring in my left index finger. I wore a heavy set of payals in my feet. After being dressed and decorated according to my mistress’ wishes, I was brought back home and was taken to a room and ordered to stay there and wait for further instructions. It was already 7 pm.

Soon I heard sounds of several girls chatting and laughing from the drawing room. I kept waiting there for about 15 minutes when suddenly Priyanka mam entered my room. As I wished her, she sat on the sofa and instructed me to come closer. She said, “I have some instructions for you regarding your suhaagraat. After dinner, you will be taken to the bedroom. You will sit there in a particular manner (she told me the way to sit which I will narrate later) and wait for your mistress. You will stand at once when she enters the room and don’t forget to touch her feet. Don’t even try to make eye contact with her. You should always look down towards her feet while in front of her.”

Then she gave a few more instructions and left. After waiting there further for about an hour, I was taken to the drawing room cum hall by some of the friends of my mistress. As soon as I entered the drawing room, I felt that there were about 12 -13 girls (mams) standing and chatting. (As my head was covered with ghoonghat and I was always looking down as per earlier instructions, I couldn’t see them clearly). From the voices, I could identify that many of them were my mistress’ friends who had actively participated in the ritual ‘kohber’. Then I heard the authoritative voice of my mistress and my heart started beating heavily. I lifted my eyes a little bit and saw from a side view that she was wearing black coloured jeans with a leather jacket and was looking extremely charming. As soon as she turned towards me, I turned my eyes downwards towards her feet immediately.

Several mams were congratulating my mistress and praising my beauty. Preeti mam said, “ Sunita!, your wife is looking extremely beautiful. I hope you will enjoy much tonight”. All of them started laughing. My mistress replied, “Why tonight only. I intend to enjoy for entire life time”. Again a burst canlı kaçak bahis of laughter was there. My face turned red with utter humiliation and shame. There was a mini bar and the ladies were enjoying drinks with snacks. Soon, I was given light but tasty dinner. After the dinner was over, Jennifer mam (a Christian friend of my mistress) requested my mistress to kiss me as per their tradition. I couldn’t believe when my mistress agreed to oblige. She held my face tightly with both her hands and gave me a long lip to lip smooch. All the ladies started clapping. I was again overwhelmed with embarrassment. Then my mistress took my soft hands in her firm hands and danced with me to her favourite music.

In the end, Priyanka mam asked my mistress to carry me to the bedroom in her arms to which she happily agreed. She lifted me in her arms and carried me to the bedroom without any sort of difficulty as she was strong enough. I had never felt so much shy as I did at that time.

On reaching the bedroom, she placed me gently on the bed and instructed, “Sweetie, wait for me here for a short while and remove your leggings before I come.” I once again felt humiliated on hearing this new title ‘sweetie’. I couldn’t understand the instruction to remove my leggings but I did so immediately and sat on the bed with both my legs up on the bed with my knees folded. I kept my hands together on my knees with my eyes looking downwards. I did exactly as I was instructed by Priyanka mam. Now, I remembered the Hindi movie scenes of suhaagraat and realised that I was sitting in the same manner as the beautiful brides did in those scenes awaiting their husband. The room was gorgeously decorated with rose, jasmine and several other flowers. The bed sheet was also decorated with red rose petals and an attractive pattern was made with purple rose petals in the shape of a heart. I was having severe palpitations and my heart was pounding heavily as what next is to come. But my wait didn’t last longer.

After about 15 minutes, my mistress opened the door. I immediately stood up from the bed pulling my ghoonghat further down. Though I could see nothing clearly yet I was able to sense every motion of her highness, my mistress. She closed the door and looked at me for few seconds before sitting down on a sofa chair. I quickly moved forwards and bent down to touch her feet while she lit a cigarette and started smoking. As soon as I touched her feet, she grasped my left ear very tightly and twisted it hard. I was shocked and winced with pain. She said, “You fool. If you want to touch my feet, first remove my shoes”. At once, I realised my mistake and as soon as I started to untie her shoe laces, I received a hard slap right on my left cheek. Now I was terrified not knowing my error. I felt something wet inside my panty. Actually I had pissed a little inside my undergarment due to fear. After a few seconds of silence, my mistress spoke, “You are an absolute idiot. It seems that you don’t have any sort of common sense. What would I wear after you remove my shoes? Will I remain bare feet? Do I need to teach you these little things also? Go and bring my chappals from the shoe case over there.” I immediately rushed towards the direction in which she was pointing. Then I gently removed her shoes and socks and made her wear chappals.

While I was doing this, she said, “I didn’t want to slap you on this special night but you compelled me to do so. Now listen carefully and do remember it for your life. From now onwards, it is your duty to make me wear shoes, sandals, chappals etc as well as to remove them. I am not going to touch my foot wear anymore. Do you understand?” “Yes Mistress”, I replied. What else I could have said! Sitting on the floor, I held the edges of my chunni (ghoonghat) with my thumb and index finger on both sides and touched her feet with the rest of my fingers and then I touched my forehead for five times, exactly in the same manner as I was taught by Deepti mam on my wedding night. I kept sitting on the floor and only when she blessed me keeping her hand over my head and ordered me to stand up, I stood up. Then my mistress went towards the dressing area to change her clothes. Soon she came out dressed in a brown coloured gown. What an authority she possessed in that dress! I offered her a glass of milk mixed with saffron. She smilingly took that and finished it slowly staring at my bosom.

She held me in both her arms and took me in front of a large mirror placed in the room. Then she lifted my chin and pulled my ghhonghat a little upwards so that my face was now completely visible and part of my head remained covered by the ghoonghat. “What a stunning beauty!”, she uttered. My face turned red with shyness. I kept looking down as I was not supposed to make any sort of eye contact with her. She planted a gentle kiss on my forehead and holding me with both her hands, turned me towards the mirror and said,” Look up into the mirror and meet my most beautiful internet casino wife”. After a long time, I was looking at the mirror. All of a sudden, I couldn’t recognize myself. What I saw in the mirror was the image of a really beautiful and extremely attractive bride! What a great transformation! I was on the verge of utter embarrassment. But my mistress’ mood was elevated.

Then she took me to the bed and after sitting, she made me sit in her lap. With her one hand around me, she removed my chunni with the other. She held my face with both her hands and gave me an extremely long French kiss, sucking well my both lips one by one. “Your lips are like petals of rose, full of sweetness”. I remained silent acting passively as my heart was beating fast and my breaths were rapid. Now she took a rose from the flower vase nearby and started sliding it over my cheeks, lips, around my neck and lastly into my cleavage. As my chunni had been removed, the projections of my breasts were fully exposed. She looked at them with a naughty smile and said, “You are looking very hot and sexy”. Keeping her left arm over my back, she started pressing my boobs, first gently and then hard. She kept on doing this for few minutes then suddenly her eyes turned towards my legs and lifting my legs one by one, she slid her hands starting right from my ankles to my knees and then further upwards until her hands touched my undergarment. “Very shapely and smooth! That’s why I had told you to remove your leggings.

They were interference between me and this marvellous piece of beauty, your soft legs”, she commented. Feeling very shy, I was surprised to notice that I was aroused a little. Then, all of a sudden, her right hand went over my lehnga and she caught hold of my penis from outside covered by panty and lehnga overlying it. It was a cause of great humiliation but I couldn’t even think of resisting. Moreover, my body had started accepting her domination as I already had got an erection on this very action of hers. Now she removed all of my jewellery except the mangalsutra, the nath and some of the glass bangles. Within a matter of seconds she unbuttoned my choli (blouse) and removed it. Underneath the choli, I was wearing a purple coloured fancy bra. Commenting, “Very nice”, she introduced her hands over my breasts under the ‘nice’ bra and started squeezing them, one by one. After doing this for about 15 minutes, she quickly unhooked and removed my bra. Now my breasts were bare and fully exposed. She exclaimed, “Vow! What a piece of beauty. Your boobs are just like white pigeon and so soft and juicy” while again squeezing my breasts and fondling with my nipples with her fingers.

Then she started sucking my right nipple trying to keep as much part of my boob in her mouth as possible holding it with her right hand while her left hand kept on fondling with my left nipple. Both my nipples had also got an erection just like my penis. She sucked very vigorously and also bit them (both nipple and breast) quite a few times. I moaned with pain but still couldn’t dare to offer any sort of resistance. Same action was repeated with my left breast. After thoroughly enjoying my well developed boobs for about half an hour, she stopped for a while. Till now I was sitting in her lap with only the panty and lehnga on my body. Then she made me lie down on the bed. After that wasting no time, she inserted her right hand under my lehnga and reached my panty. She again caught hold of my penis from over the panty and started pressing it first gently and then hard. I had started moaning.

Then she inserted her hand inside my panty and retracted the foreskin of my penis and started pinching the glans (the most sensitive part of penis) with her nails. It was painful and caused great discomfort to me. Spontaneously, my right hand moved downwards towards my penis to free it from her fingers. Even before it had reached there, she caught hold of it and ordered in a very strict and rough tone, “Don’t even dare to interrupt me or I will cane you so severely that you can’t even imagine. This is the last warning”. I was terrified and begged for her forgiveness. From that moment onwards, I have never dared to offer any sort of resistance or to disturb her while being fucked. She said mischievously and smilingly, “It is so amazing to undress you and make you naked with my hands. Sweetie, be prepared. I am going to fuck you hard”. With no delay, she now removed my lehnga and panty one by one. Now I was completely naked in front of my mistress as she was surely going to enjoy my body at her will.

There was only some gold jewellery, some glass bangles and a pair of payals on my body and nothing else while she was dressed nicely in the gown. She had just removed her undergarment. No wonder, it was she who was going to dominate & fuck me and so it was only me who needed to be undressed. She once again caught hold of my penis tightly with her right hand, separated my legs, assumed a woman on top position güvenilir casino and inserted my penis into her wet pussy. After this, she freed her right hand and grabbed both of my boobs in her hands. Squeezing them hard, she started forcing her pussy over my penis in and out. After first few gentle strokes, she suddenly forced herself into me with great pace and the entire length of my penis was into her vagina. This movement stretched the foreskin of my penis forcefully backwards and caused intense pain and I started moaning. She continued her in and out strokes with even greater force further stretching the foreskin and increasing the pain. At one point, there was sudden increase in pain with a feeling of wetness inside my private part. I started crying.

Actually the frenulum ( a membranous structure joining the foreskin of penis with the glans) was torn and there was slight bleeding. She said smilingly in a naughty voice, “Sweetie, your virginity has been lost to me just as a bride should lose her virginity on her suhaagraat. Don’t worry; the pain will decrease after some more fucking.” Covering my lips with hers and smooching me, she continued to fuck me. Correctly as she had said, the pain decreased but still I was not free from pain. Shortly I started showing signs of reaching towards the climax and was about to cum, when she suddenly pressed my penis hard and squeezed my testicles. With severe and different pain, the sensation of climax was gone before I could have cum. She said, “The most important rule for you to follow is that never even think of cumming until I give you permission to do that.

Most of the times, I will identify when you are reaching near climax as you people don’t have any stamina but if I miss that, let me know that you are about to cum.” The fucking continued with my penis and lower half of the body still aching. She repeated the above mentioned act whenever I was about to cum. Finally about after 30 minutes, she herself reached her climax and allowed me to cum. We both felt the orgasm simultaneously and she removed herself from my body for a while. She ordered me to go to the toilet, urinate and wash my private parts thoroughly and gave me an ointment to apply over my penis and come back quickly. I did as per her orders and on returning from the toilet found her sitting on a chair and smoking a cigar. She said smiling naughtily, “your penis is small in size but very cute and I like it. It appears so feminine. I have named it ‘cute little pinky’. In short I will call it ‘CL pinky’“. Once again like many times previously, I was on the verge of embarrassment.

Well, the night was not over yet. I was fucked by my mistress many times in a similar fashion as described above. I was very much exhausted and my private parts, back, waist, legs, and breasts all were aching. I didn’t have any stamina left but she somehow managed to get me erection after each fuck by fondling with my penis. She was a great expert in doing that. I will admit that she was a tigress in bed whereas I simulated a deer. She fucked me till about 4 AM. Then she fell asleep. I, with my whole body aching, couldn’t do so even after being so much tired. I was still locked in her embrace with her right hand over my boobs and left holding ‘CL pinky’ i.e. my penis. At around 6 AM, as I was just beginning to fall asleep, there was a knock on the door. I hurriedly looked for my clothes as I was completely naked and I had to open the door.

Then I heard a feminine voice, “Bhabhi! You need not open the door. Dress up yourself in the saree kept in the cupboard. I will come back after half an hour to take you.” This command was followed by a laughter. I was being referred to as ‘Bhabhi’. I very slowly and gently removed my mistress’ hands from my body and dressed up quickly in that red chiffon saree and purple blouse. While I was wearing these new clothes, my eyes turned towards the mirror and I saw the image of a beautiful naked feminine body with bite marks on breasts, nipples, and neck. I felt much ashamed. I collected every bit of the dress that I wore on the night (including my bra & panty) from the floor and kept them in the cupboard neatly. Some of my glass bangles were broken when she had strongly caught hold of my hands while fucking me. I removed those pieces from the bed sheet without making any noise. Suddenly, a thought came into my mind. There were other rooms adjacent to our bedroom where my mistress’ friends were staying for the night. When a voice can come so clearly into the room from outside, vice versa (exactly opposite of this) could also happen. So many of the guests must have heard my moans and cries during the night. This thought made my face turn red with humiliation. While I was waiting for that lady sitting quietly on the bed, I looked at my mistress’ face slowly as she was enjoying a sound sleep with a sense of satisfaction on her face. I felt a little relaxed and remembered the instructions given by Priyanka mam last night. She had instructed me to check whether she was satisfied or not. I had passed the test and my ‘suhaagraat’ was over.

Dear friends, please do comment whether you liked my story. I will tell more about my married life and my honeymoon in the next part.

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