The Watchman

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The Watchman
I am a happily married with a well kept secret and desperate to have that secret revisited, when I was young and before I had ever been with a girl around about 1968/69 I had an exciting experience with an old watchman, he will have passed away many years ago as he was about 65 to 70 then, he was quite a big man with grey hair and always wore an old jacket and trousers with an old leather belt holding them up,
It was around the time I first started masturbating, I would sometimes look out of my bedroom window which looked out onto the street, I would look at women passing by and think what their pussies looked like and smelt like, I even used my mums used panties, sniffing them and wanking myself crazy,
When I wasn’t doing this I would be playing footy in the street using the passages for goals, Anyway a load of workmen moved into our street and an old portacabin moved into a position exactly opposite our house, there were heavy tools and tarmac and stuff all around the portacabin and on an evening the old watchman took up his night watch, it was winter and they had a lit brazier outside the cabin, I noticed the watchman would start work around 6pm, A few days had passed and I was walking passed the cabin on my way back from the chippy when the old guy came out and asked me if I’d go get him something from the chippy, I said yes and went for his fish and chips, on my return he gave me the change and asked if I’d like a cup of tea, I said yes please and went inside with him, it was very warm. he had a coal heater in the middle of the cabin, he asked my name, I replied James, , he said his name was Burt, we chatted for awhile and after a few minutes he said, James, I saw you the other day at your window, you wanking, I got so excited seeing you, I wanted the floor to give way and swallow me up.

I think Burt could see I was embarrssed and put his arm around me and said, don’t be embarrassed Son, we all do it, you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t, I said do you do it Burt?, he said of course he does, nearly every day, He asked me what I think about when I’m wanking, I said nothing really, he said come on James everybody thinks of something that gets him excited, he said come on James what do you think about, I said ok, I sometimes think about my mums pussy, Burt said have you seen it ?, I said no but I’ve seen her in her panties, does that turn you on he said, I replied oh yes I get so hard, I even get her dirty panties and smell them, it really makes me cum.

Burt was really taking notice of what I was revealing to him, he said he used to do the same when he was young. he said I wish I could see your mums panties, I said shall I go and see If there’s some in the washing basket, mums out at bingo, He said go on then Son but don’t let anyone see you, there were two pairs in the basket, both white satin, I had a quick sniff and put the best pair in my pocket and went back to the cabin, canlı kaçak bahis I pulled them out excitedly and said I got some Burt, omg he said, let me look, he put them to his face and said, God they smell beutiful, he went on to say bloody hell James your turning me on Son, its making me horny, do you want to have some sexy fun, I was nervous as hell but replied yes, I was sort of trembling with excitement.

Burt said, make yourself comfortable James, I better lock the door, he also pulled the curtains to. he came and sat beside me, Burt said, I think your hard James let me feel, he felt over my jeans and said mmmm that feels so nice, will you take my cock out for me James he said laying back on the seat, come on Son undo my buttons, I nervously but so excited undid his fly hole and reached inside past his white flannel long johns and felt Burts big cock, it felt soft and warm, I pulled it out and i got so horny, burt moaned and asked me to wank him for awhile, it felt so fucking sexy, Burt began to get harder and on pulling his forskin down revealed the most beautiful shiney cock head, burt moaned again and asked me to wank him slowly, I was in heaven and my cock was trying to burst through my pants, do you like it James he said, I must have looked a right dipstick as I told him it was lovely, his cock was now massive, he asked me if I could suck it for him, i was in the zone I just went down and put my mouth over his lovely cock head and gently began to suck after a few licks, Burt was really enjoying what I was doing then he said lay back Son and began to undo my jeans and fly hole then started to pull them down to my knees, my cock spurted out when my pants cleared it, Burt without hesitation went straight to work, wanking and sucking my cock like crazy, I said Burt stop or I’ll cum, he stopped and pulled his pants off altogether, his cock looking so sexy and hard, he was an old man but I ell you he had a lovely looking cock, his foreskin was staying below his cock head now and that cock head was so ssexy,
He bent down and pulled of my pants and started wanking me again , he said do you want to go all the way Son? I couldn’t help myself, I said yes Burt I want to, he was wanking and sucking me in motion then I felt him turn me on my side and felt his hand feel my ass cheeks then move to my ass hole, I was so nervous but my emotions were out of control, I felt a finger which felt cold and wet touch my hole and then slowly started probing, it felt so erotic, my cock was at bursting point, and Burt used his other hand to carry on playing with my cock, I didn’t know how long I could last without cuming, Burt was breathing really heavy and It was obvious he was so worked up, he pushed his finger in me a little more but very gently, burt asked me if I like it, I said yes, he said do you want me to go further, i eagerly said yes, then I felt his finger go right in, it hurt bahis siteleri canlı a little but felt really sexy and I just wanted all he was going to give me, Burt asked if I wanted to try his cock in my ass, I knew it was big and said Burt I don’t think I could take it, it will hurt too much, Burt said don’t worry James I have some lotion it will be a lot easier., I said I’ll try, Burt said if I feel it hurt too much to let him know and he won’t any further,

Burt went to a cupboard and took out a jar of something, he came back over to me and asked me to bend over the seat and I felt a wet lubricated finger probe around my ass hole his other hand pulling down on my cock, I was in heaven, then I felt two fingers probe into my ass, I even backed onto them, they started to slide back and forth, it started to feel really nice, Burt was sure to be very gentle with me, his fingers were going deep into me now whilst he wanked up and down on my cock slowly, Burt wanted to fuck me so bad now and started to wank his cock getting it ready for me, He was obviously at the point of no return and asked me if I was ready for him, I said I am Burt but please be careful, he said please don’t worry Son, just let me know if you can’t do it, then I felt Burts body touching me and felt his cock touch my ass cheeks, then I felt Burts cock just probing at the entrance to my hole, God I wanted it so bad but really nervous he might hurt me, I felt Burts breath on my neck as he started to lean into me, I felt his cock push into my ass a fre times just quixk in and out motion then he pushed a little harder and it entered me very slow and gently, I started to push back, it felt enormous, It started to hurt and I pulled forward and it hurt when he came out of me, I said Its too big Burt its frightening me.
He was so good with me, he said lets have a rest, are you still excited, I said oh God yes, I want it so bad just got a nit worried it was Going to split my ass, he smiled and said we can take our time James, turn over, I did so and he started wanking and sucking me again, he put mums panties in my face and carried on sucking me, is that nice Son he asked, I just nodded in ecstacy, Then he said I cant let that lovely hard cock go to waste, do you wanna fuck me James, I was so hoping he was gonna let me, I said oh yes please Burt, he then got the jar of lotion and rubbed it on my cock whilst he wanked me, I noticed him put some up his lovely very white fat ass, he then layed back on the seat with his cock and ass showing and bekoned me forward to him,

I moved in between his legs I was hard as hell, Burt put his arms out and gently pulled me towards him, his lovely cock right there touching my belly, Burt reached under and started to guide my rock hard cock towards his ass hole, it was quite slippery with the lotion he’d used, he pulled me forward and my cock touched his hole, I pushed a little and felt canlı bahis the tightness of the entrance, He said come on James I want you so much, I pressed into him and it slid past the entrance, he sort of pushed back, I was right in now and started a fucking motion, Burt was playing with his lovely cock Omg he said, fuck me James, fuck me, I started thrusting like crazy, I took Burts hand away from his cock and started wanking him as I fucked him, I bent down a little and gave his beautiful cock head a suck, I couldn’t hold myself back, I told Burt I wanted to cum, he moaned and said don’t take it out, cum inside me, I thrust a few more times into his lovely warm tight ass then felt myself cumming in him, I said sorry Burt, I couldn’t help mysef, it was lovely he said, I pulled my cock out and there was cum dripping around his ass cheeks, I felt bad for Burt because I didn’t let him have me, I asked if he wanted to try again, OMH he said would you?, I sai I want to, Burt asked me to sit on the table in the middle of the room and lay back with my knees up, he started wanking me again whilst sucking me, he then started to finger fuck me with the lotion getting me really wet, his fingers were goinginto me a lotv easier now and I felt so relaced, I noticed Burt stroking his cock with is wey hands then he pulled me to the edge of the table, gave my cock a bit of a suck and wank then leant into me, I felt him guide his lovely cock towards my hole, he pushed in and out a little a few times then he started to slide right into me, it felt better this time, he was right up me, i wanted it so bad, I pulled his hips towards me, he started to fuck me I was an awesome feeling He went a little faster then couldn’t stop himself, I heard him mutter I’m cummin, oh God I’m cumming, I could feel his hot cum spurting into my ass, He pulled it out of me and wiped himself, and even reached for some tissue and cleaned me up too, he was a thoughtful and really nice man,

I told Burt, thanks for a lovely experience and said I had better go back to my house before mum got home, didn’t want her to find her panties missing. On the way out Burt smiled and asked if I would like to do it again sometime, I said yes of course, I said bye Burt, see you soon, I was sat watching tv when mum got home, she asked if I had had something to eat and kissed me on the cheek as she always did, If she only knew what I had been up to, God her perfume smelt gorgeous, my mum was about 45 and had a lovely body and jet black hair, I would try anything to see up her skirt, it really turned me on, the thought of actually fucking her was mind blowing, all this at a very young age, I was very lucky, since that day I have been very happily married for 50 years but just lately I have been thinking a lot about the times I had with Burt and so much so that I have been watching Gay Grandad sex clips and masturbating over them and all I have now is a strong craving to have sex with an old man again, its driving me insane, so desperate !!

I hope you enjoyed my true story and hope it gave you a lot of pleaseure like I experienced.

Please leave me some comments, it would really be appreciated,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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