The ultimate pleasure – 2

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The ultimate pleasure – 2
The ultimate pleasure – Part 2
Me and Jane were lying there on the bed catching our breath after a very passionate sex. We were both exhausted and were basking in the after-glow of satisfaction. My cum was dripping out of Jane’s pussy and soaking the sheet under her. Neither of us wanted to get up but the restaurant of the resort was closing in less than an hour. We reluctantly got up and stepped into the bathroom and turned the shower on. We cuddled each other under the warm shower washing away our sweat. We washed each other’s back and got out of the shower.
As it was a nude resort we did not have to put on any clothes. Jane retouched her makeup quickly, not to look pretty, she had a face that didn’t need any makeup, but to hide the “fucked hard” expression off her face. We sprayed on the mosquito repellent on our bodies and walked out of room, hand in hand. The restaurant was just 200 m from our room. It was a pleasant night. The heat of the day had reduced, and a cool breeze was making the air very pleasant. It felt good on our naked bodies. As we walked we saw another couple walking to the restaurant as well. They were a bit older but looked nice. As we walked past them we exchanged greetings and small talk about the lovely evening. No one mentioned the nakedness, and no one even noticed that they were all naked. They were Wayne and Rebecca and lived a few hours away. They were regulars at the resort and spent at least one weekend a month there. Wayne was tall and slim with grey hair and a lean body. He had a prominent pigeon chest deformity. His cock was long and thin and was hanging down between his legs and swayed like a pendulum as he walked. Rebecca was shorter and a lot stockier. She had huge breasts which were sagging under their weight, almost up to her belly button. She had thick tuft of pubic hair which was practically hiding her pussy. Rebecca and Jane were walking in front of the boys. I could see Wayne was looking at Jane with interest. I also noticed the big sagging ass of Rebecca that was disproportionately large for her body.
As they got to the restaurant they were greeted by Mary, the waitress at the register. She was a young early 20 something very bubbly girl. She was also naked except for the crocs she was wearing and a towel on her shoulder. She had bright red hair, which were cut very short on one side of her head. She had every possible piercing – her eyebrow, nose, lips, ears, nipples, belly button and clit. Her body was half covered in large colourful tattoos. She had small perky illegal bahis siteleri breasts with small pointy nipples. Her pussy was clean and waxed and didn’t have a shred of hair on it. He clit was large and pointing out of her labia with a clit ring on it.
Mary smiled at them and ushered them to a table in a corner next to large window. There were two girls sitting on one table, who looked up at us as we walked past them. They were both in their late thirties and sat hand in hand. One of them was scruffy and rough looking while the other was small and very feminine. They looked like a lesbian couple who were either very new together or were greatly in love.
Four of us sat on our table and after giving us the menus Mary left us, telling us that the kitchen will be closed in another 15 minutes, so we better get our orders in quickly. We ordered a bottle of wine to share and started studying the menus.
“the food here is awesome, we know the chef who is French and very good”, Rebecca said.
“I lived in France for a couple of years and really appreciate French cuisine, but the every day food French eat in France is very different from the French food they serve here in Australia”, I expressed my hesitation about some of the menu items.
Rebecca motioned to Mary and asked her if she can get Juan from Kitchen. She disappeared in the kitchen and came back with a tall handsome man with long curly hair which he tied in a ponytail. He wore a kitchen apron and was naked underneath it. Juan approached the table and went to Rebecca.
“Ah Bon soir ma cheri GHebecca comment ca va?” he held her hand and kissed the back of it gently.
“Oh you ever romantic Juan, we are fine here for the weekend. I have these new friends we just met – Aaron and Jane – so I thought I would introduce them to you” Rebecca said pointing at us.
Juan came up to Jane and held her hand and gave it a kiss on its back. Jane blushed and looked even more pretty.
Rebecca reached under Juan’s apron and said “now now you know the rule Juan – we are all naked here and you are hiding the goodies”
Juan smiled and took his apron off revealing one of the best-looking cocks. It was not too long but considerably fat, with veins running over its length. The head was nice and big and it moved as Rebecca touched it. Jane smiled at Rebecca and asked if she can touch it too. Juan looked at her as if saying “for sure, why not”. Jane took it in her hand and pulled the skin back and forth gently and gave a kiss on its head.
Rebecca asked Juan to bring us the Chefs special and Juan tipobet giriş disappeared back in the kitchen.
They made small talk, sharing the wine and just getting to know each other. Both the girls giggled whenever they mentioned Juan and the boys could see that they were impressed.
It turned out that Both Rebecca and Wayne were swingers and were bisexual. I had dabbed in bisexual sex but was still a novice and an anal virgin, while Jane only had very limited experience with girls.
“well I think it is time for you two to experiment more into your bi side and we would be glad to assist you”, Rebecca offered, and Wayne looked at Jane and shook his head in agreement. They kept talking about their experience and we got more and more interested.
The main meals came and went and after some dessert and another bottle of wine everyone was full and pretty worked up. Rebecca came over and sat beside me while Jane was sitting with Wayne.
Rebecca started talking to me about swinging and what my experience was – especially with guys. She said her biggest turn on was to see Wayne being fucked by another man while she played with her pussy. That really turned me on and my cock started to get hard. Rebecca reached under the table and held my cock
“oh my – seems like someone is getting excited” Rebecca said as she ducked down and took me in her mouth. She was brutal with my cock and started sucking and biting it. I could see the Wayne was fingering Jane as she threw her head back and was breathing very heavy. It was too much for me and I shot my load deep down the throat of Rebecca who sucked off every drop of it.
“now I have the full dessert with the cream to top it off” Rebecca said and Wayne laughed at her.
“you know how to take care of your nutrition” Wayne said
Both the lesbian girls were looking at us and were kissing each other with their hands running on each other’s boobs.
Juan had closed the kitchen and came over to our table. He was happy that they were having a good evening. Mary came up with the bill and we went to the register to pay. Rebecca gave Mary a kiss on the lips and winked at her. Mary blushed.
“Au revoir Juan – see you later” Rebecca said to the handsome cook and winked at him.
We walked back to our room – me with Rebecca and Jane with Wayne.
In our room I opened another bottle of wine and we sat around drinking. Rebecca was looking at Jane while Wayne was sitting next to me. Rebecca came up to Jane and took the wine glass from her hand and put it on the counter. She bent down and kissed Jane gently on perabet her lips. Jane let out a little sigh and reciprocated her kiss. Their kissing grew bolder and soon their tongues were exploring each other’s mouth.
Rebecca was very different when she was kissing Jane. She was gentle and a lot more sensual. Soon they were playing with each other’s breasts, Jane was pinching Rebecca’s nipples. Jane was looking so pretty as she got into the heat of the moment. Rebecca got down and started sucking Jane’s nipples. She moved down and started kissing Jane on her pussy. I could see the wetness as Jane was getting very wet. Rebecca opened her lips and started to lick Jane’s pussy. She seemed to be doing exactly what Jane liked as Jane had her eyes closed and was moving her pelvis rhythmically.
As we were watching them my cock was getting harder. Wayne reached over and started playing with my cock. First it felt a bit strange but soon I just relaxed and let him play with it. My cock was throbbing hard and Wayne knew how to handle a cock.
Jane kept pulling Rebecca’s head in her pussy and after a while she let out a big sigh and came. Rebecca got up from between her legs and came up to Wayne
“she is ready for you, you can do the rest, while I get my share from Aaron” she said to Wayne
Wayne got up and moved to Jane .. Rebecca took my hand a lead me to the action on the bed. Wayne put his long thin cock on Jane’s pussy and shoved it in all the way. Jane opened her eyes and looked at me. She looked so turned on that her eyes were not focusing. Rebecca moved up and sat on jane’s face rubbing her pussy on her tongue. I stod up on the bed and Rebecca took me in her mouth.
Wayne Jane in this position for some time while Rebecca sat on her and sucked me.
“I have to get something from my room, I will be back in a sec” Rebecca said as she ran out the door. I put my cock in Jane’s mouth while Wayne slowly fucked her.
Rebecca returned with a strap on which she put on and put a lot of lube on it. She got behind Wayne as he was fucking jane and gentle eased the strap on up his arse, without missing a beat.
She started to fuck Wayne in the same rhythm as he was fucking Jane. Rebecca motioned me to come behind her and put some lube on my cock and guided it in her arse. I soon picked up the same rhythm Wayne was fucking jane with and Rebecca was fucking Wayne with.
This was getting too much for me as I banged Rebecca’s arse as hard fast and deep as I can. I soon came and saw Wayne twitching and taking out his cock from Jane’s arse and shot a load on Rebecca’s face.
All of us just sat there huffing and puffing. Rebecca gave Jane a big kiss and said they might come in the morning to check on us and left us.
We were so exhausted that we got in bed and soon were sleeping cuddling each other

…….. continued

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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