The conversion 3

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The conversion 3
This continues my story, so please read first parts 1 and 2.

I went to bed with the intention of getting up before Ms. Maria. With the first crowing of roosters, I got up and opened the door to my bedroom. It was still dark, but the first light was beginning to appear. I sat down in the living room, in the shadow, from where I could see her door. A few minutes later I heard Ms. Maria’s door open. Eyes still half-shut with sleepiness, she peeked her head out of the door and looked side to side. I was pleasantly surprised to see she then exited the room naked, which meant she had obeyed. Her gait still affected by sleepiness, she ambled with a wider stance, causing her huge boobs to sway even more. She cradled them in her arms to limit their motion as she walked towards the backyard door. I heard her open the lock and the door creak. I got up and followed her. I still had a stiff morning wood and my dick was tensely erect. She opened the curtain to the toilet cubicle and went in. The small light bulb hanging from a wire in the cubicle’s ceiling was on. A few moths had began to circle. I peeked my head in just as she released her bladder.
She looked at me with surprise. More at my erection than at my eyes.
“Good morning” I said.
She replied the same, likely out of reflexive politeness, as she had a clearly annoyed look in her face. But it was done, I just kept my eyes on hers as her stream trickled to drops.
“I figured since we already know each other intimately, we can dispense with another formality. Close the curtain just for numero dos, OK?
She looked at me with resignation. In the usual sitting position on the toilet, her tits rested on her thighs. She sat upright, which lifted them up from there, and grabbed a piece of toilet paper, and, opening her legs, proceeded to dry her vulva.
“…alright” she said. canlı bahis
I noticed she again had the black rubber flip flops on her feet. I looked at her inquisitively. She said she did not like to use her toilet barefoot, and this time the look was of slight fierceness. Her feet looked cute with them, however, a very thin rubber sole and thin strap nicely complementing her small feet. I decided I would let her wear them.
I still had a stiff hard-on, but wanted to go. Just as she got up,squeezed by her, and aiming down my penis I let out a pressurized stream into the toilet and flushed. Her buttocks brushed against mine as she stepped out of the cubicle.
“should I start breakfast?” she asked, standing there. I figured she wondered if I would be demanding sex right away or not.
“Go ahead and start. I will fuck you there”.
She looked at me with surprise. I gave her a loud slap in the buttock and told her to get going.
I enjoyed the morning breeze for a moment, then followed her into the kitchen.
I watched her set the pot of coffee. Relieving my bladder had also relieved my morning wood, so my penis stood in a semi-turgid state.
She turned around.
She understood and again eased herself into a low squat (an ability that will surprise many. It is common in many developing countries to squat low for many household chores. She could do it like a 20 year old gymnast despite being probably in her mid-fifties).
I stood by her and she obediently began to suck. Regaining my erection, I noticed she steadied herself on one of my thighs. I followed her other arm, and saw the forearm disappear under her ample belly. She was probably massaging her vulva, trying to summon some wetness. What an encouraging sign. I enjoyed the blowjob until she seemed a bit tired. Coffee had begun to percolate.
I sat down on one of the wood stools perabet and motioned her to get up and straddle me. She cautiously did. I grabbed my erect penis and directed her to the vaginal opening, which she had helped open by pulling her long lips apart. I Put the glans in, and she cautiously lowered herself onto me, steadying herself on my shoulders. She slid down until her bubble buttocks rested directly on my lap. I grabbed her waist, and her huge tits were squeezed hard against my chest. After a few seconds of looking for further steadying, both her and I had a steady footing. She began to rithmically bounce, her buttocks initially quivering like jello, but as the moment intensified, they began to bounce with more coordination, as a pair of slightly deflated basketballs would. I dug my hands into the flesh to help her and began to add energy to the bounce. We both began to sweat, and the sweat lubricated our bodies against each other. We began to allow louder and louder moans out and there was definitely a slapping sound. I had noticed faint voices in the adjacent backyard earlier, probably her neighbors getting ready as well, but they were now quiet, as if listening. This made me much hornier. The wood stool was killing by butt, but this intimate sexual embrace was very pleasant and I decided that I would wait for orgasm in this position.
Her “…aah…aah…ahh… and my ugh…ugh…ugh.. became faster and deeper. She suddenly became somewhat limp, and I realized she had orgasmed and no longer was using her legs. I was the one lifting her up. With a few more strokes, I orgasmed explosively, and we embraced for a long time. I felt the slow ooze of vaginal fluid and semen onto my testicles as my penis grew limp inside her. She finally stood up, carefully, and went to pour coffee into two mugs. We had breakfast perabet giriş and then went out and washed each other playfully.
Ms. Maria had the brown skin common on a woman in the Caribbean, but it was pale. I asked her when was the last time she had enjoyed the beach or sun, and said probably in adolescence. I was surprised. I got dressed and left for work on the project.
That day, after we worked on the project, I took a detour to the market and bought a couple of things.
Returning home at noon, I found Maria occupied with the wash. On the concrete slab of the shower, and
kneeling on top of a thick piece of rubber from and old tire tread, she worked on a small wood washboard, squeezing the clothes that she would wet with the hose, then putting the clean laundry in a bucket. Her magnificent, floppy tits swayed back and forth almost touching the washboard, her bubble buttocks powering the motion. She saw me and smiled.
“carry on. I love watching you do that”.
She smiled more broadly, and continued as I observed. I excused myself and went to my room to take off my clothes. i returned naked, and at some point smiled and lifted one of the huge orbs up to her mouth, licking the dark nipple playfully.
I helped her hang the clothes from wires in the backyard. The sun was now shining directly on top.
Which brought me to my purchases. I showed her to two small, folding portable lounge chairs I bought. I told her she needed to enjoy some sun, no excuses. I took out a bottle of suntan oil I bought, and proceeded to give her a thorough oiling. She then did the same for me.
We spent a lazy afternoon, napping and tanning ourselves in the tropical sun.
For the next few days, we continued to enjoy at least a morning and an evening sex session.
One day that I returned again at noon, I was pleasantly surprised to see Maria had continued to enthusiastically use the lounge chair at noon to sunbathe. She even positioned herself so that her generous curves got an even tan. Her pale brown color had begun to turn into a vibrant dark caramel tone.
More to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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