Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the

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Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the
Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the Week – Chapter 10: Shelly’s Surprise
Ariel led me to a reserved booth near the front of the stage off to the side. The booth provided a view of the whole stage and even a glimpse into the area from which the girls took to the stage. On the table was an opened bottle of expensive port and four glasses.
We’ll have a toast with the port when the girls join us. Ariel said as she poured it into the glasses.
The stage was occupied at the time by a beautiful naked dark skinned girl with large firm breasts. She was expertly working the pole as well as the customers seated in front of the stage.
That’s Molasses on stage right now. Ariel told me. “She’s very popular with the men and women. Her real name is Anya. As you can tell, she’s a mix of races. A true exotic beauty.”
I watched as the guys stuffed her garter with tips. She took several of the bills using her ample breasts. A guy would hold up the bill and she would squeeze her tits together grasping the money.
One guy put a bill on each side of his head, just above his ears. Molasses put a big boob on each side of his head, his face buried in her cleavage, then squeezed and rubbed her tits up and down as she took both bills. The other guys cheered and suddenly more guys started doing the same.
A couple of them put the bill between their nose and lips. She took those bills using her large long hard nipples. It was quite the show.
She’s one of the leaders when it comes to getting tips. Ariel informed me. “She also gets a bunch of requests to join men in the VIP room. She really takes in the cash there.”
I was just about to ask Ariel about this VIP room when Amy slid into the booth beside us. She sat next to me.
Hi guys. She said. She had a ‘cat that ate the canary’ grin on her face.
Then before I could ask her where Shelly was the DJ’s voice came over the PA system.
Alright folks let’s hear it for Molasses. The crowd applauded as Molasses picked up her outfit and several bills that had fallen to the floor.
And now, the DJ continued, “let’s have a big hand for a new girl to the stage here at Boots and Skirts Playhouse, put your hand together, for a bird of a special kind, and you’ll know what I’m talking about, please welcome to the stage, Swallow!”
A big chested girl glided onto the stage. Her hair was iridescent blue like a barn swallow’s feathers. Her face was made up to resemble the bird also. She had an iridescent blue cape that she used to resemble a bird’s wings. Beneath the cape she wore a blue sequined bra and thong. She was barefoot which allowed her to seemingly fly around the stage.
Amy’s hand found it’s way to my crotch and she started rubbing my cock through my jeans.
Isn’t she erotic. Amy stated.
I helped her pick her stage name. We wanted something sexual, but not too obvious. Swallow seemed perfect. She chuckled.
I looked closer at the girl as she swirled around the stage. At that moment, she reached between her breasts and unsnapped the bra, letting it fall to the floor. It took me only a few seconds looking at those large breasts to realize who the girl was.
The blue wig and the make up was a great disguise, however, those tits were unmistakably Shelly’s. As I already knew, Swallow was a perfect sexual stage name too.
As soon as she removed the bra, guys pulled out their money to attract Shelly to them. They all obviously wanted a closer look at her amazing tits. She complied and just as Molasses before her had done, used her boobs to collect the cash.
I’m thinking of trying the stage tomorrow night. Amy informed me as canlı bahis she searched my face to see my reaction.
At the same time she unzipped my fly and released my hard cock into her hands. Then she leaned closer to me and placed her mouth to my ear.
That’s if it’s okay with you daddy. She whispered as her tongue sensuously darted into my ear canal.
I had mixed emotions about her going on stage and getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers. However, if she had her mind set to do it, I wouldn’t stop her.
On the stage Shelly had removed her thong and dropped the cape. She was working the pole like an expert. She climbed it, then with her legs wrapped around it, dropped her upper body towards the floor. Her large breasts hung down, she took a fat nipple, put it in her mouth and sucked on it. The guys went wild!
Seeing the look of amazement on my face Amy explained. “She’s been doing stuff like that for quite a while. There’s a pole in the barn on their place. In fact, both she and I have been pretending to be strippers. We never thought it would come in handy though.”
I just shook my head in amazement. She was still massaging my erection.
We’ve even put on shows for her dad. She told me.
I never took all my clothes off though. Shelly did. I only stripped down to my panties. She added.
The thought that my daughter had stripped down to topless in front of Shelly’s dad brought back what Shelly had told me about Amy wanting to have sex with him. Thank goodness she’d waited to do it with me first.
So far this trip with my daughter and her friend had been an eye opener. I was learning new things about the two of them every day. I was sure it wasn’t over yet.
Turning my attention back to the stage, Shelly had come down from the pole and was collecting more tips. Now she was putting her ass to the guy tipping her and bending over at the waist. Then she would reach between her spread legs and take the money with her hands. All the while her pussy was basically right in the guys face.
A couple of women came up to the stage, Shelly did the same routine with them. One of the gals actually put her face right in Shelly’s shiny wet cunt. Again the crowd went wild!
She’s going to be a star, that one. Ariel commented. “I’ve never seen a newcomer take over a crowd like this before. If this were a Friday or Saturday night, I’d predict she’d take in well over a thousand dollars.”
Alright Gentlemen and Ladies, once again put your hands together for Swallow! The DJ boomed across the PA as Shelly gathered her clothes and money from the stage floor. Then she waved and blew a kiss to the audience as she headed to the stage exit.
Then he continued. “That was quite a show for a newbie. Remember, the ladies are available for lap dances in the couches and booths on the back wall and tonight is half price Thursday for the VIP room. Fifty bucks gets you in the room and then it’s up to you to tip the lady for her entertainment. Who knows, maybe you can see if Swallow can live up to her name!”
The guy was a real comedian. I looked at Ariel and she just shrugged and chuckled.
That’s why I keep him. He can really get the crowd going.
Daddy, I’m going to go help Shelly clean up. We’ll meet you back here in a few minutes. Amy excused herself from the booth.
Well daddy, what do you think? Ariel asked me.
It’s information overload week. I replied. “I was never expecting any of this, that’s for sure.”
I hope your not mad at me for bringing the girls here or letting the them do this.
Ariel I’m not mad at anyone, least of all you. It seems to me like I’ve been a bit out of touch. If I were mad, which I’m not, bahis siteleri I’d be mad at myself.
Okay, in that case, she picked up her glass of port, “let’s toast to the world we live and to sex, lots of sex!”
I couldn’t help but laugh. Ariel always knew how to lighten things up. I picked up my glass and tinged hers.
Cheers, and double cheers to the sex! Instead of sipping it like one should, I took a heavy hit of the port.
Easy there cowboy, the night is still young. She said before sipping hers. “I’m sure there’s more to come.”
The two girls were giggling as they joined us. Shelly was flushed and obviously turned on. This time Shelly slid in close to me while Amy sat next to Ariel.
Nice show Swallow. I said to her as I handed both of them a glass of port. “Just sip this or it will knock you for a loop.”
Cheers. Said Ariel as she lifted her glass. “Here’s to my two new future employees.”
We all bumped our glasses together, each of us putting the strong sweet liquid to our lips. While the girls sipped, I took another hard hit finishing my port and poured another glass.
Shelly now had her hand on my cock. It was still out from Amy’s earlier play. I had totally forgotten to pack it back in my jeans.
Oh my god that was such a tun on. Shelly was almost panting.
She was gripping my cock so hard it almost hurt and pumping it with her hand. It wouldn’t take to long at her pace and I’d explode under the table. Thankfully we were interrupted before that happened.
Excuse me, Swallow. A guy was standing by the side of our booth along with a large club bouncer. “You are Swallow, right?”
It took a few moments for Shelly to realize he was speaking to her.
She turned and said “Yes?”
Shelly’s hand relaxed its grip on my dick. Ariel looked daggers at the bouncer.
I’m sorry Ms. Ariel, the bouncer spoke, “he insisted I bring him over.”
It’s okay Ryan. Ariel told him.
I’m Jim, would you care to join me in the VIP room? He asked.
Shelly looked questioningly at Ariel. Ariel shrugged her shoulders.
It up to you. I told you all about the VIP room earlier today. Ariel answered the unasked question.
Uh, okay, sure Jim, I’ll go in the VIP room with you. She answered.
Amy giggled. I was shocked. Ariel just smiled.
See you guys in a little while. Shelly told us.
Just remember what I told you. Ariel touched her hand.
Shelly drained the rest of her port in one gulp and slid out of the booth. She took Jim’s hand and the three of them headed for the VIP entrance. Amy was still giggling.
Holy shit! I exclaimed. “What just happened? And what are you giggling about young lady?”
I’m giggling because we all discussed this earlier today before you got here. Like when we told Ariel we might be interested in dancing. Ariel was telling us all about the VIP room and Shelly had said she’d really like to go in there.
I was shaking my head. Shelly was going into the VIP room with some stranger. I knew firsthand what can go on in a VIP room. Of course, it all depended on the house rules for the room. Knowing Ariel as I did, I knew the rules wouldn’t be too strict!
Relax Thorn, as Shelly said, we talked about this earlier. She knows the rules. Ariel tried to comfort me.
Amy started giggling again.
Don’t be the jealous lover. Let the girl have some fun. Ariel continued. “Grab the rest of the port. Follow me, we’ll go in my private office area that has a view of the room and closed circuit television motoring. I’ll explain the rules to you there and we can watch Shelly and the guy.”
We all left the booth and followed Ariel. It turned out the entrance to her private office was right behind the booth we’d been sitting bahis şirketleri in.
Ariel pulled up two large easy chairs in front of a huge dark window. She sat in one and I sat in the other. Amy sat on my lap.
I realized I still had my dick hanging out of my fly. Amy realized it too and wriggled around until it got hard and was right between her legs against her pussy.
The window took up the whole wall. She flipped a switch and suddenly, like a movie screen, the whole VIP room was visible. Above the window were several monitors with various angled views of the room.
I had this installed when I built the place. Its a one way window. The other side looks like a huge mirror. It’s only transparent from this side and only when the switch is on.
It’s imperative that we, management, have a view of the room to make sure all the rules are followed. It’s protection for us, the girls and the customers. She explained. “Each bouncer, there are four of them, has an ear piece in their ear. If we observe something going on that shouldn’t be, we let them know and they issue a warning to the rule breaker. If they person breaking the rule, be it the girl or the customer don’t stop, they are escorted from the room. So far, we had very few violations.”
Looking into the room I noticed the the couches and extra large easy chairs were all facing or angled at the window we were looking through. There were two girls in the room entertaining customers. Shelly and Jim hadn’t entered the room yet.
They’ll be in in a couple minutes. The doorman at the entrance has to explain the rules to the customer. We also have them sign a consent/membership paper.
The membership actually allows us to treat the room as a separate private club. The room entrance fee is a membership fee and makes them a private club member for the day. Of course, this was all at councils advice, to protect all parties involved. Ariel picked up a headset and put it on.
Wow. Was all I could say.
“Ryan, take Miss Swallow and club member Jim to couch ‘D.”” She spoke into the headset mic.
Ryan, with Shelly and Jim following, guided them to the indicated couch. It was front and center to us. They both sat on the couch. Shelly was nestled right up against Jim.
Here are the room rules.”” Ariel went through them for my benefit.”
One, consensual touching by the customer or the girl is allowed in there. It is not allowed in the main stage area, except for touching to give or receive tips. Two, hand jobs are allowed as is fingering. Three, consensual sex is allowed, with the following stipulations, condoms must be used for vaginal sex, blow jobs are allowed with no condom, cunnilingus is allowed, and finally, no anal sex is allowed but some anal play is.
I had been in a few VIP rooms in my day. This was by far the most lenient I’d ever heard of. I’d only been in one, in South Florida, that actually allowed sex. The girl I’d had there was a real cutie and the sex was incredible. The private club membership made sense to me, they had done the same thing there.
Shelly is negotiating her fee right now. Ariel broke my thoughts. “I’m betting she goes for the blow job.”
Amy giggled again. Then she lifted her ass a bit off my crotch and moved her thong string to the side. When she sat back down, my hard cock slid easily inside her soaking wet pussy. She wriggled back and forth. It felt so good. Ariel just looked at us with a knowing grin.
I’m betting on the full treatment. Amy chimed in. “Blow job and fucking the guy.”
Shelly stood up and started taking off her clothes. She turned her back to Jim, her ass swaying back and forth right in front of his face, she was now facing the mirror. Then she winked at us. She knew we were watching.
All I could think of was, I’m so glad I’ve got a late tee time tomorrow, this is going to be a long night!
To be continued with Part 11- Shelly’s VIP performance

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