Swati, New at Office Ch. 02

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I was enjoying staying with Vijay. We fucked almost all the time, after waking up, before sleeping, in mid-nights. Both of us managed the chores too and Vijay was a good person to be with. On one night while we were lying lazily, Vijay asked me.

Vijay – Swati, we are doing the same things since last couple of days

Me – What you have in mind?

Vijay – Let’s see, I was first thinking to start with you sucking me

Me – Why not let me start with your beautiful dick today

I started sucking him, tool his head in my mouth. He taste nice, I quite liked the taste. He pushed more into my mouth which I was able to accommodate. He started fucking my mouth slowly. I felt damp down. He took my breasts and fondled them. He was making crazy sounds, he was enjoying the attention. All of the sudden, he pushed his entire length in my mouth and I felt like I will choke but somehow could manage. A few drops of tear came from my eyes due to sudden attack, but I kept sucking him.

Vijay – Oh Swati, you are very nice at this, I am about to cum

Me – Hmmm… I love sucking your cock and kept sucking him ignoring the warning

In another minute, he came and I had his cum on my face and leaking out of my lips. I sucked all of that.

Vijay – Oh wow, that was the best feeling, I will now feed your mouth daily

Me – I also enjoyed this, we will do this

Vijay – What if we don’t wear any clothes whenever we are at home

Me – Sounds good, I would love to see that stuff hanging in the air

Vijay – So will I enjoy seeing your boobs moving up and down

He was up again and this time, I needed it badly inside me. I asked him to lay down and erotik film izle I took the charge. Started lowering my body above his cock and pushed myself. I fucked him for 15-20 minutes after which he filled me with his man seed. We both had orgasm and it was wonderful as usual. As we had decided not to wear any clothes, we kept playing with each other. To my surprise, he was hard again and wanted me to suck. I sucked him, and this time I wanted him to suck me too.

He pushed his tongue into my cum-filled pussy and started licking it. I had never filled anything close to this, it was heaven. He kept fucking me with his tounge, I was breathing heavy and came in just 4-5 minutes of sucking.

It was one of the best night after we had moved together. When I woke up next morning, I see his cock was in mild state of arousal, I took him in my mouth and started sucking him.

Vijay – Good morning sweety, its nice to wake up like this

I just kept sucking him until he came and then we both took a nice shower together. While on the breakfast table, it was first time I was sitting with him naked. He kept rolling my nipples using his figure and also alternated between figure fucking me and playing with my nipples. I also had him up again with my hand and gave him a nice hand job. He then came above me and started fucking me in my pussy. It was very nice and I came too early. He filled me with his cum.

Vijay – I want you to not clean, and come to office

Me – Are you mad? I am licking cum, anybody will find out

Vijay – Sure they will find out, when you will not have your panties and bra

Me – I am not going to office without my undergarments

Vijay film izle – Please, believe me it will be fun

I agreed and put-up a skirt and t-shirt. I was looking like nice, only issue was my boobs which were swinging up and down. Anybody could makeout that I am not wearing a bra. My nipples were also visible of the fabric.

Once we were in office, I was working on my workstation when my friend Mitali came to me and started talking.

Mitali – I can see white drop of liquid running between your legs, anything special?

Me – Yes, I was fucking my boy friend and it’s his cum

Mitali – Don’t tell me, I don’t believe you

Me – Have you ever tasted cum?

Mitali – Yes several times

Me – Then try it

Mitali took a drop in his hand and licked her figure.

Mitali – Oh my god, this really is cum. You are such a nasty little girl, you came to office having cum leaking out of your pussy

Me – You know what, I am not wearing any undergarments too

Mitali – Let me check

She pushed a figure inside my pussy under the table and I could see the expressions on her eyes.

Mitali – You are such a daring girl, now tell me who’s your boy friend?

Me – I can’t tell you that

Mitali – Why? I share every details with you

Me – I will need to ask my boyfriend before telling you, please understand

We both agreed that I will share his name next day.

After we came home, we both got naked and started kissing each other. After kiss I told her the incident, and asked him whether I can share his name.

Vijay – I don’t have any issue if she can keep secret, but I doubt

Me – She will keep it seks filmi izle secret

Vijay – I don’t believe, you said she licked my cum?

Me – yes

Vijay – Why don’t you ask her to join us, I might enjoy both of you? You girls may enjoy each other too

Me – I am not sure, I have never been with a girl before

Vijay – Darling, you had this little girl sucking cum out of your pussy today morning

Me – Ok, let me ask if she’s interested, shall I also ask if his boy friend want to join us?

Vijay – Sure, I am in

Vijay – Swati, I want to try your ass today?

Me – Won’t it hurt?

Vijay – We will take it slow

Me – Sure

I started sucking his cock and had his first load in my mouth. I kissed him with his cum in my mouth and let him taste himself. It was such a scene. After kissing and swapping the fluid, Vijay had me laying on my boobs down. He started playing with my ass.

First he tried pushing his figure inside. It was paining but I let him go with the flow. Once the whole figure was inside, he started fucking my ass with his figure. It was feeling painful, but at the same time I was getting hornier. After sometime, without warning he inserted second figure inside. I just jumped and had his figure out due to pain. He again started with one figure and then another. This kept going the same will till he had three figure inside me. He was exploring the areas which I even didn’t know exists to push me on the verge of orgasm.

He then put some lube on my ass and on his cock and started pushing his dick head inside. I was enjoying this and there was very little pain. He started pushing his entire shaft inside and outside. I was in sixth heaven and came without him touching on my pussy. After fucking of sometime, Vijay came and flooded my ass with his cum.

We fucked for 2-3 times, all times in my ass that night and next day morning.

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