Suzi the pig fromEssex part 1

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Suzi the pig fromEssex part 1
It was a nice late summers day, getting towards the end of the afternoon. I’d met Suzi a while ago when l moved into the area- it turns out everyone knew Suzi! She’d tried it on with me, but l couldn’t do it, she was mature and saggy in the wrong places- her tits just flopped when she took them out for me. But you know,once a man has an erection, there’s only one way to get rid of it! I let her jerk me off in the pub toilet, at least l could close my eyes and pretend it was a hot young lady and not the old ugly thing she was.To cut a long story short, when l came back into the pub, my mates obviously knew and since then, lve been known as Hag wank. That was a few years ago now, and to be honest, it all got forgotten about as things do…
.. l was driving home from work this day, not a main road, but a busy road nonetheless, primarily due to the truck stop on it. There was someone walking along it, l seen it was a female with a short skirt on, but as l slowed to sneak a peek, l realised it was Suzi. What the hell was this woman doing wearing a short skirt? It was obviously far to small for her, her saggy arse was straining to get out of the zip and her belly fat was bulging over the top. She was wearing make up like a teenager, thick, with black eye shadow and bright black lipstick, although she is well known round here and the butt of May jokes, l did wonder what she was doing out here on her own, and remembering l had passed a parked up car, wondered if she was OK, so l stopped and asked her if she wanted a lift.
’you OK Suzi?’
’yeah fine’ she said ‘cars got a puncture’
l offered her a lift back to her car, and said l’d put the spare tyre on. She got in and as she got in, her way to short kirt slid up her blotchy thigh. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. She smiled at me, perhaps remembering she had made me cum over the pub toilet wall, and started small talk.As l looked at her, l could see her saggy tits were bouncing about, wa she not wearing ANY undewear. Her top, whilst low cut, was full length, but again two sizes too small, and was clinging to all the crevices of fat. She had let her hair grow quite long and was obviously dyed red. She’d had the audacity to wear a belt round her top and this gave her fat a further chance to spill out over the top of something. We got to her car, and l set about changing the wheel. As l was doing so, she was standing over me, again making small talk, but l could see her greying pussy inches from me. Now, any man can not have a glance now and again, so l kept flicking my eyes there when l thought she wasn’t looking. She knew what she was doing. After a few minutes, l had a bit of a semi. I was disgusted with myself, surely l couldn’t get hard by her. As l tightened the last nut up,
she was more or less standing with her pussy above my head.
’oh thanks’ she said ‘what can l do to repay you’
’ erm, it’s OK’l replied’hping an old friend out’ l had an idea she was wanting me to fuck her, as l must be the only man in the town over 30 that hasn’t.
’remember when l wanked you off in the pub?’
’er, yes’
’well lve been wanting to fuck you ever since’
l kind of knew that, but couldn’t live with the shame.
’why would l do that’s?’ I asked ‘you’re 20 years older than me, fake tan, fake hair, plastered in make up, fat and ugly’ l found myself answering.
’no need to be rude’ she said and lm certain she had a tear in her eye.
l felt bad and sort of apologised. It was true,but ld clearly upset her.
’l’m sorry, l didn’t mean’ but was interrupted by her
’Yes güvenilir bahis şirketleri you did, everyone thinks that’
’Not everyone’ l lied. People knew her as Suzi Pig, Ugly Haggs, or Suz the slag
’When you say not everyone,who do you mean?’
’Well, l don’t think’ before l’d finished, she’d sat on the bonnet, with her legs part, flashing her pussy.’If you’re not like the others, prove it’ and reached forward and grabbed my cock through my shorts. I was already semi aroussed and the touch on it made it hard. I was thinking of all sorts of things to get it to go soft, but as l said before, there’s only one way to get rid of an erection. I hadn’t even realised she’d undone my shorts and had her hand in them, until l felt the breeze on my cock.
’Whoa stop’ l cried. A car drove past and the driver could clearly see my cock in front of this b**st, and honked. I was embarrassed. Why did l have an erection caused by her and how was it in her hands? I pulled away, but she gripped it tighter.
’You do like me?’ She said
’Well, no but’ again l didn’t finish, as she had got down from the bonnet and on to her knees and giving me an unwanted blow job. I tried to make out l didn’t want anything from her, but when your cocks hard, it’s hard so l thought why not and pushed her against her car and started fucking her face. At least l thought she might stop and see what a prick l was , but no it seemed to spur her on, l grabbed her hair and started going for it, like they do in rough porn films, thinking it might put her off again, but no, to her credit, shw took it like a champ, when all
of a sudden, l could smell wet pussy. Oh no, lve turned her on l thought. A lorry came past and l could see the driver of that looking down on us. I could feel myself turning red, and even worse, l could feel
myself about to cum. I carried on fucking her face and thrust as deep as l could go to squirt jizz down her throat. I couldn’t help myself.
She smiled ‘see, lm not that bad,am l?’
l looked down to my shrinking cock and looked at her. I swear there was fake tan on my balls, her nipples were poking out of tight top,almost at right angles to her body and l couldn’t see past her belly. At that moment in time, l have never felt so disgusted with myself, ever.
l became aware of another car and turned round. I was mortified. It was my workmates,who had finished later than me, and we’re driving home.
They honked and shouted outdone the window ‘ alright Hag sucker?’ ‘I can’t believe you’ve cum in her mouth, you must be desperate’ ‘ You’re probably not even the first today’ and drove off. I looked at her and she had tears in her eyes again. I just glanced at her, walked to my car and drove home.
I was sitting at home wondering why l had let this old, floppy slag sick my cum out of me in public, for the rest of the day. I must have had three or four showers, and a load of abusive texts from my mates. I was supposed to be going out with them later, but didn’t go, l couldn’t face it. Then l had an idea.
I got up the next day and went round to the sluts house. I knocked on the door and she answered. She was just in a dressing gown with no make up. It was even worse than l thought. Deep wrinkles round her eyes, flabby jowls and l swear a little bit of hair on her upper lip. She looked way older than the 55 l knew she was. She smiled ‘come back to finish the job?’
’might have done’ l winked’lets go for a car trip’
’Really? Wait til l get beautified’
That might take a while,l thought
She threw her dressing gown on the coffee perabet güvenilir mi table and went back to her room. As she walked l seen her big round flabby arse. It was saggy at the bottom and almost had a life of its own, as it went from side to side, as she walked. Her tits were flapping about from side to side as well, l could see them at the sides of her body as she walked. Her flabby bits were all hanging loose by her side, and her wide arms and bingo wings were clearly visible. Her legs
were full of vains and yet she had a
mouthful of my cum inside her.
A while later we were in my car. She was wearing the same clothes as yesterday, hadn’t even put clean ones on, lm sure l caught a glimpse of a bit of my dried jizz on the top. As we were driving, she put her hand on my crotch. I pushed it away and told her ‘not now’ she kept trying and every time, l pushed her away.
I pulled into the truck stop and told her l was buying something to eat. A few minutes later l got back to the car and drove upto the corner of the truck park. I told her l’d like to go for a walk, so we got out and went to the rear gate. It led to a little picnic area, by the side of the road. I made sure l had my rucksack with me, and off we went. As we got to the picnic area, l started putting my hands on her, just touching her belly briefly, or the top
of her scaly leg. As we got nearer the table, l let her start feeling my cock through my jeans.
’see’ l said ‘you’ve done it again’ l put the bag down and turned to face her. I undid my jeans and pushed her head down towards my cock. ‘If you want me to fuck you, you’d better suck it first’ No hesitation at all, she took it in her mouth and worked it with her tongue. I was mildly surprised and very disappointed at how good she was. I still could not believe this pig was probably giving me the best blow job lve ever had. I’m ashamed to admit l came quite quickly, deep
in her throat. She mildly coughed, but l left my cock in her mouth so she’d have to swallow my load.
‘Oh great thanks’ she said, as l eventually withdrew from her mouth.Well, l said ‘if you’re desperate to ficke, you need to do that first’
’How kinky are you?’ I asked. She looked surprised at that and sort of answered ‘well lve been handcuffed a few times, to the bed’ ‘oh that’s good’ l said as l rummaged through my bag. I produced a pair of handcuffs, and said ‘l’m very kinky,come here’ amazingly, she did and l quickly had her hands behind her back, cuffed up. I walked her over to a tree by the road and told her to stand against it. I took out my phone and told her to pose for some pictures. As l got closer she still hadn’t noticed l had the cord from her dressing gown in my hand. She kept posing, bending her squishy body in too tight clothing into various angles, and trying to pout. ‘Here,lets undo the handcuffs’ l said.
’thanks, they were starting to hurt’ l smiled to myself-were they now?
She was still standing against the tree, when l told her to pose with her arms out, like my angel. I can’t believe she did, and as she did l grabbed her arms and pulled them round the tree, l tied her wrists up, using her own dressing gown cord.
‘Hey, what’s this?’
’Be quiet and you’ll find out’
l began to fondle her saggy tits. As saggy as they were, her nipples were still very responsive.’see, you don’t mind’ l could detect the smell of pussy already, not a clean one, but the familiar smell, nonetheless. ‘There’s a problem here’l said ‘ you’re still wearing clothes’
’and how do you expect me to do anything tipobet about that?
’l don’t’ I went back to my bag and found a pair of scissors and cut her top from the tits down, unzipped her skirt and pulled it off. It was a struggle trying to release it from her flabby belly, but l managed it. This older woman was now standing in front of me,arms tied round a tree, and naked. Her floppy tits were almost round her waist and her belly was hanging down to above her pussy. Her chubby thighs were red from
rubbing. I pushe her legs apart, so l could have a look at her pussy. It was puffy and had short grey hair and spots around it, which was obviously growing back from being shaved.
‘Well’ l said ‘remember yesterday when l said you were ugly and nobody wanted to fuck you?’
’Yes, you said you didn’t mean it’
’ Well, l did- look at yourself, an old, fat,ugly woman, exposed in the open, l bet you could be here all day and not one man would look at you twice’
She started crying again.
’You let me suck your cock ten minutes ago’
’Yeah l did, but that was purely for my benefit-l’ll prove the point. Here lads l shouted’ -the truck drivers l’d recruited earlier had arrived. There were at least ten of them- old, young, thin, fat.
’Would you fuck this old slag?’
’Fuck no’
’Not a chance, fucking pig mate’
’What If l told you she gave the most amazing blow jobs?’
’Very funny’ one of them said.
’Try it’ l answered.
I I didn’t the dressing gown cord slightly and pushed her down the tree, and retied it.
’Go on then’
Hesitantly, a middle aged fat man came across, I did his trousers and thrust his cock into her face. Unbelievably, she opens her mouth and took it in.
‘Look’ he shouted she’s that ugly l can’t even get a hard on. She was persistent and eventually got him a little bit hard. After a good few minutes l heard him sighing, the ugly pig and obviously hit the spot.
’Fucking hell, she’s not bad’ he shouted.
’Still wouldnt’ came a reply
Eventually, l could tell he was near
’Not in, but on’ l told him and bang on cue he withdrew and shot wads of cum on her wrinkled forehead.
’Not bad, but wouldn’t be seen dead doing it’ he said
Lasked if anybody else could beat to get an erection with her and a couple of them came over. One of them was quite young and well built, the other was a bit older and average sized.
’it’s going to be a struggle’ the younger one said, but l’ll try. The other guy had an obvious erection already.
’How dare a filthy slug pig like you give me a hard on’he said, opens his palm and slapped one of her floppy tits. It immediywent red and l seen her dark nipple rise instantly. He slapped the other one and it did the same,before doing each twice again.As the last slap happened,Suzi yelled and without hesitation, this mans cock filled her open mouth as deep as he could. He grabbed her red hair and fucked her face for all it was worth, just as l had yesterday. I caught site of a trickle of juices running down her leg. I reminded him of the rules and he came on her cheeks. The young muscular lad looked a bit dejected, so l I did the cord and pulled her across to the fence by the road. She didn’t take much leading at the thought of a young she compliantly bent over and slowed me to use the handcuffs on one hand one side of the garage and the dressing gown cord on the other hand on the right side of the gate.l kicked her puffy ankles back and apart, so she was ready for a good fucking from behind. As she was bent over, you could see her belly and tits hanging down, through her legs.Her grey covered pussy was exposed for all to see, poking out between her fat, saggy arse cheeks. The young lad was obviously quite excited by this and wasted no time in absolutely hammering this old bird. He knew what to do,pulled out and ejaculated in her hair. So far, three lots of cum on her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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