Slave Harry fisted by the farmer’s wife

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Slave Harry fisted by the farmer’s wife
Slave Harry fisted by the farmer’s wife

The prospect of getting a fist up his ass, the dirty farmer’s wife’s to boot, and of other ‘surprises’ which would bring about new levels of trouble, made Harry very uneasy. He’d rather know what was coming, even if that meant bad news for him.

He was wondering how much longer he would be mentally and physically capable of tolerating all the farmer’s wife’s ‘chores’, with her help Nell being present all the time, as a witness, and her docile husband the farmer, of course. Both passive observers, terrified that they would be her next targets.

Harry was seriously stuck between a rock and a very hard place, because on the one hand we was concerned about how much more his body could take, and on the other it was ‘normal’ for him to do what he was told. As a slave.

But with a wooden plank nailed to his scrotum, eight nails hammered through his skin, and three needles in the sensitive tip of his cock, he had been thinking where his loyalty to his employer would end. The proverbial end of his needled tether …

He was fed up with being held hostage and chained in this stinking stable, not being able to sleep properly and get güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri rest after a busy day’s work on the farm. He felt after some weeks that he had been ‘outstretched’, literally. With his scrotum, in which the nails were causing serious stretch holes, because of the weight of the wooden plank and the continuous stress on his skin.

Even cleaning up the stable once a week was only a temporary relief. The stable soon began to smell awful again, because Nell and he were supposed to let go all that left their bodies, and were not allowed to clean up on a daily basis. Licking Nell’s cunt and ass, and her licking him clean regularly, made things only a little better, because the shit and piss were still polluting the straw-covered floor of the their part of the stable.

And then the day came when the farmer’s wife was going to fist slave Harry. Although he did not know that for sure when he woke up that morning. And why he was punished that way, he did not know either. But it happened when the working day was over and Nell brought him his lukewarm dinner (or what was supposed to taste like dinner). The farmer’s wife was following her with an ominous grin on the ugly makrobet face. Showtime …

‘Well, Harry, time is up. I will pull the big plug out of your ass and replace it with my fist. I think you will be wide enough by now, it least that is what I hope, for your sake. I have brought some cow’s ointment, to smoothen up the process. Your lucky day, Harry!’ Yes, Harry was overcome with joy …. great boss, this pig-like farmer’s wife ….

He was ordered to sit with his knees pulled up to his face and with his back to the wall. As if he was about to give birth. Some straw was shoved under his buttocks, so that he was a bit better positioned for what was coming now inevitably. He held his breathe when a great lump of ointment was put on his butt opening. The farmer’s wife entered his ass with a few fingers, to get some ointment in there too. And she put a lot of ointment on the fist she was about to use to penetrate Harry.

When the farmer’s wife’s great fist tried to find its way past Harry’s poor constrictor, he held his breathe and closed his eyes. Trying to relax now was totally impossible, and would it have helped him anyway? The pushy fist was helped along with some more ointment, and makrobet giriş finally slid further into Harry’s ass. He felt very uncomfortable, even when the first barrier had been taken, because he had never taken more than a sizable cock there and it felt like being skewered.

‘Well, Harry, how does that make you feel?’, the farmer’s wife asked triumphantly. He had tears in his eyes and Nell had started crying. Harry wondered if Nell had ever been fisted by her, because she cried. Harry did not answer the farmer’s wife’s almost rhetorical question and only looked at her with murder in his moist eyes.

That even made the farmer’s wife more aggressive towards him. She started turning her fist around slowly, causing even more pain in Harry. He felt some female fingers moving inside him too, but this did not make a lot of difference. He was in deep shit.

While he hoped his ordeal would soon come to an end, the farmer’s wife also started pulling his cock, which had become a boner when her fist was inside him. He could not help this! The farmer’s wife was pulling as if a price was to be won and after a short while Harry’s cock erupted a jet-like load of sperm, which unfortunately ended in the farmer’s wife’s face … She was not amused, immediately let go of Harry’s sticky dick and squeezed his troubled scrotum with the hand that was not in Harry’s ass. He felt the nails and moaned heavily, while he heard her say ‘That will teach to look where you’re cumming … ‘

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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