Shagging my best Friend’s son, and she mine.

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Shagging my best Friend’s son, and she mine.
I wish I could say this was just pure girlish fantasy, but part of what I write is true and the rest, well, lets say it is fantasy, a fantasy driven by lust and desire.
Even though I am a female, I still have needs, desires and urges. Not every man I meet, who clearly has desires upon me, for today it is more obvious with the relaxation of sexual attitudes, can fulfil what it is I want from such a meeting, so I am left like a lot of men, searching and yearning and aside from the odd sympathy sex or act of desperation, I keep my thighs closed, most of the time and let that passion build, such as it did that Saturday morning when my best friend Susan’s son arrived home from University and gave me a look that instantly told me I had to bed him.

As c***dhood friends we dabbled and fantasied about sex in her grandfathers farm. he had a huge stone floored kitchen where he allowed us to aquaplane across it, if we dumped and splashed water on it to clean. It was like a shallow pool, with enough water to allow our nubile bodies to skim across the surface in our cotton knickers, which became barely discernible when soaked, as our shapes and form were visible to his naked eye, as we splashed and dived belly first in to the fun.
We both knew, even then what he was doing as he watched and encouraged us, we had shared magazine we had found with explicit photographs of people doing it, and watching this old man stroke his as we played, added laughter and excitement we both felt down there between our nubile legs, as we skimmed through the water it was like it was years later, holding ourselves under the running tap water, rubbing and varying the tap pressure by turning it on and off, as we took turns to encourage our orgasms.

it was only right on the last summer visit at ten, we would let the old man touch us, as we stripped naked and splashed before going to him and taking matters into our small hands and drinking his cock nectar on a daily ritual, his warm semen was the cement that bonded our love and friendship as we entered our teenage years, hymen free and sexually wiser, it was inevitable the we both would fall pregnant with the amount of sex we indulged in and both bear a male c***d by eighteen, her son, six months after my own birthing and then years of living apart, bahis siteleri canlı as the father of her son took her away and did the honest thing, made her a respectable woman, whereas my own fortunes were more dependant upon charity and prostitution for survival.

Fast forward and there I am at my son’s matriculation day at University. I sit i the student’s bar, drawing glances from the young men who are meant to be our future, when one catches my eye, a beautiful boy, there was something about him that struck me as both familiar gave my tired loins a kick start, ‘Deliciously fuckable’, crossed my experienced mind, as he looked back at me, a tad longer than was considered respectable, and I smiled back, hoping my own son would be delayed long enough for me to enjoy this sudden sexual urge.

My eye followed him all the way back to a table amongst a crowd, where I saw him sit down in front of a female figure with her back to me, ‘Bugger’, I thought and how I wished I could be signing on here to get amongst these young men, like a ‘Cat amongst the pigeons’.

I watched as another group of young people approached only to realise my son was amongst them, his smile beaming with pride and for a short moment I was counting my blessings nothing had transpired between myself and the beautiful boy I was lusting after.

He came back with a beer in his hand and was about to say something, when this boy caught my eye and more, the woman who had her back to me was with him and I could see her mouth moving but heard nothing, as she came into focus, it was her, my old friend from all those years back, I could not believe my eyes, as she came across and grabbed me, hugged and kissed, my son stood and simply gawped, she was as beautiful as I remembered her, no wonder the boy struck me as familiar, it was her son, and here we were, both our boys starting the same University on the same day and both our sons, taken aback at their mothers, I saw my own son looking at her in a fashion similar to me looking at her boy. I must have known then what it meant, but for now w needed something to celebrate.

The feelings surging through me were completely indescribable, to see my old friend after all these years, the different paths we trod led back to this chance meeting, no wonder her son caught my eye, that something bonus veren siteler that attracted me was her, I saw her in him, and they say stuff about genetic attraction, I think this was something similar.

She had bought a flat in the city for his studies and immediately offered my son a room in it, which I was not sure he fully grasped the value of living rent free, and when I pointed that out I saw something click from our old days as girls, when she retorted to my saying so, ‘Oh, he won’t be rent free’, and she reached across the table and touched him tenderly on his shoulder, I felt the spark and saw his reaction, ‘My God’, I thought, ‘she want’s to fuck my son’, and I saw her son look at me, and immediately succumbed to the idea of using our boys as sex objects.

We were two peas from the same pod, two women amongst teenagers and attracting looks from young men who thought they were sexually invincible. We laughed and got tipsy and then she asked me pointedly, ‘If you could have as many as you wanted for a wild one night session, how many could you handle’?

This was her, a wealthy divorcee with nothing to do but shag daily and only worry about her fingernails. I was jealous and angry at my lot, but as I have already admitted, I sold my body for survival, about 70% and the other 30% for self pleasuring, and she did the same only she had the ability to pay for her cock, I had to chose then demand payment.

‘The whole fucking lot’, I replied sarcastically then as she was obviously fishing sexually, I congratulated her on her son, to which she replied, ‘And your’s too’, she raised her glass and made a proposition.

She had a Small cottage up by Aviemore, in a wooded area next to a small water feature big enough for swimming, ‘You will love it’, and she invited us to come spend a lazy summer up north, just the four of us, and as she spoke she had that glint in her eye and a thickness in her throat, I knew then what she was suggesting, and at that point our sons came back to the table and sat down with fresh drinks.
My son sat with her and her son sat alongside me, and slipped his hand into mine, and as she repeated the offer to both our c***dren, he squeezed my hand and turned to me, ‘You have to come’, he pleaded and I said, ‘Yes’, to which she replied, ‘Good, we shall deneme bonusu go in the morning for the weekend, but tonight, you will sleep over in the flat.

Everything seemed strange, as we cozied up to each other, I watched as my son sensed he was going to have sex with this beautiful sophisticated woman I had experienced sex with myself as a girl and then there was myself and my lusting for her son, it was fucking weird, almost i****tuous and I think that was what thrilled me most, along with the fact that both our c***dren were barely legal, I think that was more exciting than our relationship to each other.

We left the Uni and made our way for dinner at a small Italian restaurant, ‘La Locanda Italian’, at the aptly named Cockburn Street, having a boy friction burn his cock in my pussy was what I needed, as I watched us both cosy up and get intimate with out toyboys, in the dark recesses of the restaurant.

We took a taxi back up to the Morningside district and rolled out and into the cosy flat, where we both chose our beds in the two roomed apartment. How did I feel about seeing my son with my friend, double his age, now there is a question, how did she feel walking into our bedroom and seeing her son naked in front of me, down on my knees with his cock in my mouth, she laughed and cheered, and even grabbed his cock and fed it into my hungry pussy.

All four of us fucked alongside each other and then we recited and recalled our girlish exploits to our naked sons as we played with their exhausted cocks and yes, the inevitable happened we were so sexually mixed up and out of our heads, we may have accidentally allowed our boys to visit the canal they both slipped down eighteen years earlier, I always said, a mother never knows her boy until he is back inside her and shooting a load into her cunt.

I was awoken with a cup of coffee to find both boys had flown the coop, leaving their mothers to clean up the mess. ‘What did you think of my boy’, she asked me?

‘Better still, where did he learn to fuck like that’, I retorted, sipping the welcome starter caffeine juice?

She just looked me in the eye, completely emotionless, ‘Where do you think’, she answered, completely unashamed about sleeping and having sex with her son.

Comments please as it’s your chance to respond to someone willing to tell it like it happens. The more open and honest we are, the sooner you can start to enjoy real sex as it should be, and not the boring vanilla shit as laid out by state, church and law.
My daughter is fifteen and agrees with my point of view and is open to discussion. Love Frida.

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