Secrets Learned, Secrets Kept

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Secrets Learned, Secrets Kept
My fiance is faithful. I have absolutely zero doubt on that. Most girls worry and stress themselves out about the bachelor party and what goes on, how handsy their guy gets and whether he fucks the dancer or not. I was one of those girls, right up until I got called in to work a last minute party. My former boss was desperate, three of his girls were out sick and two were already working another party.

He never sent one girl by herself and he needed a 2nd for Christa at a 10 guy party on the waterfront. I hadn’t worked for him in quite a while, but could use the money and decided to give it a go. If my last hurrah as an unmarried woman was giving lap dances to drunk frat boys, I could live with that. He didn’t tell me it was a bachelor party. He didn’t tell me the client’s name. I thought it was weird, but put on the requested outfit, which included a black cat mask and cat-esque make-up, a long slinky black dress, cat tail plug and black lace bra, panties, garter and garter belt. I braided my own deep brown hair to my scalp and put on a long wavy red wig. My partner was dressed similarly but in white and as a dog rather than a cat. She wore a black wig over her natural short blonde hair.

We laughed and chatted as the driver took us to the hotel. Now, to be fair I didn’t know where my fiance’s friends were taking him for his bachelor party. So it didn’t even occur to me that this could coincidentally be his party, right up until they opened the door and I saw my smiling, blushing fiance glancing up at me and the dog as we entered.

I squeezed her hand and tried to not let my jaw drop. He might not recognize me. The make-up changed the shape of my features and I was wearing green cat-eye contacts. He might not recognize me.

As I walked into the room, the best man pulled me against him slightly and whispered in my ear, “Hi, Z.” He smiled and shut the door. My hand trembled, he had set me up. I knew he didn’t want John to marry me, but I didn’t expect him to try and sabotage our wedding like this. Brian, the best man, went and sat down next to my fiance and smirked as Christa set up the music.

I watched John intently as he leaned over to Brian, “A dog and cat, really?”

Brian laughed, “Your last chance at a bitch and pussy. Seemed appropriate,” he shrugged as John hit him in the shoulder.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Okay, my future husband’s entire wedding party, including his fucking father, was going to see me naked, and his best friend knew it. Whether John figured out or not remained to be seen. I was careful to stay quiet and grateful that I didn’t have any tattoos, scars, or birthmarks that he would recognize.

Christa and I began our dance. I was a bit rusty. I hadn’t done this particular routine in over a year. She led the dance and I followed, recalling the steps as we moved. Part of the routine was Christa chasing me around the room, between the men watching, using them as barriers to keep the dog from catching the cat. I stood in front of John and she stood behind him, reaching over him to catch the last tie on my dress, causing it to fall to the ground in front of the groom. Then I moved to Brian. He grabbed my ass and I slapped him, hard across the face, barely resisting the urge to curl my fingers and use my fake claws to do some actual damage.

He went red and grabbed me, but John stood up and told him to back down, that he knows better than to touch the dancers and to just let us do our job. Brian huffed but sat back down while he glared at me. Christa and I regrouped and continued the routine until we were both in our underwear. She had her teeth locked gently on the back/side of my neck and I dropped my arms limply to the side. Then the “kill” was delivered to the groom, in that she helped me sit on his lap facing him and d****d my arms over his shoulders, then the dog turned to the best man to be praised.

This is when things got more personal and the lap dances started. Part of the scene was the cat is faking death and it’s a bit of a joke that every time the dog glances to her she goes limp against whoever’s lap she had climbed on while the dog went around the room getting praise. The joke being cats are clever and dogs are dumb, not realizing the cat is moving around the room the opposite way of the dog.

I was also meant to leave pieces of clothing with each man to throw the ‘scent’ off. It was a stupid scene that I hated, but guys seemed to really like the dynamic and intimacy because they get to touch us to a degree and they can command the dog with certain approved commands (Sit, stay, kiss, roll over, fetch, and come- the last four only if you pay her extra on the side.) While the cat tends to be the “drawn to a warm lap and make it comfortable” kind of character.

As Brian scratched under Christa’s chin, I pulled my bra off and d****d it on my fiance’s lap as I squirmed and stretched against him. Christa looked to me and I immediately fell forward against his chest and lay limply against him. She smirked and then went over to the first guy in the circle and I moved over to the right, climbing on Brian’s lap.

I looked him in the eye and he smirked at me. I was intentionally rough as I kneaded his lap and his smirk gave way to a few winces. I untied the g-string at my sides and d****d it on his lap. Christa glanced to me and I leaned forward against him as I was supposed to. I felt his hand on my inner thigh and he whispered in my ear so lightly that even I barely heard him, “Play along or I’ll make sure he knows.”

I felt his hand slide over to my inner thigh and quickly pulled away as I saw Christa turn away from me and I went down the line leaving thigh highs, garter, belt, and gloves with each man until I ran out of clothing. Then Christa and I met back up in the center and danced together as I removed her clothing piece by piece in a sultry dance with her.

At the end of the dance, Christa is on the ground on her hands and knees and I bring her leash to the groom. He gets to direct her with the previously mentioned commands and I start doing individual lap dances. I was nervous when I handed him her leash. He thanked me, looked at her then handed the leash to Brian and walked out onto the balcony.

As the door shut behind John, Brian looked me and Christa over and then looked around to the groomsmen, “Who wants to see the dog eat the cat?”

I started to object, I didn’t follow commands and Brian just smiled and glanced back over to the balcony, his eyebrow arched in a silent challenge to me. He pulled Christa up onto his lap and whispered to her. She looked over at me, her brow furrowed in question and I just nodded.

I moved to lie down on the floor and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to him, “On my lap, love.”

A couple of the guys were watching intently, most had lost interest when the music stopped and were heading over for more drinks or joining John on the balcony. I sat on Brian’s lap with my back to his chest. He ran his hands up the backs of my legs and lifted my feet up onto the seat edge on either side of his thighs.

Christa knelt in front of me and began following Brian’s commands, which started with “Kiss.”

Brian held my wrists as I squirmed with Christa’s tongue on my cunt. I could feel his cock pressing against his jeans beneath me and was honestly disgusted that this was my future husband’s best friend. I saw John’s dad shake his head on the balcony and point into the room. John turned and looked into the room and quickly came back in.

He tapped Christa on the shoulder and she stopped licking me long enough to look up at him, “You don’t have to do anything he asks you know?”

She nodded, “It’s an option and if I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t.”

Brian laughed and ran his hand down my stomach and over my pussy lips. I tensed up and he looked to John, “And this one is positively dripping at getting what she really wants, aren’t you darling?” his tone was deeply mocking.

I bit my tongue and nodded.

John sighed, “Then take them to your room, my dad is pissed at you for hiring them to begin with and quite frankly, so am I.”

Brian smirked and I wanted to fucking scream as he stood up and lifted me over his shoulder and grabbed Christa’s leash, leading her over to a closed door. He looked back at John for a moment and then yelled out, “If anyone wants to fuck the dancers or watch them get each other off, come to my room. John apparently forgot to ask Zoey to give him back his balls for the party so he thinks the rest of us should be as limp as he is.”

There were a few raised eyebrows and shaken heads and the slightest chuckle from John’s oldest brother as Brian smirked and closed the bedroom door behind him. When the door closed I hit Brian on the back and he sat me down on the ground. I was fuming and he was trying not to laugh.

“You’re not fucking me, asshole,” I whispered harshly.

He crossed his arms and his grin spread, “That’s fine. I’ll just let John know what you do for extra money…”

My lip quivered and I hit him in the chest, “I quit nearly a year ago. I’m guessing you’re the one that got Richie to call me in tonight?”

He shrugged, “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Z. I just hired a couple of girls to dance that were willing to do more if I paid well enough…”

I shook my head, “I never agreed to that. I agreed to dance because I didn’t want Chris going by herself. Bad shit happens when girls go to these kinds of things alone because of dickheads like you,” I pushed him and he fell back onto the edge of the bed.

Christa was standing next to the bed awkwardly and just glanced back and forth between us. I turned around and started to leave and Brian’s voice raised, “Zoey?”

I froze, my hand was on the door handle. I turned and looked at Brian, “How did you find out about me doing this?”

“A friend of a friend of a friend had a cute little video of you from just before you met John, I’d guess. The freshly-18-year-old cock tease casino şirketleri dancing for old men until they came on her.”

I shrugged, zero shame in it, “It got me through school. Unlike you, I didn’t have an education handed to me on a silver platter that I turned around and spit on just because I could. I had to work for it and earn it.”

“How do you think John’s dad would feel if he found out his future daughter-in-law started as a stripper instead of the prim and proper school teacher she presented herself as? How do you think John would feel if he knew how many men have seen you naked?” Brian snapped at me.

I held my ground, “I’d say he wouldn’t care because my job, how I earn my living, doesn’t define me and his dad’s opinion of me doesn’t matter.”

He motioned to the door, “Then walk out there without that mask and wig on and let him see that his dad, his brothers, and his friends have all seen his future wife’s cunt tonight and see how he reacts.”

I reached for the door handle again but didn’t grab it, “What do I have to do?” I asked quietly.

“Pick up where we left off before your fiance so rudely interrupted us. I believe you were on my lap and enjoying your friend’s tongue. This time, though, I want you to face me,” he smirked as he leaned back on the bed slightly.

“I’m not fucking you. I’ll call the wedding off first.”

He nodded, “I won’t even touch you, but I’m not going to stop you from touching me if you feel the need,” his smirk diminished slightly as he looked me over.

I turned to Christa, “You’re okay with this?”

She shrugged, “I’m fine as long as you are, Z.”

I started to straddle his lap but he stopped me for a second, “Pull the mask off. You can keep it close in case anyone comes in, but pull it off for now.”

I untied it and put it on the bed beside him. My hands were on his shoulders and Christa knelt behind me. I wasn’t happy about it, but I let it happen. He kept his word and just watched as she spread my pussy with her tongue. I tried to not enjoy it, but she was very good at it.

Brian could tell I was trying to hold back and not orgasm, he leaned up without touching me and whispered to me, “I bet your cunt is just dripping. I could probably unfasten my jeans and get my cock deep in you with one big thrust. My cock is aching for a warm wet pussy to fuck, Z.”

I curled my fingernails into his shoulder and trembled as I felt the wave of orgasm course through me. There was shame and regret mixed with tightly restrained lust as I lowered myself against his crotch and Christa’s hand as she tried to settle my cunt with slow steady circles around my clit.

I could feel him smile against my cheek and felt his cock bulging beneath me in his jeans. His lips brushed over my ear as he shifted slightly, “I won’t stop you if you want to feel it.”

I shook my head and his smile grew, “That’s okay.”

He reach up towards me and I tensed up. He stopped and looked me over, “You can climb off of me now,” he said as he dropped his hands back to the bed.

I lifted myself from his lap and sat on the bed as he pulled Christa up. She straddled him and began to fuck him. I sat beside them and just looked at the bed. I wanted to leave, I just wasn’t sure I was allowed to yet. I caught him glancing at me from time to time, he seemed uncomfortable with things and eventually lifted Christa off of his lap and motioned to the door, “Go get your clothes and I’ll get your money.”

I nodded, put my mask back on and grabbed Christa’s hand. It was late and nearly everyone had gone to bed. John was standing at the balcony when he saw me and Christa practically run out of Brian’s room. We hurriedly got dressed as Brian came out of his room, half dressed with a stack of cash in his hand. I took it from him and John stopped us before we could leave.

“Did he hurt either of you?” he asked.

Brian looked offended and scoffed, “Christ, J. Stop being a fucking boy scout for a minute and figure out that some people just like to fuck and getting paid to do it doesn’t take the fun out of it.”

We both shook our heads and Christa spoke up, “Your fiance’s a lucky girl.”

John blushed, “I imagine you two have seen some deplorable behavior from grooms at these things.”

Christa nodded, “Most don’t stop to make sure we’re okay with what’s happening, they just assume it’s part of the gig, but not all of the girls are okay with it,” she looked to me and half-smiled.

John looked me over and nodded, “You’re a quiet one.”

I bit my lip and Brian grabbed my wrist, pulling me over towards the door, “I told her she couldn’t swallow until she left the room if she wanted an extra bonus.”

John scowled and Christa followed Brian and me to the door. He leaned down and whispered to me, “Sorry,” it took me by surprise. It sounded completely genuine. He pushed me out of the hotel room but kept his grip on my wrist to make sure I didn’t fall.

It confused me, to be honest. He went from complete manipulative dick one minute to caring and almost protective the next. Christa and I left the hotel and got our ride back to the club. I gave her the cut for extra services and we gave the rest to Richie, who divided it up between us, himself, and the driver. All in all, I walked away with hurt pride and $500.

When I got back home I took a long bath and tried to sleep. I mostly just tossed and turned, plagued with nightmares of John finding out about exactly how I got the money to afford my teaching degree. I woke to a ping on my phone around 2AM to find a message from L’Douche – “I’m a dickhead. Sorry. Won’t tell anyone. Delete this after you read it.”

I responded: “Yes, you are a dickhead,” and smiled to myself.

He replied back- “I left the hotel. Wanted to clear my head. Thought about what I did to you. I won’t fight it if you want to report it. Can we talk?”

I called him. I probably shouldn’t have, but if he really wanted to apologize, I wanted to hear that he was sincere. He sounded like his mind was a million miles away when he answered.

“Thank-you,” was all he said.

“Why did you do that to me?” I asked.

He was quiet for a minute, “Look, I was jealous, alright? I found out about what you used to do and saw an opportunity to blackmail you into…well, initially I thought I’d take it further than I did. It was obvious you were upset. I should have put an end to it right away and sent you both away without making you dance. I didn’t take it as far as I wanted to, but I took it further than it ever should have went and I’m sorry.”

“I’m not going to dictate who John can be friends with, you know? I can think you’re a dickhead without being petty and making him cut you off,” I said.

He scoffed, “That’s not…I’m not jealous of you, Z. I’m jealous of him. We flipped a coin on a drunken dare and he won the toss.”

“What did he win in the coin toss?”

“He got to ask you to go on a date with him. Look, I’m scum and I know it. What I did was genuinely criminal and outright cruel and I got a cheap thrill at your expense and I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “It wasn’t that cheap and it was definitely at your expense.”

He went quiet again, but there was a slight lift in his voice when he spoke again, “Well, I suppose that’s true too. Listen, I’m in my car and driving aimlessly. Can I come pick you up so we can talk? You can cuff me to the steering wheel so you know I won’t do anything to you if you need to. I just…I really need to talk to you.”

I sighed, “How far away are you?”

“About twenty minutes to a half-hour.”

“Okay. I’ll wait outside?,” I said in an almost questioning way.

I could hear the relief in his voice, “Great, thank-you. I’ll be there soon.”

I grabbed a pair of my oldest jeans from the closet, threw on a slightly dirty old t-shirt and pulled my hair up into a messy bun. I was aiming for completely unappealing and kind of sloppy/dirty and I nailed it as I threw on my beat up old canvas shoes and grabbed my keys to head out and wait for him to pull up.

I was oddly nervous and I wasn’t sure if it was because he’d just admitted he was jealous of my fiance for getting a relationship with me, or if it was because he admitted he set me up in an effort to get what he wanted out of me in a way I couldn’t safely refuse and I was still willingly getting into a car with him.

When he pulled up I had second thoughts, but he looked sad as he watched me walk towards his car, not angry, not vindictive, just full of regret and shame. I got in and he tossed a pair of handcuffs on my lap.

“I meant it, you can cuff me to the steering wheel if it will make you feel safer,” he said as he looked at me.

I furrowed my brow and shook my head, “I’m not going to cuff you to the steering wheel. For one thing what if we get into an accident and like your hands get cut off because of the cuffs or you drown because of them? I wouldn’t be okay with that regardless of what you did to me.”

He smiled and I fastened my seatbelt just as he started to pull away from the curb.

“Look,” he said, “I know I’ve got no right to even attempt to get between you and John, but…”

I interrupted him, “Then don’t get between me and John.”

He sighed and continued, “But, I think you should explore your options and live a little more before you settle down. You’re 22, he’s 35. He’s going to want to have k**s and a family and push you to be the good little housewife and I don’t see you conforming to that role as well as you think you would.”

I scoffed, “Are you saying I wouldn’t be a good mom?”

He shook his head, “No! I mean I don’t think you’d do well with a monotonous existence. I think you’d be an amazing mom as long as you weren’t constrained into the cookie cutter ‘mommy figure’ role. He wants you to be like his mom and I think you’re much more free-minded. I think you’re a feminist and you would be stifled by his expectations.”

“How do you know anything about me? We’ve barely been around each other.”

He crinkled his nose and pursed his lips, “What was the last gift casino firmalari John bought for you?”

“A pink cardigan.”

He nodded, “I told him to get that. He wanted to get you a pearl bracelet…”

“Well that would have been…”

Brian held up his hand to quiet me, “that matched his mom’s exactly. Tell me you’re okay with conforming yourself to what he wants you to be and I will drop you back off at home and never bother you or him again. Tell me you’re okay with being told what to do, what to wear, who to talk to, what to think, having sex once a month in an effort to procreate, and finding his interest in giving you pleasure happens less and less the more k**s you have, and I will let you have that life without interfering. But I saw you tonight. I saw passion that was being repressed and given a glimpse of freedom. Am I wrong?”

I sat quietly in the passenger seat. I didn’t really want to admit he wasn’t completely wrong, but I didn’t want to lie either.

He half-smiled.

My voice wavered slightly, “I knew the life I was choosing.”

“Did you though?” he asked as he glanced at me. “Has he told you that church isn’t optional in his family yet? That you will be expected to attend with him and his parents and the only reason it hasn’t been an issue yet is because he told them you attend with your own parents right now?”

“Well, I do attend services with my parents…” I half-heartedly said.

He laughed slightly, “I’ve been in your apartment, Z. I’ve seen the altar you have set up on the window seat in your living room. Does he ever try to get you to take it down? Because I know when I’ve come over to pick him up, he’s tried to hide it.”

He pulled up to an old hiking trail on the side of the road and turned the car off, keeping his hands tightly on the steering wheel as he looked at the path ahead of us. He leaned over into the backseat and grabbed a backpack and flashlight. “Asking you to come into the woods with me is asking for a lot of trust, I know. But I want to show you something that I think you’ll appreciate,” he handed another flashlight to me and I took it.

“I’m not exactly in hiking gear,” I hesitated as I glanced towards the trail.

“It’s not far. Nobody is 100% who they present themselves as. I’m not the hard-ass spoiled rich boy. John isn’t the choir boy act he puts up. And you aren’t the innocent school teacher you present yourself as. None of us are wrong for it. We all have our reasons for our acts. I just want to show you what’s behind mine and what’s behind John’s.”

I nodded and turned on the flashlight as we got out of the car, “I want you walking in front of me and I will beat the shit out of you with this flashlight if I have to.”

He laughed slightly, “Fair enough.”

He led the way down the path and around a few twists and turns until we came to a clearing. He dropped the backpack and opened it up. I gripped the flashlight tightly and prepared myself to turn and run if need be. He pulled a book from the bag and tossed it towards me. It was a book on rocks and crystals. I glanced through it and noticed all of the notes he’d made. Some were scribbled out, others underlined and highlighted.

Brian watched me scan through the book, obviously confused about the significance as I read some of the notes and skimmed others. He turned his attention to the ground and carefully scanned it with his flashlight as I continued skimming, glancing up to keep an eye on Brian’s actions every now and then.

I flipped through quickly and came across a drawing tucked between the pages that caught my eye. It was a drawing of my engagement ring with notes of stones and metals and their meanings. But my ring didn’t have those stones. My ring had two diamonds set in white gold. This drawing noted the metal should be silver with an iron band scrolled through the center. Mine had a rose gold band scrolled through the center.

I read the notes on the metals, the meanings, and the reasoning for choosing each component. Iron is a masculine metal that has strong ties with being protective. It has a reputation of promoting confidence, lust, and personal growth. Silver is considered a feminine metal with strong ties to purity and overall health. It has a reputation of heightening love, awareness, and wisdom. Having silver split by iron gives the image of strengthening the weaknesses of the softer metal and blending the masculine and feminine energies of each individual metal, much like marriage is seen as a blending of strengths and weaknesses of each partner. There was a design for a matching band with the opposite design, iron edging bonded with a silver scroll design in the center and an inset of abalone shell in the center top of each ring.

The counterpart of my engagement ring also had moonstone and black tourmaline setting on it. Abalone is often regarded as a guiding agent. The use of it in an engagement ring would signify it as giving the wearer a boost of confidence in choosing the right path in their relationship when things get hard. Moonstone is all about keeping a clear head and balanced energies for health and happiness. Black tourmaline is a very interesting choice to include in an engagement ring. It’s all about protection and shielding the bearer from negative energies in their environment.

The way the stones were arranged was very unique and differed from how my actual ring was designed. Where my diamonds are set in the two scrolls of rose gold along the top, giving it a yin/yang feel to the design. This design was a large flat inlay of abalone, a curled black tourmaline cup on top of the abalone, and a small moonstone set within the tourmaline. The significance gave a hard drive towards protecting the mindset and balance of the wearer from the hardships in a relationship, allowing them to make choices for their own safety and happiness above all else.

It was pretty heavy significance and thought to put into something like a piece of jewelry. Brian watched me as I took in the information on the sheet of paper. “You did this?” I asked as I glanced at him from over the paper.

“He liked most of the design,” he sighed. “Look, I know you think I’m a spoiled rich k** that squandered the opportunities I had. But this is what I have a passion for. My dad was forcing me to go to his Alma matter, to study fucking financing of all things. I loathe math and law. The only way I was getting out of it was to fail so hard I horribly embarrassed my father,” he laughed slightly.

“So, when John told me he wanted to ask you to marry him, I asked if I could design the rings for you both. He liked the concept but didn’t like the ‘hocus pocus’ meanings and symbolism. He wanted it more traditional so his parents would approve.”

I lowered the book and paper and tilted my head slightly as I tried to read him and his intentions. He was digging in the bag again and pulled out a small velvet bag. He untied the top of it and the bag opened up into a circle. In the center of the bag, tied with a couple of pieces of black ribbon was the two rings he’d designed, made out of the materials he had chosen.

I sat down next to him and he untied the rings from the inside of the bag and handed them to me. I pulled my engagement ring off and compared the two. I was struck by just how different they were. How bland and lacking personality mine suddenly felt. I turned the rings over in my hand and noticed a little shine on the inside of the ring. I turned it so I could see it and saw a piece of wood smoothed and polished into the very inner layer of the ring. “What’s this?” I asked.

He looked at the ring and laughed a little, “Wood from a willow tree. It’s supposed to enhance the love you have for your partner.” He took the wedding band and held it up in the light, “It made sense to mirror the sentiment in his ring.”

“His ring doesn’t have the protection stones?” I asked.

He nodded, “He isn’t the one at risk of losing himself.”

He lay back on the ground and looked up at the night sky. I looked at him, “What are you trying to get out of all of this?”

He shrugged, “To clear some guilt from my own shoulders. Purely selfish reasons.”

“What guilt?” I asked.

“I had a twin sister, Lauren. She fell hard the very first time I brought him home with me. My sister wasn’t fucking afraid of anything, but I started seeing the changes in her. Recoiling from the slightest touch, being quiet when she would normally start a shouting match to prove her point. I noticed the changes, the fear, the submissiveness sneaking in, and I said and did nothing about it and made no effort to help her,” he wiped his eyes as he looked over to me.

“He didn’t do anything overtly bad. He just didn’t defend her from his parents and they didn’t approve of almost everything about her. She was too brash, unrefined, lucky she came from a good family, needed to learn her place as a woman. Disgusting shit that he should have stopped, but didn’t. I wasn’t any better. I didn’t reach out to her and offer her help. I didn’t know how to handle it. So I just ignored it and hoped she’d wise up, dump him and move on. Instead she hung herself,” he motioned towards the stump of a tree a few feet from where we were sitting, “John and I cut the tree down a few weeks after it happened. This had been our favorite place and after that we both had a hard time coming up here. I was pissed at him, I was pissed at her, I was pissed at myself. I wanted to kill his parents, and still do most of the time, but I settle on embarrassing the fuck out of them every chance I get with my unrefined and brash existence that I’m allowed because I’m a man.”

I stared kind of blankly at him. I wasn’t sure if I believed him or not, but I couldn’t imagine anyone could be cruel enough to make up a story like that. “I’m so sorry.”

He chuckled and sniffled as he wiped his eyes a bit more, sitting up and leaning on his right elbow to look at me, “What kills me is he didn’t learn his lesson. Not really. He’s been engaged four times güvenilir casino since he was with my sister. Each one was run off by his parents. I’m honestly surprised you haven’t seen that side of them yet.”

I thought about it, “I…haven’t been around them much…”

He smiled, “Maybe he has learned his lesson then, and I’m worried for nothing.”

“I can understand why you’re an ass around his parents. But why the rest of the time?”

“I haven’t forgiven him for not protecting her,” he pulled a photo out of his bag, it was beat up, him and John on either side of a petite blonde with a bright-eyed smile.

I could see similarities between her and Brian. The same blonde hair, the same icy blue eyes, the same smile and dimples on their cheeks. Her nose was a little more pert and his jaw was much more defined. He was quite tall and she was tiny, maybe barely 5’ 3” at most. She had a very slender build and he was more on the athletic side.

“You’re not making this up are you?” I asked.

He scoffed and looked at me, “Are you serious? No. Oh my god,” he got up and grabbed his pack and headed back down the trail, muttering under his breath.

I ran after him and caught up pretty quickly, but he sped up, clearly irritated with me. I grabbed his arm and he shrugged me off. “Hey,” I stopped and yelled at him.

He stopped for a minute but didn’t turn around, he just shook his head and started walking again. “You can’t just leave me in the middle of the woods.”

He turned around, the smirk on his lips emphasizing one dimple as he looked me over, “Watch me.”

I sat down on the trail and crossed my arms. He walked a few hundred feet down the trail before he stopped and angrily trudged back to where I sat, cursing under his breath for at least the part of the walk where I could hear him.

“Let’s go,” he said as he reached his hand out.

I didn’t budge, I just looked up at him, “You can’t be mad at me when I know you regularly lie to get a reaction from people.”

He nodded, “And I’m usually laughing and making it obvious I’m fucking lying. I don’t make myself vulnerable or cry in front of anybody. How awful of a person do you think I am?”

I raised my finger in preparation to respond when he knelt down and clamped his hand over my mouth, “Don’t answer that. I didn’t think that through.”

He let me go and I noticed his eyes were still red from crying but now he had a big smile on his face and was on the verge of laughing, “I loved my sister and if she knew what I did to you at that party, she would have castrated me with a rusty knife. I don’t know how I got to a place where I hurt you instead of helping you.”

I leaned forward onto my knees and hugged him. He tensed up and made no move to hug me back. I felt the tension ease and pulled away as I looked him over, “You fucked up. And you did hurt me, but most people end up hurting someone in their life. Everyone deserves a shot at redemption.”

He smiled. I stood up and reached my hand out to him. He took it and I helped him off of the ground then we walked back to the car. It was a silent ride back to my house. I fell asleep at some point in the ride and he woke me up by shaking my shoulder slightly. I sleepily got out of the car and stumbled, grabbing the roof of the car to steady myself. He got out and came over to me and helped me up the front stairs. I rubbed my eyes and stretched as he opened the front door and led me down the hallway, into the elevator, and back up to my apartment.

Once I was inside he handed me my keys and without thinking about it, I leaned forward and kissed him. He pulled away quickly and I put my hand on my lips in shock. I looked up at him, a deep blush crossing my already red from the wind in the woods cheeks, “I’m so sorry. I…wasn’t fully awake…”

He nodded and started to close the elevator gate, we both hesitated with our movements, but I stopped him from closing the gate completely and kissed him again. He didn’t pull away this time. He came back into my apartment and stopped kissing me just long enough to close the elevator gate and lock the loft door behind us. When he turned back to me, he ran his hand over my cheek and I leaned into his palm and closed my eyes.

His lips pressed to my lower lip, then the corner of my lip, then my cheek, and my jaw. He rubbed his thumb over my lip and I felt his lips brush against my ear, “You should tell me to leave,” he whispered.

I nodded and kissed his thumb before I opened my eyes and looked at him, “I should.”

His hand trembled as he stroked my cheek, “Please tell me to leave?” he whispered between a couple of deep kisses.

I shook my head and he slid his hands under my top, my skin was freezing from not having a coat in the woods. His hands felt warm enough to burn me as they slid my shirt up and over my head. He kissed me again and I moaned softly against his lips. My hands were cold and he pulled away as I trailed my fingers along his stomach.

He grabbed my hand and wrapped himself around me, “You’re so cold,” he half laughed as he whispered to me.

I nodded, “Positively freezing, and you’re very warm.”

He smiled and placed my hands on his stomach as he cringed and warmed my skin. I snuggled tightly against him to steal some of his warmth and looked up at him with a coy smile, “Some parts of me are still warm.”

He laughed and leaned down, his lips brushing over my ear as his hand unfastened my jeans, “I guess I should try to get your internal warmth up?”

I bit my lip and nodded as he slid his hand into my jeans and over my panties. He rubbed his finger over my slit on top of my underwear. Moaning as he felt the heat radiating from me. He slid his finger into the side of my panties and pressed his finger into my pussy lightly. A thick slippery fluid clung to his fingertips and he ran his fingers up the front of my slit to coat me in my own juices. I whimpered and he kissed me, his tongue silencing me as his fingers penetrated me to scoop up more of the creamy and slick fluid.

He quickly glanced around the room and settled on maneuvering me over to the kitchen, where he pulled my jeans down and lifted me up onto the edge of the countertop. He pushed my legs apart and held my panties aside as his tongue curled and swirled along my cunt in an eager and hungry move to make me squirm against his lips. He smiled and looked up at me as his tongue brought a deep flush across my chest and neck.

He reached up to my bra and pulled it down, freeing my breasts from their restrictive confines. I leaned back on my hands and lifted my feet up onto the edge of the counter, squirming and pressing my cunt towards his mouth as he slurped, sucked, and fingered me nearly to orgasm. He stopped and stood back up, kissing me deeply then begging, “Can I fuck you, please?”

I nodded and he whined, “Say I can fuck you, Z,” he pleaded.

My voice wavered between breathy gasps as he resumed fingering me, “You can fuck me. Please fuck me?”

He groaned and quickly dropped his jeans and underwear and pulled me against his hips, penetrating me quickly and deeply in one rough thrust. I cried out at the suddenness of it.

He squeezed my hips and held me against his waist. I could feel him throbbing, absolutely filling my cunt with his thickness and length. I whimpered and he grunted as he began to take slow deep thrusts against me.

He started kissing me again, the taste of my cunt was spread over his lips and I eagerly kissed and sucked it off of his mouth as he thrust inside me. I was moaning and squirming in his grip and he stopped just as I was about to orgasm. I started crying and he kissed my cheeks and lifted me down to the floor where he knelt behind me and resumed fucking me.

He had one hand squeezing and groping my breast and the other flicking my clit. This time he didn’t stop. I tensed up and he felt my cunt tighten and spasm on his cock. He felt my nipple harden between his thumb and forefinger and he heard me cry out as he bit down on my shoulder, holding me down with his cock impaling me as deeply as he could go. I orgasmed hard.

He kissed my neck and rubbed my breast and clit, helping my body settle with his attention and he whispered to me, “Can I cum in you, Z?”

I nodded and he started thrusting hard and fast into me, shoving me to the ground with each thrust as his hands squeezed and gripped my hips. I was moaning and pushing myself back against him and he was grunting, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

His grip tightened and he begged me to beg him, “Tell me you want it, Zoey. Beg me to fuck my cum into your tight little pussy.”

I was already gasping, but I really did want it, so in between breathy moans and short gasps, I managed to beg, “Please, Brian, please cum in me. Oh…please…fucking please let me have your cum.”

He was undoubtedly bruising my hips as he fucked me raw, hard, and deep, my body trembled as I felt him cum in me, filling me deeply. He stopped thrusting and held himself within me. I was catching my breath as he pulled free of me and turned me over onto my back.

He was smiling from ear to ear. I was smiling too. I started to get up but he held me down. “Let’s stay like this for a little while,” he said as he moved over to kneel beside my head.

His cock glistened with a mix of his cum and mine and it was still hard. I leaned over and took him between my mouth and he moaned loudly as my lips and tongue cleaned him. His eyes were closed as I sucked on him, my hand cupped and rubbed his balls lightly as he started thrusting against the back of my throat, his hands tangled in my hair to pull my lips farther down on his shaft, choking me just a little.

He pulled himself free of my lips suddenly and I felt the wet warmth of his cum on my breasts and lips. Brian leaned over me and wiped it from my lips as he laughed, “Christ, Z. How fucking repressed are you?”

I shrugged. I didn’t know how to tell him that John and I hadn’t had sex yet.

He fed me his cum from my lips and breasts using his thumb to scoop it up then let me suck it off. I was swaying my knees from side to side happily as I sucked his cum from his thumb and he stopped suddenly. I saw him looking down at at my pussy and he seemed just a little scared for a second, “You are on birth control right?”


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