Savana, Robert and Trevor Part 1

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Savana, Robert and Trevor Part 1
Savana, Robert and Trevor.

Where do I begin. The most simplistic way would be a little background detail then dive right in to my current situation.
I was gifted with a very exotic name, which I have tried to live up to. I’m average height, curvy in all of the right places with an endless pair of legs, of which I take great delight in displaying at every given opportunity. I’ve always known I had exhibitionist tendencies and thrived when the opportunity arose to tease and flirt with men.
This would sometimes rattle my husband but not enough to cause a scene. Many’s the time at a social function or party where I’ve teased a man to full erection (I know this because I would have a sneaky feel and stroke of the aforementioned hard cock). Hubby never ever caught me taking things this far but always had a good idea that my flirting had crossed the line. There was something empowering about teasing strangers and even more so if it was a friend of my hubbies. There was something exciting and taboo about playing with one of his friends, testing their loyalties against my sexuality.
My large firm breasts have been squeezed and stroked on a few occasions and at one party, one of my husbands close friends guided me into a darkened alcove where he skilfully brought me to a stifled orgasm, stroking and fingering my shaved pussy as he gently nibbled my neck. I obviously repaid the debt in kind by unzipping his erect cock and stroking him to orgasm. Fortunately on completion of my infidelity, I managed to navigate myself back to hubby just as the flush of orgasm had dissipated.
I took a job recently where my boss encouraged me to wear tight revealing clothing, he claimed it would help increase sales. My clothing during the first few months became more and more revealing, eventually it looked like I was dressing for a nightclub as opposed to a days work. As I explained earlier, I have been blessed with incredibly long legs, something my boss noticed obviously. He took to encouraging me to wear sheer pantyhose or stockings, he claimed as it would give the customers a sense that I was available which would inevitably increase our sales.
I dabbled with the pantyhose for a few weeks, which I admit felt sexy if somewhat restrictive.
I decided that stockings kaçak bahis and garters were the better option as they actually made me feel sexy, even slutty. My boss noticed me one day wearing a pair of sheer black stockings with a waist cinching garter belt. The straps of my garter belt were protruding against the tight material of my gossamer black dress.
The dress was about four inches above the knee, with a scooped neckline, showing more than enough cleavage and a little slither of the leopard print bra beneath. I was wearing a matching thong and from the lustful looks my boss was giving only added to the sexual agitation the thong was doing to my shaved pussy. That day we had probably our best sales day ever. My boss was delirious with the days takings, but somehow I felt he was more enamoured with my code of dress and the obvious teasing and flirting I’d been delivering all day. A few times that day he would walk past and give my butt a nice playful squeeze, and once or twice his hands would slide down my waist, brushing my garter straps. I smiled at every one of his secret attempts to feel me up and to be truthful I found them incredibly arousing.
We had spent the whole day teasing and flirting.
Dropping innuendos continuously, keeping the sexual charge at high level throughout. At the end of the working day I was cashing up the cash register, when he stood behind me. He stepped in close and began to place his hands around my waist, holding me tight as his face nuzzled into the nape of my neck. This wasn’t unusual behaviour for both of us, a we were very flirtatious by nature. His warm breath was sending tingles and shivers up and down my spine as his large hands spread out across my taut flat stomach. Involuntarily I found myself sighing and moaning in a very sexual manner. His soft lips brushed against my ears as he whispered.
“You look sensational. You’ve been driving me crazy all day!”
I felt his lips against my ear as his words poured into my aural cavity like warm syrup.
I turned to face him as our lips grazed each others. His hands clung to my waist as he pulled closer to him. My mound was grinding into his crotch, which was sporting a huge rock hard erection. My thong was being pushed between my pussylips by his throbbing cock, the sexual pulses casino firmalari reverberating against my around pussy. His hands moved up to my large firm breasts as he squeezed my leopard print covered tits.
His tongue was licking my opened lips, tickling the membrionic flesh of my mouth, increasing the sensual shudders up and down my spine.
My breathing was now shallow and erratic, as I returned his passionate kiss. I broke free from the kiss, looking him directly in the eye and whispered.
“I want you to fuck me!”
I did not plan these words in any shape or form, but felt them tumbling out of my mouth as though this was the most natural thing in the world to say.
My hand slid down his toned stomach and rested on the shape of his shaft through his tight black trousers. His cock felt enormous, though in reality it was about the same size as my husbands. My heart was palpitating with sexual excitement as I stroked the rock hard length through the thin material of his trousers. One of his hands moved from squeezing my breasts and slid down my stomach firmly.
His fingers stretched out at the bottom of the hem of my dress as he eased the tight black gossamer material up my stockinged thighs until my leopard print thong was exposed. I gulped excitedly, knowing full well that we were at the point of no return, as his strong fingers deftly stroked the thong covered mound of my shaved pussy.
An electric charge surged through my body as his magic like touch increased my arousal. He moved my thong away from my mound, posing my naked pussy to the elements and his majestic fingertips.
One of his fingers slid along the length of my smooth slit as two other fingers tenderly tickled my labia. His middle finger slid inside my pussy, causing me to gasp as his finger rotated inside me. His thumb was pressing down on my clitoris as he manipulated my pussy like a concert pianist manipulates a Steinway.
I felt my hips rotating and moving slowly, pressing my pussy against his masterful fingers. He was working my pussy expertly, making me crave his hard length deep inside my so far faithful pussy. I knew he would be inside me in minutes, making my unfaithfulness inevitable. I’d never wanted a cock so much as the one I was stroking sensually.
My breathing more of a snorting and güvenilir casino panting as I smirked arrogantly.
“Fuck me!”
I heard the sound of his zip opening as he struggled to release his throbbing member. I unbuckled his belt, as his waistband slid down, his trousers gathering around his ankles. My thong was already pulled to one side like some lust crazed slut about to partake in a one night stand. His hard cock sprang forward, nestling between my very wet pussylips, as he crouched slightly, then pushed upwards. I caught my breath as his cock eased its way inside my tight hot pussy. We both began to rock our hips gently as his hard cock stretched my cunt open. He raised my gossamer dress higher, revealing my cinched garter belt, as he continued to raise my dress upwards, aiming to release my aching breasts.
I was panting almost delirious with desire, as his wonderful cock slid in and out of cheating hole.
My breast were now exposed as he pulled the leopard print bra downwards, releasing my erect nipples to the atmosphere. His lips grazed my nipple as he took my left nipple between his teeth. Gently nibbling on the erect flesh, he closed his lips around my nipple and began to suck delicately. My orgasm was only seconds away as I began to ride his hot cock.
“Fuck me!” I panted “I’m coming!” I said, pushing my mound against his pubic bone.
One of the most memorable orgasms surged through me as I thrived on my unfaithful desires.
“Take my cock slut!” My boss snarled, only adding to my arousal.
“Come on my face!” I panted, unaware I was going to utter that phrase.
“Swallow my spunk!” He said, his face flushed with sexual menace.
“I’ll lick it up and clean your cock!” I panted like a lust crazed porn star.
My boss withdrew his cock, placing his left hand over the domed head.
I knelt before him instantly, placing the underside of his cock on my bottom lip, just in time for the first powerful spurt of spunk to splash inside my mouth.
About five powerful spurts shot inside my mouth, followed by at least a dozen convulsions as his cock emptied completely into my married mouth. My tongue circled his sensitive glans as I cleaned every drop of spunk off his cock as promised. I maintained eye contact as my tongue swirled around his shaft and domed head. He looked down at me smiling majestically, my tongue still pleasuring him with my tits and pussy still on display.
“I need to fuck you regularly!” He implored.
“I’m going to need this cock regularly!” I sniggered and gently grazed my teeth along his receding length.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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