Sacred Ice Bucket Quest

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Sacred Ice Bucket Quest: Part 1

Ice bucket will travel:

It was two a.m. and I looked about the scene of carnage about me and it was good! The bachelor party was a complete success and the poor drunk ass groom lay passed out on one of the two hotel beds. The other survivors lay either on the other bed or on the floor all completely obliterated, sleeping and some snoring like demons from hell. I had been designated the safe driver up until we got to the hotel and then I tried to play catch up but sadly that was not to be. So here I am alone in the den of snoring monsters with a shit eating grin on my face and a hankering for a glass of ice water. But alas we have no ice so I will embark upon the sacred quest and go fetch a bucket of ice.

It took forever to find one of the two room keys. But once that had been procured I set out from room 525 and followed the signs to the main hallway. And if the gods were kind and my memory served me correctly I would find that which I desired, the fabled ice machine. Okay maybe I did play catch up just a little.

I made my way down the hall and turned right and there I ran into HER. She was the cutest girl I had ever laid eyes on outside a porno or a strip club. She was Asian most likely Japanese, with long black hair that stopped just below the firmest, roundest ass I have ever seen. She was just at five feet and wore a white silky thing that barely covered what society deemed necessary. I could tell from a single glance two distinct things, first that she was at least as drunk as I was and two that she wore no panties.

She was just closing the door to her room and by the gods she too was carrying the sacred ice bucket! She turned and looked up and smiled and I knew at that moment it was lust at first sight. She winked at me, held up her bucket and I pointed further down the main hall. She nodded her understanding and reached out with her free hand and wrapped it around my arm for support. So we the drunken pair made our mutual way to the ice machine to fulfill our quests.

“…fluck drunk grills?” she muttered.

“What?” I asked nicely.

“Nevermind,” she said gripping my arm all the tighter her left breast pressing hard against it now.

It didn’t take long to stagger the short distance to the sublime alcove that held the great beast with its surface covered with sweaty condensation and the low hum of its motor. She let go of my arm and made her way forward on unsteady feet. She tried not once, twice but three times and failed to lift the metallic door that led to the cavity that held the ice. I walked over, set my bucket down and lifted up and held open the door for her.

“Thank you kind sir…” she slurred.

She bent over and I watched with much delight as the bottom of her garment crept steadily upward to reveal more and more of her firm and luscious backside. Then I heard as she used the large plastic scoop to break up the ice and then fill her bucket. She twisted her head brushing up against my rigid member as she set her bucket down and picked mine up. Again I could hear the scoop doing its work but I also heard a soft but very real moan escaped her lips.

“Nipples… so cold…”

I went from half way hard to painfully rigid in one second flat. She finished filling my bucket then she stood up and I closed the doors. I looked down and saw that yes indeed her pebble-like nipples were fully erect and pushing against the silky material of her outfit.

“Perky?” She asked.

“Yes they are…”


I let the door of the ice machine close quietly then turned to face her and she was handing me both ice buckets. I took one then the other and when my hands were full she smiled wickedly and dropped to her knees. She quickly and expertly undid my belt and soon my jeans were sliding to the carpeted floor.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said before her lips surrounded the head of my throbbing cock.

I say throbbing because as I said before I was painfully hard and I could actually feel my pulse through my dick. The little minx was licking and sucking and stroking me with complete abandon not caring if we got caught and truth be told the only thing I cared about was whether she swallowed or not.

“Do you swallow?” I chanced the question.

“You better believe it,” she coos up at me.

Then she returned her undivided attention to the cock in hand. I set the buckets down and ran my fingers through her silky hair and she moaned sending wonderful vibrations through me.

“Oh god,” I moaned, “that feels amazing!” With a ‘pop’ her mouth came away and she said…

“That ain’t nothing wait til you feel my tight little pussy wrapped around this beauty of yours!”

I thought it was just going to be a blowjob but the gods be praised I was going to fuck this little cocksucker rotten!

“Keep sucking…” I grew braver with each passing moment.

“Mmm yes…”

Again I felt her lips wrap around my cock and her tongue lick and swirl around the tip and then inch by inch her head moved forward until her nose was pressed against the base. Then her head was moving forward and back deep-throating erotik film izle me all the while and I was thankful for the six beers I had drunk before this; because on any other night I would have blown my load down her throat but I was reserving her pussy for that honor. I don’t know how long I stood there with the lovely Asian chick bobbing her head on my cock but when she was good and ready she stood up faced the ice machine and bent over grabbing her ankles. No words were spoken I just moved behind her, lined up the head of my cock with her soaked slit and pushed. We both moaned together as my shaft sunk slowly into her tight wet depths.

“Fuck me slow… I want to savor this…”

“Slow it is…” I groaned as my hips began to move in a nice unhurried rhythm.

“Oh yes… that’s it… Mmm perfect!!!”

I said nothing more as I too was savoring such a tight little pussy and watched my cock as it sank into her over and over again. I flipped the bottom of her silky garment up and over her ass so I could see better and I heard her moan.

“Like the view?”

“Mmm… you know I do.”

“Good… I guess all that regular exercise paid off.”

“You are in amazing shape!”

“Flatterer… you’re just saying that cause your ‘cock’ is buried deep in my tight… little… pussy!”

“Busted,” I said as I rammed my cock home with a sharp thrust of my hips.


“You like that?”


“Do you want…?” I said pulling back and then with another jab buried my cock into her again, “…more?”

“YESSS!!!” she hissed.

“You are going to have to be quieter or we will get caught.”

“I can’t help it if I am a screamer…” she said softly, “…maybe we should go back to my room?”

“If that’s what you want?”

“Or yours…?”

“Mine is full of passed out…”

“Good then mine…”

I pulled out and with jeans held up with one hand and carrying the ice bucket in the other we slipped down the hall to her room. She pushed the door open, set the bucket down and the moment I was in and the door closed she was pulling me into a soul wrenching kiss. Our tongues were dueling in no time and I was kicking off my shoes and then my pants when I glimpsed another girl in the room asleep in the far bed or the hotel room. I stood up and pointed but the Asian chick just shook her head and said…

“Oh don’t worry about Angela she is passed out and can sleep through an explosion.”

“Oh… by the way my name is Matt.”

“Matt… good strong name… you…” she said pulling her garment over her head and tossing it away, “can call me Kiko.”

I tugged off my own shirt but as it was clearing my head I knew that Kiko had dropped to her knees once more and was lubing up my cock once more.

“You do love sucking cock don’t you…” the words were out of my mouth before I could stop them but she only moaned in response again sending delicious vibrations through me. “I’ll take that as an enthusiastic yes.”

Now that we were both naked I was eager to return to fucking Kiko but I let her have her way with my cock first. She was moaning and humming while she sucked me off and I began to slowly rock my hips fucking her mouth in nice slow movements. Then with another loud ‘pop’ I was free and she was tugging me towards the empty bed. Then I was being shoved onto my back… I positioned myself to the middle and watched as Cheshire-like she grinned as she climbed onto the bed, straddled me and lovingly lowered her soaked pussy down onto my raging hard on. We moaned in unison and reflexively I looked over at the sleeping Angela but she was in all ways dead to the world. Impaled to the hilt Kiko began to grind against me making slow circles with her hips as she rode me.

“You like?”

“No… I love it!” I told her and she smiled and took my hands and placed them on her lovely breasts.

I guessed they were a large B-Cup or a small C and her nipples I discovered were very sensitive. She was moaning louder now and beginning to lift and drop her hips fucking me ever so slowly. Each time she dropped she let out a little sound like… ‘Uhhnnn…’ I cupped both breasts and began to tease her nipples with thumb and forefinger and this made her pick up the pace a bit. The wonderful sensation of her body dropping down on me was driving me mad. I wanted to bend her over and fuck her rotten but she was in control and I let her have her way… for now.

“You are so big!” she moaned. “Filling me up so nicely; that’s why I love fucking Americans they have such nice long… thick… cocks!”

“So you are Japanese then?”

“Yesss!” Slam go her hips, “I am a transfer student staying with Angela’s family. We snuck out tonight to party and get a little action. Angela got a little too much party.”

“Yeah I can see that.” I looked over at the passed out redhead and could make out some of her curves from under the sheet that covered her body. “Is she naked under that sheet?”

“Yeah… she puked so I had to slowly take off her clothes and tuck her naked ass into bed…” Kiko said and I looked up and she was grinning from ear to ear again. “You wanna film izle fuck us both don’t you… typical guy.”

“I…” but she cut me off.

“It’s okay by me… I don’t care… just make me cum a few times and it’s all good… so I guess this answers my first question then?”

“First question?”

“Yeah when I first saw you…” She said grinding down against me again. “Yeah I asked if you fuck drunk girls.”

“Oh that’s what you said… it came out kinda slurred.”

“Yeah… but I am glad you do… fuck drunk girls that is….”

“So I take it you’re more reserved when sober?”

“Oh and big time I could never have just dropped down and sucked you off if I was sober… no way that would have happened.”

“Yeah alcohol,” I said flexing my cock deep inside of her.

“Oh my… do that again…”

So as she ground her hips in tight little circles I flexed my cock deep in her tight pussy. Sooner than I could have expected she had her hands on my chest for leverage and was bouncing up and down on me heading for her first orgasm of the morning. Then with a body shaking spasm and a cry that could have woke the neighbors she came her pussy squeezing me like a velvet fist. Panting and covered in a light sheen of sweat she collapsed on top of me.

“Damn… damn…” over and over she kept moaning that one word.

“My turn…” I said rolling her onto her back, placing her feet over my shoulders and I began to slowly move my hips fucking her gently.

“Ohh… yessss… fuck me Matt!” I moved just a little faster now enjoying her noises and the dirty words flying from her lips. “Slam that big fat cock of yours into me!”

“Take that… and that…” I began to grunt as I felt my own climax getting closer.

“Give it to me!!!” She hollered. “Fuck my tight little cunt!!”

I slowed long enough to flip her onto her belly and with a little effort got her onto her hands and knees. I pushed her head down and automatically she lifted her ass higher into the air. I once more began to thrust into her tight little pussy and she found a pillow and began screaming into it as her body began to shake again and I knew that she was the girl of my dreams. Many girls take a while to build up to a climax but this little minx was an orgasm factory… just add cock. I grabbed her ass cheeks and began to knead and slap them. The first slap was rewarded with her pussy gripping me tighter than ever before and so I began a nice rhythm of fucking and slapping and she was literally dripping wet and her ass cheeks which were a lovely shade of crimson by the way. I picked up the pace and the force of my thrusts into her and she pushed back nearly as hard as I was. The slapping sound of our bodies, the ‘thwack’ of my hand on her ass cheeks and her muffled cries of pleasure drove me headlong into a mind blowing climax of my own.

“Nnnn your getting bigger!!!!”

“I am so close!!!” I grunted.

“Cum on my ass!!”

It wasn’t long before I had cock in hand and was aiming a set of powerful pulses of cum at those beautiful cheeks. Panting and gasping for breath I rolled onto my back and lay there and Kiko curled up next to me molding her body against mine.

“Best… sex… ever!!” We said in unison and we looked at each other, smiled and kissed ever so gently.

I woke with the morning light creeping into the room from a break in the curtains. Naked and alone on the bed I slowly opened my eyes and there, as naked as I was, was Angela looking down at me.

“So you’re the guy who rocked Kiko’s world eh?”

Try as I might to maintain eye contact I failed miserably and looked her over. Her tits were bigger than and as firm as Kiko’s with puffy pale nipples and snowy colored areoles. Her sex was shaved bare so I would never know if she were a true redhead or not.

“Like the view?” Angela purred. “Your cock seems to think so.” She continued as I felt her cool hand wrap around the shaft. “Mmm nice… long… thick… should fit nicely inside of me don’t ya think?”

Without waiting for a reply she climbed on the bed and as Kiko had done the previous night straddled me and lowered her soaked pussy around me. We moaned as one and I felt her impale herself on me so slow it was almost painful.

“Mustn’t rush the good things in life,” I heard her say. “Don’t worry about Kiko… she gave me her okay to fuck you silly we share everything. Now lie back and enjoy the ride cowboy.”

She began to lift and drop her hips in short quick jabs of her powerful leg muscles. I imagined her and Kiko both going to the same gym. I settle my hands on her hips at first then slowly let them move back to cup her ass cheeks.

“Mmm that feels nice…. But you’ll love the taste of my tits too…” she moaned as she closed her eyes and rode me savoring the moment.

I played with her ass cheeks for a bit but her words made me wonder; how good did her nipples taste? I let go of her ass and cupped her full C-Cup tits and leaned up to have a nibble. I flickered my tongue over her puffy nipples and like Kiko, Angela’s pussy gripped me like a vice squeezing me so nicely.

“Mmm sensitive…” I moaned.

“Yessss…” seks filmi izle she hissed, “…very.”

I suckled her nipples next taking her tit flesh into my mouth and she nearly came right then and there. I suckled and licked her to her first orgasm in record time and after that she was all about speed and depth. Angela was bouncing on my cock as I made love to her sensitive nipples and after three orgasms I took charge; apparently Angela and Kiko shared a few things such as sensitive nipples and an ease at achieving orgasm this was awesome! I rolled her onto her back, and eased out of her slowly. Then I moved to stand by the side of the bed and told her to get onto her hands and knees. I held my cock at the proper angle…

“Move back… further… further….Mmmmmm that’s it…” I directed her to move until she once more impaled herself on me and then I grabbed her hips and began ramming my cock in and out of her as hard and fast as I could.

“Fuck ME!!! Yessss ram that cock into me baby!!”

I did just that and began to slap her ass cheeks and her head was bouncing up and down as I fucked her tight wet slit. I could see hand prints on her cheeks as I assaulted her rear end and she loved me for it! I slowed a bit and leaned over and spat on her asshole and teased that opening with a finger the results were climactic. Anagela came the moment my finger began to make little circles over the puckered flesh. She nearly came again when I pressed harder and harder and eased the digit into her rectum.

“MY ASS… you violated my ass… Mmmmm Yessss!!!”

I began to move the finger in time with my cock and she was panting and ready to cum again when the door opened and Kiko entered.

“Don’t mind me… I brought breakfast and I wanted to watch if that’s okay?”

“Ummm…” I started.

“You were right about him…. He is a very intuitive lover… he was just about to slide that lovely cock of his into my ass!!”

“Wow! She doesn’t offer anal to just anybody… I’d take full advantage if I were you.” Kiko said smiling.

“I was never one to turn down…”

“Ram that fat cock into my ass please!!!” Without another word I pulled out of her tight cunt and pressed the tip to her asshole.

“Push back…” I said.

“What?” Angela said.

“I said… push back…. If you want my cock in your ass so bad push back already!”

“Nnnnn… okay…. Here goes!!”

Angela braced herself and then slowly, inexorably she moved her hips backward until with an almost audible ‘pop’ the head of my cock penetrated her ass.

“Ahhh…” Angela moaned, “Now for the rest of it.” She began to push backwards again and oh so slowly the shaft followed the tip. “I don’t do this often but when I do… hold onto your socks!”

Kiko moved to the far side of the bed, climbed up and knelt next to Angela her head inches from my cock. I could actually feel her breath on my shaft as we began to move.

“I’ve never actually seen someone get ass fucked before…. Looks tight.”

“Oh it is…” Angela and I said together.

“Nice and tight…” I added.

“So fucking big!!” Angela moaned. “Okay I think I am ready… grab my hips like you did before and start riding me cowboy.” I hesitated for just a moment that’s when Kiko chimed in.

“You heard her… fuck her ass cowboy!”

“Yes ma’am.”

I began to thrust slowly at first but soon we were moving as hard and fast as we were just a few minutes before. Our bodies slapped together as Angela pushed back against me and Kiko just watched with that wicked gleam in her eye.

“Fuck her Matt… make her cum with your cock in her ass!”

“Yes Matt make me cum… oh yessss like that…”

Sweat poured over my body as I fought not to cum inside her tighter hole and rammed my hips into her as fast and with as much force as I could muster.

“You’re close aren’t you Matt?” Kiko asked and I could only nod.

“He’s ready to fill your ass with his cum Angela… will you cum for him?”


“Well Matt it looks like its okay to let go and quit fighting it.”

Again I could only nod; I lowered my head and closed my eyes reveling in the first ass I had ever fucked before. It was so tight… so nice… I rammed my cock as deep as it could go and it wasn’t long before I passed the point of no return and felt my cock swell inside of her.

“Oh my god…. He’s getting bigger!!!!”

“Mmm I have felt that before…”

“Gonna… gonna… cum!!!”

“YESSSS fill my ass baby!!!”

With one last powerful thrust I buried my cock as deep as it would go and felt the torrent of pulse after pulse of cum spraying her insides. I collapsed on top of her and felt Kiko’s lips on mine and thought this day couldn’t get any better.

Somehow the three of us managed to fit on one of those tiny beds and I slipped into a blissful nap between those two gorgeous girls. When I awoke a church bell was ringing signaling eleven o’clock and the girls were gone but I could hear the shower going beyond the wall next to my head. They were giggling and chatting away about this morning and I got up and realized I too was in desperate need of a shower. I smelled of alcohol, sex and pure bliss. I walked into the bathroom just as the girls were getting out and I saw the adoration in their eyes and I gave them a look back of equal measure.

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