Reprising Memories

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Reprising Memories
Let us dive back into history as we row our boats down towards the castles of memories…

… And then momentarily get lost into of the memoirs of illusions..

.. gliding in the air breathing fresh old air and floating through the wet warm waters of vices drinking from the lips and from the lollipops seeing how they opened up and how they closed down slowly smoothly and softly scrubbing the skin caressing the skin sucking licking touching and fucking the skin rubbing one skin next to the other melting and moistening sweaty and salty this and that here and there up and down in and out now and then slow and fast soft and hard politely and harshly kindly and crudely sincerely obediently domineeringly and enslaved..

..when you said the moments of you talking all night long in your drawing room, the time you first masturbated and how you loved yourself, how you spread yourself and opened yourself and touched to yourself and rubbed your self and played with your self and felt your self and saw your self and touched tickled pinched pushed pressed canlı bahis rubbed and insert inside of your self and everything those moments were when we were at there..

And as i saw exactly what you were doing in those moments in the drawing room in the balcony in your room in the car in the college in the nights in the days everywhere every how every time how you stripped how you got naked and you looked so vulnerable without any clothes absolutely nude all your skin are you dusky skin your brown nipples hairy cunt and also the hairless slit your black bra and panty your fishnet stockings you sitting over there playing with yourself using that peacock feather and how you spread your lips press your breast squeezing em and then how you orgasmed all opened up over there sitting spreading the juice.. oh so young and oh so sexy and oh so vulnerable and oh so seductive so sensuous so naked so lonely …

And as you sit over there and do all that and invite me and invite my phallus my oh so sleeping cock to just wake the fuck up to rise up and to roll perabet giriş its skin back exposing its hidden strawberry to swell grow up and get enraged…

To begin leaking slowly to become moist as the dew drops from its hole slowly start oozing out..
So much so that this start dripping onto my legs forcing me to grab my dick catch hold of it rub it a little bit undo my lungi to expose it to me and see how it’s throbbing and craving bulging and misbehaving ready to spit and only waiting for my fingers for my wrist do wrap around it and start masturbating…
I do move my skin up and down slowly a little bit and then I just leave it like that thinking as if you were teasing it..!

Only to get angrier and more frustrated so much so just like that disobedient young boy, the one who saw you bathing in one of those bathrooms during the competition where you were wearing nothing and wants to fuck you, exhuming his flaccid pipe and shower you in the rain of his spunk..

And you know just why.. just because he didn’t really get the chance to drink perabet güvenilir mi from you as much as he desired… And then the the worlds parted away… And then they never spoke….. It was a long long long night of darkness loneliness and wilderness…a Long night of solitude seclusion and isolation… A long night of hunger and grave crave.. until one fine dawn of a day you came by the shadows of his ruined castles.. all alone unguarded and grown up and blossoming like a blue Lotus… Emanating of your moist wet fragrance and lonely aura…

He had lost it gotten crazy mad and insane…. He then jumped pounced and poached up on you..
He savoured every bit of you every drop of you every ounce of you every flesh of you..
He rubbed rugged and rumbled every slice of you every inch of you.. every.. you…

And then in despair he broke.. slitted shattered and reduced to ashes of illusions………….

.. he woke up from the dreams of his desires;
marching right past into yet another obedient day of the domesticated society he was born to dwell in..

smiling as always like the rest of the hollow hopeless and heartless masses who lived on to see another day of dying desires.

…Let us momentarily get lost into of the memoirs of illusions.

after all, what is life, if not a memory worth remembering…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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