Rediscovering The Neighbor

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Rediscovering The Neighbor
Rediscovering The Neighbor

By: Londebaaz Chohan

After graduating from college; I was very lucky that it took only 3 years and my business was booming. My parents were thinking to sell the house and move to a small but nicer, more practical and needing less care home. I suggested and they were happy to sell this house to me. They were glad that the house that had lots of family memories within its structure remained in the family and I was eager not only because I got a good price but also of my keenness for our neighbor lady Ms. Lola. Miss Lola was the executive secretary to the principal of my school and she had been our neighbor since I can remember; I would say forever. As I grew older, I had learnt that she got divorced only after a year or even less after her marriage and since she had no babies; there was no reason for her former husband to come back to see her and so he never did and it was I, who was doing her odd jobs off and on and also running the errand for her on occasions. This had afforded me a sure opportunity to be her favorite boy and a friend of sort as well. Ms. Lola was always very nice to me and if for nothing else; I remember, she always called me respectfully and not like even my own family or friends, calling me, ‘Hey Bert’ or ‘Bert’. She always called me by my full name, Bertram, to appease me; as I thought.

I was also very respectful to her because she was our neighbor for so many years and my mom was her very good friend and also that she worked as the in charge lady at my school when I was kind of understanding the things better; if you know what I mean. As they say, boys would be boys, growing up I was a very horny, keen curious guy and she also gave me a lot of reasons to indulge in the private fantasies about her. I had climaxed many, many times imagining myself to be with her. Although it was never acted upon but she was one of the foremost school crushes of mine. She never objected, my spending the maximum time around her, if I could manage it well.

Miss Lola was much older than myself but she looked a lady from another planet. With at least a difference of 25 years between our age; she looked very young, slender with pitch black long hair, blue eyes and a height of at least 5’ and 6”. Her tits were not huge but not even small or average by any measure at all. Believe me or not, I had seen them naked many a times but I am sure, she did not know that I was watching. Letting you in on my secret; all the houses, which were only six or seven total on our dead end street; were all single story houses covering a lot of land and her was the only one house with very tall fences erected on both sides to be secure from the neighbors and also in the back to mark the property lines. Somehow, I had found out that Miss Lola had a hammock like swing or bench in her back lawn which she used very often for naked sunbathing in summer months.

Although very difficult and painstaking but somehow, I had loosened a small brick which could be easily removed and replaced back in its place; from the back security fence wall of her and that’s how I had countless chances to see her naked, without her knowing it that I was hiding there with my hard boner in my both hands while she lay there on the bench, naked for sunbaths. I masturbated hundreds of times watching her rub, caress and play with her those awesome boobs, tweaking her beautiful nipples and masturbating as she toyed with her snatch; shoving her finger in the depth.

As the years passed; I grew up, graduated from college, started a business, I was dating but had not yet settled with the right girl. I had even bought myself the parents old house and now Miss Lola was my neighbor instead of being the neighbor to my parents. Now she needed me even more for doing this or that around the house and it not only strengthened my relation with Miss Lola but we got much more intimate as well. One Saturday, as I was busy mowing my lawn, I heard Ms. Lola over the fence, “Bertram”; she said, “when you are done, will you please come over; canlı kaçak iddaa I have something to show you”. She was being very formal with my first name as usual. I hurriedly shut off the mower and said, I shall be right over there, Miss Lola. “The entry door is unlocked; you can come through the house”. She informed me. I had not called her ‘Miss Lola’ since ages and I am sure; she would have been taken back to old times hearing this.

As I got to the front entrance of her house, she met me there, “Sorry Bert” she said, “I did not mean to interrupt you working on your lawn and also please; let us start being neighbors. It is already over a year we are living next to each other, here and still we are not out of formalities and not calling each other with our first name”. She was smiling, I could see; as she said it. Her deep ‘V’ between the boobs was staring at me, almost talking to me.

“Ok, Lola” I responded although hesitantly and she turned around to make me follow her. She was in a tight fitting shorts that showed very shapely curves of her ass. With the tails of her shirt tied in the back, most of her back was also open for a tempting feast for my eyes. The bouncy curves of her twin ass cheeks walking ahead of me were making me think, what it might feel like to bury my cock deep between them. As she got out to her back lawn, she walked straight to the hammock like swing placed close to the back wall corner with my house. She was showing me that due to years of rains, the rust had almost broken a link in the metal chain holding the swing from one side and wanted my opinion. As I looked, the swing had the metal chain run three folds for support from the rings and it did not look in any danger to collapse or break down making it useless for the purpose. Lola was very happy to hear it and also realizing that she did not see the fact that the metal chain was running in circles 3 times to make her swing very safe.

Suddenly my breathing stopped as I saw her foot slightly rolling a piece of brick and as I quickly looked up ahead, the small hole in the wall was open leaving no doubt that this was the brick that I had removed and replaced back many a times when I used to see her naked through that hole. I was almost blushing but kept a very tight control on my slurring speech as I told her that I had a little bit of cement mix at home and shall fix that hole soon as I finish my lawn work. As I bent to pick the piece up, she hurriedly placed her foot on it and said, “Why is that you are no longer interested to watch me anymore”. She had a very meaningful smile on her face. I could not help stammer to hear this and hardly said, “What”?

Now she chuckled loud saying, “Oh Bert; I am not a c***d”.

“Did you know all the times”, now I was feeling the heat of my face blushing. “I am sorry”. I began explaining feeling extremely guilty. “I was just a young teen ager then and it was almost not planned but a natural action”.

She grinned, “But, you better tell me what were you thinking and doing as you sat back there for all those countless times”.

I remember only muttering some words but she came back quick, “Oh, come on Bertram, you just said, you were a young boy then. It is long time ago and we are adults now”. She knew calling me by my full first name will surely put me at ease, but perhaps I was still not feeling as much of an adult as she was and answered, “You know, what I was doing while being back there. If you knew I was watching you, and you knew and realized the hormones to be on the over drive; what do the boys do while secretly looking at a naked woman out in the open. What were you thinking is more pertinent question”? Absolutely oblivious to the topic we were at, she said, “I do envy, you men being able to take your shirts off, not only in open but in public and nobody is bothered or says a word”.

I think, I was only k**ding when I said, “If you want to remove your shirt, I would not say a word”.

“And it will not bother you”. She was already fumbling with her shirt buttons when she asked me.

My jaw canlı casino must have dropped to the ground but I did manage to say, “No way”. I thought for a moment that she was teasing me but in no time she was pulling her shirt off her head and stood glistening in sweat. I swear, it was the most erotic scene ever for me. Her fully mature, larger and amazingly beautiful and still not sagging breasts with the areolas of the perfect size, the thick erect puffy nipples that were adorable hard to cap it all.

“Fuck” I swear, I did not mean to say but heard myself and before I could say my apologies, I heard her say, “Are you offering or only teasing”. Without any break in her thoughts, she gazed at my stretched crotch and answered herself, “To me it is a solid offer”. There was no shyness in her voice.

Shit! I did not even realize until I looked down and saw my fully erect cock ready to tear out of the shorts and already marking a huge wet spot to show its readiness and vibrant performance. By now she had covered the distance of few steps between us and was fondling with the zipper.

“Oh my, my”. I felt her grip around my shaft, “Tell me, have you always been this big”. She asked me with no dithering.

I figured, I was not going to be a fickle at all and answered with confidence, that I had been growing steadily ever since I remembered and damn! I was sure hard, very hard no doubt. Lola still teased me saying that did I mean to say since I used to sit behind the wall and watch her naked. I avoided the question and repeated my question for her to tell me what was she thinking when she knew that I was watching her naked. ‘What a mother fuc…’ she had no iota of shame on her. She lunged saying that she always wanted to do this and grabbed my shaft over the shorts while I heard her loud and clear, “Please Fuck me”. By now she was holding my balls tight in her palm. I had decided that I was not going to be a fickle and raised my hands to put on her tits, caressing and molding the soft flesh. She responded with a big moan and very tightly squeezing my cock more aptly.

“Fuck me”. She repeated.

“Where”. I could hardly say, I was so ready.

“Right here, right now, grow up, be a man”. She taunted me very seriously.

She continued to pat my cock while I struggled with my zipper and then quickly got to a side, spread her shirt on the grass and stood waiting for me. My hard womb buster felt great surrounded by the cooler air and my hands wrapped around it along with the balls. I heard her asking for a fucking once again and I assured her for a hard and deep one and just sank on my knees in worshipping mode before her and started undoing her shorts, pulling them down her large thighs and legs, followed by her red thong. Now she was as naked as I was for me, naked and vulnerable. I feasted my eyes on her puffy swollen pussy lips. Her fuck site was much larger than those, I had ever seen before. She was clean and very nicely manicured, which made it look erotic and far more presentable but evil in a way too. I do not know why it reminded me of another neighboring girl, long time ago but now I was with Lola, the best friend of my mom. My fingers played like a piano on her swollen pussy lips, separating them apart, allowing me a shameless look in her sweet and sweaty depth. Her hands were holding my head, her eyes were closed, her head was slightly tilted back as she stood towering over me between her legs. Her body was shaking with desire and expectation of what was coming. I did not want her to keep waiting and started tickling her large clitoris tip, peeping off the hood with my tongue as well with my fingers making her sigh loud. Spreading her cunt lips apart was exposing her clitoris wonderfully aroused and swollen and anxious as I flicked it repeatedly with my thick and rough tongue. My hands were reaching behind her to enjoy her naked and fat rump, pulling her harder against my fucking face and tongue. Lola was loud cussing all vulgarity, making me more apt to fuck her blunt, rough and raw.

I continued sucking her cooze, the tipobet giriş sweet taste, the velvety texture, the addicting aroma, the sizzling whiff; as fresh as it could be, making me go berserk and licking vehemently. I could feel my face all smeared with her overflowing juice. I felt a strong pull of her hand on my arm and as I got up, I saw her going down simultaneously making me sigh as she took my length in her warm wet mouth. “Ahh! Fuck you Lola, I might have imagined a million times, you doing this to me”. I told her the truth and she laughed with her lovely mouth around my cock and I could hardly understand her, “provaly san nubers of tams I inagen jou eabng nee. [ probably same number of times, I imagined you eating me].

She sucked my rock hard dick deep in her mouth and then let it go with a plopping sound. She just fell on her shirt splayed on the grass and asked to fuck her hard, fast, long and deep; one more time and pulled me on her. Please fuck me young man, please. She was begging with her yooni on fire with the desire and the need.

I felt entering her, my cock head feeling the burning oven surrounding it all around. My depth detecting equipment dipping deeper and deeper in the slick heated moisture of her fuck passage until I was taking her completely with my balls resting on the entrance of her penis trap. It did not take me long to start pumping, slow fucking her and rapidly setting a pace and the range of motion with my piston slamming in her cylinder. Each thrust was positively deeper than before, with her legs crossed at my back like a vise and she was absorbing my strokes like a fucking beauty. Her screams for more and rapid fucking was music to my ears as she was in a deep bliss, her gash opened as a very fresh wound and even the farthest neighbor being alerted of her being fucked so bashfully. Our coupling continued endless.

Every time I felt either of us reaching close to the edge, I backed off just a bit to allow the momentary recovery. During this we changed position as well and now I was behind her large rump, her pussy upside down, dripping and begging for my energizer to ram in again. Taking her doggy like was also an invitation to fuck her in her caboose, which was quivering in need as well. Her tight balloon knot ass hole was asking for a fuck, please, please.

I had never fucked a girl in the ass and it was almost impossible but I did my best and concentrated on her pussy and the dangling breasts. I moved up to plow in her cunt and my hands reached around to grab her tits; making me drive deeply inside her and teasing the firm nipples in my palms. Once again as I fucked her harder, she made a lot of noise and complained of pain. She was repeatedly asking to use some spit at least because for so long she was not fucked and her muscular pussy walls were pretty much dried up making her feel far more painful friction instead of delightful sensation.

During the duo, she rolled me over and impaled herself on my wedge. Now she was riding me like a young, all powerful kicking bronco; making me thrust upwards as she thrusted downwards. My hands once again enjoyed her ass mounds as she moved against me, slithering like a snake; teasing me by lifting herself and supporting her weight on her legs; barely keeping my cock head within her slippery soft perfect pussy, just before lowering herself for soft fucking my dicktator, making me feel tantalizing bliss.

She kept fucking my cock with her pink fortress, continuously applying her spit at the joint, making her cunt slimy and slippery. I don’t remember when and how she started talking of her not being fucked for long and she had all to depend on the cucumbers and the zuccinis. Listening to this dirty stuff stirred my balls and made my cock swell even bigger stretching Lola’s now fully dilated pussy, making her shout for my taste in her mouth. Extremely painful but I quickly pulled out of her snatch to dunk in her throat and let the cannon go loose, spraying my tasty sperm in her gullet. I could feel her orgasm as well with repeated shaking of her body. We stayed fitted like a lock until completely done and then separated with thanks and made plan to meet over lunch at my place for future plans.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan April 17, 2019.

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