Porter , Anderson Ch. 07

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“Make a wish, Port.” Blair smiled and pushed a small chocolate cake across the table towards Porter, a lit four and two flickering on top. He returned the grin and closed his eyes, thinking for a minute before blowing out the candles.

“What’d you wish for?” Blair asked.

“You know I can’t tell you, or it won’t come true,” he replied, plucking the candles out of the cake. “Ugh, forty-two. What are you doing with such an old man?”

“You’re lucky you’re still hot,” Blair said. She rarely dwelled on their now 14-year age difference. In fact, she often forgot Porter was so much older than her. He was still in fantastic shape — toned, muscular body, a thick, dark head of hair…not to mention, the sex drive and stamina of a twenty-something. She was perfectly happy with her “old man.”

Porter swiped his finger through the cake icing and brought it to Blair’s lips. She opened her mouth and sucked the chocolate off.

“You want to take dessert into the bedroom?” He asked, unable to tear his eyes away from Blair’s lips around his finger. She grabbed his hand and pulled it away.

“Presents first,” she said.

“I told you not to get me anything,” he protested as Blair grabbed two wrapped boxes from the kitchen counter. She put one box in front of him and held on to the other.

“Just open it.” Porter gave her a dramatic sigh before tearing into the paper. He popped the lid off the small, sleek black box to reveal a shiny silver watch. Porter was silent as he picked up the watch, fingers tracing lightly over the glass face.

“Do you like it?” Blair asked, trying to hold in her smile. She knew Porter had had his eye on this for a while — ever since his old one got smashed when a rowdy suspect was resisting arrest.

“Blair…” He finally looked up from the watch at her. “This is too much! This must’ve cost you three hundred dollars.”

“You deserve it,” she replied, grabbing his hand. “You’re an amazing boyfriend, an amazing captain…” Porter grabbed the back of Blair’s head and pulled her towards him, kissing her hard.

“I love it,” he said. “Thank you.”

“Now this one.” Blair pushed the other box towards Porter.

“No way,” he said. “I refuse to accept any more gifts.”

“Calm down, this one cost five dollars,” Blair replied. Porter cocked an eyebrow at her, but unwrapped it nevertheless. This gift stunned him into a deeper silence than the previous one.

“Does this…mean what I think it means?” Porter finally asked.

“Yep,” Blair said. She could already feel the butterflies in her stomach, but she was determined to go through with it. She was going to make this the best goddamn birthday he’d ever had.

“Wow,” Porter said, giant grin on his face. He opened the cardboard box and slid out the bottle of lube, exhaling loudly. “Okay. What happens now?”

“You tell me, birthday boy,” Blair said. Porter smiled, erotik film izle and Blair swore she saw his cheeks heating up. Uh oh. If Porter was blushing at his own thoughts…

The butterflies started to get a lot worse.

“Okay, okay,” Porter said, more to himself than Blair. “Why don’t you go take your clothes off and relax, and I’ll be in in a minute.”

“Don’t take too long.” Blair got up and kissed Porter before going into her bedroom. She took her time undressing, trying to slow her racing heart. She just had to calm down. She trusted Porter — hell, she was pretty sure she loved him. And they’d never had a bad experience in bed. This was going to be totally fine. Maybe Blair would even enjoy it.

Naked, Blair sat back in bed against the pillows, turning her body so her ass would be the first thing Porter saw when he entered. She tried to relax but her heart was still pounding in anticipation. After what felt like forever, Porter finally walked into the room, in nothing but his tight boxer briefs. He had the lube in one hand, and the small cake in the other.

“Should I even ask?” Blair joked. Porter set down the supplies on the nightstand and sat on the bed next to Blair. He kissed her softly in response.

“This is gonna be great, hon. Seriously, just lie back and relax. I’m gonna take care of you.” Her heart swelled, touched by Porter’s tenderness. He could be rough and commanding one night, and gentle and loving the next — two very different sides of him, but both were insanely sexy.

Blair did as he suggested and readjusted to get comfortable, closing her eyes. She felt Porter’s hands move to her breasts, and she jumped as she felt something cold on her nipples. Blair peeked out through semi-closed eyelids and saw Porter spreading the chocolate icing from the cake all over her tits. She smirked to herself and closed her eyes again.

When he’d gotten her all icing-ed up, Blair felt his fingertips at her lips again. She dutifully licked them clean, sucking a little longer and harder than she needed to. Porter quietly moaned and shifted on the bed — most likely to help alleviate the discomfort of a surely massive erection.

His hungry mouth found her right breast, tongue swirling around the nipple to get every bit of icing. Porter took Blair’s entire tit in her mouth, sucking hard. He bit down gently and Blair let out a moan. When he went to lick the other one clean, Porter’s fingers moved between Blair’s legs and he slowly pumped two fingers into her pussy. By the time he’d gotten all the icing off her left breast, Blair was thrusting her hips upwards, eager for that wave of pleasure to wash over her.

“AHHHhhh.” Blair’s lower half fell back onto the bed as her walls clenched around Porter’s fingers. Between the orgasm and all the tit attention, Blair was actually finally feeling relaxed. Porter kissed her with a lot of tongue, film izle the taste of chocolate overpowering.

“Roll over,” Porter said quietly, getting up off the bed. Blair scooted down a little and laid on her stomach while Porter got rid of his boxers. She rested her head on her folded arms, wondering if the main event was next. She saw Porter grab the lube, but he also started rooting around in her nightstand drawer. He knew she kept her toys there. Blair closed her eyes again, wanting to be surprised by whatever was coming.

Porter got back on the bed and straddled Blair — she felt his hard dick resting on her lower back. Blair heard a soft buzzing sound, and she realized Porter had retrieved one of her vibrators from the drawer. She felt the cool metal at her entrance, and Porter slowly pushed the vibrator inside her wet pussy. He’d chosen the thinner, sleek one — it was small, but powerful. Porter gently fucked Blair with the vibrator before turning it up a notch and shoving it deep inside her. Clearly, that wasn’t going anywhere.

“Unnhhh,” Blair moaned, squirming under Porter’s weight. The vibrator was strong enough to seriously turn her on, but not enough to take her over the edge by itself.

While Blair was trying to figure out a way to get herself off without her hands, Porter cracked open the lube and squirted a generous amount on her ass. He spread it down between her cheeks, and one finger easily slipped inside her asshole. Blair gritted her teeth as Porter added another finger, but it didn’t hurt — last time, he’d gotten three fingers inside her without any lube at all. Blair heard him pump out some more lube, which helped finger number three slide in. Porter slowly eased his fingers into her ass until he was in up to the knuckle. He left them in for a minute, letting Blair get used to being stretched this much. The vibrator continued its muffled buzzing inside of her.

“You ready, hon?”

Blair nodded, and Porter removed his fingers. She felt oddly empty without them. Blair turned her head and saw Porter squirt more lube into his hand, then stroke himself. Once his dick was coated, Porter repositioned himself and pushed the tip between Blair’s cheeks. His head was pressed against her asshole, just as it had been in that hotel bathtub. But this time, Porter pushed his dick inside.

Blair inhaled sharply, the pain already bad with only about two inches of dick in her ass. She involuntarily tensed up, which she knew was making it worse, but she couldn’t help it.

“Try to relax, Blair,” Porter whispered. As he continued to slowly shove more of himself into her, Porter gently rubbed Blair’s back, his fingertips softly kneading her skin. The circular motions comforted her, and she slowly exhaled. She focused on the vibrator in her pussy and was reminded how aroused she was.

“That’s it,” Porter said, easing the rest of his dick in. He stilled, seks filmi izle and Blair was about to ask why he stopped — until she felt his balls resting against her lips. Porter was completely inside her ass now. It was a strange sensation, to be filled this way, but the pain wasn’t as bad as Blair thought it’d be.

“I’m gonna move now, okay?”

“Okay,” Blair said. She dug her fingers into the covers and held on tightly.

Porter started pulling out and pushing back in, going almost maddeningly slowly. Blair heard him grunting constantly, probably fighting the urge to fuck her as hard as he wanted to. The pain was nothing more than a nuisance at this point.

“You can go faster, Port,” Blair said, hoping she wouldn’t regret that. Porter didn’t need to be told twice. He significantly picked up the pace, causing Blair to stifle a small scream. She wanted him to enjoy himself, not worry about her the whole time.

Porter continued to thrust into Blair quickly, his balls slapping against the entrance of her pussy. Blair ground her hips against the bed, desperate for some relief from the incessant vibrations. Porter noticed what she was doing and reached inside her to turn up the vibrator all the way.

“UUHHHHHHH.” Blair rarely used the highest setting on this vibrator because it was so intense. She was so distracted by the overwhelming sensation that she almost forgot she was being fucked in the ass. Porter took advantage of that and started to jackhammer into her.

“Holy shit,” he grunted as he wrapped his arms tightly around Blair. With a final giant thrust, Porter buried his entire dick into her ass. He yelled as he came, and when Blair felt his hot cum shooting up her ass, she came too. Blair’s typical moan was replaced by a scream as she clamped down on that godforsaken vibrator.

Porter was motionless on top of her, completely spent. Blair was seeing black spots in her vision as she came down from the orgasm. The vibrator was still buzzing away inside of her, and if it didn’t stop she was worried she might stroke out.

“Turn that thing off,” she managed to gasp out. Porter, dick still in her ass, reached in and removed the vibrator. Blair let out a huge sigh of relief.

After a good five minutes, Porter finally recovered enough to slowly pull out of Blair’s stretched asshole. He rolled off of her, breathing still ragged. Blair tentatively moved onto her side, her ass feeling very sore but otherwise okay. She looked down and saw her covers soaked with their fluids, the wet spot much bigger than usual. Blair could feel Porter’s semen slowly dripping down her crack.

“Are you okay?” Porter finally asked. She nodded and moved closer to him.

“It was actually better than I thought it’d be,” Blair said. “I’m not saying this is gonna be a regular thing or anything…but I could probably be convinced again.” Porter grinned at her answer and kissed her on the forehead.

“What did I do to deserve you?”

“So did you have a good birthday?” Blair asked.

“Are you kidding? You made my wish come true,” he said. “Doesn’t get much better than that.”

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