part 14 – Monday night – Country Western FUN in V

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part 14 – Monday night – Country Western FUN in V
Finally – We were able to head home after Mondays fun with Billy & Dick. Angel however was NOT done being seen & used by others.

Angel was oozing cum as we walked back to Billy’s room to get what was left of our stuff in his room ( I had already had a valet put most of it in our car earlier). All Angel had to grab was her purse, sheer denim blouse & denim zip down skirt & her cowgirl boots. However I had her stay naked to our car & carried her clothes for her to wear later.

I did though let her go in & take a quick bathroom break & shower before we left so she would not get cum all over our cars leather seats, for now anyway.

We went down to the garage where Billy gave Angel 1 last big hug & kiss goodbye, but she wanted more then that 1 last time from him. She then dropped to her knees, unzipped him & began sucking him off 1 more time. While Angel was sucking Billy off Billy handed me $5000 & said “Here, this should make up you not working for the last 10+ days. Also, I have another $5000 for Angel too. Part to pay off the bets I lost to her & some just to THANK her for letting us all have so much fun with her.” After Angel finished sucking Billy off she said ” Paying off your lost bets is fine, but you don’t need to pay me for having fun with you.” Billy replied “I’m NOT paying you for anything. That’s just a TIP for WONDERFUL SERVICES you provided.’ Angel then said “OK, that I’ll accept. THANK YOU TOO for allowing me to have so much fun the last 10+ days. I did LOVE getting all that cock & cum in me & likely would do it again too.” With that I said “That’s possible, but for now we need to leave. Thanks Billy for inviting us here & say goodbye finally.” Angel then just said “Thanks & goodbye” then got in our car. However just before she got in the car I had her pull the horse dong out of her ass about 6 inches so it could be seen IF anyone had a chance to see her clearly.

Finally a bit after Midnight we headed home from Vegas. 1st though I had to stop for gas. I found a nearby Terrible Herbst to get gas & after filling up I pulled in front of the nearby 7-11 to get me coffee & Angel a soda for the drive home. Even though it was nearly 1am there were some other customers there & Angel was totally naked sitting in good lights so people could see her if they looked. When I came back out Angel was showing herself off to 2 guys by her window. She was squatting on the seat with her ass to them while she was pumping about 5 inches of her dong in & out of her ass & also holding it up some so they could also see her cunt clearly. As I got there 1 of the guys shoved 3 fingers in her cunt & commented “Wow, your cunt feels great too. I’d LOVE to fill it with my cock.” I then said “well, let me pull around to the side of the store & you can.” He pulled his fingers out of her & I drove around to the side of the store into a darker area.

With that Angel scooted back to where her ass was slightly out the window so she could be fucked too. The 1st guy walked up, opened his pants & shoved his hard cock in Angels cunt. I then said “If you want to feel something wild, shove your cock deep in her cunt & then hold still while you fuck her ass with the dong in it.” This guy buried about 7″ of cock in her & then began pumping the horse dong in & out of Angel’s asshole & said “WOW, you’re right, this does feel GREAT. Her cunt feels like it’s rippling as she fucks me & this dong back. Just how big is this damn thing anyway?” Angel answered “It’s huge, as big as a horses cock anyway. Now shut up & finish fucking me so your buddy can take over.” This guy just got back to fucking & pumping her without another word other than a few moans as he cummed deep in her cunt a couple of minutes later & the 2nd guy took over in her cunt. He then repeated what his friend had done as he buried his cock in her cunt & pumped the hell out of Angels asshole with the dong until Angel began pumping wildly back as she began climaxing finally. After a few minutes of this Angel pushed back on the guys cock as deep as possible so he could climax inside her too. I then told him to shove the dong back in her ass while he pulled his cock out of her cunt so he did.

Then as Angel sat back down on the edge of the seat I gave her an empty cup to leak her cum into so she did as instructed while she looked at both guys & said “Thanks guys. I really enjoyed being fucked again before hitting the freeway home.” Angel was still oozing cum as we finally hit the freeway heading home.

Other then Angel drinking that bit of cum & playing with the horse dong in her ass when we passed a few trucks as she showed off for them the drive back into California was uneventful until after we got back to Barstow at about 4:30am. Since it was still dark out I pulled into the truck stop there & pulled around back to the truck parking area. They did have a few yard lights there though so it was fairly light out. I parked & then told Angel to get out of our car & walk around naked thru the truck to see if she could find some early morning fun. However I also told her she had to let the guys use her ANY way they wished AND she had to tell them that she was FREE for them too.

Angel only got maybe 10′ before a trucker saw her & asked “How Much?” Angel replied “I’m FREE & you can use me any way you wish too.” He asked “What do you mean by that?” Angel said “You can fuck me anywhere you wish and/or fill me with anything else you want to shove in me that fits OR you can do anything else within reason to me like tie me & torture me for others to watch back here. Also, I don’t like rubbers so just fuck me bareback if you have no diseases. Just tell me what you want to do with me.” The trucker responded “Just fucking you sounds great to me.” Angel said “OK, where do you want me, out here over a bumper or in your truck cab?” He said “Right there is good.” pointing to a trucks running board. Angel just bent over it on her arms showing him her dong filled asshole. He then asked “What’s that in your ass?” Angel answered “A big horse cock shaped dong about 13″. You can fuck me with it in me in either my ass or my cunt or you can pull it out & replace it with your cock. Anything you wish.”

This trucker eagerly dropped his pants & let Angel suck him hard & then quickly began fucking her cunt under the dong in her ass. While this guy was fucking Angel 3 more truckers began watching the show & he told them they could use her next too. Within a minute she again had a cock in her mouth until the trucker fucking her finished & the next guy took his place while Angel grabbed the trucker that had just fucked her so she could lick him clean & quickly said “I’ll gladly lick clean every guy that fucks me no matter where their cock had been in me.”

After canlı kaçak iddaa the 4th guy fucked her the next trucker pulled the dong out of her asshole & shoved it deep in her cunt so he could fuck her ass finally. He then said “I thought that thing in her cunt would make her ass feel good too & I was right. It feels great in here.” From then the next 5 guys also ass fucked Angel & let her lick them clean afterwards.

I then decided to be the next guy to fuck her today too. However I switched up things a bit & shoved my cock in her ass for a couple of minutes & then pulled out to fuck her cunt with the dong still in her too. Angel had climaxed a few times during the previous fuckings but almost as soon as I shoved my cock in her cunt she began climaxing hard finally & screamed out slightly as I fucked her around the cock in her mouth. She was still climaxing as I finished & another guy took my turn in her cunt too while she licked me clean.

All total a lucky 13 different guys (besides me) had fucked Angel by about 6:30am. By then the Sun had rose & she was very visible as the guys fucked her for the last 20 or so minutes. I then said “OK guys, time to stop for now. We need to go inside to have breakfast. I finally handed her the sheer denim blouse & denim zip down skirt to put on & her cowgirl boots.

I told Angel that she could go into the restroom to freshen up a bit prior to us going to breakfast because she did need to clean her face and legs of cum & brush her hair a bit as well. However she did have to make sure the dong was back in her cunt before she came out too & she could only have her skirt zipped down to her cunt so she could show it off to the truckers while she was sitting down eating. We did sit in the Truckers area too for breakfast. Even though we were sitting in a booth Angel made a point of sitting on the corner of her seat with 1 leg outside the booth so guys could see her easily. Even our waitress seemed to enjoy the view as she said “Damn, you look very nice with yourself so full.” Angel just said “Thank you” as she opened her legs a bit wider.

After we had breakfast we headed back to our car. As we hit the back corner of the building I told her to remove her skirt again & get bottomless at least so she took it off & handed her skirt to me. before we went another 15 steps a new truck driver saw her & said “WOW, you must be the slut I heard about that let’s us guys fuck her for FREE.” Angel replied “Yes I am her. Where would you like to fuck me at, here, over a running board, or in your truck cab?” He said “How about in my truck for privacy.” Angel answered “Lead the way.” & followed him to his truck as she also removed her blouse so she was again naked by the time we got there.

After we got in his truck Angel said “I’m feeling a bit kinky. How would you like to fuck my ass while I ride your gearshift in my cunt?” He answered “That does sound KINKY & maybe fun too so OK, let’s do it.” With that Angel opened her legs & pulled the dong in her cunt out about 8″ & quickly straddled the gearshift to lower herself down on it until the knob was past the head of the dong in her cunt few inches & then shoved the dong back in to fill herself back up. The way she was now, she was facing the windshield so anyone outside might be able to see her from the tits up at least. Then she just laid forward with her tits on the dash & said “OK, my asshole is all yours to enjoy.” The trucker then said “Not quite yet. Turn back around & suck me hard 1st & then get back in that position.” Angel then straightened up & spun around to face him, bent back over & began sucking his cock hard. Once he was hard she spun back around, laid over the dash & said “OK, NOW my ass is yours to fuck.” This guy now filled her ass with his cock & fucked her as hard as he could for a good 15 minutes before he finally buried his cock in her ass & cummed in her. He just seemed to relax a bit but still buried in her ass & said “Damn, her ass feels so good I want to fuck it again.” I then said “Well then just stay in there until you recuperate enough & then fuck her ass again. Hell, yesterday she ended a over 50 hour marathon ass fucking with 1 or 2 cocks in it together & for awhile even with that dong in it too. In fact, until just a few hours ago it was STILL in her ass until I had her move it to her cunt before we went inside for breakfast. She will keep it in her until we hit home too. BTW/ home is Sacramento.” He just said “WOW, she is Kinky. I’m heading to Fresno myself.”

We kept chatting for a few more minutes & then he began fucking her ass again but a bit slower this time so he could savor the feeling more. Angel seemed to have been savoring it for maybe 30 minutes because she had been wiggling herself on his cock & gearshift as she climaxed lightly.

As this guy assfucked Angel more I asked him if he was going to go thru Mojave to Bakersfield & up Hwy.99 to Fresno. When he said “YES” I asked him how he would like to stay KINKY & let Angel ride with him to at least Bakersfield while she stayed impaled on his gearshift with it in either her cunt or her asshole to hold his cum in her for awhile. He was just cummin in her ass again when he said “That sounds like fun to me but how about to her? I answered “She is a SEX SLAVE until we get home so it doesn’t matter but I’d bet she will say yes anyway.” Angel responded quickly ” Yes, I would enjoy that too. I rode a guys gearshift 1 night awhile back from Donner to Applegate & since then have wondered if I could take it longer & doing it naked in daylight sounds fantastic too. Hell, maybe another CHP will stop us & I can fuck him too so we don’t get a ticket.” This guy then said “You’d even fuck a cop to get out of trouble? Angel answered “YES, I’ve done that a few times over the years too.”

Now he changed the subject somewhat & asked “So just how are we going to do this?” Angel answered “You just keep your cock in my ass while I get my cunt off your gearshift. Then I will quickly get off you & jam your gearshift in my asshole before much of your cum can ooze out of me.” He said “OK. Do it then.” They both rose up some as Angel pulled herself off the gearshift & then yanked herself off his cock & buried the gearshift about 12″ deep in her asshole. Then she spun around to face him & said “OK, I’m ready. You can just shift gears as you need to & I’ll adjust myself accordingly. Also, if you wish, you can pump this horse dong in & out of me as much as you want. I’ll likely be climaxing a lot from the vibrating of your truck in me anyway.”

As he started his truck I said “OK, I’ll lead the way out of town to watch for cops & once out of town I’ll get behind & follow you. BTW/ I have a C.B. so lets get on like # 24 to chat & when you want I’ll get in front again, canlı casino like through Mojave.” He said “That sounds good to me but let’s stay on 17 so we can chat with other truckers & get Smoky alerts & then switch channels when we need to.” I said ‘OK” to that. Then I got in our car & headed for the road out of town, going through town…

Angel did not object 1 slight bit when I suggested that she ride that truckers gearshift from Barstow to at least Bakersfield. She just got off the guys gearshift in her cunt, had him quickly get out of her asshole, turned around & buried his gearshift in her asshole instead while he started the truck.

I then got in our car & led them out of the truck stop with Angel propped openly on his gearshift & hit the road thru town towards Bakersfield. Looking back in my mirrors I could see Angel from her tits up in his windshield with a big smile on her face as she rode his gearshift in her asshole. Before we hit the edge of town I could see from the look on her face that Angel was climaxing from that gearshift vibrating deep in her asshole. She was actually bouncing up & down about 3″ on it as she fucked herself with it.

After watching Angel climax I pulled over to let them pass & followed them towards Mojave. After a few minutes Angel called on the CB & asked to switch channels. Then she came on & said I can’t believe that I climaxed so quickly from this shifter in my ass but it felt GREAT. I have a feeling that I’ll be climaxing most of the time to Bakersfield because my cunt & asshole are tingling even now as I think about it. I’m also enjoying being here in the window for anyone coming towards us to see. I wonder what they would say if they could see me straddling this gearshift in my ass. I know it also feels kool whenever Fred shifts gears because it moves around in me forcing me to shift positions with it. It feels like it is at least 2 to 3″ deeper in my ass then it was to start & I like it there too.” I answered “Well, have fun but be careful & don’t get it too deep in your ass.” Fred then came on & said “Hell, I never imagined I’d have a gal straddling my gearshift with her ass while & fondled her bare tits & fucked her cunt with a huge dong but this is FANTASTIC. Watching her climax was fun too. I’m going to just LOVE this drive.”

With that we got off the CB & switched back to channel 17 to listen to the trucker chatter. After maybe 20 minutes I heard a trucker say “Damn, there was a topless broad in the window of that truck I just passed.” Angel then came on & said “Hell, you should see the rest of me. I’m stark naked with the gearshift deep in my asshole & a horse dong in my cunt & I’m climaxing wildly from it all too.” All that other guy said was “WOW. Sorry I missed seeing that.” Fred then came on & said “Sorry you’re headed the wrong way but we’re heading to Bakersfield.” There was a bit more similar chatter from other guys too.

Back in 86 there was no freeway bypass around Mojave, the highway went right through town with 1 stop light about the center of town. Because of this just outside of Mojave I passed Fred & Angel to lead the way through town to watch for cops, etc. again. I made it through the light but Fred had to stop for it so Angel was sitting there with her tits in view of anyone that looked. I do think a few people saw her too. I stopped just beyond the light & then took off as they got near me. However we had no problems other then that going thru town. As we hit the other side of town I let them pass me again & resumed following them again.

After we got out of town & up on the plateau a couple of truckers that had been listening to the chatter got on the CB & asked Fred to pull off at the next exit so they could see Angel in the flesh totally. After we pulled off the side of the road 3 more trucks pulled in near us. Me & all 3 of them walked up to Fred’s truck & opened the side door to get a better look at Angel. She was still straddling the gear shift in her asshole facing Fred but then slowly turned herself until she was facing the open door so we could now see her wide open cunt with the dong in it & her bare pierced tits. Then she raised herself some on the gearshift & then dropped back down on it a few times fucking her ass with the shift knob. After 10 or so times doing this she asked “OK, do any of you guys want to fuck my cunt while I fuck my ass like this more? If you want you can even leave the dong in me as you fuck me too & keep me FULL.”

1 by 1 all 3 of these guys climbed in the cab & fucked Angel WITH the dong still in her cunt too. The cool thing about this was that all 3 of them had decent sized cocks so Angel was quite full the entire time as well. Once the last of them fucked her I took my turn in her too & then Fred took her last, while the rest of us watched her being fucked again by him. Once Fred was finished fucking Angel he pulled out of her cunt & told her to bend down to lick him clean too. Then I told the other guys she would lick them clean as well if they wanted. Since they all were still in the cab either in the sleeper or on the seat with their pants off they each let her lick them clean as well. 1 of them then said “Damn, her sucking my cock got me excited again. Can I fuck her another time?” I answered “You can fuck her as much as you wish until Fred says STOP so he can get back on the road. Also, this time just give her your cock to clean after you get out of her cunt & make room for another guy to fuck her again too.” Since Angel still had a mouth full of cock she said nothing but she did open her legs for him to fuck her again.

Fred let all 3 of these guys fuck Angel 1 more time & get licked clean before he said it was time for us to get back on the road to Bakersfield. We got back on the highway & Angel again got on the CB & asked to switch channels, so we did.

Angel then said “I want to switch things around some now for awhile & switch the gearshift & horse dong in me. I want to straddle the gearshift with my cunt & let Fred pump the dong in my ass for awhile before he just buries it deep in my asshole.” She then kept the mike keyed as she lifted her asshole off the gearshift while Fred pulled the dong out of her cunt too. I could hear her moaning during this & Fred saying “Damn her ass looks nice so open.” I could hear Angel moaning slightly as she lowered her cunt down on the gearshift & then Fred said “Damn, she has that thing at least 12″ deep in her cunt & is slowly pumping up & down on it a good 8″ too.” Angel then said “OK, now shove the dong in my ass & fuck me with it too for awhile as I fuck myself on the gearshift.” Angel then moaned a bit louder as Fred shoved the horse dong in Angels asshole & continued moaning while he pumped it in & out of her. Soon you could also hear her squealing tipobet giriş as she began to climax again from all this. Fred then said “Damn she is wild. I’m pumping this dong a good foot into her ass & she’s pumping her cunt at least as deep on my gearshift while also wiggling herself wildly as she climaxes.” Soon you could hear Angel squealing even louder as she climaxed harder to the finale. Then she softly said “OK, now you can bury the dong deep in my ass for awhile.” Fred soon said “WOW, I just shoved that thing all the way in her asshole & her ass swallowed it the rest of the way. All you can see now is maybe 1″ of the width about 2″ inside her asshole as her ass spasms around it. I can’t believe she actually has it completely IN her ass.” Angel then finally un-keyed the mike so I said “That is NOT surprising. When she is horny enough she can get a LOT inside her. Just make sure she does not shove more then 3 to 4″ out for the rest of the time. If anything more then that comes out shove it back in her. Now lets get back to 17 to listen there.”

There were a few guys chatting about seeing Angel topless but nothing more & neither she of Fred were encouraging them more either. Including the stop for fucking Angel it took a bit over 5 hours to get to Bakersfield. As we got close I again passed them to lead us into town. There was a truck stop on the edge of town on Hwy.99 so we headed there after Fred said he needed to stop for food & a restroom run.

As soon as we got parked I grabbed Angels skirt & blouse & went to Fred’s truck. Angel was still impaled on his gearshift with her cunt when I got in. I then gave her the blouse to put on 1st & then let her wrap her skirt into place before she raised herself off the gearshift in her cunt. I then also noticed what Fred had meant earlier. The dong in her asshole was completely out of sight buried deep inside her. Fred then said “I didn’t know exactly what to do with it so I just shoved it back in until her ass swallowed it again.” I just said “That’s OK. She can keep it there until after lunch. She knows to shove it back in after she goes to the restroom & you can also have the honor of checking her to make sure it is in ALL the way too.” Angel then finally raised her cunt off the gearshift & zipped her skirt down to just above her cunt itself so her cunt could again be seen when she sat down to eat & we all got out of the truck & headed for the building.

The 1st thing we all did was go into the restrooms to do our things there. Fred & me were waiting in the store area when Angel came out finally too. I then asked Fred to check & make sure she put the dong back in her asshole as instructed. Fred lifted the back of her skirt exposing her ass & reached in to her asshole & said “Yes, her dong is buried back inside her asshole.” just loud enough for anyone nearby to hear. 2 guys did look over to see Angels bare ass too. Fred then lowered her skirt back down & we headed for the restaurant.

Angel was kind of lucky as we ate lunch because with her sitting inside of me & Fred on the other side of our booth her bottom was hard to see. All anyone could see easily were her tits through her sheer blouse. However when she slid out of the booth to leave her skirt bunched up around her waist revealing her entire bottom for anyone to see. Fred & me both left her skirt alone & it took her a minute or so to discover that both her cunt & ass were bare for all to see. In fact it wasn’t until we got to the cashier that she found out she was revealed so nicely when the cashier lady said “Damn you have a cute cunt. Did those tattoos hurt much to get?” Angel answered “Not too much. The tattooist resting his hand on my clit with the tattoo gun going gave it a nice tingling feeling both times. The butterfly & flowers were done in 2 separate trips.” It then dawned on Angel that she was exposed so she calmly pulled her skirt back down & we left.

Once we got around the building heading towards Fred’s truck Angel removed her skirt again & got bottomless there in the truck parking lot without being told to remove it. I think she might have been absent (?) mindedly trying to attract more guys to fuck her. It worked too. 3 truckers had came out shortly behind us & when they saw her bare ass 1 of them said “Damn, I could sure fuck that!” I think Angel shocked them when she said “OK. Where? Here or with me over a running board or bumper?” The guy said “Let’s go behind this trailer & fuck you over the bumper” Angel just walked behind the trailer, bent over & leaned her elbows on the bumper & said “OK. I’m ready. Have fun in my cunt OR fuck my asshole around the dong in it now.” I then said “You guys can’t see it but there is a HUGE dong buried in her ass right now & it needs to stay there. However she will suck you too before, during & after you fuck her too.”

Within about a minute Angel had 1 cock in her mouth with 1 more in each hand jerking them slowly. After a couple of minutes the guy in her mouth moved to her cunt & began fucking her & 1 of the other guys moved to her mouth. Since she now had a hand free she undid her blouse so she could take it off too & get naked finally. The guy then fucking her said “Damn this sluts cunt is tight. It must be due to the dong in her ass but the way she is able to pulsate her cunt on my cock is a nice surprise. She has great control down there.” Angel just kind of breathlessly said “Thanks” because she already was beginning to climax during her 1st fucking here (VERY unusual for her). After maybe 10 minutes both Angel & the guy fucking her climaxed & a 2nd guy immediately began fucking her as the 1st guy got out of her. Angel began climaxing again almost immediately too. She was climaxing the entire 10 minutes this 2nd guy was fucking her too. Angel also was sucking hard guy #3 so he would be ready when #2 finished in her.

While the 3rd guy was fucking Angel she said “Fred, why don’t you fuck me next so that John & me can head for home after that. I then said “After he does you will need to finger your cunt clean before you can even get in out car since you’ll have 4 loads of it in you. Don’t forget, you have to stay naked until we get home too with that plug in your ass & show yourself off too along the way.” Angel answered “Yes, I know & I will too.”

Then while Angel was fucking Fred she licked clean the 2nd & 3rd guys cocks & then also licked Fred clean after he fucked her. I then said “I just decided how you were going to clean that cum out of your cunt too. I’ll repeatedly go from your cunt to your mouth with that cum until you’re fairly clean & then you can finish me off in your mouth too.”

It took about 20 minutes of me going from Angels cunt to her mouth to get her fairly clean & then another 10 minutes of her sucking my cock to also cum in her mouth.

I then had Angel get in our car naked again & headed for Sacramento finally. We still had about another hour of daylight for Angel to flash truckers in & then she could ride in the dark getting even more daring

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