Neighborhood Helper

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Neighborhood Helper
Turning this way and that way while looking at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t help but purr in satisfaction at just how feminine I was turning out to be. Seriously, had I never seen myself before this moment I had no doubt that I would mistake that smiling reflection as belonging to a sexy young female instead of the girly young man that I actually was. True, the skimpy little short shorts I was wearing helped create this illusion, but not by a whole lot. My soft, narrow frame and fair facial features were what really sent me over to the female side as far as looks go, but what truly sent me over the top was the shape and movement of my ass. That thing was just straight up delicious looking, if you were really into butts that is. I’m not just bragging here, I’ve had tons of boys and men tell me the same.

Blowing my bangs out of my eyes, I then blew myself a kiss before spinning around so I could start looking for a top that would complete my outfit for the day. I ended up just settling for the frilly white one that was laying on the very top in my girly clothes drawer.

Once dressed and my long blonde hair combed out and tied back into a pony tail, I set off to the kitchen to get myself a little breakfast. My mom and step dad weren’t home so I knew I was safe to prance around in these clothes for the next 5 hours. Not that Jack, my step dad, would’ve minded at all. That guy was getting dangerously close to crossing the line with all his staring and not-so-subtle flirting. Of course, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy his advances. On the other hand I REALLY didn’t want my mom to find out, so for the most part I just settled for soaking up Jack’s advances and didn’t return any of my own. For the most part.

I was just finishing up my granola bar when there was a soft knock from the front door. I actually froze in place for a moment, because I wasn’t expecting anyone to drop by today, and for another thing, I was standing here wearing some pretty revealing girls shorts. Shit, what the hell do I do?

After a few seconds of just standing there like an idiot, I decided to just say fuck it and answer the door. It wasn’t like I didn’t already look like a girl in the first place, right? Pretty sure everyone that knew me could already guess that I was Femboy, so in the long run I didn’t see any real reason to get worked up over this.

My nervousness disappeared almost immediately upon opening the door, because standing there on the other side was my neighbor, Mike Gibson, from just down the road. I already knew that the guy had a perverted crush on me, and had known this for a good year now. I’d never taken advantage of that, though, which was mainly because there had never been the right opportunity. Mike was a short, good looking guy in his thirties and I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t downright sexy. Especially right now, because he was standing there in front of me in a pair of REALLY frayed denim shorts. And they were so snug as to almost be form fitting, because damn, his junk bulge was on full display right now. Jeepers!

“Yo, Sammy.” Mike said while giving me a big smile of delight. “How you doing today?”

I returned his smile tenfold as I put my hand to my cocked hip. “Pretty good, Mike. What brings you down my way?”

I had the privilege of seeing him eyeball my flirting posture for a second of two before he collected himself enough to answer.

“Oh, right, right.” he stammered. “Yeah, uh, I was actually wondering if you’d be interested in helping me get my storage barn sorted out. I’ve got some potential buyers coming over this weekend kaçak bahis to check out some of my stuff, so I really need to get that junk in something that resembles order.”

I remembered one time last year when I’d been helping him with yard work. He’d shown me his storage barn in an attempt to impress me or just to show off his stuff. Either way I could tell that the guy was something of a Hoarder. He had so much stuff in that building it was nearly impossible to walk through it without having something fall over. And if he was serious about getting it cleaned up by this weekend than he really did need some help.

“Wow, um…” I said, thinking about all that work he was asking me to do.

“Oh I’ll pay you, Sammy.” he blurted. “I ain’t expecting you to help me for free.”

Hmm, well that made the decision a little easier. Plus, I knew that this would give me an opportunity to show off my own goods, which was even more appealing once I thought about it.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll help you out, Mike.” I said, then did a slow spin right there in front of him and asked, “Is it ok if I wear this, or should I change clothes?”

Mike had his mouth open in obvious hunger when I got all the way turned back around and I just knew it was because he’d just been given his first look at my ass in probably over 6 months. Pretty sure I had filled out a little more since then, and judging by his slack-jawed expression, I felt confident that it was in a good way.

“Uh, yeah, yeah!” he said while licking his lips. “Come on, I’ll drive you down.”

I grabbed the house key and locked up, then jumped into his old farm truck feeling pretty good about how this day was going to go. My only real concern was that his wife, Maggie, would be helping us too, because if she was then it was going to make flirting with him a lot more difficult. On the other hand, it would actually make flirting with him all the more exciting if she was right there with us. I knew this was mostly due to her not liking me all that much, which in turn made me want to tease Mike all the more.

Sure enough, as we were coming up his driveway, Mike lowered his voice unnecessarily, and said, “Um, the wife will be helping us, Sammy.” He then looked over and flashed me a sympathetic smile and wink. “Just thought you should know. I’ll try and keep her busy somewhere where you ain’t. Hopefully that will be enough to keep her from snapping at you.”

I smiled and shrugged. “It’s cool. We can’t help who we are, right?”

Mike gave me a knowing nod. “Yep, that’s for sure.”

I think the real reason why Maggie didn’t like me was because she saw me as a threat. I had no doubt she had been a looker back in her prime, but that was obviously a long time ago, because she most definitely wasn’t a looker any more. As soon as we stopped and got out of the truck, I saw her come out of the barn and send a frown our way.

Jesus, she looks terrible. If I had to guess, I’d say that Mike’s wife weighed somewhere close to 250 pounds, and none of that weight was flattering in the least. No wonder Mike was looking at me with so much lust. I would be too if I had to look at that every day.

“Hey there Mrs Gibson.” I said with a friendly smile.

Maggie only frowned more as she gave me a look over. “Sam.” she replied simply, then looked to her husband. “I thought you were going to go get one of your friends from work. I didn’t realize you were going to go get Sam.”

The way she said it made it sound like an accusation, but Mike manned up and didn’t miss a beat.

“Nah, Sammy is at that age where he’ll be wanting some extra cash, so I figured this kaçak iddaa would help him out.” Mike smiled down at me and gave my shoulder a pat of encouragement. “Come on Sammy, I’ll show you the disaster we I have in mind for you.”

I have to admit that I felt more than a little self conscious about walking past Maggie, because this would enable her to get a look at the little short shorts I had on, and in turn get a look at the little bit of butt cheek showing from their bottom. I didn’t look back as I walked by, but I could practically feel her staring daggers at me anyway.

I made it to the barn with Mike without bleeding out and actually heard myself sigh in relief as soon as we were out of her line of sight. Mike glanced my way and gave me a smile.

“Well that went better than I thought.” he teased and playfully elbowed my shoulder.

I shook my head and returned his smile. “Easy for you to say, you’re not the one with daggers sticking out of your back.”

That actually made him chuckle, but he managed to keep it under control so as not to arouse suspicion. He guided me all the way back to the back of the barn and then showed me a big set of shelves he wanted me to sort through and reassemble. As he gave me instructions I realized that from this location in the barn I’d be completely out of sight from anyone else out here, which I think was Mike’s whole point. With that in mind, I decided to start teasing him right now instead of waiting.

“Well, I’ll likely need a step stool for the upper shelves, but I reckon I can start on the lower ones now.” Having said that, I dropped to my knees and bent right over till I was on all fours, then started to pull things out from the very bottom shelf. Within 30 seconds of light work I had my back dropped into a wonderfully deep arch so my sweet young ass was sticking right up in the air for his viewing pleasure. Only then did I glance back over my shoulder to see his reaction. And what I saw practically made my sphincter dilate in hunger, because Mike had thrown caution to the wind and was right now man-handling his big junk bulge while gaping down at my upturned ass. I mean he was really working that thing!

Finally noticing that I was watching him, Mike tore his hand away from his junk and started to stutter something that made no sense at all. I was pretty sure that his nervous jitters were because of my young age, so I knew if I wanted this game to continue that I’d have to try and salvage the situation before he lost all his nerve.

“I’ll probably need a shop rag or towel as well, so I can wipe my hands off every once in a wile.” I gave him a smile that I hoped showed that I was totally fine with what he’d just been doing, but I also kept my back arched in a blatant show of arousal.

“Oh! Yeah, yeah.” Mike stammered. “I think I have some out here somewhere.”

And with that, Mike walked away while trying desperately to hide his swollen cock bulge. There was no way that was going to be possible though, not with how tight his shorts were and how big his cock was. Nope, the odds of him hiding that thing were slim to none. So while he went off to no doubt calm himself down, I got up and quietly walked around the tight aisles in the back of the barn, checking out all the weird stuff he had saved over the years. Off in the distance I could just hear someone, probably Maggie, softly cursing as she loudly moved things around. I smiled at that. Couldn’t help it, I just didn’t like the woman.

A moment later I rounded another corner in the near-endless aisles of junk and came to a dead stop. My mouth dropped open güvenilir bahis in wonder as soon as I saw Mike sitting there on an old wooden chair, his shorts down to his ankles, and his big boner in hand. He was so engrossed in jerking off that he didn’t yet notice me, so I took a moment to just gaze in lust at the man’s big meat. Oh my God! That is like the perfect cock! I wasn’t k**ding myself either, Mike’s cock was big, but not too big, ya know? I could easily see it satisfying me in both an oral or anal fashion.

In the distance there was the sound of more swearing and it was the sound of Maggie bitching and complaining that got me stepping around the corner and heading right towards Mike’s wide-spread legs. He froze up as soon as he saw me heading his way, but I never slowed at all.

“Shh.” I whispered, my finger to my lips.

I didn’t wait for his response, I just dropped to my knees right in between his legs and pushed his hand out of the way so I could take over. Surprisingly enough he didn’t fight me on it. I thought for sure he was going to at least protest a little bit, but he didn’t. So now I had his sweet, warm, cock in my hand and marveled at the sight of it for a moment before leaning in and taking it into my hungry mouth. Holy shit did I love a warm cock in my mouth! My goodness did I ever!

“Oh fuck!” Mike softly groaned. “Sammy, you really shouldn’t be doing this!” He followed this up with another groan and a flex of his big cock.

I went from sucking him off to beating him off, and let his wet cockhead smack and rub around against my mouth and cheeks the whole time. “I know, I know.” I whispered. “It’s ok, though. It will be our secret.”

I then popped his swollen head back into my eager mouth and started bobbing up and down on it with some pretty impressive speed. I was on a mission, and that was to make Mike cum hard right in my mouth. It had been a long time (two weeks) since I last tasted another guy’s goop and I was just dying to see what my studly neighbor’s tasted like. Turned out I didn’t have long to wait. Pretty sure he was worked up pretty good before I even got here, so my eager blowjob was enough to make him start to squirm on his chair in less than two minutes. I was ready for his release, though, and had been anticipation the signs, so when I felt his big cock start to pump and jump in my hand and mouth, I stopped blowing him but kept his swollen head in my mouth and settled for just beating him off with speed. The first explosion of cum to hit the inside of my mouth was almost enough to make me cum as well! I didn’t, but what I did do, however, was moan a little too loudly, because off towards the front of the barn I suddenly heard Maggie holler out about something that made Mike start to panic. I kept right on jacking him off, though, even as he tried pushing my head away. Luckily, by that time he was pretty much spent, and man did he taste delicious! I swallowed down the decent amount of goo and moaned again, this time softly and with my eyes closed so I could better savor the precious stuff. Really mild. That was the first thing that came to mind. That, and I definitely wanted to go back for seconds.

I merely sat there on my knees and tried to catch my breath as I watched Mike try to pull up his shorts and stumble away at the same time. I felt pretty sure we were ok, that we hadn’t been caught, but I was also sure that Maggie had heard me moan, too. Mike was going to have to think fast and keep his bulge out of her sight for a while if we were going to get away with this. As for me, I just got up and went back to my starting location and got back to work. I could still taste Mike’s offering a little and made up my mind right then and there to see if could help him out again tomorrow. And hopefully the day after, too!

Stay tuned for part 2…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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