My Virginity Taken Pt 2 !

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My Virginity Taken Pt 2 !
Mrs Wilkinson took me by the hand, led me indoors and sat me down upon the settee. She poured both of us a glass of wine and then placed her arm around me.

“Are you a virgin? Have you had sex yet” she asked.

“What” I stuttered back.

“Have you had a fuck yet !” She said matter of factly. I explained about my aborted couple of tries and she smiled and said “I think its time for you to learn. Would you like me to teach you?”.

I went ridged and said “I think Mrs Wilkinson I should leave”.

“Don’t be silly and its Hazel OK!” She brought her hand onto my crotch. “I can feel you really really don’t want to leave do you?”. I just stared at her as she removed her bikini top and two pert firm tits appeared with really stiff nipples.

“First lesson” kaçak bahis She said. “Suck my tits please”.

She placed her hand firmly on the back of my head and forced it onto her right breast. I did as a was told.

I started sucking her nipple. “That’s Heaven” she moaned and placed her hand inside her bikini bottoms and started moaning louder as her hand started moving within.

“Suck harder please Steve bite them both !”. Again I obeyed her hand started moving faster on her pussy “Oh Yes Yes Yes !!! Right stop please”.

She removed her bikini bottoms. She had a wonderful trimmed pussy and her clitoris was rock hard.

(I have to say at the time I didn’t know what a clitoris was but I do now thanks to Hazel also terms like the G spot and lots of others kaçak iddaa I’d never heard of back then).

“On the floor Steve” She ordered ” And get your head between my legs and lick my pussy please Steve”. I knelt on the floor and gazed nervously at the sight in front of me. “Now lick it !!”.

I started licking and she went taut. Her legs suddenly wrapped around my back and she started moaning again.

I’ve heard people say that pussies taste salty. This didn’t. It tasted like nectar, so sweet. I continued and she got more animated then suddenly a small spurt came onto my face. I thought she had pissed on me but she said “Sorry Steve ! God You’ve made cum so fast. Oh My !”.

My face reddened and I naively said “I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to”. She laughed.

“Back güvenilir bahis up here” She said and patted the cushion next to her. I moved and nakedly she slid onto the floor grabbing the top of my shorts and pulling them down with my undies. My cock sprang out pointing at the ceiling. “Oh Steve You are a big boy !” she said as her right hand slowly started rubbing my stiffie.

It felt oh so nice then suddenly her head tipped towards my cock and her mouth engulfed my hard on.

Her head started bobbing up and down and her hands started fondling my balls.

She took my cock deep into her mouth and the gentle rubbing of my balls had me there quickly. I tried to hold back but I moaned “Oh oh Hazel Its so lovely I’m Sorry !” as I spurted into her mouth.

She stopped and her blue eyes stared at me and she showed me her tongue coated in my spunk. She swallowed and smiled. Leant over and gave me a kiss. “Lovely” was all she said “and there’s still more to learn” she added………To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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