Me And Servant Rajan Fucked Mom – Part I

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Me And Servant Rajan Fucked Mom – Part I

since you all know how me and my servant Rajan had a wonderful experience and were enjoying our time exploring our bisexual desires. One day when we were jerking off together in bathroom, Rajan went to the laundry bag and took out the panties my mom wore today; he started smelling it and rubbed it on his dick. He asked me to smell it and gave it to me, I smelled them, it was heavenly, it made my cock so hard, Rajan saw it and asked.

Rajan: How is it?
Me: The best thing I have smelled in my entire life.
Rajan: Correct, your mom has the best pussy in the world I guess.

He then took out my mom’s blouse from the laundry bag and made me smell the armpit area of the blouse, the musky smell of mom’s armpits was out of the world. We smelled the garments and exploded our heavy loads into my mom’s panties.

Me: I want to cum inside her pussy and run my nose through those armpits someday.
Rajan: Take me in too if you get a chance.
Me: Sure, but we have to create a chance.
Rajan: How?
Me: You give massage to mom every now and then; you can try to lure her there.
Rajan: It’s only leg massage, and if she gets offended, I would get beaten and fired off.
Me: You have to take a risk if you want that sex goddess.
Rajan: Sure She is, her pussy is amazing, I saw it once by mistake while massaging, She didn’t wear panties, its full of bushes and the pussy lips are wide open.

(Let me now tell you about my mom, she is a house wife 43 years of age, her boobs are 36D, waist is 32 and the best part, her ass is huge 42. She wears saree mostly making her ass look even wider.)

Me: Then take a chance, while you massage her legs, try going above to her thighs, send her some signal and wait for her response. Rajan agreed. I knew it was very risky. But I had a belief that Rajan can pull this one through, He was a tall, dark and handsome guy, the physical work he did everyday made him trimmed and muscular. And my father who was 53 years old was nothing compared to Rajan.

Next day when I came back from college I asked Rajan about what happened, he smiled and took me on the terrace, we lit up a cigarette and he told me that he did make a move. He said while massaging I pulled her saree and petticoat above her knees and started touching her thighs, She moved her legs away instantly, but after some time she looked into her eyes and allowed him to go ahead.

Me: Then what happened?
Rajan: Nothing, I finished it off and came back.
Me: What?? You didn’t make any move?
Rajan: No, we will do it step by step. The way she looked into my eyes, I know I have sealed the deal. I will make a move tonight.
Me: I just wish you pull this off. I just can’t imagine how amazing our lives will become.
Rajan: Yeah, I know. (We finished our cigarette and went back)

At dinner time, I knew Rajan was making the move; I had to clear the other risks. I was checking on my dad as he was busy with his drinks and TV. Now I sat on the dining table, Rajan and mom were in kitchen, pretending to be busy with my phone, I was watching their activity. Mom was cooking and Rajan was helping her. I saw him holding her hand once while giving utensil to my mom, my mom didn’t respond. He got excited, soon he came from behind and touched her ass with his hand, and this time my mom used her hands to remove his grip. She was uncomfortable at that place and time, Rajan directed me to go away from there. I went away, soon dinner was served. I saw a smile on Rajan’s face and I knew he was making progress. I washed my hands and talked to him, He said after you went mom replied to him.

Mom: Please not now, somebody will see.
Rajan: I want you now.
Mom: No, I will come to you at night.
Rajan: When and where?
Mom: In your room, now please go, Aakash might come back.

Listening to this, I gave him a high five. He had done the impossible. Now it was only a matter of time.
Rajan: Is it safe today, won’t your dad find out.
Me: No, he had a lot of drink, and it is very cold. He is not getting out of bed till morning, you just think about fucking mom.
Rajan: Yeah.

After that mom and dad went to their room, I went to Rajan’s room. I told him that I wanted to watch all the action, his room had an attached bathroom with mine, I opened it little and stayed there inside. I wished him luck and went inside. We waited for 1 hour, after that another hour. At 12:30am I heard a sound coming from my mom’s room, I thought she woke up for toilet or water. But soon her door opened and in few seconds a knock came on Rajan’s door.

He opened the door and there was my mom standing in front of Rajan in sleeveless nighty, her hairs were tied, she didn’t look into Rajan’s eyes, Rajan was straightaway into business, he pulled her holding her waist and locked the door from inside. My mom went to turn off the lights, Rajan pulled her back and pushed her on the wall, he gave her a lip lock, she responded positively, it went on for 10 minutes, and they were biting each others’ lips. Meanwhile Rajan grabbed mom’s boobs with his one hand. Mom was moaning with pleasure. Now Rajan started kissing mom’s neck. Mom was screaming “oooooh aaaaaaaah ummmmmmmmmm” and she was pulling his hair. Rajan now moved mom’s hand upwards and started rubbing his nose on her armpits. It was slightly hairy and moist with sweat, Rajan started licking them, and mom closed her eyes. She was enjoying the moment. Now Rajan tried opening mom’s nighty, she refused as she was feeling shy, he understood it. kaçak bahis Rajan opened her hair; he pulled her towards him and gave her a deep kiss. Meanwhile he opened her nighty.

After that what I saw is the most special moment of my life. There was my own mom standing completely nude, with her hairs open, a gold necklace and pair of ear rings on, thick pubic hairs around her pussy. She looked like a Sex goddess. Now Rajan jumped on her boobs like a tiger he was biting them, mom was moaning “ummmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaahhhhh jor se karo, jor se kaato Rajan” She was holding his hair and directing her.

After that my mom pushed Rajan and opened his shirt. Rajan was a muscular man and mom was pretty impressed. She started kissing his chest; she went down and opened his pants, and underwear. She was surprised to see a 7 inch cock come out of his pants. Her mouth was watering for it, she quickly took it inside her mouth, she started sucking it like an ice cream, Rajan was on the 7th cloud, and even I pulled my dick outside and started jerking off. Her hand movements with the cock was terrific, she made it wet by her saliva and was giving an awesome blowjob. Soon Rajan ejaculated and it was the biggest load I have ever seen him give out. It spread all over mom’s hands and breasts. She didn’t taste it at all. Rajan helped cleaning mom with some clothes; he cleaned her breasts and hands. She stood up to pick her dress and going back to her room.

But then Rajan again pulled her back, he made her lay on the bed; he spread her legs wide and started moving his mouth towards her pussy. Her pussy was all wet due to the activities before. Rajan had learnt the skill of oral sex by watching a lot of porn with me. He was clinical there, rubbing her clit with his fingers at the same time and licking her pussy, his tongue movements were so skilled that mom was moaning with her eyes closed. He started fingering her. She started screaming “Jor se karo ummmmmaaaaaaaaaiiii faaaaast Rajan Jaldi jaldi karo” Rajan icreased his speed and mom was screaming with pleasure.

Soon Rajan stopped. He took out a condom from his bag. He gave it to mom. And there was my own mother putting the condom on Rajan’s dick. He pushed my mom to bed again, they laid in missionary position, Rajan was over mom kissing her, He inserted his dick inside, her pussy was wide and wet so it went inside easily, soon he started giving strokes my mom started moaning and holding his back. Rajan increased his speed. Both were going crazy, the sound of his dick hitting the walls of her pussy could he heard. Mom was screaming to go faster and Rajan was obeying her. After 10 minutes, Rajan cummed.

He slowed down and started hugging and kissing mom. They both kissed and hugged tightly. The laid hugging each other for another 5 minutes. After that mom stood up and started putting on her dress. There was an expression of satisfaction on her face. Rajan tried to get her back again but she told that it might be risky to stay for too long as anyone might wake up. Rajan did let her go his time, she went out, Rajan gave a deep kiss on her neck from the backside, and she smiled and went away.

After that Rajan again locked the door, I came inside the room. Rajan started telling me about what happened, I told him that I saw everything. He said

Rajan: your mom is a real sex goddess, her body is to be worshiped by all sex lovers.
Me: Now please let her own son worship her.
Rajan: Sure, so how are we going to do this?
Me: I have a plan, tomorrow night.
Rajan: Oh I get it

I wanted to fuck mom badly, there were several options for me. I could have straightaway hit on her. Or made Rajan to convience her. But I chose the safest way. I talked to Rajan about it.

Me: I have made a plan.

Rajan: You want me to talk to her?

Me: No, that could backfire.

Rajan: Then?

Me: I want you to fuck mom in her bedroom when I go to college, Just don’t lock the door from inside and give me a missed call when you have started.

Rajan: Ok then lets do it tomorrow.

Next day, I got up in the morning. Mom made my breakfast and I left. Dad left even before me. I went to a nearby tea stall and lit up a cigaratte and waited for Rajan to call. It didn’t come for an hour. After that I gave him a call.

Me: What happened Rajan?

Rajan: She is washing clothes right now,She told me to wait till then.

Me: What man? Just pull her out of there and fuck her,you should control her.

Rajan: Ok, I am going then.

Me:Give me a call when you start.

Inside 10 minutes, I got a call from Rajan, I started quickly. I reached home in 5 minutes,slowly I opened the door and went Inside, I went to my mom’s room, it was closed but not locked. I could hear Rajan moaning from inside.

I waited for few seconds and finally opened the door at once. I saw rajan lying on the bed, he had his t-shirt on but without any pants, his cock was hard and my mom was holding it. She was wearing a petticoat but without any blouse and bra, her huge boobs were hanging as she was giving blowjob to Rajan, I came inside and started clapping. My mom seeing me got shocked instantly and started hiding her boobs with the bed sheet. I asked mom.

Me: What the help is happening here?

Mom: It Isn’t what you are thinking.

Me: Then?? I have nothing to see, its all here happening in the open.

Mom just started crying….she wept like a baby. I went to her and held her.

Mom: I know i have done wrong, these are emotional accidents of life, you won’t understand casino firmalari it aakash.

Me: I hope dad does understand mom.

Mom: Please don’t tell him aakash,i swear you. Our family will be destroyed.

Me: Mom, Why were you doing this?

Mom: You won’t understand aakash, a woman has certain needs which has to be fulfilled, I love your dad, but he can never give what I want.

Hearing that I went to mom, I removed the bed-sheet from her breasts, I touched it,i pressed it with my hand and asked.

Me:What is it mom?

She was stunned and silent.I took out my cock from my pant. My tool was already hard and 7 inches long at that time. I showed it to mom and asked.

Me: Is this what you need mom?

Mom: Shut up Aakash, we cannot do this, its a sin.

Me: And what were you doing 5 minutes ago? what was that?

Mom: Aakash please try to understand.

Me: Mom, I worship your body from ages, now time has come that I get this body, I need your real flesh and blood now mom.

Saying this I bent down, I gave her a deep kiss on her lips, to my surprise, she didin’t refuse. Now we kissed for another 5 minutes she was moving her lips gracefully, my tongue went inside her mouth and we were kissing madly, exchanging saliva from each other’s mouth.

Finally I pushed her on to the bed, we were still kissing, with my hand i pulled her petticoat above and touched her thighs. With my other hand, i grabbed her breasts, those were so huge but soft , i could not hold one of them with my single hand. Rajan who was standing beside also joined he gave his cock into mom’s mouth, she started sucking it.

Meanwhile, I raised my mom’s armpits and started sniffing her armpits, the same musky smell I used to smell in her blouse and masturbated hundreds of time was present there, she did not take bath yet that day, the smell coming from her armpits was out of the world, it gave me a hard on instantly, i quickly went down and opened mom’s petticoat, she was now only in her pink underwear. It was all wet and juices were coming out of it. I smelled it, it was like heaven.

Slowly I opened her panty, threw it away on the floor, i had a look of my mom’s pussy. It was the first time I was looking it so closely, It was dark shaded. Filled with bushes,it looked so sexy. The two pussy lips were like way to the pink heaven inside the pussy. I saw the place I came from in this world,I wanted to re enter it. I asked mom.

Me: Mom, I came from your pussy, I want to go inside again. Please let me in mom.

Mom: Its all yours beta, take your mom’s pussy, go inside and come out anytime you wish. You are my lord from today.

Listening to all this made me horny. I started licking mom’s pussy, It tasted sour, juices were flowing continuously, her pussy was so big, I struggled to move my tongue properly, I gave her a tongue tornado, She started moaning and jumping, she pulled Rajan and kissed him deeply, Rajan was biting her boobs that time. I started rubbing her clit that time. She was in heaven.

I inserted my fingers into her pussy, she started moaning….i increased the speed, she was screaming “Fast betaaaa……aaj apni ma ki pyaas bhuja do. jooooor se karooooo!” I then jumped above and started sucking her boobs, i bit her nipples hard. She hugged me tightly and started kissing my neck.

I then went made her lie on the other side, I saw her back,It was smooth and silky, it curved on the way down. And then i saw her huge ass, It was round and curved, it would give Kim Kardashian’s ass a run for its money. I slapped her butt, she screamed… “aaaaaah aaakash!” I then grabbed it with my hands and then I separated the but cheeks, I sat her asshole, I went down i licked it with my tongue, mom started moaning, i made it wet with my saliva. I inserted my middle finger into mom’s asshole, slowly and gently i started moving it in and out. She was having a good time, I inserted my second finger too, her asshole started to expand.She said “ab daal bhi do Aakash, kitna tarpaoge apni maa ko”.

I ordered Rajan to get the bottle of coconut oil. He went and came back wih the bottle, He poured some into my hands, I applied some on my cock and with my fingers,i put some on mom’s asshole.

I then asked my mom to take the doggy position, she obeyed me and bent down like a bitch. Her huge ass, was in front of me, oil dripping out from her asshole, she was requesting her own son to put his dick into her asshole. I took my dick and thrusted it into he asshole, she gave a loud scream. Rajan went quickly and inserted his cock into her mouth. I started pushing my cock into mom’s asshole, it went inside smoothly.

I started giving gentle strokes. Her asshole was tight and it was warm inside, it was like it wanted to suck all the semen out of my cock. I could not resist and I started giving fast strokes. Mom moved her ass with perfection. Meanwhile she was giving nice blowjob to Rajan, Rajan was grabbing her boobs at he same time. I asked mom.

Me: Does dad fuck you in the ass mom?

Mom: No, in fact he never did.

Me: Are you saying, I fucked my mom’s virgin ass?

Mom: Yes beta, you have.

Listening to this i couldn’t control anymore, I was about to cum, I pulled my cock out of mom’s anal and cummed all over her hips. I did explode a thick load. And it covered a lot of mom’s hips. Watching it even Rajan could not control and he came back and exploded his load on mom’s hips. Mom’s hips were covered with both our semen. I went to mom and gave her my cock to clean it. She sucked güvenilir casino it and cleaned all the semen from it. She asked us.

Mom: Now both you boys, clean my ass fast.

Rajan: I will get a wet towel.

Me: No, lets have a bath together, all three of us.

Mom: Yes that’s a good idea.

I asked Rajan to switch on the geyser and shower, he went inside the bathroom and did all the work, i locked all the doors of the house. Meanwhile mom and me were kissing each other. He came back and told us to come. My mom stood up to move. I then told mom to wait.

Then I held mom and carried her with my hands. Mom held my neck and I carried her to the bathroom like my lover. Hot showers were already prepared by Rajan, I took mom inside and made her stand there. Water started pouring on us and i held her and hugged her there.

Then I took shower gel and foam and applied it on moms ass. I filled it with foam and spread he foam on her pussy also. Rajan took some gel and applied on her breasts, they were kissing madly. I then stood up and applied foam on mom’s whole body. She was filled with soap. She then called me and Rajan to stick to her body and clean ourselves. I went on the front side and Rajan from the backside. We stuck to moms’s soapy body and started rubbing our body against her. We went back to shower to rinse ourselves.

Mom then cleaned our bodies. Our shower was over. I switched off the shower. Mom then pulled both of us and guided us to her bedroom. She quickly went to her almirah and pulled a fresh pair of towel. She asked us to come on bed. She laid us both on the bed and started drying us, she rubbed the towel on my chest and armpits. She did the same with Rajan. She dried our cock and balls. After that she started drying her hairs. She was looking beautiful, she rubbed the towel on her breasts and stomach. I could not control as my cock became hard again. Same with Rajan too. Mom saw it and said.

Mom: Naughty boys, can’t you control even for some time?

Me: No, mom you don’t know how difficult it is to watch a sex goddess and not to get and erection.

Mom: Ok, let me give both of you a nice blowjob for now.

Saying that she bent down and started stroking both our cocks together. She wore lot of bangles and they were making sound with her hand strokes. She then started sucking our cocks simultaneously. After some time Rajan asked mom to increase her speed, mom agreed and started moving her hands faster. He cummed, he shot his load on mom’s hands. He screamed with pleasure. Mom left his cock and shifted the focus on me. With both her hands now she was giving me strokes. She sucked my cock and took it deep in her throat. I was about to come, I asked mom.

Me: I am cumming mom, please swallow my cum.

Mom took my cock inside her moth again and gave a stroke with her mouth again, this time i ejaculated in her mouth. I could feel my semen mixing with her saliva, shedrank all my cum. She left my cock completely dry. After that i just hugged mom tightly and laid on the bed. Rajan too came back on the bed he started touching moms boobs, Mom kissed him on his chest.

Me: We three will live together now and have the best time of our lives.

Mom: You two have already given me the best pleasure of my life.

Rajan: No madam, there is a lot to come now,just wait and watch.

Mom: But nobody should come to know about it.

Me: Yes, all of it will stay inside this house only.

All the three of us then slept for some time, son the same bed, i put my head near her armpits to have the heavenly musky smell. Rajan also slept kissing mom from the other side. We slept for 4 hours, after that we woke up. Mom put on her clothes,tied her hairs and went to bathroom to piss. I followed her there, She was asking me all the time to go away but i resisted and watched her piss. I went quickly and cleaned her pussy with my tongue, She wore her panty and salwar sameej. She asked us if we wanted to have tea. I said I have to go to the market to buy something. She asked “what?”. I told her its a surprise, but you have to be ready when i come back. I started my bike and asked Rajan to come along with me. Rajan came along with me. During the ride Rajan asked me

Rajan: what is the surprise?

Me: You realised i didn’t fuck mom’s pussy?

Rajan: Yes i did, why is it so?

Me: I don’t want to fuck her pussy as her son.

Rajan: Then what will you do?

Me: I want to marry her and become her husband.

Rajan: That’s a great idea.

Me: Yes, i am going to buy a ring to propose her.

Rajan: Even I want to marry her, make her my wife.

Me: Then you should too, lets both of us marry her.

Rajan: Yes, lets propose her together.

We went to a jewellery shop, bought a pair of rings, and came back.It was 5pm in the evening, we reached home, my mom was sitting in the living room watching TV. She was wearing a new yellow colored salwaar kameej, she had a gold chain and earrings on. She was looking beautiful.She asked.

Mom: Where did you both go?

Me: To the market.

Mom: Why?

Me: Mom, both of us want to say you something.

Mom: Yes,tell me.

Rajan and I pulled our rings from the pocket and bent on our knees and said.

Me: Mom, we love you,lets take this to another level. We want to marry you. Please become our wife. Will you mom?

Mom: How is this possible?

Me: We can make it happen mom, just say yes.

Mom: I love you both, you are the lords of my body now. If this is what you need from me, I am more than happy to become your wife.

She moved her hands forward and we put our rings simultaneously into her ring finger. We had a liplock session for 5minutes. After that mom asked.

Mom: So are we going to marry?

Me: Yes mom, it will happen.

Mom: How?

Me: Wait and watch I have a plan in mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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