Marine Zack’s Group Encounter by Buck Jones

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Marine Zack’s Group Encounter by Buck Jones
Chapter Seven

by Buck Jones

Zack Arranges a Group Encounter

I told Gramp what I wanted. I wanted a controlled ****. I want to be tied up to a tree and guys and then maybe some girls come along… and they use my holes. The guys double fuck me… I could be d**gged or something. I just want to give up control to get what I want. I want sexual excess and sexual exhaustion. I don’t want to bleed or anything, but I wantto be lost in what’s happening. I want every action, every slap, every whack to work me up, to crank me up so I feel every nerve inside me vibrating with pleasure. But how do I get something like that to happen?

Then I begin wondering what I can do to get into that situation, and the first thing that comes to my mind Is to start hanging at a cool club and pick out the ecstasy users because they would know where the really exotic d**gs are and who‘s using them. So I get some X from a friend on base, which would admit me into some circles. I am looking for the mid-to-late twenties. My contemporaries.So I go on Skype and start the search…. I want the scene set up when I get there… at least the first scene. I want them to befriend me and along with the befriending an introduction to a real scene. I have to find a girl or a couple girls on Skype who live in Wilmington and who go out. I can give them a show that will wet their pussies. They squirt when I deep throat my 7 incher and show them my cock at the same time. I can get them worked up in no time. I’m not worried about anything like that. I just need to set the wheels a ‘rolling and see what happens.

I place the Craigslist ad. I put it in for CDs and Trannies, and also for women. I really want a woman or women to get me into the scene because I want to be able to meet some real dicks. Dildos may drive me wild, but a real hot throbbing cock inside me is the best.

CL: Looking for hot party girl in Wilmington. GL 25 yr old military seeks of age girl for socializing and maybe more if that happens. 6’ 1” 195 7” Like to Skype and put on shows. Photo in first e-mail or it won’t be read. Let’s do this.

It was pretty easy to narrow down the list and it worked out perfectly. I settle on Monica. She’s a college student from out of state, daddy’s footing the bills, and she’s taking a half load this semester to bring up her gpa. I mean we start off pretty hot. I have a rule. I never show it on the first video exchange. Some girls have the same rule. They’ll show their tits, but the private area stays private, depending. She likes my tats… and wants to see them all. I let her know if I show my chest and back, she has to show her chest and back. Especially, since she has a butterfly on the left side of her left nipple, which she’s happy to show off.

We get off to a really good start. I think by night two, I am looking at her pussy and she is looking at my dick. I know we’re going to meet, but I can’t get away until the next weekend, so we entertain ourselves with shows in the meantime. I know things are moving in the right direction when she asks if one of her girlfriends can watch me jack off and suck my toy. I tell her “Yes” if I can see both pussies and you work yourselves while I’m working myself.They agree and I go to town. Before it’s all over, I’m bending over and putting my ten-inch toy in my ass. The two girls are masturbating each other with four fingers; everyone’s wet and juicy and slimy, and we all three cum at the same time. It’s wild. I never think I’d be in a scene with two girls working themselves while I’m fucking myself with my ten incher.

Hot. Hot. Hot.

Then the fateful night. We meet. Monica, her friend Laura, Laura’s boyfriend Todd and Todd’s friend Cole. The plan is to drop some X, all together at the same time, so we will all be on the same wavelength and we can peak and ride the fun out together… and we can even bump up a bit later on, toward midnight. Everyone’s getting a bit out of the way. I mean, I guess because of the Skyping, everything sexual is fair play in the conversation.

Cole is fascinated by me swallowing dick. He’s never done it before and hasn’t really had the urge to try, but he’s wanting to know how it all comes about. How do I start wanting to take dick down my throat?

I tell him I came to sex somewhat late, about 17, so I have a history of handwork and total control in that department, thanks to my big brother’s educating me on the facts of life. I caught him wacking off one time, so he
explains to me what he’s doing and how good it feels. You just have to watch out for the juice. You don’t want to be getting the juice on things, so jack off into a sock or a dirty towel or some paper towels. That began the love affair with my hand and so I explore my tail, and pretty soon I really like the way my ass takes things to the next level. Then I get a dildo… it’s like a real dick, all soft and firm and fleshy. It’s just a thing to put things in your mouth so before I use it to fuck me, I try putting it in my mouth. It feels really, really good. I imagine the guy on the delivery route I work with…. It’s his cock. I saw his cock once. He didn’t know I saw it, but I remember what it looks like and it looks like that guy’s cock. So before I stick my toy up where the sun don’t shine, I decided to play with it with my mouth. I like the feel and the way it makes me feel… like I’m loving doing something really wrong. I should be licking and sucking on pussy, but I’ve got this toy in my mouth and I’m having some hot times with the delivery guy. I forget his name… Allen or Jeff or something. He’s a hot male and I can suck him when I close my eyes. That’s how I got to liking sucking. So I open up both ends with cock. No matter what I enjoy doing with my dick, when I’ve got something up my ass, I’m in hog heaven. I figured it out pretty early right after I discovered my prostate. I didn’t know what it was called then, but I did know when something filled my ass and moved around a little, my explosions were intensified by a thousand times or maybe ten thousand times. It was the best… my ass being worked and jacking off. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t so interested in checking out someone else. I pretty much found what made me happy. A well lubed cock and a big toy up my ass. I’d have whole evenings when I would suck the toy and then let it fuck me for a while. I would suck it again and then fuck me with it. Usually, after going back and forth between mouth and hole, I’d insert it for its final fuck. I learned how tomove my hips so the toy could fuck me while I jacked off, and I could hit every cylinder and ride that toy into glory, shooting out all over me, my ass quivering around the fullness of the toy. I guess, even then, I fantasized about a real dick up inside me, but as long as my play satisfied me, I didn’t think about “finding somebody.”Which leads into my deep throating and ass fucking at the same time. The girls had told the boys everything, except, of course, I’m sure that they worked each other while watching my show.

The evening progresses and the talk is totally titillating. I mean everyone is getting worked up… even the guys. Cole puts his hand on his crotch when he’s looking directly at me on the dance floor and smiles. He squeezes and the removes his hand. I can see a bulge growing in his trousers. We’re back at the table and we all agree we should get some more beer and take this party to a place where we can let it all hang out. I’m game for anything by that time. Monica is just about to pop out of her bra and Laura and Todd have practically melted into each other. And it’s time for a bump up, so I suggest we leave the club, buy a case of Bud and find a place to party.

Todd suggests a place in the country at the end of some offshoot with no houses… we can party there.We make our purchases, we drop the X, and I follow in my truck this group of partiers with Laura, now showing me her tits sitting by my side.

“What you got in that bag back there?” she asks, somewhat knowingly.

“My toys,”I reply.

“Maybe we can play with them when we get to our spot.”

I responded with, “I think I’d like that. In the meantime, why don’t you unzip my pants and jack on my dick. I’ve been hard for you all evening.”

Monica starts jacking on my dick and I’m feeling really, really good. I’m able to squeeze some tit with one hand and still steer. Then she goes down on it and I’m going crazy trying to follow Todd, Laura, and Cole. Let’s just say they were prepared to party. When Todd opened the trunk ofhis car, he pulled out a couple blankets and a box with an air mattress in it. The air mattress fills up automatically. We all have a place to sit to sip some suds and possibly get naked. I learn pretty quickly the getting naked part takes care of itself. I’m looking at some prime meat. Two well hung dudes and some mighty pretty pussy and I’m in the middle of it.

Cole speaks first. “What do you say to a little submission?”

“What kind of submission?”

“You finger the two girls while you suck our dicks. But, there’s casino siteleri one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“We bind your wrists and run the ropes over the tree limb above you. You’llhave freedom of movement to finger the girls, but we’ll have some control over the a****l in you.”

My heart jumps into my throat. Oh, fuck, I think, this is what I’ve been waiting for. They want to subjugate me and make me their object. I’m sureI’ll have some leeway if something were to happen.

“Sure, why not?”

Cole takes one wrist and binds it… not tightly… totally comfortably and Todd does the same to the other. Each throw their ropes over the big overhanging branch and tense them enough so I’m aware I’m somewhat restrained. Cole becomes the leader all of a sudden.

“On your knees. Girls, take off your shorts and underwear and show this Marine some Southern pussy… some of the finest muff you’ll ever see.”

At that moment, Todd and Cole pull on the ropes, lifting my arms above my head and severely restricting my movement.

Cole again: “OK, Monica, since you discovered him, he can eat you out first. Pour some beer down your pussy to make it cool and refreshing. Now, you, stick out your tongue and lap up those suds.”

It truly is one of the most beautiful female organs. It’s pink, even in the moonlight, two perfect mounds with just a brush of hair at the outer most edges. I lick and tease and tickle. I get her clit between my teeth and start tweaking it with my tongue. She moans and rubs herself closer to me.

Cole interrupts and gives Todd the floor.Todd just holds the head right in front of my lips. It’s almost uncomfortable to try to lean forward and reach it. I stare at it. He twitches a couple times and the head reddens and swells.

“Take it easy. I don’t give this cock to just any guy. You make me feel good from the first contact.”

“Yes, Sir,” I reply with a joking tone in my voice.

His head touches my lips. They open slightly. He brushes his head sideways with a light swinging motion several times, and then centers on my lips with a bit more pressure. I ease my tongue out enough to touch his
piss hole. I start working the tip of my tongue around his slit, and even a bit into it. I find the opening and tease the inside of his piss hole. He pushes in a bit more. I open wider. He presses a bit more. He lets my lips and tongue do their thing. Again, I find myself opening even more as his glans makes a full entry into my mouth. My tongue is going crazy with so much surface to cover and play with.

He begins slowly with shallow movements to fuck my mouth. He makes no attempt to deep throat. He is content to feel my mouth and tongue surrounding his cockhead. Todd withdraws.

Laura, a darker version of Monica, steps in front of the mouth, and thrusts her pelvis forward, placing her snatch like a passionate kiss on my mouth. I start sucking immediately. Instinctively, I let my tongue penetrate her lips while I’m sucking on them. I just work that pussy for all its worth. I’m chowing down like I haven’t eaten anything in a week. At the peak of my ardor, she pulls back.Cole again takes command.

“Let’s lower his arms… blood flow and all that shit and have a brew… and then our Marine here can suck on my cock while he fingers the girls.”

With the blood flow restored to my arms, lying on the blanket covered mattress, I drink my beer amid some pretty open conversation.

Cole: “Well, Monica, what do you think of your find?”

“He’s hot. I know that from the shows he puts on. I can get just as hot as he gets and I think he’s hot tonight.

Monica punctuates her statement with the grip of her cold fingers, the one holding the iced down beer. I flinch, but it feels fucking good. She asks, “Can I see your suck your 8 incher?”

Laura chimes in, “Sure, let’s see what that looks like. Guys, don’t you want to see this cocksucker in action?”

Todd and Cole nod. Monica goes to my car, retrieves the bag and returns. There are a few embarrassed giggles from the girls and smirks from the guys as Monica lifts out each toy, one at the time. I had brought my big bag, not knowing what was going to happen, so I had my 14” double header along as well. The guys are in disbelief.

Cole: “Shit, man. You’re telling me you get this monster up your ass?”

I reply: “I don’t get a whole lot of it… about five or six inches, but it’s up inside me. I can feel it pushing every button.”

Todd: “Man, I’m having a great time, and, no doubt about it, you suck a mean dick, but why would you want something that huge plugged up your ass?”

“The only thing I can say is I get the feeling I’m being pushed in every direction. It’s like it’s overfilling me. Waves of pleasure push out from my ass and pass up through my body. I’ll even take my hand off my dick just to feel the enormous fullness that toy brings. I can’t take it all the time, but when I want it, I’m glad it’s there.”

Cole: “Do you want it tonight?”

“Let’s see how things go.”

The beers are gone now, the second bump is beginning to rise. I get on my knees again and outstretch my arms. The ropes again limit my latitude.Cole walks in front of me, his dick already rock hard.

“Girls,” he calls.

Monica and Laura place their bushes in each hand. My fingers begin rubbing the split, working up and down the opening, feeling the moisture wetting my fingers. Cole’s got a country dick, just your average monster cock, ready for full time porn.

Cole: “You want to suck this, don’t you? Here you are – the big bad military wolf – on your knees, doing what you do best, sucking cocks. I don’t care how good a shot you are, how practiced in whatever oriental martial art, or how much of a killing machine you’re supposed to be, you’re here on your knees about to suck a real Southern boy’s cock. I’ve had this since I was about eleven and a half years old. All of a sudden, I had this, and now I want you to suck it, right now. Suck yourself into heaven.”

With that, Cole presents his dick to my lips. He doesn’t pressure me to do anything. I begin by finding the hard thin line of his foreskin, so I can lift it with my tongue. I know I won’t drive him into a state if I can’t get that skin opened up and my tongue on the south side of his dick. I push the skin back as much as I can while pressing my tongue hard against the top of his head. Finally, a breakthrough. My tongue moves easily under his skin. I
pull the foreskin in with my lips, sucking it to me while I move my tongue to the underside of his head. I make a full frontal assault on his pleasure point and soon he jolts, then he quivers, and now he’s thrusting. I take him farther and farther into my mouth. He thrusts aggressively into my mouth. I drop my jaw. His cockhead finds the hole to my throat. I feel the pressure. I drop my jaw as far as I can. He thrusts. I grab those two pussies and begin to flounder on the mattress.

Cole follows me down onto the mattress, keeping his dick locked deeply into my throat for the whole ride down. He pulls his dick out. I gasp and finally breathe. I upright myself. The girls are even moister now as my fingers explore the hidden passageways to the innermost reaches of their holes. The lips of their pussies brush my hands as my fingers find and play with the tunnel of love. I relish feeling the bands of muscles that are going to surround my dick. I seek them out to find out how strong they are.

Monica and Laura are pretty well matched. Neither has had a c***d, so the tunnels are tight, moist, and juicy. I relish, also, their moans. Todd approaches me with his hard dick. Cole scoots in behind me. Soon I feel Cole’s fingers lubing my ass and his dick at the same time. Todd pushes his dick into my mouth. I begin sucking. Before I know it, I’m being pressured from behind. That thick cocked Cole is pushing at my backdoor. He’s got me lubed up really well and his head hits home. It finds the point at the center of the hole and Cole pushes just enough to create some resistance, allowing me to feel the need to relax.

I relax. Cole knows what his dick can do, and for all his he-man Southern macho shit he swaggers about, he’s a great sensitive fuck. He wants me totally open without any pain… and he can fuck me and fuck me, use my hole, yes, use my hole and open me up. The girls are dripping and juicy and working their pussies onto my five pointed gift, in and out. Todd finds the back of my throat and pushes at the same time Cole gets over the ring. My ass opens up and feels so wonderfully full. I’m sucking, I’m being fucked, and I am pumping on two hot wet juicy pussies. Man, I’m a happy camper.

Cole speaks: “Todd, why don’t you pull out, and Monica, why don’t you get low down and suck the Marine’s cock while he jacks ”

Todd. “Fuck’n’ YEAH! That’s what I’m talking about.”

All that pussy juice I can wipe on Todd’s dick and mix with all the deep throat juices of my body. I can really get a good slippery grip on Todd. I’m rock hard and dripping. Monica takes some pre-cum and rubs it on the outside of my mouth. I lick it inside my mouth and blow myself bahis siteleri canlı into a thousand pieces as Cole gets a rhythm going and starts assaulting my senses. Licking my own pre-cum, jacking Todd, getting fucked by Cole and pumping Laura.

Cole, again: “Laura, come in front of the Marine and give him your pussy to eat. I want to fuck him for a little while longer while he eats on you and plays with your tits. And then I’m going to let him jack me and Todd at the same time.”

OH, YEAH I thought again. Both dicks have different feels… both are good sized dicks but feel totally different. I think it’s the heads. Cole’s thick dick seems to ease into the head which sits like a little cap on top of the shaft. Todd has a fat mushroom over lip, I have to loosen and tighten my fingers when they go up and down his cock. Yeah, that’s it. It’s the heads. They are so different that the feelings I have are different. Man, can Monica suck my dick, and Laura’s pussy in my mouth. Cole and Laura get a rhythm going so she pushes into my mouth as he pushes up inside me and holds it, while she continues to rub. Pussy never tasted so good and Cole’s stabbing me big time.

My tongue is working overtime and my left hand is cruising over that fat head on Todd’s cock. Oh, God, I am in heaven and the X expands all the feelings and I’m warm and I’m hot and I’m not even believing this fucking shit is going on.

“Cole, yes, man, ride that ass and let me feel all of it, Yes, now punch fuck me. Pull it all the way out and then open me up again. Oh, yes, man, fuck me sweetly, push it deep inside me.”

Todd reaches over and plays with Laura’s breasts. He tells me to keep jacking. At that point, Cole pulls out and walks to my right. I find his cock. He pours some lube on his dick and my hand slides easily up and down his slippery shaft. He hands the lube to Todd. Now both dicks are lubed and I start jacking in unison. I slow and I speed up. I make a ring with my thumb and forefinger and milk each cock slowly. I enclose them with all my fingers and jack them easily and slowly while increasing my speed without even realizing it.

The pussy in my mouth and the mouth on my dick. I’m not even realizing all the fucking things I’m feeling. I’m just feeling, buzzing, floating, living in another reality, like the sexiest dream I could have yet it’s happening and I’m not believing it.

Cole: “Stop jacking, release the dicks. Girls, go get the strap-ons out of the back of the car. Let’s relax the Marine’s body before he continues jacking us and have you two fuck him … one in the ass and one in the mouth. We’ll be using all his holes.”

I don’t remember how long I was down on the mattress, but I was feeling back to an X-ed out slightly alcoholic high after relaxing. I am feeling fine. Icouldn’t touch my cock, even though I could have reached it because the ropes were relaxed. The only new thing is they bind my ankles and throw those ropes over the limb but a little farther out on the branch. They make no effort to raise my legs.

After our period of relaxation, I get on my knees and extend my arms. The girls are now comfortable with the adjustments of their strap-ons. Monica gets to fuck me, so she lubes up pretty well before beginning the ritual of penetration.

“Come on, Mama, give it to your boy!” I spit out right before Laura opens my mouth with this 8 incher that’s made to feel like human skin.

My hands are lubed also as they begin to jack both those cocks. I concentrate on their head, just working the rims and then the backs of the heads and then on top rubbing over the piss hole and back around the glans. Both men are twitching. I’m on overload. Monica get a rhythm going in my ass and Laura knows how to work that big piece of almost meat, so it finds the opening to get deep down into my throat. I can’t ask for anything more. The guys start fucking my hands, rocking back and forth.The girls start going crazy. I learn later the strap-ons have an interior stimulator for the clit and pussies, so while the toy is fucking or being sucked, the woman is being worked inside. The girls are pushing in a really active way. My throat is being exploded, but she lets me breathe from time to time. When Laura replaces her toy in my mouth, it easily finds my throat once again, and I feel the fucking my mouth and throat are getting. The girls fall into a fast, frenetic pace and all of a sudden they are moaning and the high pitched “oohs and aahs”, and sweating, and crying out about their finale.

Laura pulls out just before I’m about to pass out fromlack of oxygen, and Monica pulls out as well.Now the boys do the same thing. While the girls are removing their strap-ons, the boys take up position. Cole at my ass and Todd at my mouth.

Again, Cole: “OK, Marine, take both of us.”

Even though they know I’ve been opened up, they approach me like the first time, feeling the way slowly and gently. First, Cole pushes, enters slightly, opens a bit wider, and then slides inside a few inches. Todd opens my mouth and my tongue goes into action. I work the glans on the top and the bottom. I find his nubby hot point and press with my tongue. As I work on that area, Todd is moving in and out of my mouth, when Cole gets his rhythm going, Todd starts his search for the entry to my throat. I relax my jaw and work my head down a bit, forcing Todd’s dick into the very back of my throat and in the right direction to press forward even more deeply.

Cole asks Todd if he’s close to cumming. Cole replies he can be. Cole says that everything inside him is hitting on all eight cylinders and he wants to cum. Todd fucks my mouth a bit more aggressively, but as he is pulling out farther, I’m able to get breaths between thrusts, so the experience with all the enhancements is majorly out of sight. Cole is beating a hot ass and Todd is fucking my throat.

“Bang!” Cole yells out, “Shit, I’m there.”

Todd follows instantaneously, “Me, too, Man.”

I’m hit from both ends with ejaculating cocks, humping cocks, twitching cocks, pumping cocks… cocks rocking in the afterglow of an intense orgasm.

The hips stop moving.The girls standing beside the scene applaud.

Monica: “I know how much you boys like fucking Marines. Almost as much as you like fucking us.”

Cole: “A mouth and an ass, no matter how enticing, are not the real thing. They may be hot holes needing to be filled and great enjoyment may be derived from filling them, but those holes are not pussies. There is something special about the pussy that makes it more than just a hole. So you don’t have to worry. Men, and especially Marines, are fun to play with, but not for serious relationships.“

Turning to me, Cole spoke: “We’re going to leave you here for awhile tied up. That’s part of the game. We’re going to take the girls home and then we’ll come back for you.”

They lay me on the mattress and then hoist my hands and my legs just enough that I cannot reach any limb and I cannot touch myself. I see them drive off,

Cole kissing on Monica, “I told you that you could do it. I told you that you could get us a Marine to play with this weekend.”

Monica, kissing him back, “And I did.”

I am not uncomfortable, just restrained and beginning to wonder if I hadn’t gotten myself into something that was a bit more bizarre than I imagined.I think I fall asleep because it’s like part of a dream when Cole and Todd drive up and stop the car. They get out carrying a brown paper bag. They bring something to drink… Todd loosens the arm ropes so I can relax and drink the drink. Cole sets the brown bag down beside the mattress on the ground. Cole informs me that they are not through with the evening. Sure, they came, but they want to cum again, but only after they have some more fun.

This time my legs are pulled up into the air, but I am still lying on my back. My arms are pulled out from my sides, but not in any way uncomfortable .Cole opens the bag. It contains a canister of Crisco, vegetable lard.

“We figure that ass of yours could be opened even farther. We don’t fist in front of the girls. They don’t understand the man’s psyche and what’s involved when one man is fisting another. They really don’t know how personal it is for a man to have his hand up another man’s ass. It’s more intimate than sex with our sex organs. It’s a new realm because both parties feel things they cannot feel otherwise. So let’s begin. While I’m lubing your ass, you can suck Todd’s dick.”

With Todd’s dick in my mouth, I can’t see a whole lot of what is going on in my private regions. Finally, Cole shows me what he has been doing. He shows me my 10 incher, which is pretty solid, coated in Crisco. While he’s showing me that, he’s opening my ass with about three or four fingers. The muscles are a little sore at first and not wanting to relax, but they do open up. When Cole withdraws his fingers, he moves the 10 incher to my rear, and presses against my hole.Thicker even than Cole, the 10 incher pushes some more limits for the evening.

Again, Cole is always the tender-in-control canlı kaçak bahis lover. He pushes the toy all the way into the curve in my rectum and starts twisting it, pulling it in and out slowly and then a little more quickly. Cole tells Todd to sit on my face because he wants to watch me eat ass while he fucks my ass with the toy. I can’t touch anything. My legs are somewhat elevated and my arms are spread out. Todd’s ass is clean and sweet smelling, without a blemish… and his young,tight hole reddens the more I play with it. When I tongue him and he moans, Cole works the toy aggressively and quickly. I

’m just dripping pre-cum like its pee. I feel every aspect of my toy. No one has ever fucked me with that toy. I was the only one to put it up my ass, holding onto it… or I would place it against a spot so I could ride it. No one has ever penetrated me like Cole is doing with my toy. I’m licking and sucking Todd’s ass and he’s beginning to fuck my mouth with the movements of his hips.

“Eat it, Marine. Chew on it, suck it and work the hole with your tongue. See how deep you can get your tongue inside me.”

I comply. I’m getting air through my nose because his ass is right against my open mouth. He’s pushing his ass inside my tongue. I pull his hole to the edge of my teeth. He squeals and quivers. Cole pulls it out and punches me with it slowly. Cole begins a program of withdrawing quickly, pulling totally out and then slowly pushing it back inside without pause. I’m so open. I’m so being used and abused and I’ve got everything I ever wanted… two hot, hung well-built guys working my holes and I’m dripping pre-cum. Actually, it’s pouring out and I can’t touch myself and they aren’t touching me. I’m aching and feeling over the edge of wonder at the same time. My ass is sending the wildest signals to my brain and my mouth is lost in the brutal contact between mouth and ass. I’m licking and sucking his hole while pushing my tongue up inside it and pushing on the first ring. He wants me to bite it. Not hurt it but pull the hole between my teeth and let the hole rest right there while I suck the hole and push the tongue as deep as I can get it. Todd’s fucking moaning like an a****l in heat.

Cole is punching me with my 10 incher and I’m restrained.

Cole, all at once, stops the action. “I want to fuck his mouth, and, you, Todd, you’re going to grease up that fat double header and fuck the Marine with it. And, Marine, you’re going to feel things you’ve never felt before. I’m going to lower your legs so you can stand a little more elevation when Todd fucks you with your huge toy. I’m going to push my dick down into your stomach and you’re going to feel shit you’ve never even fantasized about. When you finish your tour of duty here, you’re going to remember this night because it’s a onetime thing. After tonight, you will be blocked from all venues of contact. And we’ve got enough on you if you try to make contact, let’s just say, the internet and YouTube would have a new star. That’s right, Todd. Cover the head with the Crisco. Now poke at least a handful in his ass. Push the grease into at least your knuckles. Don’t try to fist him yet. I think you’ll be able to fist him after you fuck him with the big one. You in up to the knuckles?”

I can’t say anything because Cole’s dick is down my throat as Todd is opening me up with his hand. Oh, man, I can’t tell you how hot it is with Cole’s dick down my throat and Todd’s hand up my ass. Todd’s hand exits. He places it in the Crisco can, coats the dbl header, and places the head against my hole. Todd pushes as Cole lets me breathe. I’m going crazy at both ends. My first ring expands and pops in behind the head of the toy. I am on cloud nine. I can’t jack. I’m suffering in that regard, but in every other way I’m totally immersed in the scene and all the wild things that I’ve imagined I’m really feeling. I wanted all my holes worked by two hot guys for the longest, and my holes are getting a workout…. A royal workout.

Cole speaks again: “I think we have a happy serviceman here. He’s getting exactly what he wants and he’s not overseas getting it. He’s getting serviced for his country right here at home. Yeah, Marine, take that humongous cock, feel it filling your back hole, and swallow my cock because you’re going to make me shoot one more time down your throat. You’re going to get it. You’re going to be opened up like you’ve never been opened up before. You feel that cock in your ass? Just nod. I thought so. Todd, take a measurement on how deep you’ve it up inside and then take it out and show me. That’s what I thought, almost seven inches, just the right measurement for a hand, for Todd’s hand to be precise. Because, you know, Marine, the thing that Todd loves best is to fuck a Marine’s ass with
his hand… to fist him so well the Marine shoots off while he’s sucking my cock. That’s what you’re in for, Marine. That’s what you’re getting. Todd, Ithink it’s time you pulled that double header out and replace it with your hand. I want you to jack this Marine from the inside and make him shoot… and he’s going to tell me when he’s about to cum. And when he’s about to cum, I’m going to fill his throat with my load.”

Cumming from the inside and not touching my dick. I had read about it and seen some movies where guys shoot off after being fucked, but I always thought it was the trick of the camera and maybe once in a great while it was possible to happen. I’m thinking about but not for long. Cole’s big hot juicy cock is again down my throat and I’m feeling my ass open up with the five pointed star working its way inside me as my outer ring gives way and welcomes that greased up hand. Oh, yes, fuck my mouth, Cole. Let me breathe, but fuck my mouth. Hit me with those poppers and then plug my throat and you Todd plug my ass.

I feel my ass close around Todd’s wrist. He’s moving his knuckles around inside hitting me in all the right places. I continue to flow from my dick. Cole looks down at my dripping, drooling cock and smiles.

“That’s right, Marine. Swallow my cock and wallow in it. You see how good it feels with you totally opened up. I can slide right back there and you don’t give me any resistance. Take it, Marine. Take it cause you’re going to take the memory of it back home with you, and you’ll wish you were here again getting face and throat fucked while a fist is going in and out of your ass.”

Todd regreases his hand and holds the lubed up pointed fingers in front of my face. Cole keeps his cock in my mouth.

Todd speaks: “I think I’m going to bring him this time.”Todd fills me again. Pulls out, slowly enters, allows my ass to grasp his wrist and begins moving his hand in and out while rotating his knuckles over my prostate.

I weaken. I know I’m getting ready to cum. I nod as Cole is filling my mouth. Cole asks if I’m getting ready to cum. I look him in the eyes, my ass exploding and Todd’s greased fist pushing every button imaginable.

I speak “Yes” with my eyes. Todd begins some serious jacking with his free hand. I’m quivering so crazy I’ve lost all control and I keep feeling the pressure building and building.

Cole: “That’s right, Marine. Let yourself go crazy, totally filled. Yeah, your body’s rocking and your legs are twitching. You’re just seconds away from the real ecstasy.”

Todd twists quickly. He thrusts in and out. He pulls out and then easily pushes into me and hits the shoot off button. I splatter myself everywhere. I’ve got no control. I can’t touch myself. All I can do is make contractions and then have them release, only to contract again and I shoot another round somewhere as Cole squirts his juice down deep inside, so deep my breath is in a state of suspended animation, feeling and reveling in the pulsations of his cockhead and shaft pumping that hot man juice deep inside me.

Todd pulls his hand out, inserts his cock and fucks me and shoots into my guts, falling on me exhausted.Cole pulls out completely. And seeing Todd collapsed on top of me, he lowers the ropes for both my arms and my legs.

I am again myself. He begins untying my wrists. Todd returns to consciousness and unties my feet. They gather up the ropes, blankets, deflate the mattress. All of us wipe off with paper toweling. We all dress. I check my pants for all the essentials. I find my keys. I gather up my toys, throw them behind the seat, and take off, fulfilled, exhausted, still excited, anticipating jacking off when I get back to the base, hoping my ass would be relaxed and open to the big one as I pull on my rock hard cock, imagining that I had the perfect fantasy with all the details I wanted to happen.

So I told Gramp, I’m glad I took his advice and struck out on my own. I will never experience a scene like this again in my entire life. To which Gramp responded reminding me of the night with the five other Marines, but that was totally different. There weren’t any women and toys involved in that scene… it was only men and their dicks, their mouths, and their asses… and one weekend of a hell of a lot of fun.

Post-script: My thanks to Buck Jones for letting me re-publish this excerpt from his SUPER HOT book about Zack, which you can find on his xHamter page here:

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