Lost Between Fantasy , Reality

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We’ve never met and because of this I think that it’s odd at how, while lying here, my mind wanders to you. I know you only through our roleplaying over the internet, a lucky pairing by a suggestion from a longtime friend of mine.

Our roleplaying was innocent enough, our characters only having sex scenes when needed and then a deep desire began to rise within me. I needed more than just sex scenes with characters every now and then, I needed a fully sex based storyline.

I find you online and you’re the first woman who’s ever told me that I am hot once you’ve looked at the pictures on my page. I find myself blushing and my mind intrigued by your comment. Sure, I’ve noticed some girls stare or give me a sweet smile when I looked their way, but thought nothing of it.

I look through your pictures and find you very sexy as well. But, unfortunately, you have a man and a twinge of jealousy runs through me — a new feeling to be sure. Another feeling runs through me — sadness — when you tell me how he doesn’t treat you right all the time, that you are unhappy and suddenly all I want to do is turn your frown upside-down.

I am three years younger than you, but legal.

The next time you logon we discuss what we are interested in sexually and everything you tell me has my heart pumping. We play the first night and I’m hard as a rock at the end of it. I decide to send you a picture of just what the roleplaying — no, you and your wondrous words — did to me. I wonder if I’m going too far, my stomach in knots as I wait for your response and you assure me that I haven’t.

And now, here I am lying in my bed in the dark only a few days later after another round of roleplaying güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri online, cock throbbing, and my had rubbing against the bulge in my boxer shorts. I don’t know how why I feel so comfortable with you, as though we’ve met before, perhaps in another life.

I close my eyes and I see you suddenly hovering over me, your hand rubbing me where mine had been only minutes before. I can hear my heartbeat in my ears, beating faster as I feel your hand slide underneath, touching my skin in a soft teasing caress, nails sliding slowly along my olive skin.

I gulp, pressing my head back into my pillows. Your lips are suddenly on my toned abdomen and I groan, partly out of lust and partly out of surprise. How are you here?, I think to myself but that thought disappears as you begin to rub your thumb over the tip of my stiffening cock, wetting it with my own precum, and I shiver.

You smile against my heated skin and I run a hand along your cheek, tentatively, testing your reaction, not wanting to frighten you away, to break the trance we both seem to be in.

You look up to me and our eyes meet, lust glazed and heated by the most primal need. I open my mouth to say something but you press a finger to my lips silencing me. Hey, actions do speak louder than words, I think to myself and watch you.

You nip at my hip playfully then pull at the elastic waistband of my boxer shorts, your message clear. I quickly remove them, tossing them to the ground and move back down onto the bed, fully naked before you.

I gasp as you take me into your mouth and am surprised when I feel myself hit the back of your throat. I am well-endowed when soft and now fully güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri erect in your mouth my cock stands at eight and half inches. You moan and begin to suck on me hungrily and I watch with such amazement as your head bobs up and down on me. Oh God, it has been so long since I’ve had anyone aside from myself touch me. I’ve been burned too bad by my previous girlfriends and have been unwilling to jump back into the flame.

My hands tangle in your brown hair and dig into your scalp as you begin to suck me harder and faster, pulling my heat to the tip of my cock, which is twitching and throbbing, wanting to cum and then I remember one of your fantasies, what you told me you liked. I force myself to hold back the urge release.

I grab at you and you stop, looking up to me. I crook a finger back and forth, pulling you upwards along me, and finally I crash my lips against your own. You moan and our tongues tango, dancing against one another. You pull back from it, taking a breath before you move off the bed, stripping out of your clothes. I look you over and smile.

“You’re beautiful,” I say, my voice hoarse and not sounding like my own. You come back over to me and we kiss passionately once more. My lips break from your own and move down along the curve of your neck, down along between your breasts, and then halt. I lick my lips hungrily before leaning down and taking one of your hardened nipples into my mouth, suckling upon it like it’s the last time I’d ever get to be with a woman, with you.

Again, you moan and I feel your fingers wrap in my black, spikey hair, urging me to keep on with my ministrations to your nipple, parting your legs, and güvenilir bahis şirketleri I nestle myself between them. I can already feel the heat coming from your pussy, the scent of your sex making my nostrils flare, and I begin to grind my hard cock against you, letting it become slick with your sweet nectar.

Your legs part more, opening yourself wider for me, and I thrust myself inside swiftly, moving in and out at a frantic pace. You moan into my ear that I am bigger than your man, that I don’t compare to him, that he’s never been able to please you as I am able to. Every sound, gasp, mewl, it drives me on further.

I am lost somewhere between the reality of my masturbation and my fantasy of you.

It doesn’t take long then, your moans and panting echoing in the room with my own grunts and breathing as I pound your sopping wet pussy. I’m in agony to fill you and you request just that of me over and over as you come to your own orgasm, milking my cock.

Suddenly my entire body stiffens and my cock twitches harshly, shooting cum into you in streams, my own orgasm the most intense one that I’ve ever experienced. Cum shoots nearly to my chin, the warm gooey substance landing on my body and it’s then that the fantasy I’ve been in gives way to reality.

In my hand is my still spurting cock, my hand moving over it as I stroked the softening flesh and just as suddenly as it began, it ends. My hand releases my cock and I let it drop. Sweat on my body, mixing with my own cum.

I look down at all the cum on my body. I haven’t done something like this since I was a teenager, needing to masturbate at least six times a day.

I grab the tissue box I keep in a drawer in the bedside table and begin to clean myself off. Once clean, I toss the tissues in the trash bin under my desk in my room and all but collapse back onto the bed.

Before I close my eyes and give into sleep one thought runs through my mind — What would it really be like to have this happen?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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