Losing my virginity

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Losing my virginity
This happened many years ago as a boy in my last year at high school, when a tall blond girl moved into the my math’s class, which was for the brainier pupils.

She ended up sitting next to me as we lived only a few streets away from each other, but had never really talked much, that was about to change as after only a few lessons she asked me to help her with her math’s homework, as I found math’s easy to do I said yes so that afternoon after school we when to her house.

She told me that her mum would only let her do her homework in her room and am I okay with that, you bet I was okay with that as she was good looking slim with nice sized boobs, yes I will come to your room.

I helped her with her math’s homework and then went home, this carried on a few times with her seeming to sit closer and closer to me to the point where I had to put my arm around her so she could get closer still.

I liked her getting closer as it made my cock swell up.

The next time we went to her room she said that she had to change out of her school uniform, I asked to leave her room, she said NO, just turn away, which I did and caught her lovely body in the mirror, mmm nice.

Once changed she sat close to me and said are you putting your arm around me, I did and pulled her closer to me, that’s nice she said.

My cock became really swollen having her body next to mine.

This was now becoming regular and the following week when we went to her room as soon as she was in her room and I had closed the door she just stripped off her school clothes and put her bath robe on, my jaw dropped, what’s wrong she said, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri nothing i replied we sat on her bed and I put my arm around her and kissed her sweet lips.

Home work could wait today, she kissed me back passionately and we laid back on her bed and we must have kissed no stop for an hour.

Shortly after she heard her mum come home early and get dressed quickly whilst i got our school books out, her mum popped her head round the door and said you both hard at it, do you both want a coffee.

I asked her is her mum okay with me being in your room, she replied yea, I have told her I like you and I trust you, trust me how you mean I said, just wait till next week he replied.

Perplexed by this response I could not wait till the next ‘homework session’.

So the next homework time I was a little unsure what would happen, we walked home from school together holding hands, we went into her house and I was about to go upstairs with her and she said stop, don’t come up with me, my heart sank, but give me five minutes, okay I said.

I watched the clock move slowly then went to her room and went in, she had closed the curtains and it was dark in her room, she said take your uniform off and come get in my bed.

I stripped down to my underpants in a second and found the bed and got into it and found her laying there in just her bra and knickers, our bodies entwined and we kissed and cuddled, I asked her so this is trust is it, yea but just part of it she replied.

I told her that i trusted her and then undid her bra and found her soft breasts and discovered how güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri girls liked there nipples played with and kissed, she told me that she was really getting turned on and asked me to lay back, she pulled my underpants down and started to stroke my enlarged and swollen cock then she went under the sheets and took my cock into her warm mouth and stroked it, mmmmmmmmmm that’s really nice as it was the first time I had been blown I came after a few seconds and squinted loads of cum into her mouth, she was a little surprised but did manage to swallow it all.

Wow you liked that, I apologized about cumming so quick, she said it was okay, and then added now u do me. As I was a little uncertain as to what to do with me being a virgin a pulled off her knickers which where very wet and parted her legs and started to run my tongue along her pussy slit which was already wet, I parted her pussy lips and found her clit at the top and as it was similar to her nipples I though I better rub that with my tongue, she moaned as I did this and her whole body shook as I had given her an orgasm, I lowered my head and explored her wet slit french kissing it.

After a while I moved up her body sucking her nipples again and then kissed her on her lips, my cock had then recovered and had again become hard and swollen so as I kissed her lips my cock head was touching her wet pussy lips, she told me that her mum had put her on the pill/birth control and she told me that she wanted me inside her virgin body.

Okay I said but let me lay on my back and you sit astride me, she güvenilir bahis şirketleri agreed that this maybe better as she could control how far we went. She put a towel under me and got astride me, she took my cock in her hand and gently guided it up inside of her wet pussy, I can remember how tight she felt as she slide down onto me with a few ooo’s and ahh’s until her she was fully down and me and her pussy lips where touching my balls.

I let her take charge lifting her body up and down let my cock slide deeply in and out of her, I felt her body shake all over as she had several orgasms, until i told her I was about to cum, she took me deep inside her warm soft body and I shot loads of my young cum deep into her body, she collapsed onto me and kissed me passionately and said thank you that how I wanted to loose my virginity.

She laid on me for ages and dozed then we heard footsteps coming upstairs, two pairs, they went past her room and into her mum’s room next door, we then heard her mum having sex with a man, we where both a bit shocked, then after five minutes they went down stairs. I think we better get dressed I said.

She got off me and was leaking a mixture of her and my cum and a bit of blood , I asked if she was okay, yea the blood is from you breaking my virginity. She wiped her pussy clean and got a sanitary towel/pad from her draw and stuck it into her knickers and put them on, She then cleaned my cock and balls and removed the cum/blood stained towel.

We both got dressed and when down stairs and into the kitchen where her mum was with our headmaster, who where both sat in just bathrobes, I don’t know who was more embarrassed, all I could say was we where doing homework, after all one and one is two, or was it human biology we was doing.

To this day I can’t look him in the eye, and not a word has been said about it.

The girl was my wife and who I enjoyed having loads of sex with, but has now died.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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