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Rachel woke with a start. A lightning rush of panic attacked her limbic system, make her tense all over. She opened her eyes in a heartbeat and noticed her breathing was erratic. More bad dreams. The insomnia had beat her again.

She had gone to bed that night like any other, when the darkness of night had bled into the blood red sky like ink blotting an open page. From her window she had watched the sunlight recede, killing the day. And then, on the far side of town, smoke had billowed from a tyre factory set alight, and Rachel had watched the flames lick the sky like exotic dancers. The flames had become more prominent as darkness ascended, and the smoke became a billowing ball of chaos propelled into the enveloping night.

Amidst this madness the emergency services had arrived. The flashing lights of fire engines and police cars were muted colours, smudges in the distance, and the weak cries of the angry sirens sounded like nothing more than a cheap children’s toy, but Rachel had felt warmly gratified by the events unravelling before her. The whole affair had the air of a carnival, and Rachel found it strangely beautiful. She watched with delight as the jets of the fire hoses rise skyward like fireworks and when the building had finally collapsed it was almost europhic, like a scene from a movie she had seen and loved over and over again.

When all was done Rachel had drawn the curtains fast, then switched off the night light at her bedside. The thin half-light of the full moon crept through the gaps in the curtains and lent her room a drowsy, dream-like quality, as if she expected fairies to appear dancing in the empty space above her bed. She lay her head down on the pillow and listened intently to the night sounds that gathered in her head. From the apartment below she could hear the quiet chatter of a t.v chat show and the sound of wine being poured into glasses amongst the chatter of the couple who lived there. The indecipherable voices from the television blended with the quiet conversation of her neighbours so the sounds became a new language that was alien to Rachel’s ears, but she was able to pick out the odd word amongst güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the noise; “baby”, “darling”, and “here”. But she didn’t know if these were her neighbours words or those from the television.

For many nights Rachel would lie in bed listening to her neighbours talking. She had gathered all her knowledge of them from this secret listening. He appeared amusing and charming, while she was obviously crazy about him. They were in love. She knew this as she often heard them making love. They were loud and energetic, and didn’t seem to care who heard them. Rachel enjoyed these moments best. If she waited long enough, she thought, maybe tonight she will get lucky?

Soon enough, Rachel got her wish. Her room was swallowed in an almost darkness and she lay on her back with eyes closed, listening, when she heard the t.v shut off and a door close. Soon there was laughter, then the ruffled sounds of clothing being removed. Rachel again felt tense, but with excitement. She lay as still as could be, her breathing slow though her heart raced. This was it. It was happening. They were doing it, just for her.

Rachel imagined the man undressing the woman. In her mind the woman’s breasts were small and natural, her stomach completely flat and lean. The curves of her legs seemed newly formed, and her black hair was thick and lustrous. Around her large eyes and small mouth, on her brow, there was not a single wrinkle. Not one. Her skin was flawless, perfect, and her smell was the only smell in the world. Her body strove outwards to yield the naked man kneeling above her. Her lips, her breasts, her thighs, her whole body reached out for him, urging him to take her. The blood was pounding in Rachel’s head. She thought of his hands touching her body, saw his mouth on the back of her neck, her nipples, and her own skin prickled.

As if driven by their own need, Rachel’s hands moved to her chest and lightly squeezed her firm breasts. She gave a soft moan as the tips of her fingers traced the curve of her breasts with gentle circular movements. Then she heard the springs of a bed squeaking in the room below. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Rachel could see him make her lie back on the bed with her arms spread out, then pull her pussy to his mouth. Beneath his hands, the skin on her thighs were smooth like fax paper. He moved her legs further open. The tendons on her inner thighs flexed out like little steel cables and where they ended, where they pushed out the furthest forming little cups of skin, the mound of her pussy dropped down towards her ass. She had shaved herself completely bare, and the slit between her legs was so delicate as if someone had cut it with a scalpel. Carefully, gently, he pulled the slit open with his fingertips, revealing the folds of tan flesh inside. He looked at her spread open for a second, then glanced up her body. Her breasts were jutting skyward, her back arched in pleasure. Then he put his mouth on her and suddenly Rachel was lost.

Her hands moved from her breasts, brushed downward across the soft downy skin of her belly to the crinkly hair between her thighs. Her legs parted of their own accord. She emitted an inaudible sigh as the tip of a finger touched her tender targets. Her back arched slightly as she spread the moisture from her pussy across her clitoris, gliding her fingers over her sensitive button. Rachel imagined the man was between her own legs, flicking his tongue upon her clit, fingering her pussy as he devoured her. She masturbated furiously at the image. Rachel heard the headboard below slamming against the bedroom wall. The woman was moaning loudly, begging her lover not to ever stop. Rachel saw them. Her fingers were a blur between her parted thighs as she thought of the couple below fucking.

The man had flipped her over onto her hands and knees, thrusting her shoulder blades and her ass in the air, keeping her belly low. He pushed himself inside her, grabbing her waist with large hands, hands that almost encompassed her waist in their grip and thrust in and out of her. The woman let out a squeal of delight as her lover fucked her hard like a sensitive ape. He squeezed her breasts, as firm as oranges, then güvenilir bahis şirketleri took hold of her waist and his eyes followed the curved groove of her sunken spine. At the small of her back there was a small ‘v’ shape of skin like an arrowhead, it’s point the beginning of the cleft of her ass and it’s sides carved out by the two hemispheres that began sloping up at her hips. This is where he watched his cock thrust in and out from between the cheeks of her ass- small, round, taut as a balloon- and the sight makes him want to come. Rachel was also close to coming. Her fingers were thrust between her legs, gliding over the moist flesh of her clit. She moaned in extreme pleasure, her mouth wide open. She was extremely hot but her skin was tingling all over. Her breasts wobbled with the motion of her hand between her thighs and her feet squirmed, messing the bed sheets with outstretched toes.

The woman below was also close to orgasm. Her moans were one continuous high pitched moan, an endless series of cries. The tip of his cock pushed against the roof of the her uterus and she screamed with pleasure. He pounded his cock into her, digging his fingers into her ass cheeks. She pushed her ass against him to meet his hard thrusts then mouthed his name into the pillow as she let out a final cry and rode the hardest, strongest orgasm she had ever known. At the same time Rachel’s back arched off the mattress, her fingers a blur, and she begged, begged for release, and then, wonderfully, magically, she climaxed, her whole body vibrating with pleasure, perspiration oozing from her pores as the orgasm shook her to her core. Her own headboard was pounding, and her body gripped with the violence of her orgasm. Her breasts shuddered and she collapsed onto the mattress, satiated with pleasure.

Rachel lay satisfied, her heartbeat racing, her hand still cupping her throbbing pussy. Downstairs the headboard was still pounding. Rachel imagined the man in the throes of his final thrusts, ejaculating his ecstasy in to his lovers body. Then she heard him moan, and the pounding ceased. He had come. They would be now lying together on the bed, kissing and caressing, whispering sweet nothings in the glow of their orgasms. Rachel imagined their damp bodies entwined and the stirring between her legs returned. She closed her eyes and her fingers began their gentle stroking once more, stirring her senses, tipping her closer to the edge of desire again and again……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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