Life of a Sex Addict Ch. 02

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Jenna is a beautiful young girl at the ripe age of twenty-six. She has dark brown hair that goes passed her shoulders and is almost always straightened. She has big brown “doe” eyes that get anyone’s attention and she seems to be a rather innocent and sweet girl. Although Jenna is a very sweet girl she is far from innocent. The slender and curved girl is a sex addict and these are her stories..


Jenna curled her hair in the mirror, her make up perfect, her body barely covered in a skin tight red dress. She wore black heels and black jewelry. Tonight, she would be one to look at. Guys would be all over her and she couldn’t wait for the feeling.

It was a forty minute cab ride to the club down town. Tonight was Friday night and she lied to her friends, telling them that she had to study for an exam and would make it up to them tomorrow night. This way she could slip out and go to a club none of the other girls even knew about. Jenna didn’t need her friend’s knowing what she did for a living or what her addiction was.

The club was loud, strobes flashing, people drunk and all over the place. Jenna got many looks and within minutes of sitting no a bar stool and ordering a drink, a man came up to her. He introduced himself as Adam and soon his friend approached from behind and introduced himself as Tucker. Jenna smiled and leaned in to give them her name. They were equally attractive with thicker muscular builds. Both had brown hair but ones seemed lighter than the others. Their eye colors were a mystery in the darkness and flashing colored lights of the club.

They wore tight shirts that showed their muscles and well toned builds and Jenna couldn’t help but to be impressed. While she sipped her drink they talked and soon enough Jenna found herself asking, “Care to go out back? The door doesn’t have an alarm like it says. We can just slip out.”

Instantly the men looked at each other with a smirk and agreed. The three of them set off through the club and to the back where a door that indeed did say “DO NOT ENTER. ALARM WILL SOUND.” was. Jenna opened it fearlessly and as she had stated before, nothing happened.

The air was cool and it was probably around midnight already. There were dark clouds in the sky but the stars could still be seen. Jenna looked up for only a moment before watching Adam spark up a cigarette. As he did so she grabbed Tucker’s hand and dragged him into her. Jenna’s back hit the brick wall as she pressed her lips to Tucker’s, who of course kissed back.

“Damn girl. You don’t like to wait.” Adam admired and he dropped his cigarette on the dirt covered ground. He walked to the two making out against the wall and Adam began to kiss her neck. His hand reached behind and grabbed her ass hard.

Tucker pulled away and began to undo his pants. Adam noticing this immediately began as well. He wasn’t about to be left out of this party.

“Oh boys. Who gets me first?” Jenna asked in a flirtatious tone as she dropped her dress from her curvy yet slender bodice. She wore no bra and no underwear. Her plump and perky tits bounced as the dress was shed from her body. She stepped out of it in her heels and looked down at her own hard nipples.

Tucker and Adam stared, jaws dropped but smiles forming. Tucker was the first to pull his rock hard cock out. Jenna admired the thick seven inch dick and her hand reached for it eagerly. She canlı bahis moved her hand back and forth, pulling him closer and closer each tug on his cock.

Adam watched for only a second before coming forward. He grabbed Jenna, forcing her to release his friend’s dick, and he forced her to be bent over a concrete ledge. On the other side was the nasty smell of an empty yet old dumpster. Jenna ignored the smell as she was bent over the rough surface. Her back tucked inward and her ass stuck out. She waved it back and forth. Adam bit his lip and pressed his fingers to her pussy wall. He massaged the outside for a moment, going over the clit on occasion but not often. Tucker came over and stuck his hand between her legs as well. Jenna glanced back as the two men massaged her cunt. Finally Tucker started rubbing her clit and she tipped her head back and moaned.

“That’s it. Right that, baby.” Jenna cooed.

“You like that? Wait till you see what we have in store for you.” Adam stated with a laugh.

He grabbed Jenna by the shoulder and spun her around. His lips met her’s but then he was shoving her to the ground. Jenna yelped in slight pain as her knees and hands met the dirty concrete below. She looked back a little nervous.

“Not like this!” She said.

“Shut up whore. You want it and I’m gonna give it to ya how I want!” Adam glared.

Jenna didn’t argue because it was true. She did want it. She craved her. Her heart pounded in her chest anxious for it to begin.

Tucker got in front of her and got her attention by slapping the side of her face with his thick cock. Jenna again yelped but then grinned up at the handsome man. She grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth. She shoved it deep down until she gagged and she moved back a little. Her head moved back and forth on his dick, her lips tight on the shaft. She held the very base tight in her grip but then moved her hands to his balls and began to rub them, massaging them with perfect skill. Tucker groaned contently.

Adam was behind Jenna now. He leaned down to her level and rubbed the head of his cock over her pussy lips. He bit into his lip again as he began to force inch by inch into her cunt. He was shocked by just how tight her pussy was as he forced himself in, groaning in pleasure. She was warm, tight and soaked.

Jenna moaned loudly on Tucker’s dick which made him groan, while Adam forced all eight inches of his cock into her. He didn’t wait to begin moving in and out, thrusting slow at first and then gaining momentum. Soon Jenna’s head no longer bobbed back and forth on Tucker’s cock because she was being rocked by Adam instead. As Adam began to pound her pussy from behind she moaned and screamed. Tucker too began to thrust the air and this caused Jenna to choke on his dick. She gagged and tried to pull away but this only made Tucker get closer to her face, making her gag and choke. Slobber dripped from her mouth and her eyes closed tight. As much as she hated the cock shoved down inside her throat, the feeling of a cock pounding deep into her cunt made her moan happily.

Adam began to slow down and he nodded to Tucker who backed away. Jenna looked up at Tucker first then back at Adam, moaning still. But Adam pulled out and stood up. He hadn’t finished and Jenna certainly wasn’t either.

“C’mon. My house. Lets finish this.” Adam said.

“How about mine? I’ve got ropes, blind folds, toys. You just bahis siteleri have to promise me one little thing.” She said seductively as she stood, leaning over to wipe small rocks and dirt from her knees. Tucker admired the view of her rounded ass.

“Yeah?” Adam said with a raised brow.

“Make me cum.” She replied and winked. With that she grabbed her dress and put it on. Mark and Tucker followed without a word.

They got a cab quick, surprisingly. Inside the back seat the poor taxi driver had to listen as Jenna sat in the middle and was fondled by each man. Her head turned right to make out with Tucker while Adam reached under her dress and worked his fingers inside her cunt. Her legs spread as far as they could, enjoying the feeling of two fingers shoved deep inside of her pussy. When Adam yanked them out she looked to him and he forced his fingers into her mouth. Jenna licked her juices from his finger tips. Adam smirked and took his turn making out with her while Tucker rubbed her clit and grabbed her tits.

At last they were home and Jenna tipped well. They made their way into the luxurious apartment. Upstairs, Jenna took no time at all to strip down from her dress and heels as well. Adam and Tucker, again, stripped from their clothes and their dicks were already rock solid.

“Get on the ground.” Adam said with a stern voice.

“You like it down here don’t you?” Jenna giggled as she laid on her back on the ground. She lifted her ass slightly from the floor and stretched her legs apart. Her hands grabbed her ankles and Tucker and Adam had a glorious view of both her tight virgin asshole and her pink pussy lips.

Tucker couldn’t wait and he got on the ground. His lips touched her nipples then his teeth clamped down. Jenna moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist. His hand moved his cock into position and soon he was sliding in and out of her. He went slower than Adam had but still his thick cock felt pleasurable as it stretched her pussy. Jenna moaned.

Meanwhile Adam was in her room, looking through things until he found a rope. He sneered and brought it back. He tapped Tucker’s shoulder and Tucker rolled off.

“Oh so you like bondage do you?” Jenna inquired happily.

“Sit up, arms behind your back.” Adam replied.

Jenna did as she was told with a grin on her face. Adam tied her arms nice and tight. Then he leaned over and grabbed one of his socks. He shoved it into her mouth and Jenna tried to protest. It tasted awful and she gagged at her. Her head shook side to side that this was not okay. But of course Adam didn’t care.

He laid on the ground and smiled. “Help me out buddy.” He said to Tucker.

Tucker laughed and grabbed Jenna. It was easy for him to lift her up and slowly place her down on Adam’s cock, reverse cowgirl. Jenna moaned as she felt Adam’s cock sliding one inch at a time into her tight pink pussy. She felt her juices lubricating his cock.

When she was down completely she began to work her body up and down, forward and back. She knew how to grind a dick and Adam groaned in pleasure, his eyes closed and head pressing into the carpet. His hands held her hips tight, feeling her lower half work itself on his cock.

Tucker stood in front of Jenna and to her surprise slapped her face again with his dick. He did this several times, embarrassing the poor girl who continued to grind on Adam’s cock. Tucker seemed amused. bahis şirketleri After a fifth time he used his hand and slapped her hard. Jenna screamed in pain as she shifted to the side. A red mark remained on her face. She had stopped grinding and glared at the man.

“Keep moving bitch.” Adam snarled.

Jenna gulped and continued to work her pussy on his cock. She was moaning again but kept her eyes opened, prepared for another slap. It didn’t come though. Tucker was rubbing his cock in front of her face, his other hand grabbing his balls.

Next Jenna felt a finger on her pussy. Adam was rubbing juices onto his finger then sliding the juices over her ass. Jenna squealed into the sock and shook her head. She froze, eyes wide. Anal was not her thing. She tried to squirm off his dick but now Tucker was holding her still. She screamed into the sock but it was no use. While she was forced to sit reverse cowgirl on Adam’s stiff dick she felt his finger move over her asshole time and time again. After getting more of her juices on his finger he finally slid it in forcefully. As he expected it was tight. He moved his finger in and out, popping it out of the tiny virgin hole and back in. Instantly her ass became sore. Jenna’s eyes filled with tears.

She felt Tucker and Adam both lifting her now. They had her just above Adam’s eight inch cock. He held it as Tucker lowered the girl onto it again, but this time near her asshole. Jenna screamed and tried to move away but the men were successful on forcing her down. She felt her asshole being mercilessly stretched open. It felt like it was being ripped apart as the cock slid up into her ass. Jenna couldn’t stop screaming and was soon crying too. The tears fell down her face but this didn’t stop the men.

When she was completely down on his cock, Adam began to thrust. She screamed more as she felt the dick thrusting into her tight once virgin asshole. Meanwhile Tucker got down on the ground and pressed the head of his cock to her pussy. Jenna’s head shook and she pleaded with her eyes but it was of no use.

Tucker was sliding his thick dick into her cunt while Adam ravaged her asshole. She screamed and cried as the dicks slid simultaneously inside of her. Tucker was kind enough to use his thumb to massage her clit. And despite the pain burning in her asshole and despite her discomfort as her back end was stretched wide open for the first time, as Tucker rubbed her clit her legs tensed and twitched. It began to feel good.

Adam had been going slowly at first but he was picking up the pace. This made Jenna cry harder despite the urge to cum. Tucker was now pounding his cock into her pussy harder. She screamed in both pain and pleasure as the dicks ravaged both of her holes.

It was Adam who came first. She felt his body stiffen while Tucker continued to thrust. He held her shoulders, holding her still as he pounding into her cunt. Jenna screamed, her eyeliner smeared below her eyes as she sobbed. But the sobbing stopped as Adam’s cum shot up into her asshole. His dick slowly softened. Tucker wasn’t finished yet though and it seemed Adam wasn’t moving till his buddy was done.

Jenna couldn’t hold out much longer either. Between the now smaller dick inside her asshole and Tucker’s thrusting into her cunt and his thumb massaging her clit quickly, she tensed as well. Her eyes closed and she screamed pleasurably as her pussy began to pulse. Her juices shot over the head of Tucker’s cock. As she came he yanked his dick out. He stumbled away and Adam shoved Jenna off. She laid on her side, hand between her legs as her body shook in an amazing and much needed orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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