Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 8

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Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 8
I was staring directly at my swollen and throbbing penis and where I wanted relief, I knew that if I DID climax, that pain would be inflicted on me. Mrs. Perkins then lightly touched the underside of my penis and toyed with my primal need to cum.

“You do understand” she explained, “that as long as this naughty little penis is hard, you’ll be distracted and won’t learn to feel what it is that you need to learn.”

“yes Mommy” I admitted, but deep inside, I longed to climax.

“And you also know that each time you begin to feel that boiling in your balls” she went on to explain, “That feeling just before you spray out your naughty cum… that I punish you with pain.”

“Yes Mommy” I again admitted.

“So, I’m going to give you a choice, young man” she presented an ultimatum. “you can either experience an orgasm, then suffer the pain that I will inflict on you… OR, Mommy can make this hard penis go away and then your lesson can continue.”

“Will my lesson canlı bahis be painful, Mommy?” I asked, desperately wanting to know if I were in for pain either way.

“Oh, my sweet boy” she replied, smiling down at me as she continued to tease the underside of my throbbing penis, “of course not. Once this penis is soft and no longer a distraction to you, I will teach you the pleasure that a woman feels…. that way, you’ll understand how to use your penis in the future, once I allow you to be with a woman.”

“So, what’s it going to be, baby-boy” she asked as she continued to make my penis throb with her teasing touch.

“Make it go away, Mommy” I begged, “make me soft without the orgasm.”

“Are you sure that you don’t want that feeling of release?” she teasingly asked me, as she teased me more and more. “If I make your erection go away, it will simply flow out of you and you’ll get soft…without the usual amazing feeling.”

“Please Mommy, PLEASE!” I begged, “Don’t make me cum…. just bets10 make me soft.”

Mrs. Perkins then smiled and moved her body around to behind my elevated ass and applied a liberal amount of lube.

“Here’s what’s going to happen.” Mrs. Perkins explained. “I’m going to reach into your little boy hole, gently, and massage a special place in here. It’s so special that most don’t even know about it. As I do, your immediate need to climax will be replaced by a subtle need to pee….. and yet, you will not pee at all.”

It’s then that Mrs. Perkins slid her long middle finger up into my rectum as she slowly twisted and revolved her finger up inside of me. I was starring directly at my penis and the pee-hole in particular and then at her and her amazing breasts. She then inserted a second finger and moved them to certain sensitive spot up inside of me.

“Now just relax, baby-boy” she encouraged, “and allow your body to do what it feels that it needs to do.”

The next few minutes bets10 giriş were amazing and something that I had never experienced before! The urgent need to throb and shoot cum up from my balls were now replaced with a subtle need to release from my tummy… almost like I needed to pee, as Mrs. Perkins said.

“Relax and let it happen” Mrs. Perkins encouraged. “it’s okay, I promise.”

To my amazement, a clear mixture began to ooze out of the tip of my penis… not SHOOT out, but gently ooze. It actually felt really good… like a nice pee. With my hips rolled up and my penis pointed directly down at my face, I had a prefect view. The clear mixture was then replaced with the usual whitish mixture and was now running out of me and all over my stomach and chest. The next thing I noticed was that my once-very-hard penis was now getting smaller and flaccid. All without the usual orgasm. I was now empty and soft, just as Mrs. Perkins had promised.

“Good boy” praised Mrs. Perkins. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Very much, Mommy.” I admitted, a bit embarrassed.

“Now that you’re not thinking about your selfish hard penis” she continued, “Are you ready to experience the joy that a woman can feel?”

To Be Continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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