I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 08

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 08
Hours later, Madeline awoke in her own bed. She wrinkled her nose when she realized she was lying in the “wet spot”. That was unusual. Normally Scott, ever the chivalric gentleman, relegated the wet spot for himself, wherever it might be in their bed. Madeline’s first reaction was disappointment, but then she smiled at the thought that there even was a wet spot. It meant the week-long dry spell between she and her husband was over! They had made love!

Her head was thick with too much drink, thoughts forming slowly. And while she didn’t feel hungover, she was glad the curtains were drawn closed and the room was dark.

She thirsted for a tall glass of water. Her mouth was so very parched … another sign that she’d drunk too much. She thought about tossing on her nightgown, stumbling down to the kitchen to fetch one, but then thought better of it.

“Too much effort,” she mumbled quietly, curling her arm around Jack’s chest. He stirred, whether from her touch or her soft-spoken words, she couldn’t be sure which.

“I love you, Jack,” she whispered, nestling into the crook of his arm.

Her hand gently stroked his chest hairs, while her brain tried to recall the events from earlier this evening. The fog of that memory was heavy. Ugh, how much had she drunk?

She recalled dancing at the Bounty Lounge with her best friend, Shelly, and then–

Holy shit! Memories of the hours spent up in Eric’s suite flashed like snippets of a movie trailer before her eyes. Well, a porn movie trailer, that is.

Paired and led by her BFF, Madeline had done a striptease in front of two guys she didn’t know. One of them was a guy that Shelly had hooked up with at the club a week before, and bumped into again tonight.

‘Oh my God, the look on their two faces as Shelly slowly stripped me down in front of them,’ Madeline’s face flushed with the memory. A pleasant tingle stirred in her loins. Her hand started to drift lazily down Scott’s abdomen, over his stomach.

After stripping her naked, Shelly had taken Madeline into the hotel bedroom. Madeline didn’t consider herself bisexual, but once there, well, things just started to happen.

‘I can’t believe I ate her pussy,’ Madeline smiled, her fingers searching for, than finding, her husband’s cock. He was already firm at her touch, semi-erect. Madeline’s fingers curled around his thickness appreciatively.

Her mouth and lips were still extremely dry, but she thought she had a remedy for that cottonmouth. As she slowly stroked Scott’s shaft, she started to kiss and lick down his chest, over his abdomen, and down toward his groin.

Madeline rose to her knees, and nearly fell over. She flailed out with her free hand, then felt Scott’s hands on her shoulder, steadying her.

‘So he’s awake?’ she thought. ‘Good!’

And then, as she wobbled again, she laughed softly.

“I may have had a little too much to drink tonight.”

In the faint light, Madeline found her prize. Her lips pressed against the tip of her husband’s cock, and she kissed it softly. And just like that, her mouth was no longer dry. Anticipation of what was to come had her mouth watering. Madeline licked her lips.

She smelled her sex upon him. Their lovemaking must have been intense, because the thick, musty scent was strong everywhere around his tummy and groin. Madeline tried to recall what they had done together, but her first thoughts drifted to Dave. He was one of the the strangers she had done a striptease for earlier this evening. And then later, she had fucked him. Dave had the most unusual cock. He was hard, constantly hard, and his cock wasn’t straight, like Scott’s. It curved upward, like the tip was always straining for the ceiling, or like it was tugged upward by invisible puppet strings.

‘Oh my God, Dave gave me such a good pounding,’ Madeline sighed, licking her tongue across the length of Scott’s cock. Her husband moaned contentedly, and so she licked the length of him a second time, more slowly this time.

She tasted herself on him. Or rather, she thought, it must be a dried mixture of both his and her cum that now sloppily coated his dick. Yes, that must be it, because surely he came while he was inside her. The wet spot Madeline was now kneeling in was far too big to be from her alone!

‘Is he at all suspicious that another man came inside my pussy earlier tonight?’ Madeline smiled with a lecherous grin. Her thoughts swirled again to the many different positions Dave had fucked her in, each more satisfying than the last.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Madeline moaned, taking her husband’s sweet, still sticky cock, into her mouth. She could feel him growing larger, getting harder in her mouth. Her lips and tongue brought him from slightly firm to rock hard stiff.

Scott was straight, not curved. At first she felt a twinge of disappointment at that. The slight upward turn of Dave’s cock had been an entirely new and pleasant sensation for her.

Madeline reached one hand down between her legs. She rubbed her fingers over her pussy mound, and wondered what it might be like to have Dave’s curved cock sliding up inside her while giving her husband a sloppy, wet blowjob.

‘Oh God, that would be so hot,’ she thought, and the idea of it intensified the sucking motions she now made on her husband’s dick. This pleased him, she could tell, as his fingers swept through her hair, grabbing a fistful and then using it to firmly guide her pace.

Madeline whimpered in pleasure. Scott had never done that before, and she recalled Shelly’s discussion about him being Alpha. Was this new behavior because she had left the house in such provocative attire?

While she sucked Scott off, Madeline side one finger up her vagina. She held that finger in a slight curve, imagining it to be Dave’s cock. She angled it into her cunt, delighting in the feel of it.

“Oh, Scotty, I love this cock,” she mewed contentedly. She then wrapped her lips back around his pole, sucked on his shaft back into her mouth.

Scott’s rapid breathing told her he was drawing closer and closer to ejaculating. Part of her tuzla escort bayan wanted him to explode in her mouth, to feel his intense release jetting down her throat. A much bigger part, however, wanted something else.

“No,” she told him quietly, pulling her head off his dick. “I want you to cum inside me.”

Madeline kept stroking him with one hand, but started making a trail of kisses back up his belly, atop his abdomen, and toward his chest. As her mouth kissed along his body, she lifted one leg to straddle him.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered, “I need you. I need this big cock of yours inside me.”

It bothered her that the alcohol she’d drunk had blocked all memory of their earlier lovemaking tonight. Why could she only recall the thorough fucking Dave had given her at the hotel? As pleasurable as it had been, it wasn’t the thing she wanted to be most memorable from this evening. Madeline sought to remedy her memory lapse by riding her husband hard, now, and feeling him burst inside her. Again!

She held Scott’s erect manhood in her hand, guiding him toward her pussy. As her lips closed upon the nape of his neck, she slowly slid down onto him.

“Oh God,” she said, feeling him start to fill her. “Ohhhhhhh!”

It was amazing and wonderful. This is what she needed: her husband’s stiff, thick cock, sliding up into her slit, stretching her wide as he entered her. As Madeline continued to sink downward, dissolving onto him, she kissed the underside of his jawline, working slowly toward his mouth.

Their lips touched, and she brought her hands up to curl around the back of his head. And then her brain seized. Her eyes flew open. The jarring distortion of reality crashed upon her.

Her fingers were curled around her husband’s head, but … he had no hair. HE WAS BALD!

Panic mode shattered into Madeline’s consciousness. At first she wasn’t entirely sure what she should be worried about. Her muddled brain was putting thoughts together sluggishly.

Her husband. Scott. He had a full head of hair. It was black. She loved running her fingers through it. What had happened to his hair?

Adrenaline shifted Madeline into a higher state of alertness, and she became gradually aware that she was not home. This was not her bedroom. This was not her bed.

No, this room was familiar to her though. She was at the Westin Hotel.

This man beneath her — INSIDE HER — was not her husband Scott. It was — it was Eric. Her girlfriend’s hook up. Where was Shelly? Where was Dave?

She froze, her body locked and still, but Eric was fully awake, had been the entire time. His hands had curled around Madeline’s waist, and now held her hips firmly. He held her in place while lifting his hips upward.

‘Shit, shit, shit,’ Madeline thought, feeling more and more of Eric’s cock enter her. As his hips rose, they pushed Madeline’s inner thighs apart, spreading her open. Madeline squeezed her vaginal muscles tight, gripping Eric’s cock as if to stop him with the friction of her. But he kept pushing himself into her, stretching her, filling her completely.

Moments before, her need for her husband’s cock had been strong. That need for a man’s cock inside her hadn’t abated at the discovery this wasn’t her husband beneath her. If anything, that need had intensified. What she felt now was white hot, seering arousal. Still, she fought against it.

“Eric?” she whispered down at him, searching the darkness, but already knowing it to be him.

He didn’t reply. He merely pulled her mouth back down to his. He kissed her as he slowly lowered his hips.

Madeline felt the void of him leaving her and hated it, then hated herself for wanting his cock back inside her. She wanted it so desperately, but she couldn’t.

Once, with Dave, had been an accident, she told herself. Probably because she’d had too much to drink. And if she kept telling herself that lie, it was easy for Madeline to imagine she could be faithful to her husband forever more. It was just one careless fling.

But this — she couldn’t. Not with yet another man.

Eric lay flat upon the bed. Madeline was frozen above him. She hadn’t moved after realizing who she was with. His large, throbbing cock was almost entirely out of her now. Only the head was held between her pussy lips, the tip barely pressing against her canal. But it was straight, and upright, and ready to impale her again. Madeline’s legs quivered.

Eric curled the flat of his right hand around her back, laying it flat upon her tailbone. There was so much heat in his fingertips, she thought.

Madeline felt him pushing her down onto his hard cock. She gasped, holding her breath briefly, and then melted. Heat from his fingers spread through her like wildfire. She kissed his lips feverishly, found his tongue with her own, and explored the baldness of his head with her finger tips. Then she rolled her hips down onto him.

“Oh, fuck,” she gasped.

“You like having a new cock inside you, Madeline, don’t you,” Eric spoke at last.

Madeline’s body fit perfectly with Eric’s. She was soft where he was hard, malleable where he was unyielding. He wasn’t like Dave, and he wasn’t like Scott. He had entirely unique way of filling her. God, he felt good inside her.

“Let me suck on these beautiful titties,” Eric murmured, hefting one in his hand and raising his head to it.

“Ohhhh,” Madeline sighed, as his lips locked onto her nipple. She rolled her head back as he suckled at her breast.

‘My breasts? He thinks my breasts are beautiful,’ Madeline thought. ‘Why? How? When he had Shelly’s giant fake tits to gorge on only an hour ago?’

Madeline started grinding on Eric’s cock. She kept him jammed all the way up inside her still, but was rubbing her pelvis against his in a rolling motion of her hips. Their pubic hairs made a raspy noise from the contact, and she felt heat intensifying from the friction of their contact. It just made her want to rub against him harder.

The rocking motion quickened as his teeth bit into her nipples. Madeline gasped between clenched teeth, but her hands curled around Eric’s bald orhanlı escort bayan head and held his mouth in place.

“Oh, yes,” she cried out. “Oh, lovely!”

Eric dragged the other breast to his mouth, and started to give it the same treatment.

“Oh, fuck!” Madeline shouted.

It was becoming increasingly hard for Eric to carry out his administrations, because Madeline was starting to lift herself higher and higher on his cock.

She continued to straddle his hips, but pushed his chest down onto the bed. It’s not that she didn’t enjoy what his lips and teeth had been doing to her — she very much did — but Madeline could feel her orgasm building. She was going to ride Eric fast and hard, all the way through her release.

As she rose up and down on Eric’s cock, moaning softly, she took his hands in her own. Her fingers intertwined with his. As her body ascended closer and closer toward it’s climax, she communicated it to him by gripping his fingers tighter and tighter.

“Ooooh! OOOOOH!! OH, GOD, ERIC!” she shouted.

“Fuck that cock, baby. Fuck it!”

Madeline did, slamming herself down on his shaft, faster and faster.

“Are you two finally awake?” the bedroom door opened.

Startled, Madeline lifted herself off Eric entirely. She covered her boobs with her hands, and turned her torso to the open doorway. Madeline squinted her eyes, blinking from the adjustment of light now spilling in from the adjacent room.

Shelly entered the bedroom, leading Dave by the hand. They were both naked and dripping wet.

“Ahhhh-haaaa,” Shelly said over her shoulder to Dave. “You were right. They aren’t sleeping.”

“I hope you don’t mind,” Shelly said, turning back to Madeline while also climbing onto the far side of the king-sized bed, “but I was just getting a little better acquainted with Dave in the hot tub.”


She gasped as Dave slapped the curve of her ass cheek with the flat of his hand.

“I see you’ve been getting better acquainted with Eric,” Shelly said in a low, playful voice. “Are we interrupting something?”

Shelly crawled toward them on her hands and knees. She leaned forward, laying her head on Eric’s abdomen, taking in the sight before her.

“Oh, we are!” she exclaimed, stroking Madeline’s thigh. With the doorway open, the room was now rather well-lit. Madeline looked down to see Eric’s cock, coated with her juices, laying flat on his tummy. The swollen and wet entrance to her pussy was just as revealing of what the two had been up to.

Madeline watched as Shelly leaned forward, lifted Eric’s cock with her hand, and then took him into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” she said, between a mouthful of cock. She lifted her head, stared lustfully into Madeline’s eyes, “I taste you on him. You’re delicious.”

Nothing should have surprised Madeline by now, but she was taken slightly aback when Shelly leaned forward to kiss her. Their lips pressed against each other’s, and then at the same time, their mouths opened. Shelly thrust her tongue into Madeline’s mouth, letting Madeline taste herself.

It was a different taste then when Madeline had slurped the sticky residue from Eric’s cock earlier. Then, in her half woken state, she thought she had been going down on her own husband, in her own bed. Madeline realized the sticky sweetness she had tasted before was Shelly’s cum, and Eric’s, too, when they had fucked each other on the nearby couch.

“Mmmmmm,” Shelly and Madeline both sighed at the same time. They broke their kiss away long enough to laugh.

“Oh,” Shelly gasped, her illuminous blue eyes suddenly growing wide.

“OHHHH!” she said again, louder. Madeline peeked over Shelly’s shoulder. Her girlfriend was still kneeling on the bed, on hands and knees. Dave had positioned himself behind her, his face buried between her ass cheeks.

“Ohh,” Shelly said, “His tongue!”

Shelly looked so lovely in that moment, an expression of pure bliss on her face. Madeline wiped a damp strand of Shelly’s blond hair aside, and then leaned forward to kiss her BFF on the lips again.

As they started making out, Madeline became aware that Shelly was stroking Eric’s cock. She could feel the hand movement near her belly, and now she could feel Eric’s hips undulating beneath hers in response.

‘She’s keeping him hard for me,’ Madeline thought delightedly.

“You keep doing that,” Madeline whispered, patting her hand. She then lifted herself off Eric, and the bed.

“Where are you going?” Shelly asked worriedly. “Your not leaving me with both of them, are you?”

Madeline chuckled.

“Never! Although I’m sure you’d enjoy that,” she said, moving toward the head of the bed. “But you taking such delight in Dave’s tongue has me feeling a little jealous.”

Eric was watching Madeline approach, his eyes drinking her sexiness up, head to toe. She liked the way he was looking at her, his eyes filled with lust. It made her feel wanted, sexy.

Madeline grabbed the headboard for balance, then lifted one long leg up and over Eric’s head. She was straddling Eric’s face now, rather than his hips. One foot still on the carpeted floor, the other near the pillows, she lowered herself slowly onto him.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, as his tongue slowly explored the outer lips of her love petals. She held herself above his face, letting him lap up all her juices.

Madeline heard a wet slurping sound behind her. She turned her head and smiled at the sight of Shelly going down on Eric. That girl was insatiable!

Shelly was holding Eric’s shaft upright while bobbing her head up and down on his cock. Meanwhile, Dave had scrambled to a standing crouch on the bed, immediately behind her plump tush, which Shelly had flaunting raised high in the air..

“Oh, get ready, Shelly,” Madeline warned. “Dave’s got his cock in hand. He’s lining up to give you a good–”

“FUCK!!” Shelly cried out, as Dave shoved the fully length of his cock into her pussy from behind.

“Oh my God,” Shelly cried, as Dave slid out then immediately thrust himself back in. There was no “warm-up” to their fucking, and Madeline had the distinct impression that Dave was merely aydınlı escort bayan continuing where the two had left off out by the hot tub.

Shelly took Eric’s cock back in her mouth, as Dave continued thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt.

Eric’s hands wrapped around Madeline’s legs, and he recaptured her attention by pulling her thighs downward. She felt his tongue slide between her slit, rolling inside her, seeking her core.

“Oh, shit,” she cried, delighting in the sensation as his lips and tongue explored her. She leaned forward, rotating her hips slightly, and moaned as his raspy tongue rolled heavily over her clit.

“Ohhhhhh, yes. Fuck yes, Eric, just like that.”

Madeline started to gyrate on Eric’s tongue, while listening to the sound of her girlfriend get pounded behind her. The room was filled with the sounds of creaking bed springs, the slurping, wet sounds of Shelly’s mouth on Eric’s cock, not to mention Dave’s cock in Shelly’s pussy, and Madeline’s contented cooes of delight as Eric slowly ate her out.

“Oh my God,” Maddy cried out. “Ahh! Ahhhh! Oh, Eric!”

Eric was lashing her clit with his tongue now. In turn, she thrust her vulva down on his lips and chin. Madeline worried that she was going to suffocate him in the process, but she was desperate for the need to satisfy herself.

“Unnnaaaaah,” Eric grunted, heaving her off him as he arched his back on the bed.

Madeline looked back to see her best friend sucking on Eric’s cock with wild abandon. She was both stroking his shaft with one hand and bobbing her head on the tip. Her cheeks were drawn inward as she sucked heartily on his dick.

“SHELLY!” Madeline scolded. “Don’t make him cum! I want that in me!”

Shelly took her mouth off Eric’s dick and grinned.

“You fucking slut,” she said, wiping her chin. “I fucking love it!”

But Eric didn’t love it. He growled his protest, sliding out from under Madeline, and rolling off the bed. Madeline was just turning in his direction, when he pushed her forcefully onto her back.

At first she was startled by his aggressiveness. As she sprawled backward onto the bed, she looked up at him worriedly. The look of hunger and mad-lust in his eyes thrilled her, sending shivers up her spine. His need was immediate, and every part of her wanted to satisfy him.

As Eric lunged for her on the bed, Madeline opened herself to him. She bent her knees and lifted her legs, spreading them wide as Eric crawled atop her.

‘I am a slut,’ Madeline thought. Having had two different men’s cocks shoved up her pussy in one night certainly seemed to qualify. ‘And so is my BFF. Girl’s Night will never be the same again.’

“Oh, Eric,” she said, feeling his big, thick meat slap around her thighs. “Fuck me!”

Madeline’s hands found Eric’s cock. She guided the tip toward her slit, even as her legs wrapped around his body.

“Ohhhhhh, gaaaaawd!” she cried out, as he cleared her entrance and then plunged into her fully. She locked her ankles around his back, driving her heels into him. She was eager for more, and strained her legs to push him deeper.

“OH MY GAWD!” She shouted louder, as his teeth closed around one nipple, and he thrust himself inside her harder.

“Oh, fuck, Maddy,” Shelly said, from the other end of the bed. “Dave’s dick feels so good inside me!”

Shelly’s words dimly penetrated Madeline’s consciousness. While Eric was propped on elbows atop her, shoving his big, meaty dick up inside her throbbing, wet pussy, Madeline was reminded that right next to her, another couple was fucking on the same bed.

She looked over to see Dave, still in a standing crouch, towering above her head. He had his hands on Shelly’s hips for balance, and he was pistoning that curved, scimitar-shaped cock in and out of her best friend’s vagina. Shelly was panting and moaning through the sheer pleasure of it all.

His shaft was coated thick and wet with her juices, along with a milky-white, creamy substance. The thought occurred to Madeline that perhaps one or both of them had already cum. It turned her on to a new level, and she felt herself building toward her own climax.

Eric was not being gentle, nor did Madeline want him to be. Her head bounced on the bed like a rag-doll, as he heaved his hips mightily, up and down.

Madeline had unlocked her ankles, and now pressed her hands on her knees, forcing them flat on the bed, spreading herself wide for Eric.

She lifted her head, looking down between her legs, watching with wide-eyed wonder as Eric slammed into her, again and again. He was pumping his cock so damn deep inside her.

“I love it,” she cried. “OH GOD, I FUCKING LOVE IT!”

Eric gripped her throat with his hand. He squeezed, choking her slightly.

“Yesssss,” she begged, her eyes finding his. His grip tightened, and she could no longer breath. But she didn’t have to breath now. She was a downy feather, floating up, up, up toward the ceiling. Higher and higher she lifted on the draft currents.

And then her orgasm slammed into her with the strength, ferocity and suddenness of a freight train.

“HOLY FUCK!” she screamed, grabbing Eric’s wrist as he continued to hold her throat tight.


Eric didn’t stop. He kept plowing into her. Madeline was still that downy feather, but now she was caught in the roaring turbulence of the freight train, as it sped through the middle of the room. She was buffeted, tumbled and turned in every angle and direction. She closed her eyes tight and held on to Eric’s wrist with both hands.

Above her, Eric grunted his release. She could feel his whole body tense, and then release, tense again, and then release. A gentle warmth filled her, and she knew it was his seed.

“Oh, shit, baby,” she huffed with finality, as Eric collapsed down upon her. Dave and Shelly, too, had collapsed to the bed. All of them lay in an exhausted heap, panting, bodies glistening from their exertions.

They lay there drowsily for a very long time. Madeline may have even dozed off, she couldn’t be sure. She thought she heard the sound of her cell phone ringing faintly from the other room. Where had she left it? In the kitchenette?

Eric stirred. She could still feel him inside her. He was hard.

Eric looked over to Shelly and Dave, dozing lazily beside them.

“You want to go find that hot tub?” He whispered softly. Madeline smiled.

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