Hmmm…A Present From the Other Man

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The package was waiting for her when she got home from the school run. Early post today, she thought as she bent down to pick it up. Handwritten address, neat and precise. Elegant even, not female but maybe too good for a male. No other marking. Padded envelope, brown, first class, franked – no stamp. Official but why handwritten? She placed in on the kitchen table, dying for a pee…’deal with the package in a minute’. Pulling her jeans back on whilst almost running back to the kitchen she realised that she was somewhat intrigued with the delivery, hence her rush back, which normally for the first pee of the day in quiet, she could sit for some considerable time thinking about how shit her life could be at times.

She prised the envelope open and pulled out a flat, flexible object – kind of figure of eight shaped, or hourglass, wider across one part, narrowing across the middle and elongated at the other. It didn’t feel like it was made of any material she recognised. Slightly curving upwards into a crescent shape, the inner surface was like a velvet or velour, rough and soft at the same time. But warm to touch. It didn’t feel synthetic but at the same time not quite natural. The outer surface felt soft as silk, but again oddly flesh like. There were no markings, no trade name or imprints. It kind of felt nice, comforting almost. And a deep red colour, or rather two shades of red, vibrant on the outside, ruby on the inside face.

She looked in the package for an information sheet or note. Nothing. No delivery note, no instructions. No diagrams although it was beginning to dawn in her what it could be.

“It’s a fucking sanitary product! What the fuck? Some twatty development company who can’t even tell me who they are have sent me a fucking sample! Jesus, my life really is shit. Fucking cunts! I’d fucking try it out and send it right back to them, if I knew who the fuckers were!”

She had received products before for testing and feedback when she signed up with some marketing company when she was pregnant. They soon stopped when the realised that she told them each time the product was ‘a piece of shit that she wouldn’t put near her child or even give it to the neighbour’s dog to play with’. She always did have pride in herself for her forthright opinions. Yes, she thought, it’s these fuckers again.

“And it’s fucking red! Designed by a fucking man just to really rub it in. Dickheads!” she almost shouted.

She threw the ‘thing’ onto the table, slammed the microwave door to reheat the coffee that, yet again, she had no chance of drinking before the madness of the family morning farce had started. She slumped down on the arm chair in the corner of the kitchen.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! What a load of shit this is. My life sucks. Fuck hubby who dances out every morning as though he has the perfect fucking life. Fuck the cunt who turned up here that day, dumped his load over my tits then pissed off home to his frigging wife. Never heard from that fucker again. Fuck the twatty company who think it’s a good idea to send me fucking sanitary products through the fucking post!”

This was not turning out to be a good day for her. She stared across at the ‘thing’, it summed everything up. Fuck!

I sat idly waiting, checking at times my phone, my tablet, sometimes looking up to my desktop for emails but coolly waiting patiently. The good thing about running your own company was that you could get privacy -‘hold all calls’- when you needed it. It was easy to give the impression that you had very important work to do, so important that everyone’s jobs relied upon it when really you had other things on your mind that required this level of privacy. I knew that at some point soon the App on my tablet and phone would indicate activation. I just had to be patient but the time would come when she wouldn’t be able to resist anymore.

It had been in a trip to an Expo in Holland that I first came across this little piece of remarkable tech. Well not quite on display at the Expo itself, more during conversation with the developer about his other products. He had originally developed a wristband for a well known band for use during their tour. The wristband would light up in various colours and vibrate along with their music with everyone in the crowd wearing them and all remotely controlled using an embedded micro-sim. He had realised that there was a much greater potential to develop the technology further for perhaps more ‘intimate’ products but had become rather disheartened when his backer said he was not interested. So instead of trying to sell me the wristband he spent his time trying to convince me that his sideline was altogether a much better proposition. The result is, that I happen to be one of the only owners, and hopefully soon to be user, of this particularly intimate toy!

Although remote toys have been available for some time they are pretty basic, relying even on the vibrating functions of a mobile phone. What use is that? What sets this one out is its shear level of sophistication, cutting edge sensors and the ability to use not just touch and feel to tuzla ukraynalı escort achieve virtual reality, but actually induce sensations using minute electro-magnetic fields. Also the control interface – It’s AMAZING! Picking up techniques from gaming development, the control interface is full 3D, instantaneous to react, could be set to automatic or fully manual, fully manual being my preferred mode as that’s where the fun really is!

The business end, so to speak, looks rather functional, as these things tend to be out of necessity, but again cutting edge. It’s inner surface was covered in over 5000 short fibres of a material called graphene, half of which move ever so lightly to create touching sensations and the other half acting as combined sensors and electromagnetic pulse centres. This would induce the deeper tingly sensations whilst constantly feeding back physiological data. A series of other sensors would measure pulse, temperature, blood flow, movement and even moisture. In fact everything you need to know to measure the state of arousal! I could tell if she was sitting, lying, standing, walking, running or perhaps even, unlikely but dare I say it – housework!

The ‘thing’ also has an internal structure of arteries filled with a gel, which can move back and forward very quickly, adding to the sensations. Although the movement of the fabric pile, the gel and the electronic forces was ever so slight, the sensations that are possible are almost boundless. Only my own imagination would be the limiting factor but believe me, I have a very vivid imagination! I could go from one extreme to the other – from making her feel pounded by a huge cock (or even two if I wanted!!) to being stroked with the lightest of feathers. The fun was in learning how to induce whatever pleasure I felt she needed at that moment. All fed back and controlled using a nano-sim from almost anywhere in the world.

The inventor was constantly sending me updates, particularly on the control interface. The 3D image, modelled on his own girlfriend he told me, could be replaced with an actual 3 D scan of your partner if you wanted to pop over to Holland to have that done. He was constantly creating new presets – said feathers and huge cocks – which appeared down one side of the touch screen like a ‘shoot em up’ game. He had developed some artificial intelligence functions that allowed the system to self learn, analysing feedback from the sensors and working out what achieved the best effects on any particular unique individual. The most recent addition was a small image created from the sensors that showed all the folds of her pussy, which would change constantly depending on position, blood flow, state of arousal or climax. Perfect feedback. All I had to do was wait patiently until activation!

She sat, vacantly staring, coffee going cold. Her feeling of contempt for the twatty company and men, in general, rising.

“How could they? They’re all cunts!”

Her highest level of contempt was for ‘the Thing’ itself. She stared a cold brutal stare. However, this is a bit odd, she thought, as she believed that she could see a hint of a glow around the edges, pulsing slowly, attracting.

“What the fuck?”

She got out of the chair and looked down, the soft red glow signalling to her. She stretched out her hand and immediately felt a warm tingle across her hand and along her wrist.

“Jesus, it’s fucking alive! EVIL bastards!!!” She slumped back down.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.”

At the same time she couldn’t stop looking back across as the pulsating glow began again. The sensation had actually been quite nice. Comforting, intriguing. She went back across, this time studying it properly. She hovered her hand above it. The warm sensation returned. It was almost as if it wanted to be picked up. It was teasing her to.

“Shit, this is stupid. It’s not fucking alive. It’s a sanitary product for fucks sake. What do you want me to do with it?” she yelled.

“Fuck it”, she thought. “I know what I’m meant to do with it, where to fucking stick it. You fuckers can win. My life’s shit enough. Okay?”

She undid her jeans, slipped it down the front of her knickers then shouted at the top of her voice “Fucking satisfied are you now you cunting fucking cunts!”

She slumped back down, defeated and deflated.

My tablet pinged the alert. The device was activated. Immediately data started flowing – body temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure. Hmmm, highly stressed I see.

“Let’s help sort that out.”

I made sure I was on fully manual settings. I didn’t want her first experience to be a huge cock ramming home, well not yet anyway! I carefully placed my finger on the screen near to where the sensors were telling me was the top of her pussy.

“Fuck me!” she jumped, “that fucking thing has just touched me up.”

She reached down, pulling ‘the thing’ from her knickers, throwing it across the room.

“No fucking way that’s going back near me.”

Damn, the data all disappeared from my screen.

“She’s taken it off.”

However, tuzla rus escort knowing what I know of her is that it won’t be long until she can’t resist another try.

She sat looking at the thing again. It began its glowing routine again. Attracting, comforting.

“Well it didn’t feel too bad, I suppose. Maybe I’ll give it another chance.”

Not quite knowing why, she stood up and collected it, slipped it back into her knickers, this time kicking her jeans off before sitting back down. The tingling feeling started immediately.

“Hmmm,” she thought, “this actually feels quite nice!” as a gentle heat began to build across her middle.

My tablet pinged again. Didn’t take her long, I smiled. Carefully this time. Take it slowly, after all I was learning too; what worked, what didn’t. Oh what fun!! I made sure the sensitivity setting was on low and placed my finger back on her pussy. The reaction was immediate, but certainly not as dramatic as before. The heartbeat monitor began to rise. I stroked downwards wishing that I was touching the real thing but still intrigued and excited about the possibilities. Taking it easy, I traced my finger around, slight pressure now and then. I increased the electromagnetic field but had been warned not to use this too long as nature would soon take over as natural arousal increased. I knew the tiny strands would be moving to and fro, the gel only flowing along the arteries in the device if I increased the pressure in my finger on the screen and wanted to simulate penetration, which at this point I did not feel confident in doing.

She felt a tingling towards the top of her thighs. She pushed herself back into the chair, raising her hips but relaxing. She felt a gentle pressure just at the top of her trimmed pubic line. God this was like being sixteen again and being explored for the first time. It was such a real feeling, she could imagine a finger stroking down her pussy, then back up on one side, down again on the other, a circling motion. She pushed her hips up further.

“Well whatever is doing this to me I might as well make it easier for it. Or whom, whoever?”

It began to dawn on her that this was certainly not designed as a sanitary product. She closed her eyes and decided to go along with wherever this thing was going to take her.

I stroked around the lines of her pussy, the image at the top of the screen sending back almost a complete picture of the folds and creases. It could even detect her trimmed pubes, her clit still tucked away inside its little protective hood. I saw that she had moved her hips forward, then up a bit, legs slightly apart. Hmmm, I thought, she’s getting the hang of this. I looked at all the data – heartbeat still rising, temperature up, blood flow across the pelvic area increasing. I turned the electromagnetic pulses down again. All the signs were good, nature taking over. I could see the lips of her pussy engorging with blood flow, her pussy opening with, hopefully, desire. I ‘inserted’ a finger, not far, and the sensors saw her lips closing in then relaxing out again.

“Fucking amazing” I thought, although I probably looked ridiculous sitting at my desk, prodding and stroking my iPad!

She couldn’t believe the sensations running through her body. Not just where the ‘thing’ sat across her pussy and through her legs, but up through her stomach, down the back of her legs and across her boobs. She placed her hand in her right breast, stroking gently at her nipple through her t-shirt.

“Holy fuck, this is amazing.”

She could sense that her own sensations were taking over, the warm feelings from the ‘thing’ subsiding and being replaced by other sensations that she knew only too well. She moved her other hand downwards towards her pussy.

I kind of suspected that she might want to join in and was ready for that first signal. The toy was designed for various uses including a ‘self satisfaction’ mode. However, even the slightest touch would be magnified beyond belief and I wanted to be in control. I had been told a simple counter measure – the designer had thought of every fucking thing! A sensor signalled a touch on the outer fabric – a quick brush of my hand across the touchscreen provided enough of a sensation that suggested she was being told off by the device – back off! What a mindfuck that must be!

She moved her hand down, pressing a finger against the ‘thing’. Immediately her hand flew to the side.

“Jesus, I’ve just been given a fucking row! Cheeky bastard” she thought. “Okay, back over to you if you want it that way!”

I studied the sensor at the top of the screen again. Her clitoris was now clearly showing, protruding forward.


I moved my thumb up, pressing on the image around her clit. She would be really feeling this now. My other finger was still ‘inserted’ into her pussy. I could sense her hips moving in time as I circled my thumb around. If I wanted, I could turn on a pre-set which would change the feeling to a tongue.

“Too strange even for me” I thought so resisted the idea of that.

I escort bayan continued stroking around her clit and pussy, increasing pressure, seeing her respond to every touch.

She pressed her head back. She was getting close. It was almost as if there was a real person working away down there bringing her climax closer and closer. She could feel the tingle rise simultaneously across her hips and pelvis, thighs and back of legs, across her stomach and breasts – there was not one part of her body that wasn’t reacting and elevating quickly towards a total body climax.

“Fuck,” she screamed.

She was getting close then squirmed in pleasure as the first wave hit, blowing through her body. Blowing her mind. Once, twice…Jesus, 3, 4, 5… on they went. How many more? Can’t count. Totally and utterly out of her mind.

The sensors went mad. I could see she was about to cum. A couple of more seconds then boom! She must be going wild, I thought, legs squeezing together then relaxing, together again, tight then relax. So many times .Fuck I wish I was there now!

She sat there trembling. She’d never climaxed so much. She relaxed back to catch her breath. What must she look like? Red faced, sitting in a chair in the kitchen, in her knickers, at just after ten in the morning?

The sensors told me her climax had passed. Heartbeat reducing, blood flow retreating. I switched on the moisture sensor – it was off the fucking scale! She had had a very good time!

Ten minutes passed and I could feel her sitting still, probably trying to puzzle out what all this was about.

“What next?” I thought.

How long before she can’t resist another go. It was still on her, still activated. Another couple of minutes and I could sense her stand up. Walking now, only a few paces. Then climbing the stairs – the system had been programmed to recognise each different move. I counted her paces again – eight, probably now at her bedroom door. Lying down, nice. Most likely on the same bed where I had previously dumped a huge load of cum on her tits.

She lay on the bed, now fully naked apart from the ‘thing’.

“Okay,” she spoke out loudly, ‘”Now fuck me!”

Now this is where I need to learn some new skills, I thought. She’s lying down, on her back, legs apart, probably wondering what happens now. I wanted to give her enough signals so she would know what to expect. I ‘placed’ my hand over her pubic area, a gentle ‘grip’. An upwards motion may give her the right signal. Nothing! Just a movement if her legs. Hmmm…this is trickier than I expected.

She felt a firmness across her pubic area. Nice and with some pressure. The sensation was of someone on top of her, ready to penetrate deeply but nothing going in. A bit odd, she thought. An upwards stroke, what was it doing?

Damn, if I was actually there I could just grasp her hips and turn her over. How do I get her to understand with all the sensors being in the one area. Obviously we could agree protocols for the future but for the first time would she understand what I wanted her to do? I placed my hand back down. I scrolled the 3D image around and placed a bit of pressure just beyond her pubic bone at the bottom of her pussy. Her hips responded by moving up. I swiped my hand across the screen and sensed her hips twisting in a response. Good nearly there. I swiped again, and her hips moved over. She was now on her front, facing down onto the bed.

“Good girl,” I thought, “you’re learning too!”

She felt the pressure back on her pussy. Then a prodding almost at her bum that made her jump a bit. A sensation running across was enough this time to make her twist her hips.

“Ah, I get it now!” She rolled over, raising her hips up a little in anticipation.

I decided to choose a pre-set this time. A cock, not too big, not too small. Similar size to my own. After all I didn’t want her to get too used to a extra large one if I would be there in person sometime, hopefully soon. I didn’t want my ego hurt too much!! I used my finger to find where her pussy should be, knowing that this time the tiny strands, gel and electronic pluses would act together to give the sensation of a good fucking.

She raised her hips higher, bottom now high in the air, and felt what she could only describe as a good sized cock entering into her from behind. Although no one was actually there, the sensations were so real. She could feel her pussy being stretched, feel the length of the cock sliding in and out, sensing the tip as it teased before thrusting deep. This was so much like the real thing, perhaps better as the movement was so fluid. She felt a touching around to her front, remembering how ‘he! had touched her from behind that day after he had cum on her tits.

“Fuck, this toy is good, who needs a man after all?”

She felt the sensation of the ‘cock’ rubbing against the insides of her pussy, the familiar sensations building again. It wasn’t taking long but she knew she was about to climax for a second time, moving her hips in time to the pounding that she was now getting from behind, the sensations building. Across her buttocks, across her boobs that were now swinging around brushing against the bedcovers, up along the backs of her legs and again – boom- hundreds of tiny orgasms rushed through every nerve of her body. She collapsed in a heap. Fucked again!

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