Her Body Tingles

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From the moment she entered the room, Shelly understood the true meaning of the word embarrassed. Across the room were two of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. They were engaged in a sexual act to which she had never seen before. Their bodies entwined and their legs tightly wrapped around each other. She stood there frozen for about two minutes. Suddenly the women noticed her and stopped what they were doing. Shelly was the first to speak.

“What in the name of all that is holy are you doing in my apartment?” Dumbfounded both women looked at each other not uttering a word. Shelly walked over to her roommate Brenda. Brenda I left you in charge but I had no idea that you were going to do something like this. I never knew that you were a lesbian. How could you allow yourself to desecrate this apartment with antics like that?

I didn’t think it was just your apartment. I thought it was our apartment. I figured that since you wouldn’t be home for another day or so I would be able to enjoy the company of my lover. How was I supposed to know your business trip would be cut short? Saying to her lover lets take this into my room.

Shelly watched as they left the dining room and went into Brenda’s room. Muttering to herself, I can’t believe I trusted her to take good care of the apartment. While she was busy in the kitchen fixing her dinner, Shelly started to hear bursa escort moans and strange noises from the bedroom. It started out quietly at first but gained in loudness until it was all she could focus on.

She couldn’t help beginning to feel sexual feelings building inside her. She managed to block out most of the sounds until she heard Brenda yell. By the sounds of it she was cumming and didn’t care who knew it. It had been a long time since she felt the tingles of cumming from inside herself. I need to get out and find a lover. Ever since my boyfriend cheated on me I have regretted finding or even trusting someone else. Just then what happened next was nothing short of amazing. Brenda’s lover walked out of the room entirely naked with her big beautiful breasts swinging free and her neatly shaved bush glistening from her wetness. Shelly stood there and stared as this woman came up to her and whispered into her ear.

Brenda tells me that you have never been with a woman. I told her that I would come out and invite you to join in on the fun. Please come into the room and let me lick you into ecstasy. I know you don’t condone what we were doing but if you have never tried it you might be surprised.

Surprised was barely scratching the surface, although the offer did seem to arouse her. I have always had feelings of being with another woman but had escort bayan never acted on it. Since the opportunity was right here in front of me I decided to see what it was I had been missing.

I entered the bedroom to see Brenda plunging a purple dildo Deep inside her ass. It was glistening I presume from the oil she had sitting next to her bed. She was letting sounds of pleasure mixed with sounds of pain escape her lips. Watching her I somehow knew this was going to be a very exciting evening. This woman took me by the hand and led me over to the bed. She began to unbutton my blouse and I decided to help her. My blouse fell to the floor and her hands started to grope my breasts and gently rub the nipples.

Brenda had worked herself into quite a frenzy and I knew she was about to cum. I leaned over to her and nibbled slightly on her ear. This sent Brenda right over the top she came in torrid floods. When she finished, she began to kiss me on my newly exposed breasts. I must admit the feeling was overwhelming and in no time I felt the stir of tingles building inside me.

By now I decided to get naked all the way and removed my silky panties. As they fell to the floor Brenda’s lover graciously started to lick my fervent pussy. I was beside myself with feelings of ecstasy. I felt the trickle of my own juices flowing down my inner thigh. My mind was bursa escort starting to wander but my body was responding in great detail. I felt the familiar tightening of my muscles just before I was about to cum and then unexpectedly they both stopped. They sat up and changed positions so that Brenda could use her purple dildo on me this time. It felt wonderful and I encouraged her to go faster which she did. Now I must tell you I had never had two women do this to me nor did I even think it would happen. Now that it has I must tell you all that you must experience this at least once before you decide to put it off. I felt the stir of my body within the touches of their hands and toys. I began to quiver and the excitement was growing. The early stages of orgasm were beginning to come over me. Brenda expertly worked the dildo in and out of my hairy pussy fast and furious. I knew I was about to cum hard and then at the very moment I exploded Brenda yanked the dildo out of me and lapped up all of my cum. I was left there shaking and tingling all over and wanted this feeling to never stop.

We changed positions again and it was my turn to please them. I first began by licking Brenda’s lover from her ass to her breasts. She obviously was enjoying the experience because she was moaning just like before. Brenda lay on the bed her moist pussy exposed to my fingers that I wasted no time in inserting. I began to finger fuck Brenda at the same time lick her friend and was awarded by orgasm after orgasm. To this day Brenda and I never have complaints about who we have in our apartment. Every time I see her dildo or her lover my body tingles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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