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I was alone walking out in the pastures on our property out in Hebronville late at night. The weather was cool and clear and a full moon hung in the sky. The white rock roads almost glowed in the moon light as I walked them without the aid of a flashlight, just like many nights before. Tonight was different it seemed. As I walked along I heard the standard night sounds, Owls hooting, Coyotes howling off in the distance and crickets chirping. Yet something seemed amiss and as I walked I could smell an aroma I had not smelled out here before. I smelled pot smoke and under a tree I saw what I thought was a young man and his girlfriend. They had not seen me so I turned around and walked back the way I had come from. I walked about a hundred yards from them and went down another road taking me back to the small wood frame house I has built several years before. The house was just three rooms. Living and sleeping room, kitchen and a bathroom. It was plenty for a weekend house as I enjoyed the solitude that being out in the country allowed. In the mornings I would ride my four wheeler along the fence line and check all the fences and then watch the cattle to make sure they had plenty of food and the water trough in the cattle pens was full of fresh water. There was not a lot to do unless something broke or an a****l became ill. The afternoons I took a nap and laid out in a hammock under a oak tree that was over one hundred years old. The warm breeze and smell of honey suckle would put anyone to sleep after a good lunch. In the afternoons I would work in my vegetable garden that supplied me with all I needed. I also gave plenty to my next door neighbors and they traded me with fresh chicken and eggs.

After the sun would go down if the weather was warm I used the outdoor shower and then eat dinner in the nude. I have a television but I would rather read a book and have a few glasses of wine till I was sleepy and then into bed. Not having anyone around I could go nude whenever I wanted and I often did. No one ever visited me out here and solitude was wonderful till tonight. Once I got back to the house I was thinking about the young couple and how I respected the privacy they wanted, yet this was my property and they were trespassing on it. However they had walked onto my property and caused no harm as they made out under the stars. I did something I seldom did and pulled out a bag of weed and rolled up a few joints and stripped out of my clothing. I smoked the first one and then read an old Penthouse Forum and was hard as a rock. Then I smoked the second one and could not help stroking my erect cock. I was sitting in the dark on my front porch when I heard the two of them walking past the house. It was two women who were walking past me as I watched them I knew they could not see me unless I moved. They held hands as they walked and I heard them talking about how much fun they have been having out here at night making love under the stars, but something was missing. The continued on and I could no longer hear them talking as they walked away. I also knew they would return for many nights as long as I did not disturb them during the nocturnal journeys they shared with each other.

I had a good buzz working and went back inside and went to bed and dreamed of seeing the two young women making love under the stars. The next morning was busy and I was hung over from the wine and pot, the sun hurt my eyes, however I had work to do. I went to the barn and fed the a****ls and found a broken water line that needed fixing as well as the bull broke down a section of barbed wire fence trying to get to a cow, damn I did not need this work of all mornings. I was mad knowing the morning was all work so I grabbed a couple of aspirin out of the bottle in the barn first aid kit and took a drink of well water to wash them down and went to fix the water line. The water line was not as bad as I thought, but it made one hell of a mud hole and I was knee deep in mud as I worked. I used a feed bucket to empty the water out of the hole so I could see what I was doing and it only took me an hour and the line was fixed and covered back up with fresh sand. Now getting the bull back into my pasture and not the neighbors took me several hours and when I got him back in the fence went back together easy enough. I knew in another year or so I would have to replace the whole thing and I did not relish the idea in the least. Lunch was a couple of cold sandwiches and chips chased down by an ice cold beer. I was pretty tired and the day was getting pretty hot, maybe it would be in the upper ninety’s and not a güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cloud in the sky. A quick cool shower and I wrapped a towel around my waist and went out to the porch where I could sit in the shade and under a ceiling fan to cool down. I lay back in the lounge chair listing to the dove cooing in the shade trees and soon was out cold as my body was tired from from the work I did this morning. I awoke to the sound of someone opening my front gate and I was in plain site so I just sat up and looked down to make sure I was still covered by my towel and looked to see who it was. It was a member of the Boarder Patrol asking if I had seen any non legal migrant workers in the last few days as there had been reports of them traveling through the area at night.

“Well I saw two young ladies last night out in my grass pasture under the tall old live oak tree up there on the hill, but they left out around midnight or so, but no one else around.” I said as I stood up and leaned on the porch railing. The Boarder Patrol agent was a man in his late twenties maybe early thirties and good looking guy. I am straight, but knew women would be all over him in the western clubs if he went to one.

He looked me up and down in my towel and commented that it was hot outside and better be careful if I went out in the sun like I was. “An all over sunburn is not a fun thing to have so be careful and if you see the young ladies at night you might want to warn them about the non legal migrant workers. Most times they were harmless, but you never knew if some of them were d**g mules or dealers traveling with the rest of the harmless ones.”

I continued standing there and said,”When I see them I will keep a close eye on them as I would hate anything to happen to them out on my property and let them do what they want. Young love is special and should be nurtured and shared. I would not bother them while they were out there, but still would alert them with a sign on the tree if they came back tonight. Well need to get dressed and back to work Officer. Thanks for warning me and have a look around if you want.” With this I went inside and put on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and got ready for my afternoon rounds. I did as I said I would and made a sign about the non legal migrant workers and stapled it to the tree at eye level. Checking on my work from the morning was good as the water line was not leaking and the bull was in his pen and eating hay. The rest of the a****ls were either laying down and resting or just grazing under shade trees out of the hot sun. I felt better after working past the hangover I had this morning and I went down to the large pond and sat on the dock and started fishing. I had a radio on the four wheeler so I put it on the local country western station and picked up my rod and reel and threw out a line. I had the pond stocked with bass and trout several years ago and several times a week I threw out food for them and made sure the water level was always full and kept the cattle out of it with a fence. The pond was about five acres and in parts over ten foot deep. It was great place to swim and fish. The dock was a floating platform that was a ten by ten with a large umbrella over it for shade on a hot day. The fish were not biting and I was hot so I stripped out of my shirt and pants and slipped into the cool water. Now if you never skinny dipped you really should try it sometime out in the daytime. The warm sun on your skin and the cool water as it flows past the sensitive naked parts of your body is refreshing and sensual as it gets. I swam for a while and then pulled myself out of the water onto the dock and lay there till my body dried from the warm breeze blowing out of the west. The temp was well into the ninety’s and the DJ on the radio said it was going to be a record setting temp today. I lay on my back in the shade and I guess I nodded off as I heard voices coming over the hill side. I quickly pulled on my pants and just as I was zipping them up the young ladies walked over the hill and saw me.

They were dressed in jeans and simple t-shirts and carried a basket between them and I kept dressing as they approached me. “Hi!” I said as they were about fifteen feet away. “You two do know that you are trespassing on my property don’t you?” I asked them as they came down onto the dock.

“We hope that you don’t mind as we never have damaged anything. You place is so nice and quiet we spend some nights here and on hot days like this we come down here to swim and get a suntan as the boys in town are rude to us.” The taller one said.

I was pulling on canlı poker oyna my boots and said. “No problem, but don’t do anything where you could get hurt on my place I would hate for either of you to hurt yourselves. I need to tell you about the non legal migrant workers coming over the boarder at night. It seems the Boarder Patrol Officer said he saw some out here the other night traveling north east. If you are out here at night be careful.”

The shorter one looked at the taller one as if to say something, but the taller one shook her head.

“I have a ton of work to do on the other side of the place and you two feel free to do whatever you came out here for. I only ask in the future you stop by the house and sign a log letting me know that you are here and where your going to be so I can respect your privacy in the future,even if you are here late at night.” I added and asked, “By the way what are your first names only I don’t need your last names.”

The tall one answered me, “My name is Becky and my girlfriend here is Pam. Thanks for being so nice about this we thought when we saw you that we were in trouble when you saw us, but we thought what the heck busted already.”

“I’ll have the clipboard by the front porch this evening. You two be careful and don’t mess with my a****ls. The bull can be mean if he does not know you, just watch yourselves will you. I swung into the saddle of the four wheeler and went to the barn to fill the water trough and feed the chickens and cattle for the afternoon. Knowing the girls were out there and would be stopping by on the way out I started a fire in the BBQ pit and had some steaks marinating and fresh potatoes, green peppers, onions and a case of beer in a wash tub full of ice with some water. If they didn’t stop and eat I would have leftovers for a few days, but I like left over BBQ who doesn’t. I showered again and put on a pair of clean jeans and a button down shirt. No boots but soft leather slippers. I had music going and I just put the steaks on as Becky and Pam walked up to the porch. Sure enough I had a clipboard with a sign in and out log for them and invited them to dinner. Becky looked at Pam and Pam nodded her head yes so I pointed to the tub of beer and asked, “Either of you driving or are you close enough to home to walk? I would hate for you to get busted for drunk driving coming out of here.”

Becky went and grabbed two bottles and I asked for her to grab one for me also as I was busy cooking for all of us. She handed me one and I passed the opener to her after opening mine. Pam took a long swig off of hers and almost drained half the bottle. Becky did the same and I just sipped mine settling in for what I had hoped to be a good night. I continued to turn the steaks and the potatoes and other veggies were just about done. “So how do you like your steaks medium rare, medium or medium well? I take mine medium with just a thin strip of pink through the middle. Nice and tender and not dried out and just perfect eating.” I said, but as the words came out of my mouth I realized how it might have sounded like I was hitting on them.

The both looked at each other for a second and Pam asked me where my bathroom was and I told her inside and feel free to look around as I was busy getting everything off the pit and would be inside in a few. Becky offered to help me carry the food inside as soon as it was done and I looked closer at her as I handed her a tray with the veggies. I took the tray with the meat and closed the pit. Becky was coming back outside as I was going in and Pam was following her. I slid past them and they brought in the wash tub full of beer. We all sat at my small table in close quarters and ate dinner. The girls sat on either side of me and kept looking at each other the whole time. Pam had drank five beers and Becky only had drank three. When dinner was over Becky went to the bathroom and followed by Pam as I cleared the table and started washing the dishes. They both joined me and soon all the dishes were done and I opened us all another beer each. It was not about eight o’clock and I turned on the radio and Pam started dancing one her own. Becky laid back on the couch and drank her beer slowly while watching Pam as a lover would watch another lover. I was sure they were sleeping with each other and I hoped I would be included, but acted like nothing was going to happen.

Pam was really dancing like a stripper without a pole and Becky looked at me and asked, Isn’t she amazing the way she moves. I almost want to have my way with her right here, but I am not sure if it is ok with you?”

I stood up and pointed to internet casino the large king size bed and was about to walk outside as she touched my arm and said, “It is your house we will leave you alone if you want us to.” Pam was now pulling her t-shirt over her head and her C cup breast were out and were bouncing around. I was now staring and Becky asked me if I liked watching two women make love”

“What are you talking about you two want to use my bed and you want me to watch?” I asked as if shocked.

“No silly I want you to have sex with Pam and I and we will come back every day to use your pond to swim in and then have our way with you when ever we want.” Becky said as Pam was sliding her jeans off her hips and was wearing a pink g string.

I was mesmerize by Pam’s’ body as she danced and Becky simply undressed without pausing till she was naked and then walked over to Pam and kissed her. My cock was hard watching them as Becky knelt at Pam’s’ feet and slid off her pink g string to revile that neither Becky or Pam had no hair on her pussy and were tanned all over. I guess all the tanning on my dock helped out in that department. Becky was kissing Pam like long time lovers and Pam sat Becky on the edge of my bed and placed Becky’s’ legs over her shoulders and was kissing the inside of her thighs. I watched Pam start licking Becky’s’ hairless pussy and still my cock was throbbing, but I did not want to upset the show before me so I got another beer and sat in the chair next to the bed and drank the beer. I slipped off my slippers and pulled my t-shirt over my head just as Pam made Becky scream out in orgasm. I was just unzipping my jeans as Pam leaned back and saw I was getting undressed and she crawled over to me. Pam’s’ full breast swung to and fro as she crawled and when she got to me I stood up and let her pull my pants and boxers off as Becky started to finger herself on my bed. Once my cock was free from confinement it pulsed as Pam simply started giving me a wonderful blow job. Pam was sucking my cock without using her hands and as I looked down I saw why. Both of her hands were buried in her pussy fingering herself. Becky was still on the bed watching Pam suck my cock and slowly was caressing her nipples with her right hand and fingering her clit with her left hand. Knowing these two young women would be available to me any time as I would be there for them was too much and I grabbed Pam by the head and shoved my cock down her throat and exploded deep into her mouth. She swallowed and breathing through her nose as I let go of her head and she lay back and fingered herself till she came.

Becky climbed off the bed and knelt over Pam’s head and lowered her bald wet cunt to where Pam could grab her hips and go down on her. I was quickly becoming hard again and walked around behind Becky and watched as Pam licked her wetness and I knelt down and Pam saw my erect cock and took hold of me and pulled me to Becky’s wetness. Slipping the head of my cock into Becky was hot as she was dripping wet and Pam started licking both of us as I slipped more and more of myself into her till my balls were bouncing off her clit and Pam started sucking one of my balls at a time as Becky screamed out in orgasm. Even though I had just cum I could feel myself hard and my cock was twitching as if I was going to cum again, but I held back and took Becky by the hips and pulled her ass back till I could enter her no more and then pushed her away till just the tip of my cock was in her and I jerked her back again and felt myself hit her cervix. Becky howled out as I started to hammer thrust myself in and out of her in long fast strokes and she collapsed onto Pam’s body as she quivered as I fucked her hard. Pam slid out from behind us and spread her thighs and pulled Beck’s mouth to her wet cunt and Becky started licking her clit and fingering Pam’s pussy as I pounded her.

Pam screamed out, “Fuck her harder Master she is our slut and there is nothing she will not do for us. I pulled back till my cock popped out of her pussy and placed it against her ass and I grasped her hips as she lifted her head up and screamed as I impaled myself into her. God her ass was tight as hell and Pam jerked Becky’s mouth back down to her pussy as I fucked her. Pam was on the edge of cumming and I knew I was as Becky was thrashing below me and she and Pam came at the same time and I pulled her ass against my hips and exploded deep into her. My cock throbbing and pulsing with each ejaculation and soon I was starting to go soft and I slipped out of her ass. Becky continued to lick Pam’s pussy as my cock stayed erect. My orgasm was leaking out of Becky’s ass and Pam simply licked and sucked her clean as I sat back and opened another beer.

It was getting late and the girls said the had to go home for the night and school the next day, but would be back for more fun and games tomorrow evening.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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