Great Migration: Georgia to Milwaukee

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Great Migration: Georgia to Milwaukee
It was October 1945. Eustace Griffin, a farmer from Georgia, and his wife loaded up in the 1938 4-door Oldsmobile Series F sedan. Their youngest c***d, 20 year-old Harry, was back home from serving in Second World War. They were heading up to Milwaukee where three of Harry’s older siblings had made their homes during this Great Migration of African-Americans leaving the rural, agrarian South for the industrialized North and Midwest.

Eustace who was born in 1895 to a sharecropper was proud of Harry. The young man had deployed from Hampton Roads, Virginia as a part of the 27th Cavalry Regiment to Alegria. He saw no combat in North Africa, but when the unit was inactivated a few weeks later, he transferred to Europe becoming a driver for the Red Ball Express. This famed group of mostly Negro drivers supplied Allied Forces with fuel, food, munitions, and other necessities all while under assault from air and land enemy fire.

Harry was one of the men that the U.S. Army Transportation Corps didn’t have to teach to drive. He had grown up on the family farm driver a truck and a tractor. Unfortunately, Harry was wounded one night while driving in nearly complete blackout conditions when a land mine exploded. Thankfully, he was much better now and did not end up losing a limbs. He did have a noticeable limp.

The trip was to take a while with the careful preparation needed by Blacks while traveling by car throughout the American south. Ann Griffin, the family matriarch, had dutifully packed a copious amount of her crispy fried chicken, homemade buttermilk biscuits, recently picked apples, and a sweet potato pie for their roadside lunches.

Eustace and Harry planned to share the driving duties so they would not have to stop along the way. It could be difficult, at best, to find lodging during the Jim Crow era and deadly, at worst. They were armed with a copy of the Green Book so they knew which filling stations were friendly to their race.

The three Griffins made it to their destination. This was the first time any of them had been. The area where their relatives lived was known as Bronzeville. It had nice houses and Black-owned restaurants, banks, and other establishments. Harry pulled alongside the curb in front of a two-story foursquare house with white siding and dark green shutters. The kit three-bedroom home purchased from Gordon Van Time and financed by Columbia Building & Loan belonged to the Harry’s oldest brother, Junior.

Eustace, Jr., simply known as Junior to the family, was the first to relocate here. He was born in 1919 and now worked at a factory making diesel engines. The 26 year-old made decent money and was married to Nellie. They had three small c***dren – two boys, 5 & 3, a 15-month old girl. Junior greeted his parents and brother.

Ann fussed over the grandbabies. Junior showed his dad and Harry the house.

“It’s a lovely place, Junior,” the Ann remarked. “We just so proud of you!”
“Thank you, mama!”
“Now, where are Betty Ann and Alvin?”
“I just called them Mama Griffin. They’ll be here in a minute,” Nellie chimed in.
“Well, good! I guess I should get started on cooking.”
“Now, mama. You just rest up. Nellie, Betty Ann, and Hazel gonna take care of that,” Junior declared.
“Nonsense, boy! I’m helpin’ out,” his mother protested.
“We’d be glad to have you,” Nellie forced a smile.
“See,” Ann celebrated triumph.

Betty Ann SIms hung up the phone with her sister-in-law. She yelled for her husband and the k**s to get ready. She was the second oldest c***d of Eustace and Ann. The 25 year-old woman was married to 30 year-old man and had two stepc***dren and one biological son. The Simses left their 1,110 square-foot one-story English cottage with six rooms and a bath which came from Aladdin. They made the short walk four doors down to Junior’s. Betty Ann’s stepson carried two pecan pies. Her stepdaughter illegal bahis siteleri towed the cornbread.

Alvin and Hazel were crossing the street. Hazel carried their infant girl. The 23 year-old middle c***d lugged a basket with potato salad and baked beans. He also worked at the same plant as Junior earning a good living. He followed suit, in a form of chain migration, as his older siblings to build a life that would not have been afforded him in Georgia. He, too, owned a house ordered from a catalog and financed through Milwaukee’s first Black bank. It was a two-bed, one-bath Cape Cod containing a living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Eustace, Ann, and Harry hugged everyone as they arrived. It was such a joy to see one another.

Ann went into the kitchen with her daughters-in-law and Betty Ann. They began to set out the food. Ann supervised Nellie who started the brats and sliced onions main dish while simultaneously making the sweet tea.

“You make the best tea, Mama Griffin,” Hazel complimented her husband’s mother.
“Thank you, baby,” the 43 year-old woman smiled.

“So, mama,” started Betty Ann. “You and daddy are gonna stay here with Junior and Nellie tonight. Tomorrow night, you’ll be at Alvin’s. And then y’all will stay with me and Lester.”

“I feel right special. Like I’se the queen of England,” Ann Griffin beamed.
“Or, the queen of Sheba,” Nellie offered.

Ann ignored the comment from the secondary school literature teacher. She harbored slight contempt at the fact that Nellie was not a stay-at-home wife and mother. Ann, afterall, thought teaching was a respectable job for an unmarried woman like her other daughter.

Nellie tried to let the affront slide over her.

Betty Ann saw the annoyance and said, “I talked to Jean this morning.”
“Oh good! How is she,” Ann inquired.
“Doing good. She and her roommate just got a new puppy.”
“Nice,” remarked Hazel.
“She called me the day before we left. I just worry about them two single women in dat big city,” Ann lamented.
“They’re fine, mama,” Betty Ann consoled her mother.
“I think they’re enjoying their careers.

The only Griffin not in attendance was Jean. She was c***d number four. Jean lived in Washington, D.C. She had always been smart as a whip and incredibly precocious. While she learned the domestic tasks in which her mother and the other women in the community sought to instruct her, Jean knew that would not be her life. She never remembered wanting to live a life like theirs. Jean made her living teaching science after earning a degree from Spelman. Her roommate, Lena, had served with distinction in the segregated U.S. Army Nurse Corps during WWII in Burma.

Betty Ann, Nellie, and Hazel, along with their husbands, all understood Jean and Lena were a couple even though the fact was unspoken. None of them were going to intimate such a ‘subversive’ situation to Eustace or Ann.

“I think these bratwursts are ready,” Nellie stated.
Ann walked over to the stove. “Maybe five more minutes. Y’all girls set out the plates.”
“Sure, Mama Griffin,” Hazel nodded.
“Mama, can you help me with the babies real quick.”

Ann left the room with her daughter.

Betty Ann mouthed silently, “They’re ready, Nell.”

The family tore up the huge spread. It was not lost of Eustace Griffin, Sr. that his c***dren were finally taking part in the American dream. He viewed their moving north and working in good paying jobs as the pinnacle of success. He had no idea that his grandc***dren and great-grandc***dren would celebrate the fact that having been the son of a sharecropper, he came to own 41 acres of land in Georgia back in the early 20th century.

The women went about the work of clearing the plates and cleaning up.

Eustace, his three sons, and Lester went out back to smoke cigars. “So, what the plan for Harry?”
“He’s gon’ stay wit’ Alvin and Hazel,” Junior replied.
“Yeah, an’ we takin’ canlı bahis siteleri him to the factory Monday mornin’ to get him a job,” Lester informed his father-in-law.
“All that sound good,” Eustace confirmed. “You fine wit’ him stayin’ at yo’ house, Alvin?”
“Yes, sir,” Alvin added enthusiastically.
“Well good then,” the farmer stated.

Over the next few days, Ann and Eustace spent the night at each of the houses their adult c***dren owned. When they pulled out to return back home, the whole Griffin brood was there to wish them a safe journey.

Unsurprisingly, Harry got hired at the manufacturing company immediately. The word of his brothers and Lester went a long way with the foreman and the manager, a white man that oversaw the department.

When the first weekend arrived, Harry was itching to go out on the town and have some fun. He shared this with Junior and Alvin.

“We can go downtown Saturday night,” Alvin remarked.
“Where to? The Royal Hotel,” checked Junior.
“Yeah,” chuckled the middle brother. “You’ll find some action there, Harry!”
“Good. I need a release,” Harry admitted.

Saturday arrived. Junior and Alvin told Nellie and Hazel they were going to take Harry to play cards.

The drove in Alvin’s Nash Ambassador 600 fastback sedan.

The three men entered the bar. It was packed with Whites, southern Italians, and Blacks alike cavorting. There was jazz playing, liquor flowing, gambling in the far flung corners, and flirty, loose-morals atmosphere in general.

The brothers were dressed in Zoot Suits with hanging gold watch chains visible and pointy French-style shoes. Junior and Alvin wore fedoras color-coordinated with their outfits. Harry’s head was covered with a stylish pork pie hat. They were some snazzy looking men.

All of them had similar facial features. But, Junior was taller than the others with a dark brown hue. Alvin and Harry had more of deep copper skin tone and average height. Harry still possessed a lean, sinewy build while his two brothers had a more stout, sturdy shape.

Several of the women in the place took notice of them.

“This is what I’m talkin’ bout,” grinned Harry.
“Be careful, li’l bro! There’s some of everything in here,” warned Junior.
“I’m good, man. I been in Europe remember?”
Alvin smirked, “Yeah. But don’t do nothin’ stupid.”
“I got this,” Harry roiled.

Junior ended up at a poker table. Alvin was flirting with a couple of brown sugar dancing girls. Harry was drinking absinthe and chatting with some white chick.

A couple of hours later, Alvin spotted Harry following a youthful looking white bellhop. He wondered what was going on. He excused himself from the small group and went to find his older brother. He explained what he had seen and Junior finished one more hand.

“Let’s go find this, Negro,” Junior boomed.

After talking to the front desk clerk and giving him a small bribe, they learned Harry had rented a room on the third floor.

Alvin and Junior shared a knowing glance. The Royal was a popular hotspot. It also attracted a fair number of ‘sissy boys’ and ‘butch women’. As they mentioned before, anything you wanted could be found there.

Junior banged on the door.

A half dressed, sylphlike white guy opened up. “Meredith,” he started then stopped.
“Who is it,” yelled Harry.

Junior pushed the guy out of the way and burst in. “Man, I told you to be careful,” he chastised the youngest Griffin.
“Be cool, man,” slurred Harry. “Have some absinthe.”
“What y’all doin’,” asked Alvin.
“Nothin’. Just havin’ a drink. You tried this before?”
“Nawl,” Junior hissed.
“Pour a glass for my brothers, uh, uh, uh,” Harry snapped his fingers.

“Donnie,” interjected the hotel employee.
“Yeah! Donnie! These my bros, Alvin and Junior.”
“I heard this shit is good,” Alvin spoke up.
“Alright, we’ll try it, but we stayin’ in here wit’ you,” Junior decided.

The four men sipped the highly alcoholic beverage bahis firmaları when another knock came at the door. Donnie answered. It was another bellhop. He whispered something and shut the door. He was carrying another bottle of absinthe.

Everyone was getting loopy when someone else knocked again.

“Damn,” remarked Alvin. “I’ll get it!” He opened and saw two bellhops. “What y’all want?”
“We came up because Donnie invited us,” the blue-eyed one said.
“Don’t just stand there,” called out Harry. “Let ‘em in!”

Donnie stood up. He said, “These are my friends Jackie and Vivian!”
“I’m Alvin. Over there is Junior. On the bed is Harry.”
“Hey, there,” smiled Jackie, the one with blue eyes.
“Nice to meet you guys,” Vivian waved.

“It’s kinda hot in here,” Donnie confessed.
“It sure is,” Vivian agreed.
“Mind if we slip outta these uniforms,” asked Jackie.
“Shit, do you,” the tipsy Junior acquiesced quickly.

Donnie, the dishwater blonde with big brown eyes and pouty lips, pulled the undershirt over his head and took off his suspendered pants. Next, Jackie and Vivian slithered out of their jackets and clothing. Jackie, lithe and thin, also had brown doe eyes, but with dark hair. Vivian’s body was waifish.

All of the sassy, lily-white boys were now in their ribbed cotton white briefs.

Junior, Alvin, and Harry all eyed the pliant, nimble, sprightly looking bellhops.

Harry looked at Alvin and then Junior.

Junior’s gaze was devious in nature. Alvin’s was equally mischievous.

Harry grimaced.

Junior gave the go ahead, “They look like some birds!”
“Damn sho do,” Alvin concurred.
“I been thankin’ the same thang all night,” added Harry.

“We ARE a bunch of Molly boys,” Donnie emphasized.
“Yes, we are,” Vivian cooed.
“We like Negroes too,” Jackie divulged.
“Why don’t you take off those Zoot suits,” Vivian suggested.

Alvin and Junior stripped down to their short, autumn unions – one-piece underwear sets with a tank top style upper and legs coming down the thigh. Harry was already wearing just a pair of striped shorts, now referred to as boxers, and a T-shirt which came down past to his thighs.

Donnie poured more absinthe for everyone. Vivian was already running his slender fingers over Junior’s solid body. Jackie was squeezing Alvin’s crotch. Donnie distributed the glasses and made his way to Harry. Harry tickled Donnie’s belly button.

“Oh my god,” Donnie giggled!
“You like dat, boy,” Harry checked.
“Yes, sir!”
“Put it in yo’ mouth!”

Donnie pulled out the 8-inch dick and began sucking. Vivian followed suit with Junior’s girthy 9-incher. Jackie also stuffed Alvin’s salty 8 ½ inch prick in his mouth.

The brothers groaned with pleasure.

Soon, the Griffins were balls deep inside the perky, pint-sized bellhops.

“Fuck me,” Vivian screeched.
“Take my big Negro dick,” Junior commanded.
“Oh yes! Give it to me, Negro!”
“Yeah! You take dick just like a bird!”
“It’s so big,” Vivian admitted.
“You can take it, sissy boy!”

On the bed, Harry roared, “Yeah, molly boy! Take dis dick!”
“Yes, daddy,” shrieked Donnie. “It feel so good!”
“You like Negro dick in dat white molly boy pussy?”
“Hell yes! Fuck me, you Colored bastard!”
“Oh shit, white boy! My dick feel so good in yo’ tight asshole!”

Alvin smashed Jackie on the floor. “Ohhhhhh, punk!”
“I love your big Colored dick,” whined the bottom bitch.
“Damn! Can’t believe I’m fuckin’ a queer!”
“Fuck my flaming faggot ass,” begged Jackie.
“You such a li’l fruit!”

“Damn, we fuckin’ these fruity ass, boys,” barked Junior as he put Vivian against the wall and continued pounding.
“Hell yeah, bruh,” Alvin howled pinning down Jackie. “This li’l Mary got some good pussy!”
“Ooooh wee! They total fairies,” announced Harry moving Donnie into reverse cowgirl.

“Molly boys,” called out Donnie. “Don’t you just adore big Negro cock!”
“Yes, faggot! I love it,” Vivian purred. “Fuck me harder,” he implored Junior.
“Nothing better than a Negro fucking my white nancy boy ass,” opined Jackie.

The Griffins plowed harder while the fruitcakes cooed and whimpered.

By the time the sun rose, there was dried cum all over the bellhops’ faces.

The brothers got dressed and drove back to Bronzeville in silence.

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