Good Neighbors – Chapter 5

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Good Neighbors – Chapter 5
Todd walked out to get his mail and happened to meet Zach, who was walking up and down his sidewalk without the aid of a cane or crutches. Todd walked over to him, greeted him and walked along with him as they caught up with each other. Todd knew that Zach was making steady progress, but didn’t realize that he was now getting around without assistance.

“Life is getting better every day, every week,” Zach said, sounding encouraged. “I gave up the crutches and cane about two weeks ago and today is the first day I have ventured out on my own, walking in front of the house for a change of scenery. Julie is working full time now until I finish my training for a new job. my old company has promised that once I complete the training, they will bring me back in at my old salary into a new position. I am busting my ass to finish the program as soon as possible so I can make life good again for Julie.”

“That sounds wonderful, Zach. Sounds like you are a very lucky man. You are making a full recovery, you have a very wonderful and dedicated wife and your company is working with you. I don’t know what more you could ask for,” Todd assessed as they took small, slow steps back and forth along the walkway.

“You are right on all counts. Julie is going to be pissed tonight when she gets home and finds out I left the house without any aids, though. I am not supposed to do this without someone with me.” Zach showed a little bit of frustration for the first time during their discussion as he had the old feelings of dependency on someone else for his well being.

Todd stopped and looked at him with a big grin on his face. “Seems to me you did everything by the book, Zach. You walked with me and I am your assistance if you needed it. I asked you to come out for a walk and promised to stay with you until you went back inside. Right? No reason to piss off your lovely wife. I will back you up 100%.”

Zach gave Todd a big grin, “Yeah! You’re right. I forgot you rang the doorbell and suggested we walk outside for a bit. Damn, why didn’t I think of that?”

“You don’t have a devious mind, Zach. You are too honest and transparent. But you are also pretty damned dedicated to whatever you commit to and Julie is just as lucky to have you as you are to have her.”

Todd was beginning to find that he could make a small difference in the lives of those around him by just being positive, helpful and willing to give of himself now and then. He was ashamed of himself that he had not figured that out sooner in life. He was beginning to see how he had been in many ways a selfish prick for most of his adult life and oblivious to the daily struggles most people face in one form or another. The responses he had been getting from his neighbors, the free and willing sex from some of them notwithstanding, had led to friendships and a better understanding of each other and the occasional checks by them to make sure HE was doing okay. It was a humbling experience for him and gave him a sense of belonging he had never felt before.

“Why don’t you come over this evening and get Julie and I caught up on your life?” Zach suggested. “We have been so focused on our needs and all that we haven’t paid much attention to how you are doing. And we still give you a lot of credit for me beginning the road to recovery. I expect that within a month, I will be back to work, Julie can quit that shitty job she has and we can resume a normal life again like it was before my accident.”

“I tell you what. Give Julie a chance to get home, relax, the two of you have dinner, and if she feels up to company, give me a call. Otherwise, we will make it another time. Sound fair?” Todd countered.

“Fair,” Zach agreed.

“By the way,” Todd changed the subject, “How’s the sex life? Is that back to normal for you two?”

“Oh, better than ever, Todd. We don’t take it for granted any more and if one of us is interested, the other is more than happy to make it happen. I still have a little trouble from a strength angle, so she often has to do the work, but I can ride her for short periods of time and then she takes over when I wear out. We had been getting complacent and assumed we could always do it and then had regrets when we lost it for that period. It has been wonderful having the sex back in our lives. That reminds me. Julie said the other night that once we were both sure that I was going to make complete, permanent recovery, she would be willing to have a celebratory threesome with you if I still wanted one.”

“What did you say to that?” Todd asked, feeling his cock starting to firm up a bit at the news.

“I didn’t say anything. I hobbled down the hall to the bedroom holding her hand and fucked the shit out of her.” Zach said in a big laugh.

Todd went back to his house thinking of putting his cock back in Julie, where his adventures began. The new Todd was discovered that night and it changed his life. He had started helping his neighbors, made friends, gotten laid, hired Meg, and watched as his new attitude translated into a growing business rather than a struggling effort to stay financially afloat. It occurred to him that he owed more to Julie and Zach than they owed him.

As he walked back into the illegal bahis siteleri house, Todd’s cell phone rang. It was one of the two women who shared a house down the street.

“Is this Todd?”

“Yes it is.”

“Hi, this is Bonnie. I live down the street from you and Stacy told me that you do some repairs and handyman services. Our dog has torn the screen on our back porch and I wondered if you could fix it and when you could come to take a look at it.”

“Well, I could come over and take a look at it now and see what is needed to make the repairs. We can work out a time for me to fix it once I have seen it. Is now a good time?”

“That is great, Todd. See you in a few.”

He grabbed his tape measure and notepad and walked the block to Bonnie’s house. This was one of the two women that Julie had indicated the neighbors had pegged for being lesbians. Todd didn’t care one way or the other. He was happy to be able to help out anyone these days and he didn’t figure all of them would result in getting laid.

Bonnie greeted him at the door. He had not met her before today. She looked to be in her late 20’s or early 30’s, average build and generally average looks. She kept her hair cut short, but not really in a manly style. Her hair was dark brown as were her eyes and she had a friendly, yet business-like smile as he walked in. She led him through the house to the back door and out onto the porch. Bonnie was already challenging Todd’s preconceived notions of what lesbians looked like and he chided himself for his own biases when he had to confess to himself that he had no idea how a lesbian looked or acted. He was greeted by a black lab who checked him out cautiously then began to lick his hands and stood on his hind legs and put his paws on Todd’s chest.

“He apparently approves,” Bonnie said with an apologetic chuckle.

“I guess I am glad for that!” Todd said, not used to large dogs.

“He’s just a big baby. Would probably be afraid of a mouse.” Bonnie tried to put Todd’s mind at ease.

Todd looked at the screen and noticed that it was a cheaper nylon mesh rather than a metal wire screen more suitable for a house with a large dog. He took measurements, made his recommendations to Bonnie and gave her a rough price estimate, labor included. Bonnie frowned.

“Could we maybe just go with the same stuff we had? I am not sure we can afford the repairs at that price.” Just then, the other woman of the house stepped out on the porch.

“Todd, this is my sister, Judy. Judy, this is Todd. He is considering how to fix the screen.”

Judy smiled and said hello. She looked to be in the same age range as Bonnie, blonde hair, larger tits and ass, more curvy in general. They couldn’t look more different from one another and still be sisters.

“You two are sisters? You certainly wouldn’t know it. You look nothing alike,” Todd observed.

“Yeah, we hear that all the time. The neighbors think we are dikes. They haven’t taken the time to get to know us. I am surprised you haven’t been warned about us and our lifestyle.” Bonnie smiled, shaking her head at how human nature works.

“Never heard that story,” Todd lied. “None of my business anyway.”

“Actually, for the sake of honesty, both of us do enjoy women as well as men and often enjoy each other. We are also bad about closing the curtains sometimes, so I am sure some nosy neighbor has seen more than they should and spread the gossip.” Judy seemed like a straight up kind of person and Todd appreciated that. The thought of watching these two please each other made his cock stiffen a little as well.

“Well, back to the screen for a moment. Tell you what I will do. I have done some work for other neighbors as a favor and did not charge any labor. You really need the heavier duty screen with a dog like this one out here, so if you will let me put in the proper screen, I won’t charge for my time. That way, we all know the job is done right, it will last you much longer and we don’t break the bank.”

Judy and Bonnie looked at each other for a minute and Bonnie nodded agreement for both of them.

“Todd, why don’t you come in and have some coffee and let’s get to know each other before you start the repair work.”

The three of them sat at the kitchen table and had a cup of coffee, talking about each other’s backgrounds a bit. The sisters were three years apart in age, 31 and 28. Bonnie was the oldest. They inherited the house from their dad, along with the remaining mortgage and decided it was better than renting, but the house payment was difficult for them to manage on their two small salaries. They wanted to take care of it since they got it from their dad, but it was a challenge. They admitted to having many little things starting to add up to some big bucks and were afraid they would eventually have to sell for much less than it would be worth in good condition.

After they talked, Todd left to buy the screen and said he would be back in a couple of hours to put in the new screen. After his trip to the hardware store and stopping at home to gather tools, he returned to their house. Instead of knocking, walking through the house to the porch, he simply walked around the house to the backyard and let himself onto the porch perabet güvenilir mi from outside. It was a warm day and the sisters had the windows open to let in some fresh air. Todd paid no attention. Most people in the neighborhood took advantage of days like this by not running the AC or the furnace to save money. The porch ran nearly the length of the house on the back side and one of the windows was to the kitchen, another two windows were to two separate bedrooms. The curtains were open to all three, so anyone looking in had a full view of the room. Todd walked across the porch, greeted again by their black lab.

He started removing the torn screen, making no attempt to be at all quiet. They knew he would be there and what he was working on, so he paid no attention to noise or to what they were doing inside. He heard a vacuum cleaner at one point and some idle chatter and thought nothing of it. An hour into the job and he was nearly finished. He just had to reinstall the trim and the job would be complete. He heard what he thought were faint groans from the one of the bedrooms and dismissed it at first. Then he heard it again as he finished installing the last piece of trim. He walked along the porch listening for it again and this time, the sound was louder.

He peeked inside one bedroom and saw nothing but clothes piled on the bed. He walked farther to the other bedroom window and there he saw the source of the noise. Bonnie was on her back, totally naked, and legs spread as Judy, also naked, had her face buried in Bonnie’s pussy, reaming her with her tongue. Bonnie was close to orgasm as her nipples had hardened and her hands were wrapped around the back of Judy’s head. Her legs were also folded around Judy’s lower back, so even if Judy wanted to stop, she couldn’t get away. Judy looked up at her sister’s face, enjoying the contortions of pleasure twisting her expressions out of shape.

Bonnie came hard on her sister’s face and Todd fought the urge to pull his cock out and jerk off right there on the porch. He went back to gathering his tools, leaving them to play with each other. As he was getting ready to step off the porch, Judy opened the door and called the dog inside. She was wearing only her panties and a simple white tank style t-shirt.

The dog ran inside and Judy stepped out. “So, did you enjoy our little demonstration?” she said with a devilish grin.
“We were hoping you would climb through the window and join us. I saw you watching me eat my sister. It took a lot of restraint on your part not to pull out your boner, didn’t it?”

“Yes, I have to admit it did at that,” Todd confessed. “That was a pretty hot scene between the two of you. I didn’t come through the window because I wasn’t sure you wanted more than to put on a show for me. I figured you knew I was watching since you knew I was out here working.”

“Too bad you didn’t take a chance, Todd. Now it looks like we will have to come out here and do the job. Bonnie? Would you come out here? It’s time to pay the bill.”

Bonnie stepped out onto the porch, still as naked as she was in the bedroom getting head from her sister.

Todd glanced around to see if any of the neighbors were outside and might see what was going down – literally.

“Don’t worry about the neighbors. They are either blind or have seen us like this before,” Bonnie offered. “We decided that, like a couple of other neighbors you have helped, probably, we would pay for your services with our services. Since you didn’t come in, we will take care of you here on the patio sofa. Every man deserves his pay, right? And we really do want to be sure you get properly compensated for a job well done.”

Judy peeled off her limited clothing so that both sisters stood there naked. Todd undressed as quickly as he could and the two women paid tribute to his worthy erection by complimenting him on his size and hardness. He knew they were flattering him, but he liked hearing them say it. He sat on the patio sofa and the sisters knelt to the floor and focused their attention on his hard cock. They both licked the sides of his shaft at the same time and took turns sucking on the head of his cock. One reached below his cock and played with his balls and the other slipped a finger under his ass and played with the rim of his asshole.

The two women debated over who would swallow his cum when he was ready to blow his load and Judy won the argument, saying that if Bonnie wanted to, she could fuck another one out of him while Judy got ready for work. Todd listened to them debate between sucks and just enjoyed the gentle breeze while getting his pole waxed by these two young, attractive women. In just a few minutes, Judy took him deep in her mouth and sucked hard while Bonnie forced her finger into Todd’s ass. He erupted down Judy’s throat almost immediately. She did not flinch or back off one bit, even though it felt to Todd like he had pumped a quart into her before he was done.

“Oh, fuck, that was incredible!” Todd exclaimed as Judy finally pulled off and Bonnie removed her finger from his ass. “You two must have practiced this many times.”

“Not really, but we do know each other pretty well and what men like, generally, perabet giriş so we were pretty confident that we had the timing right from your response.” Bonnie seemed almost clinical in her assessment. “Now, sis, you better get cleaned up for work. I am not done with him yet.”

Judy chuckled and seemed disappointed that she would not be around to watch. She picked up her clothes and went inside. Through the open window, Todd could hear the shower come on and watched as Bonnie stood up and put her tits to his face. He took a nipple in his mouth and another between finger and thumb and played with both until Bonnie was making low groaning noises. She was tugging his cock back to full erection, still standing in front of him and leaning over to give him access to her tits. He reached down to run his fingers through her wet pussy lips as he continued to suck on her tit.

Once his erection was completely back and ready for action, he stood up and traded places with her. He got down on his knees and began licking her pussy just as Judy had been doing earlier. Bonnie hung her legs over his shoulders and pulled him forward, locking him into place. He wasted no time bringing her to her peak and then pushing her off the edge into orgasm. She let out an a****l noise loud enough the whole neighborhood could have heard it. Somewhere behind him, Todd heard the sound of a neighbor’s backdoor open and shut. Then he heard another and the sound of a screen door spring stretch and then the door slamming shut.

Bonnie loosened the grip her legs had on him and he pulled away, face wet with her cum. Judy leaned out the bedroom window, still topless at least from what Todd could see and informed her sister that two of the neighbors were watching. One was looking through the fence directly behind them and a husband and wife were on their porch watching from one door down and behind them. All had an excellent view of the show taking place by Todd and Bonnie.

“Well, let’s not disappoint them, Todd. I will sit on your lap and you can fuck me as we both face our audience. When you are ready to cum again, let me know and I will lift off so they can see you squirt your jizz on me.”

Todd was in heaven. He loved being watched as much as he loved watching. Bonnie turned her back to him and he took the opportunity to play with her ass as he guided her into place. She reached between her legs and grabbed his cock, aiming at her pussy opening, then sank down on it, taking the length of his shaft in one motion. She groaned with pleasure at the feel of a cock inside her and he groaned in harmony at the feel of a warm wet pussy wrapped around his shaft. She placed her feet on the edge of the sofa seat and used them as leverage to lift and lower herself on his dick. Todd reached up and massaged her tits and toyed with her nipples, sending shivers through her body and she handled the fucking motions while he maintained his position.

Judy stuck her head out the window again, this time fully dressed and about ready to leave for work. “Just thought you ought to know that the guy at the fence is pounding his meat while he watches and the other neighbors are half undressed and getting ready to fuck too. See ya later.”

Todd was in a high state of arousal and wasn’t sure he could last long enough to get Bonnie over the top. There was no need to worry, because she was as much a fan of having an audience as he was, and the knowledge that they were being watched by several neighbors had her body on red alert as well. She came hard and didn’t worry about notifying the neighborhood of the splendid time she was having. She came even harder than she did on Judy’s and Todd’s faces earlier. She arched her back until her head was lying on his shoulder and pressing against the back of the house. Todd’s cock nearly fell out of her pussy. He grabbed her hips to keep his cock in place as best he could. Once her cum subsided, she pumped him again until he let her know he was ready to shoot.

She lifted off and he stroked a couple of times before shooting stream after stream of cum onto her abdomen. When he finished, she sat on his lap with his cock sticking up from between her legs giving the optical illusion that she was the one with a cock and had just jerked herself off.

Bonnie scanned the porch across the backyard from her own to see that the other couple were just finishing their backyard fuck, him having taken her from behind so they could both watch while they fucked. The guy at the fence had probably shot cum all over the fence in front of him and Bonnie could see that he was zipping his pants as he turned to head back to his house. She laughed at the scene and the pleasure she had Todd had brought to the neighborhood.

“Question for you, Todd. Would you be willing to take care of some other repairs around here if this were your mode of payment? Judy and I would really enjoy paying for the materials in cash if we could also pay for your labor like this.”

“I think that is a fabulous arrangement, Bonnie. Make a list of what you need done and the time frame you want to work with and I will be happy to help you out.”

Yes, Todd was seeing life in his neighborhood in a much different light these days and he had no intention of leaving any time soon. As he walked home, his cell phone rang. It was Zach.

“Hey Zach, how’s it going?…Sure, tomorrow night is fine…Yeah, I will see you and Julie at 7…Thanks, Zach.”

Yes, life was not just good, it fucking fantastic!

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