First Gay Tendencies (part 4)

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First Gay Tendencies (part 4)
As soon as Benjamin drove off to work the next morning, Ellen called my wife and asked to speak with her. I was already at work when I received a text that read “Ellen just invited me over for lunch. Do you mind what I eat”? “I hope it’s a wet, scrumptious and fulfilling smorgasbord. Please indulge yourself” I wrote her back. She knew beforehand that Ellen would come to her. Lesbian sex with my wife was the perfect revenge. On top of that, Benjamin hadn’t opened up any details to Ellen about the two previous evenings. He just didn’t know how his young wife would react to his newly exposed sexuality. And Ellen was desperate to find out.

But she too was unsettled by her own bicuriosity. It was the way she watched my wife in the shower, it was just too irresistible. Ever since that fateful morning, she couldn’t stop thinking of her humongous tits. With her own breasts lactating, she wondered what my wife’s would look like, having milk dripping endlessly from her nipples. But it was the way my wife was thoroughly pleasuring herself in front of strangers that was so arousing. Not to mention the way they looked each other in the eyes while my wife rode that dildo. Everytime she thought of it, she became wildly excited beyond control.

Ellen never intended on acting on the matter, but things were now different. And even though my wife had seduced Benjamin with her shower act, and most like initiated him into having gay sex before exposing him, Ellen was ready to give herself over completely… even if it was to my cunning and deceptive wife.

Being too hot outside for stockings, my wife decided on a tight little miniskirt and tanktop, again without underwear. Her cleavage had left little to the imagination. All she had to do was reach down slightly, and those masses would pop out, instinctively while welcoming daylight.

Contrary to my brunette wife’s tall, curvy figure, Ellen was a tiny petite blonde, who looked younger than her 24 years. Just six weeks after giving birth to her first, she’d already gotten her slim physique back to where it was before the pregnancy. Only her breasts were now swollen massively, as she looked exhausted from the daily as well as nightly feedings.

She greeted my wife with a smile and a kiss on her right cheek, before inviting her in. She couldn’t help notice my wife’s cleavage and scanned her body thoroughly. “I’m just feeding the baby. It won’t take long until he falls asleep. And then we can eat”. They walked into her living room before Ellen unbuttoned her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and both of her nipples were pointing kaçak bahis straight outwards. Milk was leaking and my wife couldn’t take her eyes off her perkiness. As Ellen fed her little one, she told my wife to help herself with something to drink in the kitchen. My wife then opened the fridge and smiled. She returned with a glass of milk, which made Ellen in return smile before chuckling.

Over the next hour, they sat on the couch while my wife explained in earnest the scenario. Ellen was thankful for her honesty, before telling her side of the story….That she and Benjamin hadn’t had sex since initiating the pregnancy. He had always wanted anal sex, but Ellen refused him. Bitter and unattracted to her pregnant figure, he soon got used to masterbating. And before and after the birth, he seemed more interested in my wife than his own. It was not the happy home life they led others to believe.

They both agreed, Benjamin’s wandering eye and peaking into our bathroom heightened the situation. “He needs to be taught a lesson” Ellen told her. “I think I know just what to do” my wife responded.

As Benjamin returned early from work that late afternoon, he found both my wife and Ellen naked in their living room. “What’s going on?” he sternly asked. My wife responded “Did you mean what WAS going on, or were you curious what we were just talking about as you came in”? “Wouldn’t he like to know” Ellen said. My wife added “After last night, maybe not”? Both women laughed. “Did you just fuck each other? Tell me”! Benjamin looked at Ellen, “You little slut”! She put her head down before my wife shot back, “Yeah, you’re one to talk? So did you want to see what we’ve been up to all afternoon, or are your gay tendencies just too overpowing”? Ellen giggled but my wife was now standing and impatiently wait for his response. He said “No. I mean of course. Do what ever you want to me”. He paused before continuing “Or to yourselves? Whatever you want”! “There are conditions” my wife said. “Absolutely. I’ve been totally in the wrong all along. Tell me what you want me to do”. “Start by apologizing to your wife. Get on your knees and beg for her forgiveness” she demanded. “Yes! Your 100% in the right. Please baby…forgive me. I’m sorry and I love you”.

A few moments later, Benjamin was naked, blindfolded and handcuffed to their bed. His legs were bound to the front of the frame, and he was all smiles in anticipation of what would come. “Now you’re going to have to wait for us to prepare” my wife demanded. That’s where I came into the picture.

I had taken a half day for a trip to the doctor’s, where I tipobet güvenilir mi received my viagra prescription. My wife texted me instructions, and I was to take two pills when I got home. They had earlier gone out shopping before dropping off the baby at Ellen’s sister’s. I was to be ready and on call at their convenience, and immediately join them next door when told.

Without saying a word, I was to quietly help my wife carry the spare bedroom’s bedframe and mattress into the master room where Benjamin was held down. After the two king sized beds were perfectly aligned next to one another, my wife carefully took off Benjamin’s blindfold.

“What the- What the fuck is he doing here”? That’s when Ellen appeared in the room. She was wearing red stocking and stilettos, also with thick, long, dark eyelashes and deep blue mascara. My wife had purposely made her up to look like the ‘little slut’ he had just called her.

Ellen then turned and said to me, “I would like you to-“. My wife interrupted, “Don’t ask him. Tell him”! “I WANT you to fuck my wet pussy, then fuck me in my behind”. “In the ASS” my wife again instructed her. “Then fuck me in MY ASS and then let me suck all the cum out of your Ass flavored cock”.

Benjamin immediately began freaking out. He started with the derogatory name calling, all the while trying to set himself free. Then he violently threatened me, and then Ellen, before my wife chimed in, “Does it burn Benji? How does it feel? It’s alright for you to fuck the neighbor at will, but your wife isn’t allowed”? She continued to incite him into a frenzy as I took off my clothes and lied on top of Ellen. As we began kissing, I noticed that it was the closest I had ever been to her young, beautiful face. She was stunning perfect as we built up our saliva together, letting it run down the side of our cheeks. Then I entered my enhanced erection in her moist birth canal before she let out a long gasp. Benjamin was still frantically screaming as I slowly started to find my rhythm.

My wife started to rub Benjamin’s abdomen, and could tell he was quite sensitive. And then to his own disbelief, he started to become erect. “Oh, you like that huh?” my wife said laughing. He then begged her “Please make them stop. I don’t want anyone but me inside my wife. Please?”
“You should have thought about that before you stuck you tongue down my throat and butt fucked MY HUSBAND BENJI”. And then she started to rub his testicles. “Ahhh. That feels so fucking good” he said to his surprise. His expression was that of complete awe. “Please. Rub my cock. Please?”. She tipobet then teased him with four or five long strokes before halting. “Don’t stop. Please. I’m begging you”. “Only if you behave. Now, watch your wife getting the fuck of her lifetime”.

Indeed I had found just where Ellen liked it. We were both so engaged in one another, I had momentarily forgotten our spouses were even in the room. “Harder” she called out to me as I leaned in to taste her milky breast. “My wife then yelled out “Suck on them hard”. I milked her while continuing to pound Ellen until she went into orgasm. And she had screamed louder than she ever had with Benjamin, she made that clear afterwards. But for the moment, his head was turned as he continued watching them. My wife stroked him at a very slow pace. “Faster. Oh please. I would do anything to cum”. “Not just yet Benji”!

Ellen turned over on her stomach and slowly lifted her ass in the air. She had her head turn towards Benjamin, looking him in the eyes while saying to me, “I want you to fuck my asshole as hard and fast as you can”.

I was struggling because this was the most intense fuck I had ever been involved in. At the same time, I was under the strict instructions that I was only allowed to cum after I penetrated her behind. And looking down at her tight ass sticking up at me was a sight for sore eyes. I yearned for this little ass more than anything I had ever wanted before. I slowly entered her. She was refusing me at first, so I started over with my finger. Slowly but surely, her muscles contracted and accepted my erection. It was just such perfection. She was so tight, I could tell it was not only burning her insides, but also massively pinching my cock. And then I felt a natural lubrication, but I wasn’t sure if it was hers or mine? And then she started to accept me, as I picked up my pace. Ellen lifted her upper body and was now on all fours. She briefly looked straight upwards, before looking back at Benjamin with tears of joy and pain. My wife had started to suck him as he now moaned. Ellen said to him “Oh Baby, this is the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life”. Then I poured it on. It didn’t take long, maybe 10 seconds after I pounded her rough, I yelled out “Here it cums”. I pulled out and my wife directed me towards Benjamin’s open mouth. “She yelled at him “Yeah! Taste your wife’s ass and hubby’s thick cum”. I face fucked him until the last tiny sperm was set free. And then Ellen leaned in next to him and said almost out of breath! “Oh baby. I’m sorry I didn’t let you do that to me. You can fuck my ass anytime you want”. As they passionately kissed, my wife had something to add. “We’re not done here just yet”, as she began rubbing Ellen’s little ass. My wife walked over to a closet and pulled out a strap on. She looked at me and said, “Keep him bound, but don’t let him cum”…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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