Fiona’s Sister, Cassandra

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My girlfriend Fiona was a gorgeous brunette with a big, gorgeous ass flaring out from a slender waist. Her skin was milk-white and flawless. Her boobs were natural double F cups and had the loveliest brown nipples imaginable which would harden when I sucked them. She took it up the ass like a pro and had begun waxing her pussy bald quite a while ago because she knew how much I liked it.

We’d been dating for about a year when there was this terrible snow storm one weekend. She got stranded at her friend’s house in the next town, and I got stranded in her apartment with her older sister, Cassandra. We were lucky enough that there was a fireplace and plenty of wood, so Cassandra and I were cozy and warm waiting out the storm. The phone lines still worked, so Fiona and I had been talking to each other, saying how much we missed each other and so on. When we got off the phone, it was getting late in the evening.

In the warm living room by the fire, Cassandra was reading a book wearing just her jeans and a bra. She was a lot like her younger sister in appearance, except her ass was (unbelievably) even bigger than Fiona’s, and just as fucking gorgeous.

‘Hey Paul, you alright?’ she asked me from behind her book.

‘Yeah, I was just talking with your sister. She says it’s pretty cold over there.’

‘Yeah? That’s too bad. Lucky us!’

‘Lucky us,’ I agreed.

After a pause, in a bedroom voice I hadn’t expected she ventured, ‘You know, Paul… Fee tells me you’ve got a really nice cock…’

‘…Whoa, whoa there! Let’s not, ah, talk about my cock, ok?? I doubt Fiona would appreciate güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that too much! In fact, it’s just about time for me to- ‘

But she cut me off, saying, ‘She doesn’t mind. Hasn’t she told you?’

‘…Told me what?’

‘That she shares everything with me. That includes guys… if they’re game, that is.’

I was stunned speechless. And my dick was growing in my pants despite my doubts (there was no denying that Cassandra, like her younger sister, was one insanely smoking hot babe.)

‘So you’re saying she won’t mind if we fool around together??’ I said in disbelief.

‘She really hasn’t mentioned it to you??’ Cassandra asked me.

Come to think of it, Fee had made many allusions to ‘sisterly love and sharing’ or some such thing in the past, which I hadn’t really understood at the time. And the fact that I found Cassandra hot had also come up recently.

‘So we’re good to go then,’ I confirmed, my heartbeat quickening.

She put down the book and let her bra fall to the floor. ‘Good to go, stud!’ Her enormous boobs looked warm and round in the bright firelight. Her tight-jeans-thighs parted wide and she beckoned for me to approach her.

‘Cassandra,’ I said softly climbing onto the couth between her legs.

‘Call me ‘Kassy,” she purred and we kissed.

Our hands were all over each other and I could feel her crotch getting hot and wet even through her jeans.

‘Oh fuck yes! Rub my cunt!’

‘Oh Kassy, you’re so fucking hot!’

She expertly undid my fly and freed my hard, yearning cock. ‘Fuck my titties!’ she encouraged, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri spilling massage oil she must have had ready all over her chest and holding her huge glistening boobs together for me to fuck. I slid my cock up the deep cleavage between them and fucked her glorious boobs in the warm firelight. It was a perfect tit fuck.

I slid her tight jeans down and off her ankles and beheld a cunt just as perfectly smooth and gorgeous as her younger sister’s. She held her thighs wide open as I ate her out on the couch. Her pussy tasted so sexy and delicious I could hardly stop tonguing her. I jerked my oiled cock below and slid the middle finger of my left hand deep up her ass as I gave her oral pleasure. ‘Oh fuck yeah! Fee was right- you can really eat pussy good! Don’t fucking stop, I’m gonna cum!’

I licked her clit as wildly as I could to bring her over the top. She soon came hard all over my face, bucking her pussy into my mouth and pulling my head harder onto her cunt. ‘Now fuck me, baby! Fuck me like I was your girlfriend!’

‘You sure Fee’s not going to mind this?’ I asked.

‘I promise she won’t! She’ll be happy to hear you made her big sister cum. Now fuck this pussy!!!’

I shoved my eager dick up her cunt which was so wet that my cock slid easily in up to the balls and I began fucking her hard. I gripped her massive beautiful tits as I plowed my dick deep, fast and hard in and out of her hot, wet, perfectly smooth snatch.

‘Oh shit baby, you’ve got a hot cunt!’ I exclaimed.

‘I want you to cum up my ass, Paul!’ she moaned.

‘Up your güvenilir bahis şirketleri ass? Yeah?’

I pulled out and she sucked on my cock for a while before spinning around, arching her back as low as all hell, and thrusting her enormous perfect bum up towards me to fuck. She spread her huge firm-soft ass-pillows hard apart revealing her beautiful tight brown poop-hole to the max.

‘Fuck my asshole!’ she cried.

I pressed the head of my dick in, and slowly, inch by heavenly inch, slid my cock up her hot tight ass until my balls were resting on her smooth, wet pussy below.

‘Oh yeah!’ I breathed, savoring the ecstasy. ‘I’m gonna cum up your ass, Kassy…’

‘Yes! Cum up my ass, baby!’

I fucked her for several minutes up the bum. It was such a thrill to be fucking my girlfriend’s hot sister up the ass all of the sudden! Thank god for the fucking snow storm!! We were both getting really sweaty by then, and she came again, this time with my dick deep up her ass. I slapped and gripped her big, beautiful, sweaty, milk-white bum cheeks as I fucked her. I was getting close. Finally, I pressed myself hard as deep up into her shitter as I could and blew my hot load deep up her tight bum-hole, gripping her tits and hissing her name as I came. She bucked her asshole back onto my cumming dick with all her might, she was enjoying it perhaps as much as I was… It was an orgasm I’ll never forget.

After a moment I pulled out and Kass started sucking my cock once again, from straight up her ass. I was hard again in no time, and we ended up fucking there in front of the fire the whole night long.

When the roads finally re-opened and I got to see Fee once again, I was so horny to see her. She didn’t ask me about Kass but I think she knew, because she proposed a threesome with us for the following weekend which I was really looking forward to! What a generous couple of sisters!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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