Fantasies Can Come True

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It’s been a long time since I’ve submitted a story. I’ve a multitude of stories on the go and most are unfinished or need some editing. This one was waiting the wings from last summer and I’ve given it a couple of edits and tweaks so I hope it’s still ok.

As ever this work is mine and mine alone, please don’t publish it elsewhere or claim it as yours.

There’s a mixed bag of sex in this story…if anal play or consensual rough play isn’t your thing, move on.


Suzi arched her back as the heat between her thighs grew. The sun beat down on her as she lay stretched out on the sun lounger. The soft fabric of her short dress billowed in the gentle breeze that blew in from the ocean across the road. It teased her nipples, rippled over her belly and tickled her thighs.

She’d been in the campground for ten days and every day she felt the tension of work and the city ease. She’d taken an extended leave of absence from her job to enjoy a long overdue holiday and had booked a site at a caravan park about two hours drive from her home. Dave, her husband, had gone back to work and had said he would commute back to the caravan each weekend to be with her. As much as he could ever be with her, she mused. He took his work very seriously and as such was “on” even when he wasn’t at work. Connected to his mobile and lap top at all hours of the day and night, she had felt neglected and eventually accepted that his inattention gave her time to do as she pleased.

She squirmed at the thought of him being here with her, fucking her in the caravan! She’d fantasised often about him; fantasised that he would want her, desire her, need to be inside her. But it was only fantasies and the reality was he didn’t really seem to want her at all.

Suzi let her mind drift and could see herself bent over the dinette in the caravan, her hands gripping the sides of the tiny table as he pounded her from behind, her thighs pressed against the hard edge, his hands gripping her shoulders, pulling her back toward him to fill her pussy deeper…she shuddered. If only that were true. He was more likely to have too much beer after dinner and would half-heartedly accept her offer of a blow job before cumming in her mouth after a few minutes. Their lack of connection in bedroom hadn’t been an issue until a couple of years ago when he’d accepted a promotion at work and since then he’d been disinterested and lazy about their love life.

She sighed and left the image of her disinterested husband aside lest her thoughts take her somewhere she’d not want to consider. Instead she day-dreamed of a stranger taking her forcefully, against her will. She imagined wandering back from the beach through a deserted part of the bush and he’d come up from behind her, his arm going around her neck as he’d drag her off the path, out of view, to a copse of trees. He’d knock her down to her knees, pushing her forward, growling at her to keep her face hidden. He’d yank her bikini pants down and cruelly grip her round bottom, squeezing the flesh ruthlessly, spreading her cheeks wide to obscenely display her anus, spitting on it rubbing it vigorously with his finger. Suzi shuddered at the image. She’d not asked Dave to play with her arse as he’d been quite clear that it was something he didn’t find attractive. Suzi didn’t know whether is was because he didn’t want to that made her REALLY want to experiment with some anal play or whether there was something wrong her butshe was constantly intrigued by the imagery of anal sex.

Suzi refocused on her stranger fantasy. After toying with her arsehole and seeing how much she was enjoying it, her assailant would grow cross and call her a dirty whore. He’d splay her thighs wide, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling it hard, he’d plunder her cunt relentlessly as she whimpered on the ground under him, begging him not to cum inside her as she was married. He’d laugh cruelly and groan as he thrust his penis even deeper inside her, shuddering and twitching as he filled her void with his hot juice. He’d leave her spent and abused and she’d feel dirty and cheap.

Suzi wriggled her bottom, her thighs rubbing together, pressing against her swollen pussy lips. And they were swollen. She was easily turned on and her sex drive, while always quite strong, had stepped up a notch or two in the last few months. She could feel her nipples were rock hard and she longed to squeeze them between her thumb and fingers. Yes, the idea of being fucked that way was exciting, the reality of it though, she knew, would be terrifying.

The breeze continued to play over Suzi’s lightly tanned body and the images of her being fucked were like a movie playing over and over in her brain. She opened one eye and then the other and noted the emptiness of the campground. It was late in the high season and there were a few backpackers, some elderly travellers and the occasional surfer enjoying the relative quiet. Everyone else who was employed, like Dave, had left to go back to the canlı bahis city to resume work.

She stood up and shook out the towel she’d been laying on and sauntered into the caravan. She kept the image of her fantasy debasement in her mind, her belly filled with anticipation of how she’d put the dildo and vibrator that awaited her, to good use. She smiled to herself, a great orgasm was always a welcome reprieve.


Josh drove into the near-empty campground and pulled up across from a newish caravan that looked to be locked up and vacant. Though there was a sun lounger outside so maybe not. He knew from the campground owner that people would often leave their vans insitu and commute from the city. If he was lucky he’d not have to converse with too many people. He was on a travelling holiday, working from his van writing a travel book about out of the way ‘beauty hot spots’ and while it was part of the job to ask people for their input about each place he was in, he was really looking forward to getting some rest, swimming and taking it easy.

It only took an hour to set up the camper before he finally sat down under the shade of the awning, a beer in hand and his feet up. He’d seen a couple of gorgeous looking European backpackers wander past and he’d openly admired their all over tans and long blonde hair. They’d appreciated his brief attention and he figured that if he got lonely he’d be able to engage them in some conversation and maybe he’d get lucky. He’d not ever had too much trouble getting laid in the past so he doubted it would be an issue here either. He wasn’t being arrogant about his looks nor casting aspersions the looseness of women, it was just the way it was. He was attentive, friendly and easy going, he had a reasonable intellect so he could hold a conversation with pretty much anyone and he never really pursued anyone, or made it obvious he wanted them, it often meant he was able to get women into bed relatively easily.

He pulled back in surprise as the door of the van opposite opened and a woman, probably in her late 40’s, descended the two steps to the ground. She glanced around and saw him, starting in surprise and he smiled to himself and to her. She looked drowsy, high spots of colour dotted her cheeks, her skin looked plump and soft and her hair was mussed up. He thought she looked as though she’d just been fucked and wondered at the man who must’ve done that to her. He looked pointedly at the van to see if anyone else exited but she smiled hesitantly at him, locked the door of her van, slipped her feet into sandals, put a large sun hat down low over her face and headed toward the beach.

He admired her from behind. She was attractive and not in the usual way. She didn’t have long brown legs, or bleached blonde hair and there was no youthful taut skin. Her hair was shoulder-length and dark, she’d not spent long in the sun as the parts of her he could see, were only just lightly tanned. Her body was hard to determine under the loose shift of her sun dress but he thought she was soft and curvy. Her bottom moved attractively under her dress and he felt his cock stirring in his shorts. Immediately he imagined her bent over in front of him as he fucked her. He groaned inwardly at the thought of her wetness engulfing his cock, his fingers digging into her round soft arse. He sighed and swigged from his bottle, finishing it several gulps. He gathered a change of clothes and some toiletries and went for a long cool shower.


Suzi was dismayed to see the newcomer across from her and even more so when she suspected he could tell what she’d been doing, he had looked knowingly at her. She blushed. That was impossible though, how could he know? He’d not heard her had he? She racked her brain to think if she’d been too loud when she’d cum. She didn’t think so. The sound of the surf, the wind in the trees, the birdsong…all of that was surely enough to muffle her gentle moans and she did stifle her cries as she crested the high wave of her climax, plunging the dildo repeatedly inside her. No, he’d have not heard her, she was sure of it. He was just being friendly and she was feeling guilty.

After a short walk through the scrub she crested the small rise of sand and stood for a moment to admire the view. Long stretches of empty beach in both directions, the surf crashing onto the shore, a couple of lone surfers dropping into each set and the breeze, which took the heat out of the sun, blew across her face. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, salt air filled her lungs and she exhaled all the stresses of the previous year.

She set off at a steady pace, walking along the shore line, the waves washing over her feet occasionally. She nodded a greeting to the few people she saw along the way and let her mind wander aimlessly.

Back at camp Suzi prepared a chicken salad for her lunch and sat down outside with a glass of wine and her book. She was conscious of the young man across from her but deliberately bahis siteleri avoided looking at him. Soon enough she was engrossed in her thriller and had finished her food and wine without realising. She had forgotten about the new guy and looked up from her book to find him walking over to her. She felt a surge of panic rise up in her chest and her breath quickened. She had no idea why and couldn’t seem to stop it.

Josh was waiting for the right moment to approach her. He’d seen her come back from her walk and waited as she moved about inside her van. He was confused by why he was so intrigued by her. She wasn’t young and sexy, nor was she his usual type but he couldn’t shake the image of her as she exited her van with that just fucked look and how he’d love to be the one responsible for that. He wanted to feel her softness, touch her naked curves, taste her skin. It was a madness, he knew that. Still it was a challenge.

He’d watched her sit down on her sun lounger, watched her while she was reading and eating, had watched as she bent her legs to settle in to read her book, had seen the way her dress slid down her thighs, noted how tantalising it was when he caught a glimpse of her panties and then as she reached for her empty wine glass he made his move.

“Hi there! I’m Josh,” he said lazily.

Suzi went to get up but he stopped her.

“No, there’s no need to get up. I didn’t want to disturb you but I noticed your wine glass was empty and figured it was a good time to say hi.”

He was smiling warmly at her, no hint of anything else but friendly banter and she found herself grinning back at him.

Suzi glanced down at her glass.

“Hmm, that went a bit quick!” She shrugged and looked up at him, “I’m Suzi, nice to meet you too.”

She held out her hand and he clasped it firmly in his, shaking it a couple of times before letting go. She liked it, like the way it felt. She could feel a small blush burn across her cheeks and cursed her inability to control her thoughts.

“How long are you here for?” He asked, leaning against the side of the caravan, his head cocked to one side as watched her. She noticed he was keeping his eyes on hers, not checking her out and somehow this made her feel safer, more assured. The earlier panic she’d experienced dissipated.

“I’m on leave from work. I had four long weeks holiday up my sleeve and have been here over a week. What about you?”

He nodded, “I’m supposed to be working, I’m doing a book about out of the way beaches and nature spots and I thought I’d stay for a bit and see how I go. I do have to put in some pages while I’m here but it won’t be much.”

Suzi asked him some more about his book and where he’d been. He pulled up a chair and they talked easily about their work and what she knew of some of the more out of the way places nearby.

“Gosh, where are my manners! Can I get you a drink?” Suzi awkwardly got up from the sun-lounger.

“If you’ll have one too, that’d be great. Do you have a beer?” He replied.

He was enjoying her company. He’d not thought of her on her knees, on her back or under him. He was just enjoying their chat. She was intelligent, well-spoken and hadn’t said “like” once.

“If I’ll have one too? I think we’ve established that I’m a drinker, given that I have a wine in the middle of the day!” She was laughing, “My husband Dave has some beer I think. Let me check.”

Husband! He’d not thought of her being married. He’d not seen a wedding ring. The news she was married threw him. He felt unsettled and wary.

For her part Suzi was thrilled to have someone interesting to talk to. He was clever and good natured and didn’t seem to give off any sort of sexual vibe at all. Which was a relief as she could relax and not be so self-conscious. She was however, taking in the details that she’d use later when she was alone in the dark, her fingers working her pussy and nipples.

Suzi handed him a beer, “Here you go.” She was holding another glass of white wine.

“Husband? Where is he?” Asked Josh.

Suzi grimaced, “Work. Someone has to keep Australia moving!” She laughed and it didn’t sound light or friendly, if anything it was a little too harsh and Josh noticed immediately. He’d have to keep away from the luscious Suzi, she could be trouble. Middle-aged women on the cusp of irritability with their husbands could prove to be difficult in his experience. They were either looking for a way out and would fall in love far too quickly or they’d feel guilty once they’d strayed and would blame the cock they’d sought to take away their annoyance. No, if Mrs Dave had a husband then she was off limits.

“Here’s to Dave for making sure you and I get to have the good life while he slaves away in the city.” Josh raised his glass and to his relief Suzi did too, with a broad smile.


Early the next morning Suzi woke in a sweat and while she’d have usually masturbated to a fantasy (she was getting worried bahis şirketleri how often she wanted to masturbate, fantasise and use her toys) she couldn’t get herself in the mood. Her mouth was dry and the air in the van was stale and stuffy. She stripped out of the singlet she slept in and slipped on her bathing suit, grabbed a towel and trudged sluggishly to the beach. Outside the air was stifling and humid and it did nothing to improve her mood.

Suzi felt grumpy and cross. She suspected it was a hangover from the lack of attention she received from Dave. She had a sex drive that had surprised them both and in the early days of their relationship Dave had been pleased to have a girlfriend that never said no to him. Even more so when they married, she was usually the one that initiated sex and she knew he’d shown off to his friends about it. The sex had dwindled as his job had become more stressful and she’d been understanding up to a point. He’d refused to fuck the last few times they’d been together and she was now wondering if he was having an affair. Interestingly the thought didn’t bother her.

As per usual the beach was deserted and Suzi threw her towel on the sand and walked tentatively into the waves. She gasped as the cool water enveloped her hot skin and as she pushed forward and the waves continued to rise up and splash her, she gave in to the bracing water and dove under the next wave that came toward her. The coldness of the water made her skin ache and as she surfaced she spluttered and gasped. The next wave came quickly and she turned her back on it so sit crashed around her. For the next half-hour she wallowed in between the breaks and dodged the waves that came at her. It was refreshing and exhilarating. Suzi wasn’t a confident swimmer so this opportunity to test her mettle in a rough ocean was building her confidence.

Back at the camp ground she gathered her things and went to have a shower at the amenities block. She’d stolen a glance at Josh’s camper when she’d returned but there’d been no sign of him. After showering and changing into another light dress she sighed as the humid heat dampened her cool skin, her dress clinging against her breasts and belly. The air was oddly still and there was little bird song. It was eerie. She hung her towel and bathing suit on the line outside her van and as she approached the door she saw a note stuck to it. It was from Josh. He had gone for the day to check out a local waterfall and wanted to know if she’d like to join him for dinner at his place. She couldn’t stop grinning as she read it, thrilled to have something to look forward to.

The day passed slowly. The heat escalated and became almost too unbearable. Dave called to see if she was ok and they had a brief chat. There wasn’t much to say. He was deeply involved in a very hostile takeover and was distracted and she was complaining about the heat. He told her come back home to the air conditioner and she told him she’d see him at the weekend. She hung up on him. He’d probably not even noticed that she hadn’t said goodbye.

Suzi was reading her book later that afternoon, under the shade of tree, when the camp owner came over to her.

“Just thought you should know that there’s a super cell storm coming through in the next hour or so. It’s gonna be big one. You’d better get the van tied down, by all reports it’s gonna hit us here first.”

Suzi felt her belly stir with fear. Super cells were unpredictable. For a second she wondered if she should get in her car and find refuge in a hotel. That thought didn’t last long. She was fearful of the storm yet couldn’t bring herself to leave her new little home. She packed away her sun lounger and stowed the table and chairs under the van and pulled in the awning. She secured everything she could and made sure the car was reversed up to the door so she could leave in a hurry if need be. Inside the van she packed her belongings into bags and put them by the door. The sky darkened and she felt the temperature drop rapidly. She shivered and had started to rummage in her bag for a jacket when she heard the first drops of rain pelt the caravan roof. It took no more than a few seconds and then all hell broke loose. The wind came out of nowhere and the rain thundered down onto the fibreglass shell she was in. Forgetting her search for a jacket she looked out the window and saw the trees blowing every which way, leaves, sticks, tree branches, everyday detritus blew around the place. She could feel the caravan pitching a little, buffeted by the ferocious winds.

She looked over at Josh’s place and with horror realised he wasn’t back yet and hadn’t secured his place. The awning on his camper was billowing up and around, pulling at the pegs and lines that held it down. Even Suzi could see that it wouldn’t hold for long and once it was let loose goodness only knew the damage that would be done.

As thunder boomed and lightning crackled Suzi very bravely opened her van door and gasped as she was assailed by jets of rain and gales of wind. She stepped tentatively outside, slammed the door shut behind her and ran across the small divide between her van and Josh’s. Water was pooling in places and it was already ankle deep.

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