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Name have been changed and identifiable details omitted.



She was stunning. There was no other way to describe her. Seeing her in that tiny yellow and orange bikini caused my erection to grow painful. Water dribbled down her flawless tanned skin and slim body and over those beautiful small breasts. Her erect nipples poked through the two tiny triangles of material. Standing with her legs apart showed me the outline of her pussy. It all served to make me go weak at the knees. I almost dribbled.

“Wow!” I know it was a stupid thing to say, but the only other option my brain allowed me was ‘uhuhuhuhu’.

She smiled, stepped towards me, and gently cupped my groin.

“There’s that lovely hard cock.” She whispered. She caressed me for a few seconds while I stood there, frozen. Then the most beautiful girl on earth lowered herself to her knees, maintaining eye contact with me all the way, pulled my shorts down and took my length in her warm wet mouth.

And so began a relationship with the most amazing girl on earth. And a profound change for me.

* * *


It started with me just browsing. You know how it goes; you search for ‘hot girls’ or something and get stuck in a porn loop. Before I knew it two hours had flown by. Shit! This is what happened to me after three recent failed relationships. All of them no longer than two months and if I was honest with myself, all boring. I was usually the cause. I’d hit up a fitty only to get bored of fucking her after the first few times and treat her like crap. They’d all gone that way. Still at 19 I was hardly over the hill. I’d just get another. But the problem was I needed something harder. Where were all the sluts? I kept getting the cutesy, ‘lets make love’ sort. I didn’t want to make love. I wanted hard core and to be pushed.

Finding the Craigslist advert was a complete accident. It got linked to from a search I ran and I clicked on it assuming it was porn. It kind of was…

Unusual nasty slut for relationship.

Fit girl (26) looking for a particular guy. Age not important. What is important is you need to submit to me. Be prepared to try new things. Bicurious guys especially welcome and really slutty bicurious guys go to the top of the list.

In return I will fulfil your fantasies. This is not a one time thing. I find it difficult to meet the kind of guys I want and hence this advert. Be serious, be bi, include pics of yourself, and a fantasy I can help with. Emails without those items will be ignored.

What are you waiting for, come fuck this slut…

There were three pictures and they were awesome. The fully naked body shot with face was what I fell for. She was stunning. Perky little breasts tipped with big brown nipples and a hairless pussy. A close up of her pussy showed it to be smooth, without the spots and scars usually associated with waxing. The final picture convinced me to respond to her, something I have never done. She was on all fours facing away from the camera but looking over her shoulder at it, biting her lower lip, big brown eyes wide and innocent. She had inserted a carrot in her ass, another in her pussy, and she was sucking a lollipop.

Best of all she was just 11 miles from me.

After a couple of wanks I was more able to concentrate on writing to her. That was my excuse anyway. I was surprised how long it took to write something that might stand out and rewrote it three times. It still wasn’t very good and I regretted sending it the moment it went, but then it was too late.


I’ve never replied to an advert before so please bear with me.

I loved your ad, amazing pictures. Is that really you? I’ve never seen a girl so perfect. Of course you are probably thinking yeh yeh, every guy is going to say that, but it’s true. I also loved the carrots of course. Great touch.

SO about me, I’m 19 (I hope that’s not too young for you), considered fit and pretty well endowed J I’ve finished with three girls in the last four months mainly because they are too boring. I don’t just want sex, I want something different, a bit naughty, even a bit wrong. I hope you understand?

As for a fantasy I have loads and I don’t want to scare you off. You mention bi-curious guys. While I won’t say it’s high on my list of things, I like a threesome. I think that would be quite hot.

I’ve attached three pictures. Hope you like them and really hope you get in contact.



I sent her three pictures. One of my seven straight inches fully erect and surrounded by neat light brown pubic hair and almost hairless balls. One of me wearing only tight white boxers, showing my hairless body and big oval nipples, and a face picture. I also included my mobile number, which was probably pretty stupid. In truth I thought that would be the end of it, I’d never hear from her.

I was sat in a coffee shop reading up on my college notes when she proved me wrong.

I like 19 year olds, so much energy. Pretty cock too. X *

I stared at the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Whatsapp message confused. It took a few seconds to connect the dots. Then I had to think what to reply.

** Thx. Stunning body yourself J

J All available for the right guy. *

** Whats the right guy?

We’ll find out over the next few days. Keep your * phone on you…

Here’s something to keep you going xx *

A picture popped up and unthinking I clicked on it, and immediately hid my phone. It was a close up of her pussy covered in cum. This was the slut I had been longing for and I resolved there and then to do what it took to get her. I wanted that body and I wanted that spunk to be mine. I jogged home to enjoy that picture and the fantasies it engendered. I enjoyed it lots.

* * *

She didn’t contact me again for two days and I began to think she had found someone else. I couldn’t have been the only one who responded. Those pictures would have attracted thousands of guys and she probably had a few on the go. So it was another surprise to get a message from her in the middle of a lecture. My pocket vibrated and as I had done since that last message I checked it straight away. Most of the time I laughed at my own foolishness and thought of Pavlov’s dog. This time my heart hammered.

Hey pretty cock. I need to see another pic of it * now x

** I’m in a lecture, can it wait?

I have four other guys online now trying to get me, I didn’t need to contact you but I like you. Now, if you want me *

Shit, fuck, bollocks. There was no way I wanted to lose her. I thought of all the times my phone beeped or buzzed and I thought it might be her. I’d hate myself if I didn’t make every effort to get her. I looked around the lecture hall. Only Jason, my best friend, was taking any notice of me, frowning and grinning in equal measure. I packed my notebooks, apologised to those I disturbed getting out of the row, and slipped from the hall. The toilets were just two minutes walk down a corridor and flight of stairs. It was the longest two minutes ever. Each step seemed to drum into me that I had left it too long. You LOST her, you LOST her, you LOST her. I jumped down the last few steps and ran into the toilet. I was thankful no one was in there. I took the last cubicle and dropped my jeans seconds after dropping my bag. I needn’t have worried about getting hard; the thought of her underneath me got me going within seconds. I took several pictures and sent one. Then I sat on the toilet and waited, my jeans and underwear still around my ankles. A good five minutes passed.

About time big boy. *

Worth waiting for though x *

** How do I compare?

It sounded desperate but I had to know. Was I just wasting my time? Was she just playing with me? Then a terrible thought hit me and I felt utterly foolish; what if this perfect girl was a lure, a set up by a dirty old man to get pictures? Did she even exist? FUCK! That was it. I was chasing after a pervert and if I wasn’t careful I’d have my pictures all over the internet. I lost my erection. What a fucking twat.

Well I don’t want to give you false hope babe but you have the best cock of all the guys I’m talking to x *

Send me one with your balls in it x *

I was shaking as I typed my reply. Despite now being certain that this was a trap, I held a tiny hope that she was still real.

** I can’t. How do I know you’re real?

What? *

** How do I know you’re not a pervy guy after pics?

It was a long wait for her reply.

Good point babe. Ur the first to say that *

Others are just sending me loads of pics *

Wait a few x *

More waiting. This was getting frustrating. I was desperate for this girl to be real but almost certain now that this was a guy tricking me into sending pics. That all changed when the phone vibrated. A call. My mouth went dry when I saw the number I had been messaging. I pressed the green button.

“Hello?” I whispered.

“Hi baby.” She said. Her voice was like a song, a lilting melody of sexy girl with a scintilla of husky sex. “Do I sound like me?”

“Uh, yeh I guess.”

“Why are you whispering?”

“I’m in the toilets at college.” She laughed out loud, a genuine belly laugh at once high and deep. I fell for that laugh right then.

“Baby, you skipped class for me?”

“I did.” I snorted.

“Wonderful!” I believed she meant that. “Now to prove to you I am me, tell me to take a picture of me, in any position you want, with any method you want of ensuring it has just been taken.”

“What do you mean, any method?”

“Come on pretty cock. Think.” She sounded amused and comfortable talking to me. I didn’t feel she was taking the piss. “If I’m not me, then I could have a huge range of pictures I could send you. But if you ask for something specific, and it comes back within a few moments, then it must be me right?”

“Uh right.” I was still confused.

“Tell you what baby, what shall I write on my body for you güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to see?” My erection was back with a vengeance. I thought of a porn picture I had once seen and described what I wanted, begging her not to think too badly of me, but that it was unlikely she would have it. She wasn’t the least bit upset.

“Give me five minutes hot dick.” She blew a kiss down the phone and hung up. Less than three minutes passed before my phone buzzed. I opened the picture and stared. She was real. That she accepted my request without argument or negative comment was as telling as it was surprising. And fuck me if she wasn’t the girl I had been looking for, well, for forever. There she was, laying on her back on the bed, naked. Her hot body on show. In black marker she had drawn little hearts around her nipples, and just under her breasts she had written: Tom’s personal fuck slut. Pussy and ass belong to Tom. Another heart was drawn on her bald pubic bone. My phone buzzed a couple of times but I was too busy masturbating. I came hard. Sitting back panting a little I checked my messages.

Good enough for you baby? *

Do you believe I am me now? *

Be hard to pretend should we ever meet anyway x *

** You’re perfect.

** I believe you.

Delay in answering…*

Having a wank were you? *

Oh my god I’m in love. Love or lust, but right then it didn’t matter. I wanted her so badly it actually hurt. It made my balls ache and my brain frazzle. I couldn’t think of anything else except all the dirty sex we were going to have. I imagined my face between her legs tasting her sex, and my cock up her ass, something I had never been allowed to do. I re-read the messages and noticed her third text.

** When are we going to meet?

Woah boy, slow down. We have to explore our limits next. I don’t want to scare you away! *

And you didn’t answer me, were you wanking? *

** Yes

Good. Its hot watching guys wank x *

** You like that?

A lot. *

Holy shit, she just got better and better. My cock was growing hard again. I asked what she meant by exploring our limits but she said I’d find out and signed off. I masturbated again.

* * *


Send me a pic of your asshole baby *

** My ass? Really? Why?

That’s the BI part of my ad baby, I love guys asses *

I like to lick and finger and more… *

We had been messaging for two days solid. I learned she was a total slut. She’d let me fuck her whenever I wanted in any hole. She loved cock and cum and wanted me to cum in her mouth and on her face and body. She’d let me piss on her! I’d never done anything like that in my life, although of course I’d masturbated to enough piss porn in my time. Now we were on the subject of bisex. I was right to include in my email about having a threesome, she wanted that. I was a bit shocked to hear her say she enjoyed gay porn. I didn’t think girls liked guys together. She however did, and fingered herself a lot to gay movies. She wanted to share the porn watching with her chosen guy. I wasn’t too excited about it, but I figured I could concentrate on her amazing body while she watched guys fucking. Now I was being asked for my ass pic. My problem was I was already hooked but was deluding myself into thinking I could pull back anytime it got too far. I know now of course how good she was a pushing just a little further. Then I remember thinking what the hell, just my ass right? After a few minutes struggling taking a pic of my own ass I sent it. My sister banged on the bathroom door demanding access. I flushed the toilet and made hand washing noises. I couldn’t look at her as I left.

Shit baby that’s a hot hole x *

** Really?

** You like my ass?

Hell yeh, I’m gonna finger myself to that later x *

I want the real thing x *

I wanna ram my tongue into it *

Would you like that? *

What could I say to that? The dirty bitch wanted to lick my ass! Who was I to argue?

** Oh yes J x

I spent the night watching rimming videos on the internet. Mostly girls licking guys, a few the other way around, and feeling a little shame a guilt, a few guys licking guys. By the end of the night I had masturbated twice and couldn’t wait to feel what it was like.

* * *


We spent a couple of days chatting about anal. Yes. Days. That was her subject and when I tried to change it she came right back to it. Anal. I even began to like the sound. I was desperate to try fucking her ass of course, and by now was pretty pumped at feeling her tongue. I still wasn’t sure about her fingering me, something she mentioned the day after my first ass pic, but she assured me it was cool and she loved it as well. We swapped a few more asshole pics. I loved her pert little ass but to see a puckered, hairless hole filling my phone screen was odd and yet somehow arousing. I supposed it was the last intimate place on a persons body. The one inviolate area that one enjoyed güvenilir bahis şirketleri violating. Perhaps it was the thought of what you were doing rather than the physical act that was the erotic bit. I wanted to find out.

I spent one night putting my finger in myself. I felt stupid and dirty. The dirty part ended up turning me on, but I still felt dumb. It hurt at first and then was just uncomfortable. Again and to my continued shame I watched male videos but I convinced myself it was for the education. I needed lube. Of course I did. Stupid me. I therefore had to wait until the following night for a second attempt, after I had driven to the next town to buy lube to minimise anyone I knew seeing me. That evening I retreated to my room and stripped. This time I decided to follow what was happening on the video. Laying back on my bed I squeezed lube onto my finger and around my anus. I watched the fit guy on the TV lay back and spread his legs wide. I copied. I saw him suck his middle finger while looking at the camera, then push it slowly into his ass to the first knuckle. I did the same, without the sucking. He moved it in and out while jerking himself with slow deliberate strokes from base to head. After just a couple of minutes I had to admit it felt good. In fact I now wondered why I had never done this before. Boring girls must be the answer! But now I had a fucking hot one. Nearly! Thinking of her made me wank harder and without realising I was burying my finger in myself further. I had to stretch my ring and index fingers back to get in deeper. Then I thought of something even hotter. I stopped jerking and grabbed my phone. I set it on timer this time and positioned it between my legs. The photo I got was electric. My legs at the bottom of the shot led the eye to my ass, and my finger pushed right inside. Above that my hard cock pointed to my face, and I looked like I was coming.

“Oh fuck.” I said to myself, then giggled. “I’m hot!”.

I sent it to her and went back to masturbating, hard and fast. I even pushed two fingers in myself. When I came moments later it was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. Cum shot up and splattered my face, then chest and over my belly. I was panting and a thin film of cool sweat coated my forehead.

“Oh fucking shit!”

I lay back on the bed and giggled. I couldn’t believe how strong it was. A few moments passed before I decided to take another pic and send to her. I hope she would appreciate me covered in my own cum as a result of fingering my ass. I didn’t get her reply until the morning as I passed out.

* * *

After a deep and very relaxing sleep I was lucky to wake when I did. I was naked on top of my bed and the porn was still playing on a loop on my laptop. I’d left it plugged in. I’d just closed it and got some jeans on when my mother knocked and entered, as she always did, without waiting for the ok.

“Got you some tea love.” She put it on my bedside table and left, tutting at the state of my room. She pissed me off. I was fucking nearly 20, how dare she just come in. I hid the lube which was out of sight under the pillow for some reason, and checked my phone.

BABY! You tried 😀 *

Fantastic! *

How was it? *

Oh fucking hell! *

You enjoyed it then? *

Fuck me you are so hot Tommy baby x *

Wanna meet? X *

Fucking hell yes! What a stupid question. I grinned, then smiled wide, then giggled. I danced around the room while putting on a tshirt. I had to calm myself down before replying.

** Hell yes! Xxxxx

** When, where???

I waited a little while for an answer but nothing came. She might be sleeping or out. I put my phone in my pocket and got ready for my first lecture.

I ran to the toilet after the lecture ended. All I could think about was her and also how a good ass fingering improved a good wank. I missed everything I was supposed to listen to. In the cubicle I dropped my jeans and boxers, wet my fingers with spit, and pushed them in my ass. It wasn’t as strong as the previous night, but then first times are always the best. It was still amazing and I knew I would be doing this a lot from now on. I also knew I would be fine with her playing with my ass. Thinking of her made I realised I didn’t know her name. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? What an idiot. I couldn’t ask now surely?

I did of course.

** Hey, I know it sounds totally dumb, and so sorry, but I don’t know your name? xxx

I left the toilet without reply. I had to get to the library and get notes from my friend Jason. I had kept this girl secret for the past week and a half. There didn’t seem much point in telling people about someone I had never met and besides, I didn’t have the kind of friends who spoke about sex. I know people think that’s all boys ever talk about, but only in general. Plus Jason hadn’t had a girlfriend in ages.

I found him sitting in a corner away from others. He was well presented as ever, like he’d just stepped out of GQ magazine. He helped me with the lecture notes. He always did. I kind of used him a bit actually. I would do anything for him as well, it’s just he was both more intelligent and more academic. My phone buzzed as he was finishing off. I said I had to go and would see him on Friday in class. We hugged as was our habit. I made it to the front of the college before checking my messages.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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