End of Term.

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End of Term.
The end of the college term was always very much welcomed by the student’s of Saint Philomena the Chaste’s Catholic College. Their education was administered through strict corporal punishment even for the most minor of transgressions,so as the end of term approached many of the student’s went a bit wild and attended some very raucous parties. The Nun’s and Monk’s of Saint Philomena’s were aware of these naughty parties and were only too thankful for any information received which would lead to any attendee of these parties being brought to book and receiving a stern caning or spanking.Then student’s were very cautious not to be caught,they all knew the consequences. However there had been times when some student,disgruntled with his or her classmates,would confess to a Monk or Nun about a party and give up the names of those who had attended and so it was that Jason,Paula,Tina and David found themselves on the last day of term sitting outside of Mother Superior Bertha’s private study.

Mother Superior was angry,she felt that she was involved in a constant battle to save the souls of her student’s without their cooperation,she felt that the reputation of HER College was being put at stake by many of the student’s who she felt constantly felt a need to rebel against the College Rules. Mother Superior canlı bahis Bertha was thankful for being in her position,she very much enjoyed being the Principal of the College because she was allowed use corporal punishment,something she enjoyed doing,she liked nothing more than having a naughty student lay over her lap and look down at that bare bottom inviting her to spank it.Mother Superior Bertha always felt that corporal punishment was a very necessary tool when dealing with the wicked young people she had to deal with everyday.She read and re read the report of the party in front of her and felt quite excited at the prospect of punishing those now sitting outside of her study. She stood up and walked to the door,she opened the door and immediately Jason,Paula,Tina and David stood up.
“Inside,this instant,” Mother Superior said sternly.

Mother Superior closed the door and sat down on her comfortable chair.
“I do not want to hear any excuses,I want the four of you to bare your bottoms and one at a time place yourself over my lap;come along now,bare those bottom’s,you did not seem so discerning at the wicked party you attended.”
Jason,Paula,Tina and David began to undress for the waist down facing Mother Superior.Mother Superior Bertha enjoyed the build up to taking someone over her knee,she enjoyed bahis siteleri the look on the faces of those who were about to feel her hand administer a stern reminder of how to behave themselves. Mother Superior rubbed the palms of her hands lightly together before saying,”NowJason,come over here and place yourself over my knee!”

Jason walked over to Mother Superior as Paula,Tina and David watched. Mother Superior took a deep breath of excitement as Jason lay down over her knee. Immediately the Mother Superior brought her hand down on Jason’s firm bottom.The other three awaiting their turn over the Mother Superior’s knee, could see a look of satisfaction,and some longing on the face of the Nun as she continued to bring her hand down on the bare,firm bottom over her lap. All those who went over mother Superior’s knee were left in no doubt that she enjoyed spanking,she always spent a few moments groping the bare bottoms of those who were unfortunate enough to end up over her knee.
Next it was the turn of Paula,who cried almost immediately upon the Nun’s hand making contact with her bare bottom.Paula struggled and begged ,but to no avail,Mother Superior was resolute in administering a good and exacting spanking to teach Paula the error of her ways. Paula was very thankful when her torment ended.
Tina bahis şirketleri was next and screamed as the spanking went from a mild few slaps to slaps of more vigor.Tina cried and begged,but just like Paula,her pleas fell on deaf ears.Jason and Paula rubbed their very sore,red bottoms and David watched with growing nervousness as his time over Mother Superior’s knee approached,for David quite enjoyed being spanked.
When David lay over the Nun’s knee he was already fully erect and when the Nun’s hand came down on his bare bottom he felt his penis throb.As the spanking progressed he felt himself getting more and more excited and then it happened,he began to orgasm.Mother Superior was use to this,she did spank some people who enjoyed being spanked,she ignored his moans of pleasure and instead brought her hand down on his bare bottom with all the strength she could muster.Finally she told him to stand and while she let Jason,Paula and Tina leave,she kept David for a little while longer and took the strap to already very bottom and then mad him stand facing the corner holding a bible in both of his outstretched hands.
Finally David was set free and met with Jason,Tina and Paula.They laughed at how Mother Superior looked when she heard David cum while over her lap.
“She enjoyed that,”Tina said.
As the four friends left the college for the summer Mother Superior watched from her study window.She would now visit the Monastery of Repentance where she would take adults who wished to confess their errant ways over her knee.

David,Paula,Tina and Jason.

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