Drinking a Load in the Car

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Jared drove along the deserted streets with the windows down and cool air blowing in his face. He couldn’t believe that he was about to do something like this but he had also never been more aroused in his life. He turned to look at the man he had just picked up and was now driving somewhere to finally release the tension building in his pants.

Jared was beyond horny. All day, he felt like he was 16 again because it seemed like his dick had a mind of its own. It was finally Friday and after a long day of uncomfortable shifting in his office chair (and a quick jerk off session at lunch in his car), he got home at 730 and all he could think about was getting off.

Jared cracked open a beer and flipped open his laptop to a local personals website. He found an ad almost immediately that fit what he was looking for.

21 yo swm. Muscular build 6’0, brown hair and eyes, cut 8″. Looking for oral fun. You don’t need to reciprocate but it would be okay. Not looking for a relationship, just a good time. Best if you have a car.

He replied, his dick jumping slightly in his pants at the prospect of some release.

28 yo swm here. Can drive and pick you up in a public place of course. I have a lot to get off my… – Jared

He attached a photo of his rock hard nine incher poking out of his briefs and one of his face. After what seemed like an eternity, he received a response.

You’re fucking sexy and I like what you’re packing. Are you free in a half hour? – Pete

Jared opened the attached pic and saw a closeup of Pete’s dick that was slick with precum. His cock began to strain and he could feel his own precum begin to dribble like a faucet.

Where should I get you?

With that text sent, Jared tossed his phone aside bursa escort and quickly pulled his pants and boxers off to free his massive erection. His cock was so thick he could just wrap his hands around it and his balls were painfully throbbing for release. He was so aroused by the entire situation that he felt like he couldn’t blow a load before meeting Pete. Jared tugged on his dick a few more times before reluctantly stuffing his raging hard-on back into his pants. He grabbed his keys and headed out the door.

Pete leaned over and started to kiss Jared’s neck as he drove. At the same time, Pete slid his hand up Jared’s thigh and rested it on his bulge. He began to grope his balls first, gently and firmly kneading them with his palm and fingers. Jared was starting to have a hard time focusing on the road as all his attention went straight to his cock.

Jared thanked his lucky stars as he saw a sign for a parking garage. He turned into it and felt another pang of happiness, as he realized not only was the parking free, the entire complex was deserted. He quickly sped to the top floor and threw the car in park and turned off the engine right in time for Pete to pull his cock out.

Jared grabbed the back of Pete’s head and roughly pushed him down into his lap, giving him no choice but to open his mouth and take in Jared’s wet dick. Jared gasped and jerked his hips in surprise as Pete took down Jared’s entire length in his velvety hot throat and mouth.

Wasting no time, Jared held the back of Pete’s head as he began to buck his hips and push his cock in and out of Pete’s hot mouth. Jared couldn’t remember the last time he was nearly as hard as he was at that very moment. He could feel gallons of precum being sucked and lapped up by an incredibly bursa escort bayan skilled mouth.

After a few more sucks, Pete replaced his mouth with his hand as he went up to kiss Jared, letting him taste his own precum. Pete’s hand was furiously jerking Jared off using a mixture of precum and saliva as lube.

They continued to make out as Jared reached over and into the track pants Pete had on. His hand was immediately greeted with a sticky and wet erection and he realized that Pete had already ejaculated without being touched. He wasted no time and began to jerk Pete off inside of his pants furiously.

Both guys were moaning as they made out and jerked each other off. Their boners pointing straight up and at each other as their hands were a blur on each other’s dicks.

Jared knew he was close. His balls were tightening up and began to tingle. He could feel his seed just waiting to be pushed out of his shaft.

Jared broke the kiss and again grabbed the back of Pete’s head and shoved his mouth onto his dick. Pete didn’t protest as Jared began to shove his dick down his throat, bucking his hips wildly. He didn’t care that he wasn’t putting on the best performance because this was the best that Jared and his thick sausage had ever felt. There was no rhythm or pattern to what he was doing; he was just frantically pushing his cock into a warm and tight space as fast as he could.

Pete was bobbing his head up and down, twisting his mouth around and running his tongue up and down Jared’s thick shaft. The sound of another man moaning on his dick was almost too much for Jared to handle. Jared was so close that his dick was now pouring precum out nonstop. He moaned and panted as he felt his breaking point approaching.

“Fuck… escort bursa I’m going to cum… fuck… fuck… you want my cream? Drink my load… drink my fucking load… drink… my… load!! OH, FUCK!” Jared groaned loudly as he pushed down Pete’s head and buried his erupting dick to the hilt down Pete’s throat.

Pete had never encountered someone who shot such a large load before and his own dick twitched and his balls tightened. Five massive jet sprays of cum flew down his throat before two weaker shots dribbled onto his tongue. He continued to suck Jared’s cock up and down and held his tight suction grip with his vacuum mouth to squeeze and milk out any last drops. To his surprise, without warning, Jared’s still hard dick twitched and four more powerful spurts of creamy and salty cum hit the back of Pete’s throat.

“FUCK!” Jared closed his eyes and relaxed back into his seat as he panted, recovering from emptying his large balls. Pete managed to catch almost all but a few drips of Jared’s white man seed and swallowed it all happily. Pete slowly lifted his mouth off of Jared’s softening cock and he bent up to kiss Jared again.

Tasting himself on another man’s tongue sent a tingle through Jared’s body. Pete began to jerk himself as they kissed but his orgasm wasn’t far behind. Less than thirty seconds later, Pete broke their kiss and his hard, cut cock began to shoot out multiple ropes of cum all over his chest. Pete pumped his cock with both hands and he pumped his hips as he milked his man meat of all his large, sticky, hot seed.

The two men leaned back panting in their seats for a moment. Jared pulled out a box of tissues and handed it to Pete. They cleaned up their mess and Jared started the car. As he drove Pete back to his hotel, the two men made small talk about an upcoming baseball game.

“Well, thanks so much. I had fun today,” Pete said as he got out of the car.

“Have a good rest of your trip,” Jared waved casually. He pulled away and began to head home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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