Don’t Think, Just Feel

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My phone beeped; a message from you.

“Chained to this desk by deadlines. Driving me crazy.”

“Can I come by?”


“30 mins?”


I’d visited before when you had a tight deadline for a work project. I still don’t know if you like the distraction from the work, or like to be subject to more than one type of tension at a time.

But that first visit, where you instructed me to undress down to my lacy underthings and impale myself on the dildo you’d set on the armchair in your office, ordering me to ride it and be as vocal as I needed to be, while you worked, was certainly a pleasant surprise. The only rules were I couldn’t stop, and I couldn’t orgasm, but the pace and positioning were mine to control.

I felt so silly at first, totally undignified, vulnerable and exposed. But there wasn’t any mockery in your instructions, or your pauses in your work to take in the little show I was putting on. You only spoke once more after you sat to work, telling me, “Don’t think, just feel.”

I nodded to you, dropped my pretensions, and tried to just feel.

Just feel myself stretched wide, feel how wet it made me to be watched as I fucked myself, feel the flared head of the dildo rotate inside me as I ground down. I had to make sure not to hit my g-spot too often, I wanted to follow the rules, wanted to be a good girl. God, it was good.

We both lasted less than an hour, I remember, before I was begging to come and you put aside your work, took me by the hand, led me to your desk, and fucked me through at least two orgasms on your part, and who knows how many on mine, right there on your desk.

The second visit, I’d invited myself over after some flirty back-and-forth messaging. You undressed me completely, collaring me and leashing me to your desk, keeping me on my knees and nude. I’d worn an ass plug, per your instructions, and could feel it stretch me every time I fidgeted. I waited quietly, patiently, for your instructions. The tension was delicious. I wanted to touch you so badly, I wanted you to touch me. From the state of arousal that was visibly obvious in your pants, you wanted me too, but you do have exceptional control.

Don’t think, just feel.

You’d occasionally lean back from your work, unfasten your pants, and stroke yourself right in my face. You let me swallow your cock from time to time, never to the point of orgasm, just edging yourself with my mouth. I loved looking up at you like that, at your disposal, with my world narrowed to your office, your office floor, right at the corner of your desk, serving you. Tasting the salty precum that leaked from your tip, hearing you groan when I’d swivel my tongue along the underside of your cock, trying to take as much of you into my mouth as I could.

You made me back off again and again throughout the afternoon, waiting patiently. I was so wet, desperate for an orgasm, but I couldn’t beg yet, I hadn’t been given permission to speak.

Finally you hit whatever benchmark you’d set for yourself in your work, and turned to focus entirely on me. I got to suck you to orgasm, tracing my fingers gently over your balls as you filled my throat with your seed. After you’d finished in my mouth, you grabbed me by the hair and bent me over on the floor, face down, ass up.

You fingered me until I came once, calling me any number of beautiful, filthy names. Your dirty, needy whore, your plugged little slut. So wet, such a horny, filthy toy for you to use. We rutted like beasts on your office floor then. It was glorious.

While I’m sure you had plenty of tricks still up your sleeve, when I got your message, I felt a little variety was in order. I knew enough about your interests to have a little stockpile set up. You’d told me before about how much you liked pegging. A woman with a strap on, fucking you to orgasm. You’d done it before, though not as much as you’d like. I appreciated canlı bahis your frankness, and I felt I might be able to fill that need, so to speak.

After I got your last “yes” message, I leapt into action. I put on sheer black stockings with lace, a strappy garter belt, lace panties and a coordinated black bustier, a black leather choker, black patent leather heels, and a knee-length black coat to go over it all. Red lipstick, winged eyeliner, a little perfume.

Oh, and one more thing. A charming harness with a translucent silicone dildo attached. After I laced the harness into place I admired the effect in the mirror; the aesthetics of the translucent toy between my legs, coupled with the black lace, satin, and leather I was wearing, was certainly striking. I giggled with nerves, and excitement. I put on my coat, threw some lube and leather handcuffs into my purse on my way out the door, and stepped into my car.

My pulse was racing as I drove over, and I could feel my cheeks start to flush. I had to calm down if I was going to pull this off.

Don’t think, just feel.

Don’t think, just feel.

Don’t think, just feel.

I walked up the stairs to your office, grateful it was late enough that nobody was going to scrutinize my outfit very closely and realize I was practically naked under the coat. Plus, I looked a bit, well, lumpy, from the harness and toy. All for a good cause, I told myself.

I knocked on your office door, heart in my throat. I took a deep breath.

Don’t think, just feel.

“Come in.”

I opened the door, and you looked up from your work. As I locked the door behind me, you smiled at me, and opened your mouth to speak.

“Stop. Stand up,” I interrupted.

Your shock was obvious, but apparently you were curious enough about what I was up to. You stood, stepped around to the side of your desk, and watched me, waiting with an eyebrow raised.

“Strip for me. I want you naked.”

You laughed in my face at that. I knew you would, but I had an ace up my sleeve still to play.

Don’t think, just feel.

I held up a finger before you could get a word out, and quickly unbuttoned my coat and swept it off. I put my hands on my hips as you looked me up and down, a smile of approval at my wardrobe choices spreading over your face. It was my turn to smile when your expression changed to blank surprise when you saw what was strapped between my legs.

“Really?” you asked hopefully, your voice slightly strangled. You didn’t manage to meet my eyes, you were so riveted by the unspoken statement of intent before you.

“Hell yes. Strip for me. I want you naked,” I repeated, thrilled at your response.

I’m amazed you didn’t tear any of your clothes as you whipped them all off. Tie, shirt, undershirt, belt, shoes, pants, socks, all off in record time. You started toward me, but I held up a finger again.


You paused, considering, before deciding to humor me by kneeling. Your smirk offered a silent challenge, one I hoped I was up to.

I retrieved my purse, and brought out the leather cuffs. I walked over to you and bent at the waist until we were face to face.

“Your wrists,” I instructed.

You offered them immediately, but as I buckled the cuffs around your wrists, you reached out with your fingers to touch the swell of my breasts, angling for my nipples as they pushed up and out of my bustier.

I finished buckling, then grabbed your chin, pulling your face even closer to mine.

“No. Patience is required. Permission is also required. Now, you will wait. Hands on your knees, do not move.” I commanded.

Your eyes went wide; I’d never been anything but pliant and submissive in our play together. Ever. Surprising you was a real treat for me, but I held off on smiling. Discipline must be upheld.

“All right, I hope it’s worth the wait,” you replied, settling into amused bahis siteleri watchfulness.

I walked back to my purse and brought out the lube. I turned back and offered a smirk to you, noting you’d stayed still as instructed.

“Patience is a virtue, my dear. I picked this cock out just for you, but you can only have it if you play by the rules,” I flipped open the cap of the lube, pouring a small amount in my hand. I spread it slowly over the dildo, stroking it as you watched.

“I’m going to fuck you with this cock, take you on your hands and knees, make you moan, make you forget your own name,” I said, locking eyes with you. I didn’t know your eyes could go so wide.

I couldn’t help but crack a wolfish smile at seeing how hard you got, just from watching me stroke my toy and tell you what I was going to do to you. A tiny drip of precum sparkled in the light as it fell from your tip to the floor.

“But first, I’m going to make you beg,” I finished, walking slowly back to you, bending again to meet your gaze. Your mouth was slightly open, I remember. I grabbed your hair at the back of your head, pulling your face to mine for a single, slow kiss.

Breaking the kiss first, I pulled your head back, met your eyes, and smiled wickedly.

“Now, we begin. Same word we’ve used before?” I asked.

You nodded as much as you could with my hand holding your hair. I brought my other hand down to your cock and traced my fingers from the base to the tip, rubbing my thumb on the underside of the head to gather some of your precum. You gasped at this, then groaned as I took my hand away from your leaking cock. I licked my thumb clean, smiling at the taste of you.

I straightened up, and walked slowly in a half circle around you until I was behind you. The tapping of my heels and a few shuddering breaths from you were the only sounds in the room. Once I was at your back, I kept your hair in my hand, applying gentle pressure downward until you were on your hands and knees, then further until your head was settled on your forearms.

“Stay,” I commanded. You stayed.

While it was important to me to keep the upper hand in this game of ours, I had no interest in hurting you, so relaxing you in preparation to claim your ass became my next goal. I released your hair, raking my nails gently down your spine. I knelt behind you, nudging your legs apart slightly and admiring the sight. I was beginning to understand the appeal of dominance, having a willing and wanting partner at one’s service was certainly something.

Don’t think, just feel.

“I’m going to fuck you, darling. I’m going to finger your ass first, then slide this hard cock into you and fuck you until you cum,” I murmured, lubing the fingers of one hand and setting the bottle to the side. I slid one hand between your legs to stroke you slowly.

I traced your hole with my other index finger, before gently pushing it inside you. I relished your moans, the breathy “fuck”s that came with my finger plunging further. I massaged below your hole with my thumb from the outside, while probing for your spot from the inside. When I found it, your shudder and yelp were a charming reward.

I built a slow rhythm of thrusting with my hand, while stroking you at the same time. As I felt you relax a little around me, I backed my finger out of you and pressed two back in. I chuckled a little as you writhed and swore, enjoying teasing you.

When I felt you were relaxed enough, and also probably teetering on the edge of your patience with my teasing, judging from the cascade of moans and curses that you let loose, I pulled my hand out. You let out a growling whine at the sudden emptiness, the loss of both my hands on you, in you.

I quickly lubed my cock again, swirling the tip around your hole.

“Fuck me!” you demanded through gritted teeth.

“Manners!” I retorted, pressing a little firmer as I teased your bahis şirketleri waiting hole. “Say please.”

“Please,” you rasped.

“Say please, Miss,” I replied.

You huffed in frustration, but complied.

“Please, Miss. Please fuck me. PleasefuckmyasspleaseMissfuckme ohhhhhh fuuuuckkk,” you groaned, coming undone as I pressed the translucent cock into you.

Grabbing your hips for leverage, I pushed a few inches in, retreated, then thrust in a few inches further. With one last pull back and thrust, I was buried in you. You ground your hips back onto me, meeting my thrusts.

“Oh, good boy,” I told you, genuinely impressed. I kept one hand on your hip and built up a cadence of thrusts.

I leaned forward a bit over your arched back to fuck you even deeper, and began a steady stream of filthy talk. I told you how I knew you needed to get fucked, get taken, pounded hard. Knew you needed to be overwhelmed, you were a needy slut, you needed to be made to come with a cock in your ass, I was going to fuck you until you came. How beautiful you were, spread for me, getting pounded, right here on the floor.

I leaned back at one point, reaching around your waist to stroke your cock. You escalated to near-constant moans. You were so good.

“Please, I’m going to come,” you moaned, throwing your head back as I dug my nails into your hip.

“Hell yes you are. Come for me, be good for me. I want you to explode,” I told you, keeping up the pace of my thrusts and strokes.

Your shuddering, gasping orgasm was a sight to behold. You came all over my hand, all over your belly, all over the floor. I slowed as you rode out your orgasm, then stilled when you finished. I gently pulled out, then stood and walked back to face you.

Down on one knee, I lifted your chin with one hand so you’d watch me lick your seed off my other hand. I pulled you in for a kiss, savoring your touch.

However, it was time for a little thinking instead of feeling.

“You still have work, don’t you?” I asked you.

“Yes,” you replied, regaining enough coordination to try to reach for me.

Keeping a firm grip on your chin, I paused your hands by holding the cuffs, the hands I so desperately want to free, to have all over me, to mark me, take me.

“If we continue now, you’ll miss your deadline, and all the work you’ve put in will be wasted. Can you finish the work tonight?”

“Yes, but…” you hesitated; you’d mentioned to me before how getting pegged tends to fire you up more than slake your lust, and I can see the want in your eyes.

“I’ll make it worth your while, if you promise to finish work before we start again,” I offered. You weren’t the only one wanting more.

Annoyance, desire, resignation, hope, all flashed across your face. “All right, you make a good point,” you finally conceded. “But what about you? Aren’t you…”

“Desperate for release? My God, yes. But darling, you must finish your work. Give me a call when you’re done, I want to see you soon,” I purred, as I unfastened your wrists, kissing you again, lingering longer in that kiss than I’d intended. I broke the kiss, swept my coat around my shoulders, and walked out, pausing to give you a small smile before I closed the door.

I practically fell down the stairs after I got the door to your office closed behind me. Adrenaline alone was what got me to my car, and the second I got in and locked my doors, my hand was down my panties. I was able to muster up gratitude to my past self for parking well away from a streetlight, because I wasn’t sure I was capable of caring at that point if I was seen.

I arched my back as my busy fingers got to work, and I moaned as I heard the harness jingle a bit with the motion of my hand. It took less than 30 seconds for me to orgasm, screaming in my car as my nerves exploded with pleasure and release. It took much longer than that for me to catch my breath, but once I did I was able to start my car and drive home.

I hoped your work would take just long enough for me to calm the hell down, but I also hoped it wouldn’t take much longer than that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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