Dinner and a Screw

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“Hi,” Emily said to me on Instant Messenger, “when do you want me to come over?”

“Right now,” I answered, “dinner’s almost ready.”

Fifteen minutes later my doorbell rang and there she was. My 21-year-old girlfriend was wearing an ordinary t-shirt and jeans, yet the sight of her made me start to go hard as I thought of the things we were going to do to each other tonight. As we ate our chicken I was undressing her in my head. Emily caught me staring and gave a small smile as she thought about how I never let her leave my place unsatisfied. In her last bites of dinner she began to eat more slowly, licking her lips between bites and staring at me hungrily. We were playing footsies under the table as we finished up.

My foot was working its way up her leg to her sex. She opened her mouth in a soft moan as she felt it work its way up. Unfortunately, my housemates choose that moment to come home. I could feel her frustration as they struck up conversation with us. All the while we would sneak little gropes at each other when no one was looking. I could hear her soft moans of frustrations at not being fucked when she so desperately needs to. We had to endure a half hour of talking with them before we could make our excuses and go up to my room.

She leaned back onto me while we stood in the middle of the room and my hands began to wander over her incredible stomach. But she was having none of that and slapped my hands away. She turned on the TV for background noise and told me to sit on the bed. She lay in my lap and we started watching some random show. Her hands slowly worked around and she began stroking the inside of my thighs. My hands began to rub her stomach through her shirt. She leaned back and rested her head on my chest. I leaned down and breathed into her ear, driving her wild.

I lifted up her shirt and rubbed her stomach. I slowly ran my hands up and started squeezing her tits through her bra. She sat up and turned to face me while kneeling. I started lifting the shirt up to take it off. But she didn’t raise her arms, making it impossible to do so. She gave me a wicked smile and said while I attempted to lift the shirt off, “Is there something you need?”

I smiled back and started ripping the shirt off of her. She gave a gasp and then a moan as I ripped it apart and threw the tatters to the floor. She was kissing my neck as I got her bra off and she threw it onto a chair. My shirt was off and she told me to lie down. I did and she lay on top of me. I ran my hands up and down her back as she kissed my chest and suckled at my nipples. I reached under her jeans and panties to squeeze her ass. She came up and we kissed deeply, our tongues intertwining as I took her in my arms and rolled us over so that I was on top.

I kissed her again and began to move down. I sucked at her neck and despite her protestations as I did so I gave her one hell of a hickey. I slowly moved my way down to her tits with a series of kisses. I kissed around each tit canlı bahis şirketleri before taking one nipple in my mouth. I sucked it few times to get it hard and then flicked my tongue across it rapidly. As I did this I was using my fingers to lightly stroke the other nipple. This has the effect of driving her wild and she showed this with a squeal as her nipples became rock hard. I switched and began sucking at the other nipple for a little while.

I buried my face between her tits and started kissing. She pressed them up against the sides of my face as my kisses began to move slowly down to her stomach. I traced the tip of my tongue around her belly button before coming down to kiss it. My mouth moved all over her stomach, sucking and licking at her. She loves it when I play with her stomach like this and showed it with her moans. As I kissed her my hands reached up to play with her tits. I squeezed them and pinched her nipples as I buried my tongue in her belly button. After several minutes of this I started undoing the button on her jeans. I unzipped them and pulled them down for her to kick them away.

She lifted her hips off the bed and I pulled off her panties. I brought her pussy-juice-soaked panties to my face and smelled her. I love how her pussy smells; it has a hint of strawberries. I threw them aside and came back down on her stomach. I moved down to where her pussy hair began and began to circle it, kissing her inner thighs. Emily couldn’t stand my teasing and she reached down, grabbed my head, and pushed me into her pussy. As I started to lick her cunt she shouted, “EAT ME!”

I stuck out my tongue and licked her whole cunt up to her clit. I then enveloped her clit in my mouth and began to suck gently. Each time I sucked Emily’s body would thrash around and she would moan very loudly. Her juices were flowing freely and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before she started to cum. I stuck my index finger into her pussy and began fucking her with it as I sucked her clit. I looked up and saw her arching her back over and over. I reached up with my other hand and began to play with her nipples. I began circling her clit with the tip of my tongue between sucks, causing body to go into convulsions.

Her hips began lifting off the bed as she tried to push her pussy deeper into my mouth. I felt her muscles clench around my finger and I knew she was starting to cum. I opened my mouth wide to cover her cunt and take in as much of her juices as I could. I love how she tastes and I wanted to swallow it all. I sucked at her whole pussy as she was cumming and she said that she was going to faint. Her gasping was loud as her whole body tensed up in response to her mind-shattering orgasm. I took my mouth off her cunt and looked up at her. I smiled as I licked my lips and kissed her on the mouth, wrapping my tongue around hers and letting her taste herself off of me.

We rolled over so that I was on my back and she was lying on top of me. She gave me a canlı kaçak iddaa small smile and she began to kiss her way down to my stomach. She sucked at my belly button as she undid my pants button and unzipped them. I lifted my hips slightly as she pulled them down and off along with my boxers. My cock was sticking straight up, harder than it’s ever been. Emily started sucking at my balls, taking them in her mouth. She drives me wild when she does that and she knew it. Sometimes she’ll just suck my balls and let me cum into her hair but tonight she had other plans.

She spat my balls out and began to slowly lick her way up the underside of my shaft up to the head. She stuck out her tongue and circled the end of my cock with it before taking it in her mouth. When Emily sucks me it’s as close to bliss as I’ll ever get. She knows how to bring me right up to the very edge and back. I don’t ever cum until she wants me to. We must’ve been there for 20 or 30 minutes with her bringing me back and forth. Finally, her head started bobbing very fast and within a minute she was swallowing my load. She swallowed all but the last bit and when she came back up for a kiss she spat it into my mouth for me to swallow.

We laid there for an hour, resting in each others arms. Then her hand moved its way down and began stroking my cock. It wasn’t long before I was hard again. She kneeled down on me with one leg on either side. She took my cock in her hand and ever-so-slowly inserted it in her pussy and came down on it until it was all in. She wiggled on it a little before beginning to slowly thrust her hips. She leaned down so that I could kiss a nipple before coming back up and speeding up her thrusts. She began giving off little groans and grunts with her thrusts. Her back arched, sticking her tits out for me to see. Her thrusting speeded up even more.

All of a sudden her whole body was thrashing and her moans became yells. Even through all of this I could feel her muscles clench around my cock as her juices began flowing over it. This pushed me over the edge and I began to cum with her. She fell on top of me, burying her face in my neck. She timed the muscle clenches of her pussy with my squirts, trying to milk as much seed out of me as she could. She smiled and gave a moan of satisfaction. She was waiting for me to start to go soft before pulling out but I didn’t. My cock was still as hard as when we started.

Emily’s smile widened as she realized just how horny I was. She climbed off me and stood up. She slowly walked over to my desk, waving her ass back and forth with each step. She looked into the full-length mirror that was in the wall behind the desk and observed herself in all her naked glory. I could see a trickle of her pussy juice dripping down her inner thigh as she kicked the chair out of the way. She leaned onto the desk and started waving her ass back in forth. She looked back at me lying on the bed and gave me a you-know-what-to-do look. I smiled and got up.

I canlı kaçak bahis stood behind her and ran my hands up and down her back and sides, feeling her every sensuous curve. She looked down at the floor, expecting me to jam my cock into her pussy again but I had other plans. I wanted to do something new, something she hasn’t done before. My cock was soaked in her juices and her asshole was right there, wide open and ready to be taken. Before she knew what I was doing I positioned it at her opening and inserted it with one thrust.

Her whole body jumped with the violent intrusion. I could see her look up into the mirror with an expression of shock and pain on her face. I began thrusting slowly, watching her face clench in pain as I jammed my rod into her. I was enjoying being the one with the power now, knowing that she was at my mercy to be fucked at my will. I started thrusting even faster. Her ass was mine and I intended to take it.

I looked at her face in the mirror. Gradually her pained face was replaced with one of extreme pleasure as she got used to her ass being used like this. Now she was egging me on, telling me to fuck her ass. I didn’t need to be told twice, thrusting as fast as I can. I watched her ass cheeks slap against my body each time I thrusted into her. Her body was growing weak and I was supporting more and more of her weight so I lifted her up with me still inside of her and carried her back to the bed. I laid her down onto her stomach and began to drive my cock into her.

I began thrusting my cock into her ass as fast and hard as I could. She just lay there, not doing anything. My animal instincts have completely taken over. The only sounds I was giving out were grunts and growls as I focused on nothing but getting my cock as deep into her ass as I could. I was thrusting so hard that we were bouncing off and on the bed. Still she was doing nothing. She was just laying there and letting me take her. She was my woman and I was fucking her like it. It wasn’t until I started cumming that she made a noise. She started to moan very softly as she felt me shove my cock as deeply into her ass as it could go and start filling it with my load. She gave very tiny thrusts into me with each squirt of my cock.

After I emptied my load into her I rolled onto my side all spent. She was lying there on her stomach next to me for a few minutes catching her breath. She then turned over and grabbed a towel to set down under her. She turned onto her side and just laid there while my cum seeped out of her ass. After a half hour she got up and started getting dressed. I gave some mild protests, telling her to spend the night. She stood over me topless and gave me a deep kiss. She said, “Sorry love, we should have sleepover sometime but that sometime isn’t tonight. I would like to be woken up one day by you putting your big, hard cock into me, though.”

With that she put on one of my shirts, picked up the tattered remains of hers, and left. I lied back on the bed, satisfied. What do I care if she doesn’t stay? I just fucked her in the ass. And tomorrow she’ll be back for some more. She can never resist a chance to put my cock into her, the slut. With that thought I rolled over and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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