Daddy Shows Off His Baby Girl – Part 1

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Daddy Shows Off His Baby Girl – Part 1
I was in no way shocked by what I had just heard, but Daddy’s unexpected announcement was just a tad bit unsettling. Although I am fully committed to our relationship, and also committed to being an obedient submissive to my Daddy Dom, hearing him issue commands to me in such a public setting was absolutely unheard of. The tone of Daddy’s voice was bold, brazen and unabashedly sexual.

Speaking in his familiar manner, with authority and conviction. His words were however entirely out of character for a distinguished gentleman of his social status. But there you have it. Plain as day, the cat was out of the bag.

Nearly shaken to the core of my being by the blatantly sexual suggestion Daddy had just given voice to, I silently wonder how many of our guests overheard his smutty proposal. Stumbling ever so slightly, my knees began to buckle as I attempted to exit the pool.

Although the words were spoken ever so casually, as if they meant nothing at all, I was well aware of Daddy’s true intentions. You see, over the years, I have learned to detect the not so subtle hints which invariably betray my Daddy’s mood.

A wave of electricity shot through my body, as his words echoed through my ears. Partly because I was momentarily astonished by my Daddy’s very public statement, but also because I was primed and ready to play.

Up until just moments ago, we had never aired any of our BDSM kinks publicly. We had never used one of our social gatherings to search for a playmate, or to promote our private sex life. However, earlier that afternoon, Daddy had casually whispered into his Little Slut’s ear. “Tease, entice and excite every single man here today, but no touching until much later.”

My loving Daddy had just told me to be a sexy, little tease. I could only assume, I would be rewarded for my efforts later that night.

Never one to cause marital discord among friends and neighbors, Daddy always insisted we play privately and only play with single, unattached men. Those were our rules. And I knew from past experience, Daddy’s rules were to be strictly obeyed.

However, his comment was uncharacteristically bizarre and somewhat outlandish sounding when compared to our typical mode of kink play.

The instructions were simple. Flirt with, entice and seduce every “single” man at the party, but only allow the game to go as far as sexy smiles, seductive winks, and harmless suggestions. Of course Daddy did not need to reminded me, that I was his Sexy Little Slut. As his collared submissive, I was trained to honor my Daddy’s wishes.

I certainly knew it was my duty to obey his commands, and to follow his lead. However, my loving Daddy had never taken his role as my Dom this far. He had never let slip even the slightest hint that we were anything but a normal, loving couple. I could hardly believe Daddy had revealed one of our secret kinks in such a public setting.

We are a happy couple who also enjoy their kinky BDSM roles of Daddy Dom and Baby Girl, but none of our friends or neighbors knew about that part of our life. We were always very careful never to accidentally divulge our secret kink lifestyle.

Daddy whole-heartedly supported my desire to be his Little Slut, but always behind closed doors. He had been instructing and training me in private for more than a year now.

I guess that was all about to change. It was readily apparent, the opportunity to blossom beyond my role as Daddy’s submissive Baby Girl was being offered up on a silver platter.

Encouraging me to push my boundaries and test the limits, Daddy practically ordered me to prance around and act like a floozy. He said, “Let your natural sexuality flow freely. Every step you take should accentuate your amazing ass.”

Taking just a few moments to instruct me how to behave, Daddy said, “Every movement of your body should be explicitly sexual. Your expression should convey a deep, sensual desire to touch their naked body. Your eyes should scream, Come Fuck Me Now!”

I was told to get the men so hot and bothered they would stare at my every move. However, there would be absolutely no talk of sex, no promise of sex, and no touching of any kind.

Daddy’s Little Slut was told to be cute, charming, coy, shy, and sexy as hell. But, under no circumstance was I to tolerate any sexual advances. Even the slightest hint of sex was to be shut down immediately.

Consequently a few hours later, the role of seductress I had been perpetrating all afternoon was about to come full circle.

Exiting the pool ever so slowly, the cool night air tickled and teased my body. For the better part of the afternoon, I had mercilessly teased every available man in attendance. And, now that all of the married couples had gone home for the night, the real show was about to start.

Seductively posing on the top step, I took my sweet time squeezing the water from my hair. Bending slightly at the waist, my watered drenched body was proudly put on display for everyone to see.

At Daddy’s insistence, his Little Slut had been teasing the single guys all afternoon. And, I was more than certain the vast majority of the guys were by now extremely sexually frustrated. I also knew without a shadow of any doubt, my loving Daddy had just kicked his devious plan into overdrive.

But I needed to be 100% certain that I had heard him correctly. Did Daddy just tell me to take off my bikini top and play with my nipples?

“Are you sure,” I asked nervously. “Yes Darling, show everyone your beautiful tits.” Daddy replied.

Slowly stretching my arms outward and up, I paused ever so briefly for dramatic effect. I had to make sure all eyes were on me before I continued my little show. Pulling the wet fabric tight against my chest, I yank my top upwards and expose my tits to the delight of our remaining party guests.

Bouncing into full view, my breasts jiggle back and forth in the faint evening light.

“Now what should I do?” I thought to myself. Not knowing what to do next, I simply stood there. Feeling terribly awkward about my predicament, I seriously pondered what punishment Daddy would inflict upon me if I was to cover up my milky white breasts.

Quickly suppressing the torrent of fearful emotions racing through my mind, I winked at Daddy and blew him a kiss. Catching my breath for a the briefest of moments, I continued to stand there half naked for everyone to admire.

By now my nipples were rock hard, and every last one of those horny men could see my swollen nipples standing fully erect in the cool night air.

The remaining guests were certainly getting their monies worth. Not a single man showed the slightest bit of decency by looking away. Nope, not one gentleman in the whole crowd. While our guests were busy gawking at, and ogling my big tits, Daddy walked over to me and began massaging my shoulders.

Massaging my neck and shoulders may have been an innocent attempt to help me relax, but Daddy’s rubbing and kneading of my canlı bahis siteleri shoulder muscles only caused me to arch my back and “unintentionally” flaunt my round tits to an appreciative and receptive group of horny guys. Being a bit of an exhibitionist, I already knew how this scene would play out.

Sliding his hand down my back to squeeze my butt, Daddy whispered into my ear, “Ready to get this party started?” Smiling at him, I silently nod my head.

Motioning for the guys to gather around me, Daddy cheerfully announced, “Anyone care for a closer look?” A near deafening roar of hoots and hollering instantly erupted from the guys, but Daddy appeared to be completely unaffected. I guess he was too busy pinching and playing with my erect nipples to notice the stampede of men headed toward me.

With one masterful sentence, Daddy had upped the ante considerably. Bracing myself for the inevitable onslaught of attention, I wondered how many of our remaining guests would accept Daddy’s offer.

Seconds later, Daddy’s Little Slut was staring at six horny young men. Obviously excited, and eager to claim their prize, I felt tonight’s activities were bound to get wild. Noticing more than a few healthy erections, it was quite obvious the guys liked what they saw. And I could not help but wonder, how many were hopeful my “performance” would end up being more than a quick strip tease.

Happily observing a few nice sized packages, I wondered if Daddy planned on letting me play with a couple of them. A girl can always hope.

And that was when I spotted my prize for the night.

Well, to be honest, it was not mine yet. Those decisions are always made by my Daddy, but I was definitely hoping my loving Daddy would allow his Little Slut to claim that wonderful cock. My heart beat furiously as I continued to stare. I desperately wanted to ride that cock, to feel his warm, hot flesh sliding in and out of my drenched pussy.

Despite being smothered beneath too many clothes, I felt as if that magnificent cock was calling out to me – somehow calling my name. Holy Shit! My pussy lips were quivering with anticipation as I focused all of my attention on Mr. Big Dick.

“My God,” I thought to myself, “How big is his dick?”

Even though he was fully clothed, Mr. Big Dick’s growing package looked enormous. I simply could not wait to get my hands on him. Breathing heavily, I dreamed about how amazing it would feel to get fucked raw by that huge cock. Practically melting with desire, I damn near squirted in front of everyone as I gasped for air.

“Yes, they are very nice,” I heard Daddy say. Shaking my head, I quickly focused my waning attention back on our party guests when I heard someone ask if they could touch me. Although the question itself did not violate any of our rules, nor did it exceed any boundaries we usually set for our playmates.

However, Daddy usually discusses these type of general details with me before we begin a scene. I trust him and know he would allow anyone to hurt me, but the circumstance was rather bizarre.

“What do you think Baby Girl?” Daddy asked as he squeezed my ass.

The silence was deafening, as everyone waited for my answer. A simple “yes” or “no” would have been sufficient, but I hesitated. I honestly did not know how to answer the question. Daddy always makes those decisions. Not because I am incapable of deciding for myself, but he is the Daddy. I am his submissive. He is my Dom and protector.

This moment marked the first time in our relationship, I did not know what Daddy wanted. I did not know what I should do. Staring blankly into my Daddy’s eyes, I caught a brief glimpse of his devilish smirk. He had no intention of letting me answer his question. This was his scene, and his Little Slut would follow her Daddy’s lead.

Fairly confident Daddy did not really want me to answer his question, I silently shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

Flashing me a quick smile, Daddy said, “I will allow each of you to touch my Baby Girl’s beautiful breasts for 10 seconds. And that is it! Nothing more. Just a quick feel for you horny boys, before we call it a night.” Resting his hands on my hips, Daddy gazed into my eyes and quietly asked, “You ready babe?”

Winking at my loving Daddy, I blew him a silent kiss while I mentally prepared myself for a bunch of horny guys to begin fondling my exposed breasts.

Although I had fully expected to be savagely groped and passed along like some drunken party slut, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Without exception, all of our party guests acted in a relatively courteous manner – gently squeezing, caressing, and fondling my bouncing breasts for just a few seconds before stepping back.

Astonished at their surprisingly gentle behavior, I smiled at Daddy and blew him another kiss. Staring into my amazing Daddy’s eyes, I wondered if he would call it a night, or would he allow this little game of his to progress a bit farther.

Obviously, I had been trained to obey my Daddy Dom without hesitation, however I did wonder just how far Daddy planned on pushing his Little Slut. Would my Daddy Dom order me to suck all of their dicks? Would he pick a few lucky guys for a spit-roast or two? Would he tie me down, and let them all fuck me?

Dreaming of the many ways Daddy could devise for his sexy Little Slut to pleasure the men staring at me, I wondered what would happen next. Even though the range of play possibilities were far from endless, my bikini bottoms were getting wetter by the minute as I anxiously awaited Daddy’s instruction.

The uncertainty of what Daddy would do or say next, only fueled my growing anticipation. My pussy tingled with excitement, as droplets of moisture trickled down my inner thighs. Good God, I was wet! And my exposed nipples were as hard as they had ever been.

My nipples were obviously hard and standing straight up in response to the wonderful attention these six gentlemen lavished on my beautiful tits, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. With the simplest touch, Daddy could ignite my passion and excite me beyond belief.

There was no doubt in my mind at all, Daddy was going to have this group of six horny studs touch, tease and play with my body until I begged to be fucked. Little did he know, Daddy’s Little Slut was primed and ready to go. I was so fucking horny, all I could think about was sucking Daddy’s cock while Mr. Big Dick split me wide open.

I wanted that huge cock to stretch my pussy so bad, I did not hear Daddy say, “I think it’s time you showed your admirers your bare ass.”

Startled by the hand groping my ass, it took me a few seconds to realize Daddy was squeezing my ass while he teasingly pulled at my bikini bottoms. It was blatantly obvious our guests were ready to see me stark naked. Before I had a chance to respond, a raucous chorus of excited cheers echoed loudly.

“Well, well, well,” I teased the crowd. Casually questioning the eager guys, I asked, “Why should bahis firmaları I get naked?” Continuing, I coyly asked, “Why should I be the only one who is naked?”

Defiantly propping my hands on my hips, I suggestively shout, “Who wants to get naked with me?”

Opps… Maybe I should not have asked that last question without getting Daddy’s permission first. Oh Well, the cat was definitely out of the bag now. However, before anyone could say or do anything, Daddy ripped my bikini bottoms off with a sharp tug – immediately followed by a hard, stinging slap across my ass.

Stepping forward, Daddy wasted no time taking charge. “You heard the lady. Drop your shorts,” Daddy proclaimed loudly. “Come on. What are you waiting for? Let’s see some hard cocks. Daddy’s Little Slut wants to get fucked!”

Grabbing a fist full of hair, Daddy yanks me toward him and says, “You better be ready for this you Little Slut. Daddy is giving you to his guests for the rest of the night. They have my permission to FUCK you anyway they choose.”

Letting go of me rather abruptly, Daddy declared in a loud voice, “There are only two rules for tonight’s gangbang. First rule – Everyone must cum in her mouth, and fuck her pussy and ass at least once. Second rule – Do not bring her back until she is covered in cum.”

“Oh My God! What have I done?” I thought to myself, as Daddy walked away. My mind was reeling from the vast number of possibilities I was imagining, at the same time a gut wrenching apprehension swept over my body. Intense would not even begin to describe the panic Daddy’s Little Slut was feeling. The voice in my head was getting progressively louder, as my silent dialogue continued. “Yes, I did want to be used. I did want a few strong men to hold me down and ravish my tight little pussy with their big cocks. My inner slut desired conquest, but I absolutely wanted my loving Daddy to be there. To protect me and cherish me, while a few huge cocks stretched me wide open.”

We had always played together, but Daddy just walked away. What did that mean? I truly feared the worst. Here I was naked, vulnerable and alone. Surrounded by six horny guys, and my Daddy Dom had just told them to use every hole available. To use my body for their pleasure.

One of my dream fantasies was quickly turning a nightmare. Sure, I dreamed about being the center of attention and letting a bunch of guys “pull a train” on me. Daddy and I have talked about finding seven or eight guys to gangbang me, to use me. I was okay with the idea of letting a group of well hung men cum in my mouth, pussy, and ass.

But, I never thought Daddy would abandon me and leave me alone.

A sinking feeling was building inside my stomach when a hand reached out, grabbed the back of my head, and pushed me toward a throbbing cock. Bending at the waist to avoid falling over, I felt a second pair of hands grab my hips and pull me backwards. In the blink of an eye, one hard cock was pressed against my lips trying to force my mouth to open, while another man had managed to shove the head of his dick into my wet pussy.

Instead of fighting the inevitable, I opened my mouth and started sucking the dick in front of me. There was no turning back now. These six men were definitely going to fuck Daddy’s Little Slut. I might as well try to enjoy it.

Spreading my legs wider, I pushed my hips back in an attempt to take as much cock as possible. Feeling a good six or seven inches slide into my wet pussy, I held onto the hips in front of me and pushed my head down the length of an unknown cock. Bobbing up and down, up and down, I quickly settled into the perfect rhythm. Stroking and sucking, stroking and sucking, I wanted to taste this man’s cum.

Now that my first “gangbang” had officially begun, none of these guys were going to stop until every hard cock had fucked me. It was going to be a long night, and I knew it. However, there was a nice silver lining to the cloud hanging over my head. If I had to suck and fuck a bunch of dicks, I was at least going to enjoy the unique taste of every man’s cum.

A slutty moan of pure sexual desire managed to escape my lips, as the man behind me slammed his dick into my sopping wet pussy. Looking up at the man in front of me, I seductively begged for his cum. “Please cum in my mouth. Please give me your cum,” I pleaded with him, as I swirled my tongue around the head of his hard cock.

Licking and stroking, licking and stroking, I wanted spurt after spurt of his warm cum to fill my mouth. Doing my best to coax a load of his tasty cum into my waiting mouth, I continued bobbing up and down on his hard cock until I had swallowed every inch of his dick. Alternating between vigorous deep throat action and pampering his cock with the most luxurious tongue bath he had ever felt, I was giving my new playmate the blowjob of his lifetime.

I could not help but smile as I felt his smooth cock stiffen and swell beyond his already excited state. Twitching rapidly, there was no doubt he was on the verge of exploding. Greedily anticipating the inevitable wave of spasms, I waited for the surge of cum he would unleash into my hungry mouth.

I was so focused on claiming my reward for a job well done, I nearly forgot about the cock sliding in and out of my wet hole. That was until I felt a half dozen forceful thrusts in rapid succession, which preceded one epic final plunge, deep into my pussy. Jet after jet of hot cum flooded my pussy, as the cock inside of me jerked and shuddered uncontrollably.

Despite being the first two performers to take the stage, my playmates seemed oblivious to the stares of their friends. Although I am certain neither of my new lovers had a history of exhibitionism, they adjusted quite well to public nudity. You might say we were the opening act of tonight’s festivities.

By now we were so caught up in a frenzy of sexual energy, I doubt either one cared who saw them naked. My playmates and I had u*********sly tapped into a very palatable matrix of raw sexual energy that seemed to exude from nature itself.

In spite of being the catalyst for the extremely high level of sexual energy everyone was feeling, I was caught somewhat off guard when the throbbing cock in my mouth seemed to explode uncontrollably.

Firmly squeezing the hard shaft I had been shoving down my throat, my playmate trembled as his cock unleashed an immense load down my throat. As his warm seed flooded my mouth with wave after wave of his tasty man juice, I swallowed his warm, salty cum as fast as I could.

Determined not to waste a single drop, my moist lips formed a vacuum seal around his spurting dick. Despite my eagerness to capture and retain every drop, I managed to savor and appreciate his tasty seed as his quivering cock pumped warm cum into my mouth.

Although he was the first lucky bastard to dump a load of cum down my throat, he certainly would not be the last one of the night. No way, I was just getting started. kaçak iddaa

Spending the next few minutes cleaning, sucking and stroking the spent cock in my mouth, I made sure to milk every last drop of cum out of his dick. Although my depleted playmate was pretty much done for the moment, I knew his “special” deposit was only the first of many to come.

Relaxing momentarily before the next pair of horny volunteers came forward to claim their spot, I felt a strong wave of heightened sexual excitement wash over my aroused body. Despite being the sole object of their carnal lust, and the focus of their sexual attention, my enthusiastic playmates had failed to stimulate Daddy’s Little Slut to the point of climax.

Woefully ignorant of my highly aroused, yet still unsatisfied state, my playmates openly crass expressed how delightful it was to use my sexy little body. While they enjoyed the pleasurable afterglow of their own post orgasmic bliss, I sadly hungered for sexual satisfaction.

“Come on boys, who’s next?” I beckoned to the four remaining men. Hoping to catch a glimpse of a nice big cock, I observantly inspected the bulging packages of my eager playmates as they approached. At this point however, I already knew that nothing but a huge cock slamming into me, using me over and over, would satisfy my lust.

Just thinking about being stretched by the enormous dick I saw earlier, was making my mouth water. Trying not to droll on myself, I ran straight toward my intended victim. I wanted his dick inside of me as soon as possible.

Grabbing Mr. Big Dick’s hand, I dragged him toward a sturdy lawn chair. Motioning for him to sit, I clumsily attempt to remove his pants as I incoherently mumble, “I need to cum! Damn it. I need to cum, Right Now!” Somehow I managed to free his huge cock, as I pushed his shorts down past his knees.

“Fuck me,” I thought to myself, as I dropped to my knees and started licking the gigantic pole that was sticking straight up. Staring at the biggest cock I had ever seen, I made sure to coat Mr. Big Dick’s beautiful cock with plenty of my saliva.

I can’t remember ever feeling such an intense desire for sex before. I was so horny, all I could think about was sex. And not just the good, sweaty kind of sex, I wanted rough, hard pounding sex. I wanted to be held down and used repeatedly.

Now that Mr. Big Dick’s huge cock was slick with saliva, I stood up, turned my back to him and straddled his legs. Lowering myself onto his enormous cock, I paused for a moment as the head of his dick pushed my pussy lips apart. Spreading my legs wider, I leaned against his legs for balance. Bracing myself for the inevitable invasion, I thrust my hips down onto his hard, throbbing cock.

With one swift motion, I impaled my tight little pussy with the biggest dick imaginable. Oh My God! I had never felt so full before, and I had barely managed to take half of his huge cock.

Desperately attempting to shove his entire dick into my wet pussy, I forced myself down onto my new toy again and again. Slowly adjusting to the sheer size of his impressive cock, I triumphantly find my stride, and begin to ride Mr. Big Dick’s magnificent cock like a woman possessed. Passionately rocking back and forth, eagerly bouncing up and down, I pick up the pace as our bodies collide over and over and over again. Sweaty, hungry for cock, and needing to cum, I greedily taking as much of his engorged dick as possible. Completely captivated by the ecstasy of the moment, I moan loudly as I feel my pussy being stretched wider and wider with each exquisite thrust.

Although I did manage to force another inch or two into my hungry pussy, I sadly had no time to savor my small victory.

Yet another eager member of my newly minted fan club had stepped forward to claim his spot. However, I was not quite ready to share my attention just yet. Hesitating for the briefest moment before I reluctantly open my eyes, I feel someone grab a fist full of my hair. Looking up, all I can see is a blur of naked flesh. Standing directly in front of me, an enthusiastic young man impatiently pulls my face toward his stiff dick. Parting my lips wider and wider, I take a quick breath as the second hard cock of the night makes its way into my waiting mouth.

Wrapping my hand around the base of his cock, I bob my head up and down his hard shaft a few times before swallowing another inch of his throbbing cock. Sucking and stroking, sucking and stroking, I begin to enjoy every inch of the dick in my mouth. My newest fan seems to relish my impressive oral talents, as I instinctively settle into a pleasurable rhythm.

Licking, sucking and stroking a hard cock while Mr. Big Dick continued to fuck my wet pussy was almost more than I could handle.

Determined to coax a nice big load out of the dick in my mouth, I sucked harder and faster. “Mmmph, ummmph, mmmph” was all anybody heard, as I rapidly bobbed my head up and down. Daddy’s Little Slut would certainly remember this night for a long time to come.

Delighted with my accomplishments so far, a sense of devilish pride washed over me as the tell-tale signs of my approaching orgasm jolted by body. Wave after wave of sexual energy surged up and down my spine, as I felt my orgasm building in intensity. Rushing headlong toward a well deserved orgasmic release, my body trembled and shuddered as I hastily approached climax. Seductively sandwiched between two incredible men who were hell bent on making me scream, I was certain the euphoric release I longed for lay just beyond the horizon.

Swirling my tongue around the head of my play-mates dick, I felt a warm jet of cum spurt down my throat, as his cock jerked uncontrollably. u*********sly milking his cock with my hand, I smiled as his warm seed continued coating the inside of my mouth. Happily swallowing every drop of cum, I licked his cock clean before playfully teasing the sensitive head of his swollen dick.

Delighted to have received yet another reward for my efforts, a miniature orgasm tickles my inner pussy lips, as I savor my second load of yummy, tasty cum. Continuing to ride the wave of my budding climax, I focus all of my attention back on Mr. Big Dick and the enormous cock stretching me wide open.

Excited to welcome each and every thrust of his powerful dick, I slam my dripping, wet pussy down onto his huge cock again and again and again.

Forcing myself down onto Mr. Big Dick’s massive cock one final time, a colossal orgasm hits me like a ton of bricks. Clamping down on his enormously thick dick, my quivering pussy spasms wildly as I squirt all over my big dicked playmate. Gripped by a series of rolling orgasms, my hands tremble and shake as I cum again and again and again. Panting heavily, my body jerks and spasms as orgasm after orgasm washes over me. Cumming harder than I have ever cum before, I latch onto my playmate to keep from falling over.

Squirting non-stop for almost a full minute, my legs begin to wobble as a mixture of our juices oozes out of me, forming puddles on the ground. Hoping my playmate is not too tired to prop up my spent, used body, I listlessly slump against Mr. Big Dick – taking a well deserved break to catch my breath.

(To Be Continued)

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