Crime , Punishment

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She sat, curled up in the big, comfortable leather chair closest to the fire. The latter was roaring and warm, so loud she didn’t hear the door open or the jangle of his keys as he laid them on the small table in the foyer. She also didn’t attribute the rosy glow on her cheeks to anything other than the heat given off by that fire.

So when she looked up after having felt a cool draft of air, she nearly fainted in shock to see him standing there. How long had he been there? Had he seen what she was reading? How could she play this off? She made eye contact and smiled with happy surprise, letting the magazines slip beneath the copious folds of her robe as she reached to put her arms around his neck.

The magazines, with their glossy finish and gorgeous women in compromising poses, awaiting the attentions of the well-hung studs portrayed alongside them. She had found them in his closet, near the bottom, in a large box which should have housed a pair of his boots. While cleaning, the lid had been pulled off and what she saw inside kindled her imagination, and teased her curiosity.

Now, she wondered how she would get them back to where they belonged without his knowing. She knew what the rules were regarding his private property, and these were, most definitely, his private property.

He hugged her, briefly, perhaps a little tersely. She read everything into his actions, and felt the pounding pulse of her heart filling the capillaries full of blood to betray her shame.

Picking up the magazines, one of which was still open to the page she had last been scrutinizing, a photo essay which detailed the anal penetration of a beautiful, young brunette woman by her well-endowed partners. An activity she had never engaged in, but seeing the expressions on their faces, the closeup of her tiny little opening as it stretched around the engorged tools, made her want.

He knew all about what she wanted since he’d been watching her for several minutes, her hand disappearing into the opening of her robe, the uncomfortable shifting as she began to feel more aroused by what she saw and read.

“I see you’ve been poking your nose where you shouldn’t have.” A long silence as she looked at the floor, knowing he wasn’t truly angry, just annoyed with her. Still, she knew there would be a price for her transgression. “These are mine. The box they were in is mine. The closet the box was in is mine. I wonder what you were looking for when you came across these.”

He reached to lift her chin and force her gaze to make contact with his.

He smiled a little wickedly, then commented, “I see you found an article of interest.”

He laid the magazine in her hands, open to the pages she had been examining.

“Read the pages to me.”

Oh, she was in for it, now. He had something specific in mind, and she sort of thrilled to the thought of a warming spanking which would lead to incredible sex as it often did. She loved their relationship, he dominant and she subordinate to him, but without the hard and fast rules often practiced in similar situations.

She looked down, the page blurred by her tears of shame. She knew he could have seen so much as she paged through the magazines.

“I love to have my ass fucked by my boyfriend. His cock is huge and it fills me so tight. If illegal bahis I’m lucky, he calls a friend and they take turns shooting their hot loads in my backdoor.”

He laughed under his breath, took the magazine and then took her by the hand, leading her curtly down the hallway to their room.

“Take off your robe.” She did as he told her, and assumed the kneeling position she knew he wanted while they were in the bedroom. “Get on the bed, on your knees, and bend over with your ass raised.”

Oh, yes, he was going to punish her just the way she craved, she thought as she complied with his demand.

Instead, he left the room. She knew to stay where she was until told otherwise. These were the rules and she was so comforted by the familiar knowledge of them. Still, she was nervous. This wasn’t usual.

She estimated twenty minutes had passed when she heard the door next. She stared at the bedcover beneath her face, still holding the position last instructed of her.

“Good, slut, you know your place perfectly.” She heard him moving closer to her. He lifted her head back, and placed the blindfold around her eyes, tying it behind her head. She felt her pussy moisten, the bloodflow increased exponentially as her sight was robbed of her, the nervous pathways were transferred to another sense.

He spoke. “I watched you when I came home, tonight. You weren’t expecting me so early, and you didn’t hear me enter, but it was obvious to me as you read that you were aroused by what you saw. And so your “punishment”, sweet one, is to receive your desire.”

She felt the room spin slightly as she contemplated what he said. What was it he was going to do to her? She only had to wonder a moment for his hand was on her ass, and next she felt a warm sluice of lube between her cheeks, then stroked through the crease and over her tight little star.

She gasped, “Nooo…” for she had never experienced any except the teasing of the outer flesh, none had ever penetrated this opening and she feared it would hurt. She had heard lots of stories about it, and even though she wanted to fantasize about it, she wasn’t sure she would ever take it beyond that level. No choice, now.

“I’ve brought a friend, too, so you can be as lucky as the girl in the pictures.”

She began to feel a little loss of awareness, disbelief at his words. Anger flared in her, and shame, but even more so; arousal.

His rough hands manipulated her clit, teased it til she begged to cum, and then he returned to massaging the lube into her tightly puckered rectum. Perhaps if she could squeeze it closed tightly enough, he would give up. The sensation of fingers imploring the opening to relax was delightful, though, and she moaned softly and squirmed as the tip of his index finger finally pressed deeply, hard enough to force the pursed hole to allow its entry.

“Unnnggghhhhh…” she groaned, the tight ring stinging and burning as it stretched against her will, the thought of what was happening causing her pussy to leak and throb. “Noooo, please, baby….”

Then she felt his other hand, the fingers tease her clit, making her forget a little about what was happening to her asshole. Suddenly, his index finger was inside her to the first knuckle and she cried out, bucking her hips involuntarily. He smacked illegal bahis siteleri her ass cheek, reminding her to be still and take her punishment. She sobbed a little into the bunched comforter, her thoughts exploring the darkness and wondering who else was in the room, seeing her this way.

“That’s it…that’s my baby….ohhhh…let me fuck you with my finger. God, your ass is so hot and tight. I can’t believe I’ve left it alone this long. I’m so glad I caught you looking at my magazines so I could take you this way.” His voice persuaded her to relax further, and if she would admit it, the harsh friction of his rough finger in her tender hole was indescribably wonderful. So different from her pussy…his finger felt huge in there. She sighed, shuddering as he plunged the finger in as deeply as it would go, then withdrew it, adding more lube and then a second finger alongside the first. As he thrust them in, together, they were side by side, then one on top of the other, and he used them to stretch her, to tug the opening this way and that and dictate the writhing of her hips, listening to her desperate moans.

She tried to move to make the sensation more pleasurable, as it had been when there was only one finger, but the two together was just a little more pain than pleasure, and she couldn’t quite funnel it all into an orgasm. And just when the pleasure started to overcome, he added that third finger and she whimpered and fought the urge to pull away.

She needn’t fight that urge, for the next sensations were of another set of hands, holding her, keeping her in place and adjusting her position to maximize the exposure of her ass to the violation of it.

She struggled a little, unbelievably pissed off and at the same time turned on by what was being done to her. The fact that she could not see helped make it that she could believe she could not be seen. So instead, she relaxed, opening to his fingers, feeling them twist and squirm inside her…

When he removed them, she felt the cooling air in a new place, inside her as her little sphincter remained gaping from the stretching thrusts. She heard his wicked, self-satisfied chuckle, “That’s what I like to see. You are now ready for this…”

The next was his hot, blunt, thick cock head poised at the opening, pressing against, and so much larger it was than its target that she wriggled away, sabotaging his effort, but only briefly, for his conspirator rallied and held her for him. She could hear his grunts of approval, his fast breathing as he obviously watched while he participated.

He pushed, straining at the quickly clenching hole, not wanting to let it close again entirely, he reached under her to tease her little clitty again, knowing her response would allow his victory in this matter. And she did as he knew she would; push back, her openings dilating lustfully and as she did so, his cock head slipped inside the first ring of muscles, gripped so tightly he gritted his teeth, grunted with pleasure at her cries, the way she clutched at the sheets madly, the way his helper struggled to hold her.

He leaned forward to whisper to her, “That’s it, my love…this feels so good to me. I know you want to please me, and this will soon please you, as well. Relax…and let me in….it will hurt less and less…”

She canlı bahis siteleri listened, distracted by the obvious candor in his voice, and when she least expected it, she realized his cock was sliding in under his weight, stretching her tiny pucker, burning, tingling, her belly cramping with the fullness of his cock deep in her bowels.

“Oohhhhhhgodbaby, ohgod, ohggggggodddd…” she muttered under her breath as he claimed this place for the first time. She wondered idly when it would stop, this slow, inward invasion…what would stop it…where would the limit be? His length? Her depth? It seemed his cock went on forever, and grew in girth with every pulse of his heart, which she could feel with those supersensitive nerve endings there where she gripped him. The fat head of his cock seemed to glow and burn its way deep up inside her and suddenly she knew what she wanted more than anything was to feel him cum there and make it hurt with the volume and force of the spurts of his molten issue.

He didn’t intend to disappoint. He wanted to own every surface of this beautiful creature, inside and out, and this was glorious…the thick, rubbery walls of her asshole were gripping his cock like a velvety vise and rippling muscularly as they tried to force him out. The sensation was too much to take, and he struggled to hold his composure and not cum too quickly. He wanted to take her good and hard this first time. Still, he knew he needed to hurry and gave his hips a hard shove forward, at the same time using his hands to push apart her ass cheeks. He buried his cock in her as deeply as possible, impaling her, she squealing in pain and pleasure, tears soaking into the blindfold, her belly burning and cramping as his cock expanded and he withdrew a few inches then thrust in again, forcing her entire body upwards on the bed against his friend, who steadied her and pushed back so that she would take the entire force of his thrust.

She whimpered and cried and clawed the bedding as he began to increase the tempo and depth of the thrusts, watching as his outward tug dragged the protesting ring out, then disappeared in as he pushed into her, fascinated by how tremendous his cock looked as it invaded this little, tiny hole of hers.

He gave in to instinct shortly, though, and fucked hard and fast, forgetting anything but the desire to take all pleasure he could, and in that moment, she, overstimulated, finally found the beauty in that and channelled all that sensation to her building orgasm, the pain fuelling a particularly hard and fast one that made her yelp and scream as he drove into her again and again, his hands at her hips, tugging her backward, using her hole for his pleasure, his movements becoming more insistent, faster, harder til he froze, his cock thrust into her as far as it would ever go, and therefore making her his, he came, his cum spurting out against the deepest part of her bowels, the heat flooding around the head of his cock, making the fit tighter, yet lubricating the way for a couple more slow thrusts as he continued to fill her, hearing her pleading for more, feeling her convulsive spasming around him as she came again and again, every successive one being less harsh, less defined, until they all sort of blended together and she gripped him, tightly, jealously, not wanting to lose that sensation of having him in her…she collapsed forward on the bed, tired, sated…glowing, renewed….

They lay like that, he still within her, til they caught their breath, and he whispered into her ear, “Are you ready for part two?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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