Carmen’s date pt2

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Carmen’s date pt2
The three of us sat there and relaxed for a while talking with Darren and finding out more about him. Joe finally told me to go get cleaned up and off to the shower I went. When I came back out I saw Joe and Darren laying on the bed embracing one another and kissing each other passionately. I watched as Joe reached down and took hold of Darren’s already stiff cock and began to jerk it. Darren was caressing and playing with Joe’s nipples.
“Suck his cock baby” I said to Joe as I moved over by the bed. Joe looked up from Darren,
“We decided to entertain ourselves while you got cleaned up”
And with that Joe moved down towards Darren’s cock and taking hold of it, put it in his mouth and began to suck Darren off. I always loved watching Joe kiss another man and especially watching him suck another cock.
“That’s it baby” I said
“Suck his fuckin’ cock”
“Take his fuckin’ cock deep in your fuckin’ mouth cuck” I added, knowing Joe loved to hear me talk dirty.
I watched as Joe pumped away on Darren’s cock until Darren stiffened and I knew he was shooting a load of cum into Joe’s mouth. Joe licked Darren’s cock clean and laid back as I sat there looking at the two men. I motioned Joe to come over to me and when he was next to me,
“Honey” I said
“Would you mind if I went home with Darren?” I asked.
Joe looked at me, then backed off a bit. He had talked with Darren before they started kissing one another and knew that Darren was alone and looking at me,
“Is that what you want to do baby?” Joe asked me.
“If it’s okay with you and Darren” I replied.
Looking over at Darren again,
“How about it man?” Joe said to Darren.
“You wanna take my wife home with you?”
Darren sat up and looked amazed at what Joe had asked him, thought for a minute or so and then looked at me,
“Fuck yeah” he replied
“If you sure it’s okay with you” he added.
“She’s all yours man” Joe told Darren.
Looking back tuzla escort bayan at me,
“Go ahead baby” he said
“Get yourself dressed and ready to go” he added. I quickly dressed as did Joe and Darren and when I had packed a couple of items in my small travel bag, the three of us headed out to Darren’s car. Joe leaned into me at the door, kissed me long and passionately, then backed off a bit,
“Have a good time honey” he said to me.
“Suck and fuck him silly” he added and smiled.
I got into the car and off Darren and I went back to his place. On the way I moved over as close to Darren as I could and reached down to his crotch, started to caress and it wasn’t long before I felt a rise in his pants.
“I’m gonna love that fuckin’ cock of yours baby” I softly said to him and homeward we went.

We arrived at Darren’s place and I saw it was a small two bedroom house, so I knew he must be doing fairly well. Once inside I saw it was tastefully decorated and before I could see any more, Darren grabbed hold of me, turned me around to face him and kissed me hard and long. As we stood there kissing I felt his hand go down to my tit and he began to squeeze it hard, sending tangs of pain shooting through me. When he broke off kissing me, he stepped back a bit and a hard slap came across my face. Surprised I stammered back a bit before Darren reached out and took hold of my tit again. I had put on a sheer black blouse, short skirt, hose and my favorite stiletto heels, looking like the whore Joe wanted me to look like. Pulling me back towards him by my tit, Darren slapped my face hard several times more,
“You’re my fuckin’ whore now bitch” he said to me sternly. With that he grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me along with him towards his bedroom.
“Baby” I cried out,
“I’ll do whatever you want” I added, almost pleading with him.
“Please” I added. Looking at me once we got into his orhanlı escort bedroom,
“You’re fuckin’ right you’ll do whatever I want whore” he said
“And you’ll love it” he added.
What I didn’t know was that he and Joe had talked about me and what I liked while I was in the shower and it had gotten him so turned on, he ordered Joe to suck his cock and had Joe agree to letting him abuse me if he wanted to.
“Get your fuckin’ clothes off whore” Darren demanded as he slapped my face again. I quickly got out of my out fit and Darren laid it on a chair off to one side. I watched as he undressed and saw that his cock was still rock hard. Looking at me and smiling, Darren quietly said,
“Beg for my cock whore”
“Show me how much you want my cock in your fuckin’ mouth” he added. I moved up next to him and reaching down, took hold of his cock,
“Please, please master” I began,
“This worthless fuckin’ shit of a whore wants to suck on your fuckin’ hard cock” I said as sexy as I could make my voice.
“Please let me suck your fuckin’ hard cock master” I added.
“I want to feel your fuckin’ cock fuckin’ my worthless mouth” I kept saying.
Several hard slaps to my face followed before he grabbed my hair again and shoved me down on my knees.
“Very good whore” he said to me
“Now suck my cock you fuckin’ shit whore” he demanded and into my mouth it went.
I sucked his cock hard and fast as he held onto my hair, licking it when I could, feeling it rammed into the side of my cheek. All the while he would slap my cheeks hard sending even more pain through me. He rammed his cock as deep into my throat as far as he could, gagging me until I almost choked before letting me catch my breath.
“You like that you fuckin’ shit?” he asked me
“Yes, yes master” I cried back
“This fuckin’ shitty whore loves your fuckin’ cock fuckin’ my shitty mouth” I added. With that he pulled me to my feet, backed up a bit aydınlı escort and now started to slap at my tits.
“Nice fuckin’ tits whore” he said
“You like getting them beaten whore?” he asked
“Yes, yes master” I replied
“I love having my fuckin’ tits beaten and bruised master” I added. That was his cue.
He now pulled me along and down into his basement we went where I saw that he had turned it into a sort of playroom. In the middle of the room up on the ceiling was a small hook and attached to it was a rope holding a pair of handcuffs. Leading me over to the cuffs, he placed my wrists in them, went over and pulled me up until my toes were barely touching the floor.
“Now my lovely” he said softly. With that he stepped back and for the next couple of minutes he slapped and punched at my tits as hard as he could. The pain shot through me like a knife as the beating continued. I was in tears when he stopped and walked over to the wall, took down a whip and once again my tits, thighs and back were subjected to lash after lash until I was barely aware of what was going on. When he stopped, he let me down, carried me over to a bed in the corner and gently laid me down. Softly caressing my tit, face and cunt, he gently soothed my aching body with a mild cream and when I started to relax a bit, spread open my legs, moved down in between them and moving up to my cunt, started to lick and suck on it gently until the pain in my body slowly was replaced with the pleasure of his tongue. When he saw that I was relaxed enough, he moved up further between my legs and taking hold of his cock, gently, but firmly shoved it into my cunt and started fucking me.
He fucked me so softly at first, teasing my cunt with his hard cock until he increased his motion and fucked me until the pleasure of his hard cock turned me on so fuckin’ much I began to moan with delight. For jow many minutes this went on I didn’t know nor did I care. I was in heaven. Too soon he came in me and when he pulled out , he got up and moved next to me, turned my head towards him, kissed me long and passionately.
“Welcome to my home” he softly said when he finished kissing me

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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