Camping Out

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To begin with. I had been turned out and was actively crossdressing and being used by my older cousin.

My cousin is best described as a football star, jock. Over 6 feet tall and solid steel!

I’m younger, short, and as always, small. I’m slender, tan, and have great legs. His description.

He caught me in panties playing and used this to blackmail me and train me as his “bitch”!

All winter and spring he fucked me on a regular basis and I had learned to love it? I dreamed about his big hard cock often! He was the definition of a stud! He had several girlfriends, but he seemed to enjoy breeding the most?

Anyway, a camping trip was planned with his jock friends. They were going to the lake and planned on boating, skiing, and fishing. At the last minute, he told me I was going with?

I was actually surprised? I was several years younger than them and I didn’t think they would want me around!

My cousin told me to bring my sexiest babydoll, wig, etc. So I figured he needed me along to fuck at night? Now it made sense.

To an extent, I was right? But it was far more than that!

We arrived mid-day and settled in. Tents were setup, boat was in the water and they went skiing while I fished.

Just before dark everyone headed to the showers and we ate dinner. As the sun set, a campfire was lit and we sat around the campfire talking. They were drinking beer and seemed to be getting rowdy?

My cousin called me over and he whispered in my ear to go get dressed and ready in our tent.

I was so excited! I knew he would be fucking me for a long time. He always took a long time when he was drinking! I was almost giddy with anticipation!

I dressed, put on my makeup, donned my wig, and waited. Finally he entered. He sat in a lawn chair and motioned me over to him. He had me kneel between his legs and pulled his cock out. He told me to suck it and he started talking to me.

That’s when he told me, I was there to entertain everyone! I stopped sucking and lookedup at him? I started to speak and he. Shushed me! He warned me not to embarrass him and do as he said!

He told me that each of his three friends would be coming one at a time and I was to do whatever they wanted! He was very stern and I knew I was not going to have a choice!

I actually was kind of curious? Two of his friends were very good looking and well built. One was a tackle on their team. Very large guy! Slightly overweight, and very muscular! He easily made two of me! But he was handsome?

My güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cousin, after setting me straight, stood up and as he exited the tent, gave me a final warning to be nice!

I settled on my cot and assumed my sexiest pose. I was wondering who would be first? What they would want to do? Would they hurt me? Etc.

I listened and I could tell they were drawing high card to see who was first!

They finally had a winner! Ayer a minute or so, I heard one of them approach! The tent flap pulled back and in stepped Mike, the team quarterback. The dreamiest guy of all! He could have any girl he wanted! Yet here he was with me! OMG!

The lantern was on low, but he could see me! He said, “Wow, you are beautiful!” “Damn, I love that nightie!”

I thanked him in my girliest voice! He started taking his clothes of and finally a beautiful, cut cock popped out! It was so perfect! He had full low hanging balls too!

He came over and put his cock near my face. Without a word, I cupped his balls and took his cock in my mouth. My god, he ever tasted wonderful? I was in love!

He moaned and bragged on my ability! In no time he was rock hard! His lust was at a peak! He pushed me back and crawled on top of me with my legs wrapped around him.

Oh, by the way, I was completely smooth. My cousin kept me that way. They were silky smooth and very shapely!

He lifted my legs up over his shoulders and I felt his beautiful cock enter me! He was obviously very horny! Probably anticipating all day about fucking me?

It didn’t take very long! I felt him slam against me and his cock pumping inside me! I thought he would never stop cumming? Finally he fell limp on top of me. I caressed his muscular back and told him how wonderful he made me feel!

Finally his cock popped out of my tight ass! He put his clothes on and whispered to me that he wanted my phone number?

Yes, I have it to him! I wanted a lot more from him!

He left and I could hear the jovial congratulations! I got cleaned up using towels and wipes. Finally his cum stopped coming out? I restraightened my clothes, put my panties back on a laid back down. I was thinking to myself what a bitch I had become? I couldn’t wait for more?

Finally my cousin stuck his head on the tent and asked me if I was ready? I just shook my head in a yes motion! He was grinning ear to ear?

From what I could hear, the next two guys decided to flip a coin to see who was next! One of them güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri called heads! Then I heard a “Damn!”

Again, I heard someone approach. My heart was on my throat! The flap opened and in stepped the big guy! He was so big he had to lean over in the tent! He didn’t say a word, he just took of his shorts and shoes.

He walked over to me, stood me up, and laid on my cot. He pulled me on top of him. Then in a low voice, “Ride me bitch!”

He was scary! He had a big cock and it was already hard as a rock! I felt so small as I straddled him! I felt like I better do exactly as he wished!

I positioned myself and took his cock slowly inside! God he was so big! But it slid in without much effort! I still had his friends cum inside me!

His balls were quite full too! I gues they had been talking about fucking me all day? I pumped up and down on him for just a couple of minutes and he started bucking up and down hard! Then he stopped and held me down on his cock! I could feel him pumping his cum deep inside me!

Finally, his balls were empty. He gently pushed me off. He picked up a towel, whipped himself off, and put his shorts and shoes on. He said, “Good job bitch!” Then he left!

I was so glad that was over! I was really frightened! But I did like being called a bitch?

I knew who was next. The smallest of the friends. I say smallest, but he was still much bigger than me. It dawned on me that I was pulling a train for the team!

I cleaned up again, straightened myself up. My cousin again looked in and I told him Iwas ready. The next guy was so cute and shy! I wondered how this was going to go?

I could he them joking and bragging. They were congratulating my cousin on what a “fine bitch” he had!

The I heard him approaching! He entered drinking a beer. He sat down. He was looking me up and down. I’m a shy voice, he told me how “beautiful” I was.

Then he said, “Do you like doing this or is he making you do it?”

I said, “Honestly, you guys are so handsome and strong, I’m enjoying this?” “But please don’t tell him, he may get mad, if he knows I’m having fun?”

He leaned over and asked if he could touch me? I smiled and told him to do whatever he wanted. He started caressing my sexy legs and leaned over kissing and licking on them! Damn, I love that! Then he pushed my nightie open and started fondling my nippes! Crap, I was so hot! My little clit was rock hard! He saw it and started fondling that too as he explored güvenilir bahis şirketleri every inch of me!

He said, “I have a secret too, I’m gay!” I actually love fucking boys!” “Promise to never tell anyone!”

I was a little shocked? But he explained that he was a top only. Then I got the real shock! He stood up, dropped his shorts, and a massive, thick 9″ cock flopped out! I gasped as it dangled in front of me!

I nervously reached out and took it in my hand! I said, “Oh my god, it’s so beautiful!”

His shyness seemed to disappear! He grinned and asked me if I thought I could take it?

I admitted, I wasn’t sure?

He said, “Well, let’s find out?” I was sucking on the tip and licking and kissing all over it! I was so giddy playing with his massive organ! I was sucking on his balls like a hungry school girl! He made me feel like I really was a girl? Like I needed to service him!

He took the lube by the table and lubed his cock then lubed up my boipussy!

He put me on all fours. Then I felt the head of his cock slowly enter! I gasped! Then ever so gently he worked deeper and deeper inside me. Twice I had him stop as I adjusted to his girth. But I was determined to take it all!

Finally, he had it all in! I was breathing in gasps. He giggled as I struggled to accommodate him.

Finally my breathing smoothed out and he asked me if I was ready? I agreed.

He started fucking me. Slow strokes at first. Then as he neared orgasm, he started pounding me, I started squealing and yelping! It hurt like hell and I loved it! Finally a real man!

He pulled out, rolled me over, stroked his monster cock a few times, and exploded all over my face! As he was doing so I grabbed his cock and took the last few squirts down my throat! He seemed to really like that!

I could hear the others laughing outside! They heard me yelling and gasping! They were drunk and having a great time!

I cleaned off his cock with my mouth. I said, “I’ve never been fucked so well in my life!”

He grinned and said, “Here’s my number, when ya need real cock again, give me a call?”

Like the slut I was, I thanked him over and over! I felt so wonderful! I was well fucked and for the first time, completely satisfied! My whole body was glowing! WHAT A MAN!

He kissed me gently and affirmed that I was a “great little piece of ass!”

He went outside and the others were applauding! I just laid there, exhausted, smiling!

The rest of the weekend seemed trivial. We did the lake thing, swimming, skiing, fishing, etc. my cousin fucked a couple of times.

The little guy with the huge cock fucked me a couple of more times later on. But he had a regular friend.

The quarterback called me often and I serviced him regularly.

All in all, it was a magnificent weekend!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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