Being Baited

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Being Baited
Being Baited

By: Londebaaz Chohan

For the last more or less 2 years, I had spent every evening at the local bar and club with my friends and without fail had brought a girl home with me for all night of fun and sex. To tell the truth, I am a recent university graduate, little over 27 at the prime of my age with perfect health and extra ordinary levels of testosterone; making me super horny, single with a male equipment to make 50% of men jealous and the rest 50% envy of my size, performance and the stamina. Hello; my name is Mick, most of my friends say that I am a workaholic; only because of the fact that I get up every work day at a time; most would say was a bit too early in the morning and soon after my exercise routine, shave and shower; just a toast and morning coffee for the breakfast, I get to work earlier than any other colleague of mine. Truly, I have nothing much to do at home and if I sit in front of TV, I waste my time flipping the channels and watching some most stupid show. If I get on the internet; I chat with people, I shall perhaps never meet in life. So my decision has brought me to be at work for longer than, I should be but then, I get paid very nice and I am almost in the upper most tier of brass of the company. One more important thing; I am a woman lover; Ok, Ok, I am a pussy lover but like most men; in my opinion, I have had some sexual encounters with men also but generally, I portray myself as a straight man because I do not go seek for a boy toy for my sexual adventures and only if it happens; I do not mind to get naked and fuck a male ass but call me choosy or prejudice, the ass; I fuck, must be young, beautiful looking; preferably white, clean and tempting enough for my beautiful cock to do the honor of filling it with my hard meat and my good seed.

This special encounter happened little over 3 months and has convinced me to review some of my opinions and rules about enjoying sex. It was a very routine Friday evening, when I; accompanied by some of my regular friends had our routine program to meet at the club and I rushed home from work to take a quick shower, get fresh and ready; wearing something very casual and impressive, surely hopeful to hit a jackpot as usual I mean my kind of pussy because the club had always been a great place for me at least to get a nice hook up. We, the group of friends met and were together for about half an hour at the most, as usual and then s**ttered in different directions to find our own catch to bring home for all night fun. Soon, my eyes got the sight of a fairy seated at the bar as I sought for some delicious pussy meat. She was looking great, fair colored, slender and nice height of about 5’ 6” for a grab. I could see her almost pitch black hair but could not tell her eye color from the distance, I was from her. There was a vacant chair next to her and tempted by the cock stirring already in my legs, I walked up to the bar and sat on the chair next to her.

After a routine, hello; how are you, I just opened the conversation with a big smile and a friendly remark that I was quite a regular visitor of this place, at least on Fridays and think of never had seen her before. She smiled back even more graciously and told me that, yes; she was on a kind of work assignment. I laughed and said that, she sounded like a spy on a top secret undercover mission. I made sure that my tone was not serious but more like a bit of playful and she also realized it with a louder giggle. We ordered the drinks. She preferred Vodka in orange juice and I stayed with gin and tonic as my routine. The conversation was light and engaging. I learnt that her name was Diane and she liked to be called Diana, green eyed Diana. She was a migrant from England; a Certified Accountant by profession, known as a Chartered Accountant in England.

At 28 years of age, she was still single and of course a bit anxious that her job took too much of her time and she was getting güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri close to the age when she would be old but also very complacent about her job because it paid well. We laughed at the top of our lungs to have found each other a workaholic friend for relaxing and socializing. The way she was talking and smiling; I was almost certain that I was going home with this beautiful lady and have her my way all night. When the music started, I asked her and we danced, holding each other tight and close for couple of numbers. Her body heat had warmed me up and especially my eager cock was getting overly hard and instead of stabbing her with it, we came back to take the seat again. Next, I offered her to come with me to my place and simply said that she would love it and it would sooth her for sure. Lucky me, she did not resist and soon I had the British beauty in my car. I sure had developed a nice rapport with her and almost knew that she would not refuse and be mine, at least for the night if not forever.

As I parked and jumped out to open her door, she almost taunted me that I had brought her to a ‘flat’ but I kept my calm and told her that I asked her to come to my place that she would love and it would sooth her. In the elevator, I don’t think, she realized that I had pressed the top floor button. Soon as I unlocked the penthouse, Diana was flabbergasted and stunned; to say the least. Her face lit up like a k**, looking at the stars and the amazing sky in the moonlit night. The 33rd floor overview of the town was really marvelous. We quickly made ourselves the drinks and settled on the couch close to the window with the panoramic view. Before I came to join her, I made sure to put on some romantic music and made sure that the lights were dimmed as well. I knew, I was going to get lucky soon because never once, this routine had failed me in my endeavors.

She had examined the exquisite furniture, the great art hanging on the walls, the fancy lightings and the classic fireplace before giving an impressed remark that I looked to be a very rich man. I showed modesty but did make a mention that being among the almost top brass of the company which had recently gone public, I did not feel tight handed to buy the best for myself but made sure that I was not wrong when I told her that my place will sooth her. After couple of drinks and a grand tour of the house, we sat down once again with the fresh drinks but this time much closer to each other and resumed talking in general about life, job, achievements and aspirations. I was more like a quiet listener looking in her eyes, while Diana was talking mostly and as I turned my body towards her on the couch, she knew that I was in a mood to kiss her. She stopped talking as I placed my hand on her thigh and leaned in to kiss her.

She was very accepting and opened her lips for my tongue to enter and mingle with her sweet, wet tongue. Soon we were kissing with the extreme of lusty passion and I whispered, if she would mind to move into my bedroom and she stood up readily, holding my hand to pull me out of the couch and take a walk towards the bedroom for much more sensual feeling. I sat on the edge and Diana came to stand between my legs in front of me. I pulled her to me and soon, she was sitting in my lap with her long beautiful legs on my side and my arms, almost crushing her very nice sized, cushiony tits but her rather bigger nipples were almost piercing through my front arm. We kissed slowly, gently until she turned around and now she was facing me and still sitting on my thighs. We continued kissing a bit more until I lowered my face to her cleavage and kissed her breasts still covered by the blouse. She let out a deep yeah, that exactly sounded like a yeah, that is produced when a team member hits the bucket for 3 points. She quickly got off my thighs and undid the blouse while standing right there, exposing her really güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri amazing tits. I took full liberty to suck, chew on her nipples while groping and kneading her perfect sized, rounded meat buns. I kissed under her boobs, between her boobs before moving up to kiss her neck and then the wet full lips of her.

Breaking the kiss, I quickly undressed and then started to undress this Brit beauty for my pleasure and selfish sex. She resisted a little and wanted me to that she was…. But I was not going to listen to her now and told the lovely goddess that I knew, it was our first time and she was not much used to it but burning with the heat of the moment, I was not going to start a sensitive talk and ruin the mood. I thought, she was concerned about my 8” extra- long and extra-thick, uncut cock but she was not the first and I had learned to start a bit slow and gentle till hitting the top gear to never have a fucking problem even when fucking a virgin pussy. I just pulled down her skirt and to my utter surprise, I saw a bulge even bigger than mine in her underwear. What the fuck is that; I remember saying. Well, that’s what I wanted to say but you never let me. I am a she male, a girl with tits but no pussy but a cock instead, a lady boy as said back home in Britain. Her tone was a bit awkward but I was hit with like a ton of bricks and simply pulled down her underwear.

Almost a foot long, limp and uncut beef bologna fell and hit me right in the face pushing me into an awe moment. It looked beautiful, a bit thin but against my 8” hard, it must get double my size, when erect; I thought loud to myself. A natural urge to suck it took over me and I calmly reached to grab it and slowly pulled back the foreskin to expose much thicker helmet like my own almost damp with leaking pre cum already.

I gave some very good licks to the big cockhead and then took it in my mouth and started playing around the edges of the helmet rim with my wet, soft playful tongue tickling her foreskin, making her moan. Slowly, I realized to have indulged in furiously sucking her cock. In less than 10 minutes of avid and eager sucking; she blew her load into my mouth without much warning. I still remember the very nice taste as compared to mine because my food is mostly fish; compelling me to swallow, which I did. Diana complemented me saying that was awesome and mind bending quality sex and wanted to return the favor immediately.

Now, I was almost under her control. She pushed me on the bed, laying on my back and started working. Diana knew exactly, what she was supposed to do, electrocuting my sensitive, sensual nerves into elation. She took my engorged, swollen cockhead in her mouth and began sucking furiously right from the start. I made her stop for a moment and moved to the edge of the bed and she got on her knees to worship my cock and took it in her mouth. Gently placing my hand at the back of her head, I guided her down and up in a rhythm. Diana seemed quite talented to perform the blowjob and took all of my 8” cock in her mouth and although she was choking a bit but I knew, she was enjoying it much more. Her dripping saliva was tickling me as it crawled down my shaft, onto my balls. I did warn her, as my orgasm started the urge to blast off but she did not stop and rather became more zealous and ardent with the sucking, making me feel like a fire hose, ready to blow out the fire with the pressure rising in my balls. Eventually, I ejaculated a monster load of sperm right at the back of her throat for easy swallowing.

Gently, I pulled her up on the bed and we kissed again with a renewed lust and passion. With her saliva, I could taste my peculiar flavor and taste of sperm and for some reason, it did not feel bad at all. I wondered if it was due to the lady touch. Slowly, I turned Diana and began caressing her nicely rounded ass, even gently biting her flesh, making her oouuhh. Spreading güvenilir bahis şirketleri her ass cheeks, I kissed her pink portion and drooled lot of spit on it. I kept giving her wet rub on and around her asshole with my fingers making circles and odd shapes.

Realizing the puckering to loosen a bit, I inserted both of my fingers into her hole, feeling the warmth and even the wetness of her innards. Diana only made a tiny moan, indicting her pleasure and enticing me to start finger fucking her with in and out moves very dutifully. Soon she was asking for a real hard fucking in her beautiful ass. After removing my fingers gently out of her, I brought her in doggie position and slowly inserted my serpent in her asshole, leaving it there for a moment to make her feel adjusted and comfy with it. With my hard as steel nail wedging in her, I dropped my hands to take and fondle her penis in my hands. I was truly astonished to feel that her stiff length which looked even lesser than a foot as it looked when limp. Anyway, I did not dwell much on it, knowing that cock lengths could play different and very mesmerizing effect on the eyes of the beholder.

Now, I just could not hold back, fucking Diana’s ass and started moving out and in her slowly at first. She moaned and asked me to fuck her hard and good. I do not know, if I was really looking for a permission from her but in less than a minute, I was digging her ass and pumping real hard making her growl, of course with a mix of pain and pleasure as my pile driving her did not cease or even slowed. I could see and enjoy, seeing her hole gape; looking like a work of art. Feeling the urge, I stopped, turned her over and kissed once again and asked her to take a riding cowboy position on my cock. I am sure, she was also thinking of it and quickly jumped to climb on my hard cock, looking straight at the bedroom ceiling with his wet eye. Nothing could be more naughty to see Diana face my toes, bent over a little to grab both of my ankles to offer me the best show as she began fucking my penis with her ass. Using her knees and hips as lever, she would rise up and then come down hard on my cock to enjoy a real deep sensation in her depth. With every rough and hard thrust, my balls were crushed under her ass crack and my groin. It was quite long, since I had enjoyed a nice ass for fucking and Diana was a true honest to goodness change for tonight. We fucked and fucked, only slowing down a bit while she turned on my bull to face me now, not letting my cock to come out of her ass and fucked herself as rough, raw, deep and hard as she felt needed.

After fucking her vehemently on top of me, I moved her in missionary position to enjoy looking at her face and see in her eyes as I drilled her deeper and harder. With her legs on my shoulders, I entered her ass for the third round of fucking and pounding. Dianna screamed wildly, making me fuck her even more wild and a****listic. The warmth in her ass oven, made me bang her faster and faster as she held her own cock and masturbated with the same tempo and pace as I plugged her hole. Once again, it did not take her long to spill her juice on her stomach and just to see the scenery, made the room go through my legs and I was also ready to make a cream pie inside her ass. There was a little temptation to lick her tasty cum off her stomach but with the final loud groan, I started squirting into the deepest ends of Diana’s ass. Soon after done, I pushed inside her to the hilt and started licking her belly with the puddles of her delicious and nutritious cum.

Once again, I felt the urge and entered the cum filled ass of Diana and fucked her with full force and fervor and emptied my balls once again, but this time more in her mouth as she begged. Now we were both exhausted after those multiple fucking episodes. Diana was also complaining of her ass being in pain and back hurting a bit as well. I was also feeling my balls aching as they had been totally dried and shrunk like prunes. Though totally blown out, Diana helped me to insert my semi hard cock into her ass, as she pushed herself back onto my staff and we drifted off to sleep as I held her tight and close to my chest.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan July 30, 2019.

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